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Question 1. I am a 40 year old woman who suffers a lot from migraine. Can acupressure help me?

- Vandana Mhatre on 4 March 2010 Possible cause of Migraine can be weakness of the Liver. To cure Migraine, pressure points can be done at all four finger tips, Lymphatic points & the most important point is at the base of the thumb nail. The pressure points should be done on both the hands. In case of acute Migraine, pressure point may be also done on the feet, at the base of the nail of big toe. Avoiding certain type of foods like cheese, chocolate, paneer, maida & citrus fruits can also help to avoid trigger of Migraine.

Question 2. my wife is suffering left kidney stone in lower kalex (size-7mm) last one year. please give me a suggetion in which points (accupressure) are suitable. age-43, histecktomy operation in 2007. - Goutam on 4 March 2010 In case of Kidney Stone the most effective point can be K-10 point behind the knee and also Spleen point on the outer side of the big toe nail. In addition to this, drinking black tea early in the morning may also be useful

Question 3. Dear sir , I am suffering from trigimenialneuralgia on left side of the face please help. - Saurabh on 16 March 2010 A. Trigeminal Neuralgia is an inflammation that could be caused by a blood vessel pressing on a nerve. Do the following points to relieve pain: The Nasal Points tips of middle finger & ring finger, Spleen, Gall Bladder & Cervical Points. Do these points on both your hands, press 8 times each, 3 times a day.

Question 4. Hello sir, I am 60 yrs old. I am suffering from sleeping disorder and depression problems so, please advice me some acupressure techniques. - Neha on 15 March 2010 For sleeping disorder, you should do the lymph point. The best way out is also a Medulla Massage that is given on the sides of the cervical area of the neck. For depression, press the lymph point along with the Spleen & Gall Bladder point.

Question 5. I have been diagnoised with low grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma.Is there any cure for this? - Shruti on 10 March 2010 For Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma, kindly press the following points: ST 36, Lungs, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Liver, Kidney & Lymph Gland.

Question 6. I am 61 years old, suffering from hyper-tension (since 1 year), stress, acidity and insomnia. Please suggest accupressure points for such ailments. - Roque Afonso On 7 March 2010 For hyper tension, please press the BP points illustrated. This should help you reduce your stress too. You can press the Lymph Gland point for Insomnia & the acidity point on the fore finger for reducing acidity. You could also try taking 8 10 grains of raw rice every morning before breakfast for 21 days to reduce acidity. Gulp down the raw grains of rice with water every morning and press the points 8 time each, 3 times a day.

Question 7. I have delivered a baby 15 days back by cesarean I am taking iron and calcium supplements and acidity tablet Pan-40. I feel chakkar and increased heart palpitation from the morning till 4-5 pm in the evening. I feel normal in evening. when I try to to sleep in day, I feel more chakkar I sleep some hours in the night,as I am breastfeeding my baby. I have a slight sinus, my doctor advised me to take steam for chakkar. I also take neembu pani twice as per my doctor. I am tired of doing so many things, pls suggest some solution - Divya Singh On 4 April 2010 In order to reduce the chakkar and get a good sleep, you should do the Lymph gland Point and the Cervical Point. Lack of sleep can trigger acidity levels in the body and hence you may be having high acidity too. For this you need to do the acidity points. Apart from this, as a general immunity booster, you must do the tips of all the fingers of your hands. Home Remedy for Acidity: Swallow about 8 - 10 grains of raw rice every morning with water before having eating anything. Do this for 21 days and you will see effective results. Acidity Points

Cervical Points

Finger points

Lymph points

Question 8. I am 55yr old lady with weak knee. gets jam after 10-15 min walking. cant lift weight, comes on my knee & pains.since 3 days i am experiencing piercing pain in my inner side of knee, which is not managable with painkillers also. At present i am not in india, otherwise i`d hv gone to doctor, but here in USA, i do not want to visit a doc, if i can manage with accupressure. Please suggest me points so that I can get some relief. - Neeta Mehta On 20 April 2010 Knee joint problems occur commonly at this age. One must do the knee joint pain points on both the hands, the K 10 point on both the legs and Liv 3 point on both the feet. To avoid the knee joint pain, you must drink enough quantity of water. The amount of water to be consumed everyday is 30 ml per kg of the body weight. So, if your weight is 60 kgs, you should consume 60 X 30 ml = 1.8 Ltrs of water minimum everyday. During summer season, you should increase the water consumption by 20% more.

