Now that the Year 2013 is here it’s time for us to focus more on ourselves, the work we do and the choices that we make and feel are best for us. This doesn’t mean that we are being selfish. We all carry heavy emotional burden over the years and it is time to release past emotional issues and begin to look forward to a brand new start, and possibly a brand new way of living, for 2013. In order to move forward, in the ways that we really wish to, we have to release ourselves from the clutches of the past and begin anew no matter how difficult it will be. In life, we have to try, yes it is not easy, but we should not see temporary setbacks as the final outcome. Such periods change us and make us stronger and maybe better individuals. This is the wisdom we acquire with Time. Only weak surrenders, repeated failures in career/relationships should not weaken our will power. We need to keep our Goodness and personality intact. In nature, under high Temperature and Pressure conditions, Coal turns to Diamond. Diamond is the hardest known natural mineral so is true with human beings challenging times make us stronger (my chemistry background is sometimes helpful even in understanding life). Every day notice how much we do things as if we are on auto-pilot but this is not life, we need to inject consciousness into every moment of our life. If we wake up depressed, it is probably the result of a seed we planted. As per ‘Law of conservation of energy’ in science, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Maybe last year, we did something to somebody else to cause them to feel the same way. The energy we created remains dormant until it comes back around to us. It may be from a past life. Corrections in our Karma and at the same time protecting our soul and body from physical and emotional injuries for a better 2013…. None of us are perfect. We all do things we shouldn’t and our karma is probably not the best. We all have some problems or

Within the period of 1863-1865. In consequence. I share what I found:- -. will shift to Libra sign where Saturn is already posited. Nobody can deny the power of money. --the establishment of High court in Presidency towns. They conjunct every 11 years.The New York Stock Exchange opens its first permanent headquarters near Wall Street in New York City. Supreme Court got power from the crown and sadar adalat got power from . Ketu is known as "Moksha.S. But how do we choose to make improvements in our life? The most important relationship that we will ever have is with ourselves. which by June 1866 was complete. In January 1865. Specifically for India. . I found very little historical events for the year 1865. Saturn takes 30 years to cycle through the zodiac and Rahu takes 18 ½ (Rahu travels backwards in the zodiac).the other in our lives now and then. Source: Internet Archives (if you find more significant events please do share with us all here): The most significant events of the year 1865 are:– American Civil War. If money was such a big power then all rich should be happy but is it so? Let’s all focus on ‘self’ in this New Year and this focus may bring radical social and maybe economical change. On 14th January. the True South node of Moon. will shift to Aries sign (Mean Rahu-Ketu entered Libra-Aries sign on December 23rd) and Rahu. problems are different but still common denominator is anxiety and restless. it unified the Supreme Court and sadar diwani adalat. brought the bursting of this economic bubble. 2013. foretold by the coming end of the American Civil War. but the last time in history they conjoined in the Libra sign was the year 1865! The exact conjunction of these two planets takes place on September 17. President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. The best way for people to live is to focus on self-development. Yes. – U. the slow fall of cotton prices in Liverpool. the Government of India established its own financial institutions and withdrew from the presidency banks the power to issue currency notes.Karaka" or the planet influencing spirituality. The only significant historical events surrounding the year 1865.The economic condition of Bombay in British India experienced a massive boom. I found. the North node of Moon. the economic condition of Bombay witnessed a boom in its cotton industry when the American Civil War cut off Britain`s normal supply of raw cotton. I began to investigate the details surrounding the cycle of Saturn and Rahu throughout history. In my work I meet many people. Saturn and Rahu will be transiting in Libra sign. but then irrespective of their personal net-worth they are equally unhappy. Ketu. Amidst the wreckage was included the collapsed Bank of Bombay.

Virgo:-bank balance. Gemini:-love life. expenditures and health. Before microphones and television were invented. friends and wishes or desires. we have social networking websites where a phrase. property matters and career. Ramkrishna Paramhansa (1836-1886). How may nodes of Moon. loans. Capricorn:-personal happiness. social outings and children. Aquarius:-travel. the nature of Saturn+Rahu influence changes and the year 2013 will bring different influences and changes. This way first time all courts were brought under the one superior high court. Now. income and health treatments. Pisces:-expenditures. knowledge and spiritual pursuits. these are some of the important historical events of the year 1865. spiritual pursuits and relationships. . but establishment of High court unified both systems of law. affect each Sun sign:Aries:-breaks interruptions and spirituality. home/property and career. Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) led the Hinduism renaissance in Bengal that later spread to other parts of India. Sagittarius:-company/organization management. a leader had to stand in front of a crowd and bellow. a tweet or a message reaches millions in a flash. income and inheritance. which became a major religious movement in north India. Scorpio:-secrets (hides or exposes). loneliness and well-being. Leo:-travel. comfort and also women. Swami Dayananda Saraswati (1824-1883) formed Arya Samaj. Rahu-ketu. Libra:-your 6 is the number ruled by planet Venus. 2013 is Number 6 year (2+0+1+3=6). So. health and relationship with partners. Taurus:-money. Cancer:-personal life. Influence was never easier — or more ephemeral. money. the planet for love. – During this period several great saints and religious leaders were responsible for revival of Hinduism in different parts of India.

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