knee joint pain points

the K 10 point

Liv 3 point

Question 9. My 7 year old son is having a mild effect of cerebral palsy and having tip-toe walking (specially right leg). His calf muscles of right leg are very stiff. Most of the Doctors have suggested continuous physiotherapy and use of calipers in both legs. Is there any treatment in accupressure, please suggest. - Amit Kumar On 1 April 2010 For Cerebral Palsy, you should do the points of the brain - Pituitary and Pineal. Along with this, since he has problems in the leg, we can do his leg points, specifically on the ankle joint, the knee joint and the calf muscle point. Also do the Lymph Gland point, the gall bladder and spleen points. Apart from doing the points, gentle massage on the legs with your fingers can help too. Brain Points

Leg Points

Lymph Points

Gall bladder and spleen points

Question 10. Dear Sir, Can acupressure help in exactly determining a person`s overall condition, especially when the person is unable to describe the condition? Also sometimes the symptoms change to give contradictory conditions. - Harsha Vardhana R On 5 April 2010 Acupressure can help in determining the symptomatic problem area of a person. By pressing the acupressure points, if there is pain experienced by the patient, we get to know which corresponding body area has the symptomatic problem shown by the patient. Not all problems have the root cause in the symptoms they show. For this purpose, we include Pulse Diagnosis. We check the pulse of the patients when they are on empty stomach early in the morning to determine what exactly the problem is and then treat them accordingly. Question 11. Sir I am based at Ahmadabad, where can I consult personally? - Sharad Jasani On 19 June 2010 You could consult us via e-mail. Our mail id is:', We are based out of Bangalore and hence, for people who cannot reach us can send in their queries on our mail ids. Question 12. I am 25 year old and i suffer from acidity and i get mouth ulcers. I cann`t begin my day without antacid.I have to be off the medicines to concieve the child. what should i do? - Drishti Srivastava On 15 June 2010 Acidity refers to the weakness of the Liver energy. When the food does not get digested properly, it ferments within the system and creates acidic reflux and the result is acidity. For this, we will do a very simple point. Apart from that, we will suggest you 2 home remedy treatment that will reduce your acidity levels.

1. Acupressure Point for Acidity is on the tip of the forefinger on both the hands. (Image attached). This point needs to be pressed about 8 - 10 times everyday for 3 times in a day. Kindly avoid doing the points 30 mins before or after food. 2. Raw Grains of Rice: Immediately start this home remedy. Take a pinch of raw grains of rice, about 8 - 10 grains and gulp it down with water every morning before breakfast. This should be done regularly and you will see a positive effect of this treatment. 3. For the Ulcers that you have, you will have to also start Oil Pulling. The details of which are mentioned here below: OIL PULLING:

Dr. Med. Karch, a Russian, introduced a simple process for the Human body by using oil. This was further popularized by Lt. Col T. Koteswara Rao (Retd.). Initially it causes doubts, but after trying it out the results are astonishing. The Process: 1. Take one spoon of refined oil in the mouth on an empty stomach early in the morning, before eating or drinking anything. 2. Without much effort or speed, slowly suck and pull the oil through the teeth. Gargle the oil within closed mouth for 15 - 20 minutes. 3. During this process, the oil becomes liquid and white like milk. Spit the liquid out and wash your mouth thoroughly, preferably with warm water. 4. DO NOT SWALLOW the oil as it contains toxins and harmful bacteria drawn from the body through the saliva. Continue this process everyday for better results.

The Cure: The process of Oil Pulling can give relief and cure Headaches, Asthma, Bad Breath, Nose Block, Tooth Pain, Acidity, Ulcers, Cracked Feet, Joint Pains, Stomach Problems, Problems related to Lungs, Liver & Nerves. Who can practice this: Oil Pulling can be practiced by all from the age of 5 years onwards for any type of health problems. People who are in a habit of taking a lot of medicines should try this, as it will release a lot of toxins from the body. Which Oil to be Used: Any cooking oil can be used, but the most preferred is the Sesame Oil. We wish you a speedy recovery and good luck for the future. For any further queries, please do write us on Question 13. I am suffering from chronic sinocites and having frequent headache.Balms have no effect on the headache.Please suggest some accupressure points for sinocites and this headache. - Sonu Singla On 13 June 2010 For the headache and sinus, you have, kindly activate the Sinus Points - the tips of all the fingers on both the hands and also the master point for any type of headache on the thumb. Press these points for 8 - 10 times each, do it 3 times a day. Question 14. Sir could u tell me what is the treatment of uric acid? Do you have publish any book? - Jasdeep On 11 June 2010 Please refer to the question 12 Question 15. I HAVE BEEN SUFFERING FROM TINNITUS OF THE LEFT EAR SINCE 9 YEARS, PLEASE SUGGEST SOME REMEDY. - Manjeet On 10 June 2010 1. The Ear points on the hands - located on the ring finger and the little finger of both your hands.

2. The point on the inner side of the arm.

Kindly press these points each for about 8 - 10 times, do this 3 times a day. Question 16. Respected Doctor,My Sister in law (45)is suffering from ulcerative colitis for the past 4 years. Medicines have failed to provide any significant relief. Please suggest alternative remedial measures. She is based in Ahmedabad. Are your workshops organised in that region? - Rajender Gupta On 3 June 2010 If the patient is taking Asprin, this could be one of the major causes for Ulcerative Colitis. The Acupressure points to be activated for Ulcerative Colitis is: 1. Small Intestine Meridian on both the hands (Located on the Ring Finger called SI Point)

2. Liver 1 & Spleen 1 Point on the feet

Apart from the points, she can also drink Pumpkin Juice every morning. Kindly press each point for 8 times and repeat the process 3 times in a day. Kindly avoid doing the points 30 minutes before or after food. Question 17. I have a weak liver. Kindly prescribe acupressure and other home remedy to strengthen. symptoms are gas burning/hot water feeling in stomach constipation sometimes appettite is normal kindly help thanx - Bhuvaneshwar Singh On 4 August 2010 For the problems mentioned by you, kindly activate the following acupressure points: HAND POINTS: Acidity, Gall Bladder & Spleen

FEET POINTS: Liver 1 & Liver 3 Gall-Bladder-Spleen.jpg

Kindly press each point for 8 times, do this process 3 times a day. Avoid activation of the points 30 mins before or after food. Question 18. May GOD provide you more toufiqaat to resolve the public`s problems, plz mention in details the point s for diabetic and its related weekness points...thnx - Alee Jee On 31 July 2010 Acupressure classifies Diabetes into 6 different types depending upon the symptoms the patient has. We would like to know what are the symptoms you suffer from and if you are taking Insulin or not. Points can be told after knowing the symptoms. Question 19. I was healed years ago, and so have trust in acupressure. My Dr. taught me that the pressure points will have a tenderness of their own. so many times I have used accupressure on tender points on my hands, feet and head. Today I have very strong tenderness at the base of my skull, center, back, two inches? above my spine. what is this point related to please? is there a map of the head for pressure points? Thank you very much. Michelle - Michelle Smith On 29 July 2010

The tenderness could mean that you either have Acidity, Insomnia or Cervical Problem. Question 20. Dear Sir, My wife is 62 and suffers from high B.P.and cervical pain and knee pain.She is pulling on with pain killers and creams. Kindly suggest pressure points. Regards. - Jagadish Paranjape On 21 August 2010 The points for your wife are mentioned here under. Please press the points for 8 - 10 times each and do this 3 times a day. The methodology to press the points is attached herewith: Point 1: Blood Pressure Point

Point 2: Cervical Point

Point 3: Knee Joint Point

Kindly note, you will have to activate the points on both the hands. Home Remedy Blood Pressure: - One of the simple home remedy cure for Blood Pressure is Methi Seeds or Fenugreek Seeds. The process: 1. Take a pinch of Raw Fenugreek Seeds, about 8 - 10 seeds 2. Swallow it with water before taking your breakfast, every morning Knee joint problem:- The knee is connected to the kidney and kidney functions on water. Therefore, it is necessary to drink adequate water to reduce the Knee Joint Pain. Water to be consumed = 30 ml X Weight of your body (So if you are 60 kgs, you need to drink atleast 30 X 60 = 1.8 Ltrs of water everyday). Question 21. Dear Sir,I am a 36 year old female, married and been suffering from hypothyroid since last 9 years. Am on homeopathic medication for it. Since last 1 year also developed symptoms of bleeding piles. Could you sugget acupressure points for both? Shrishti On 19 August 2010 For the thyroid problem you have, you can activate the Thyroid Points as attached and the Piles points on both the hands.

Kindly note, you will have to activate the points on both the hands. Press each point for about 8 - 10 times and do this for 3 times a day. Piles Points

Question 22. My wife has high blood pressure for last few years. One of her hand finger is permanently swolen and pains. What acopressure remedy is suggested? - Jiten Naggar On 8 August 2010 For your wife, kindly do the attached points: 1. Blood Pressure Point

2. Hands Point

Activate these points by pressing each point for 8 - 10 times. Do the process 3 times a day.

Home Remedy for Blood Pressure:- One of the simple home remedy cure for Blood Pressure is Methi Seeds or Fenugreek Seeds. The Process: 1. Take a pinch of Raw Fenugreek Seeds, about 8 - 10 seeds 2. Swallow it with water before taking your breakfast, every morning Question 23. Dear Shri Ketan Shahji, After an accident in 1992,I had spinal operation. Thareafter my walking is slow and I feel weakness in legs and heavyness near hips.I also have type II diabetese 148/210 are the reading.Can you kindly suggest acupressure treatment,Regards. - Jiten Naggar On 8 August 2010 The following are the points suggested to you: Point 1: Spinal Points

Point 2: Legs Points

Point 3: Lumbar Points

Point 4: Diabetes Point

Point 5: Gall Bladder & Spleen Points

Point 6: Lymph Gland Points

Kindly activate the points by pressing them atleast 8 - 10 times each. Do this for 3 times a day. Please do not activate the points 30 mins before or after your food timings as the body needs this energy to digest the food. Question 24. I am aged 62 years. I have undergone CABG heart bypass surgery in Aug 2000. Of late I am getting angina pain on exertion for last 4/5 months. I am on medication for last 5 years like Imdure30mg daily twice along with preventive medicines like Aspirin 150 mg, atorva(statin) 10mg Dilzam90 sr and telma 20mg for BP. Kindly intimate accupressure treatment for IHD. - Panduranga Nayak On 20 September 2010 For the problems, you have mentioned, you need to activate the following points:

1. Heart Point - on the left hand

2. Lymph Gland Points on both the hands

Activate the points by pressing them 8 - 10 times each... do the process 3 times in a day. Avoid activating the points 30 mins before or after food.

Question 25. Sir, my father who is 68yrs old is suffering from chronic renal failure and is undergoing home dialysis 3 times in a day from past 2yrs. His createnin level is 13.1 now. Can he be cured? - Vinay Shukla On 12 October 2010 We request you to kindly do the points mentioned below. 1. Kidney Point - On the center of both the hands

2. K 10 - Point behind the knees of both the legs

3. Spleen 1, Liver 1 & Liver 3 - On the Thumb of the Feet

4. Spleen 6 - on the leg

Kindly activate the above mentioned points everyday. While pressing, press it for about 8 10 times each and do this for 3 times in a day. We also advise you to take Black Tea every morning. You should not put sugar, lemon or anything in the tea. Kindly do the points for a minimum of 21 days. Question 26. My son, just 4 years of age is suffering from eczema (atopic dermatitis) from the past 6 months. The worst part of it is that its on his face. We have used homeopathy, herbal treatment. Now we have started using urine therapy (external use). The sample we collect and use it on the 4th day. We use it twice a day and in between use petroleum jelly(vaseline) to moisten his skin. Am I on the right track? Is there any better way to treat him along with this treatment? As i am using petroleum jelly (Vaseline), is it advisable to contiune? A person also advised me to use virgin coconut oil. I did try it, but i found out that his it had an adverse effect. Please help us as to how best can i treat with this. Please Advise Thanking You - Sanjay Gomes On 10 April 2011 With acupressure we can suggest you the following points that needs to be activated:

1. Tips of the Fingers

2. Allergy Point

3. Lymph Gland Point

You need to activate the points on both the hands. To activate, press these points for about 8 - 10 times with your thumb and repeat it 3 times in a day. Activate the points for 6 weeks and then report to us on the progress. Question 27. My friend`s son who is at present 16 year old studying in Mangalore, India has spinal code problem. As per the x-ray report his spinal code is bent around 40%. He is limping little bit to left side and his shoulders are bent forward. We have already shown him 4 doctors and everyone advised us to go for an operation as this is structure problem. Ayurdeva hospitals also said they cant do anything. At present my son is in bombay for 15 days. One of the Doctors have termed the Problem as "Scoliosis" Doctor, since we are undergoing tremendous tension, could you please give us an appointment, so that we will bring him to your clinic. - Kkg G On 6 April 2011 Since this is an acute case of Scoliosis, Acupressure may not help you immediately. It is better to seek medical help.

Question 28. My sister suddenly got vertigo resulting in total loss of hearing in her left ear. She was administered steroids intravenously. Her second audiogram showed slight improvement. But there has been no change since then. Can acupressure help? Will really appreciate your help. - Neetu On 26 March 2011 The following points can help you with reducing Vertigo Problems: 1. Tips of the Fingers

2. Gall Bladder Points

3. Ear Points

4. Vertigo Points - On the arm: 2 Finger width away from the crease of your inner arm.

Question 29. I m 42 yr old and have got Spine MRI done 17th feb`2011,details. L5 - S1: Disc space is reduced with type 2 end plate degenerative changes. Huge left para central disc protrusion is seen causing left sided nerve root compression and canal stenosis. Extruded component extends into the left lateral recess. Small to moderate sized focal left para central disc protrusion seen at L4 - L5 level causing left sided nerve root compression and left lateral canal stenosis. I have consulted doctors and all suggested surgery.I prefered acu-puncture and pressure (Dr Sujata Palyam, Bangalore) I have no pain now and the numness has gone down considerably. I have started my regular work, teaching. Please suggest, what should be my best approch. Your suggestion will give a great help. Maneesh Dhulekar On 21 March 2011 We request you to continue activating the points suggested by Dr. Sujata Palyam. Question 30. Sleepless nights. Please Suggest acupressure points. - Vishakha Mendjoge On 18 March 2011 For sleepless nights, kindly activate:

1. Tips of the Fingers

2. Kidney Points

3. Lymph Glands

Question 31. I am diagnosed with Autoimmune hepatitis. What remedy do you suggest. Will i get cured? - Neha On 11 April 2011 For autoimmune hepatitis, it will help you to activate the points from the feet. The points to be activated are Liv 1, Liv 2 and Spleen 1. If practiced regularly, these points can give you relief. Press the points for about 8 - 10 times and repeat so for 3 times in a day. Do this on both the feet.

Question 32. My mother is suffering from parkinson disease. She feels movement in her bodies especially her neck keeps moving and lose her balance while walking. How and to what extent Parkinson can help to cure this disease.? - Arun Hans On 22 April 2011 The adverse affects and symptoms of Parkinsons can be controlled through Acupressure, provided you could practice is regularly as prescribed below. The Acupressure Points that you need to activate for Parkinsons are:

1. Brain, Pituitary, Pineal, and Head Nerves on the Thumb of the Hand

2. Cervical Points behind the Thumb

3. Gall Bladder on the Right Hand

4. Lymph Gland on both the hands

5. Liver 1 from the feet

Kindly activate the points on both the hands and feet (except Gall Bladder as this point is only on the Right Hand). To activate these points, you need to press for about 8 - 10 times each and repeat the process 3 times in a day. Kindly practice these points for 6 weeks and then report back for any further help. Question 33. Wanted help for one of my close relatives(age : 45, female, India , Maharashtra, Akola) who is suffering from tremendous pain of lower back and legs.Showed to several docs, scanned and came to know that her vein/s is chipped at 3 places and hence she has to be operated.She took few injections also in the false hope of getting cured with any operation which otherwise is a costly affair and if got operated , there is nobody else who can work in their farms..I wanted to know, is there anything which you can do her as she is in extreme pain but still carries on with daily shores and field work as - Savita On 3 May 2011 We wish to know which areas have the veins chipped? Also, please let us know if the Veins have been Chipped or have they been Compressed? You can send us the details on /

Question 34. Respected Sir, Can you please tell the next schedule of your workshop in delhi(after or before 28-29 may)? Further i am a student but my father works in a government dept. So if i attend this seminar then will my father be able to get deduction under sec 80G for contribution & to what extent? - Vinni On 24 April 2011 We will have a workshop on Acupressure in Mumbai on 20/21st August, 2011. Schedule for the next workshop on Acupressure after 28/29 May, 2011 in Delhi is not yet fixed, will inform as and when the dates are announced, we will also be having advanced workshop on Acupressure on 8/9/10 July 2011 (for the delegates those have attended the basic workshop either on 9/10 April 2011 and 28/29 May 2011) Father will be getting rebate on the income tax (under section 80G) He needs to check on this with his financial advisor, it all depends on the income and investments made. Question 35. I am having a sagging feeling in the right side of the lower abdomen. Doctor told me that i am having initial stages of inguinal hernia. Any cure in accupressure? Haragopal Nadukuru On 4 April 2011 We can suggest you points through Acupressure, practicing regularly could help you. For Inguinal Hernia, you need to activate the Hernia Points on both the hands along with the Wind Energy Points. To activate these points, you need to press them for about 8 - 10 times each and do this 3 times in a day. You need to activate it in both your hands.

Acupressure for Total Wellness Question 36. Dear Mr.Ketan Shah, I have small spur in both the heels of my feet when xray was taken. Now the right heel is paining and the left heel pains sometime. But while walking cooking and doing other houseld job which require to stand my feet pain gets swollen and the calf of the leg gets swollen. Sometimes sthe pain in the right leg is more and i can feel the pain shooting upwards in the heel and pricking also. It started from Feb2011, Now i feel in the heel the spur. Can you help me soon and say where there is any remedy i can follow. - Janaky Vemketeswaran On 17 May 2011 For the spur on your heels, you need to activate the ankle points on the hand. The ankle points are located on the feet points - that is the middle two fingers of the hands. You need to press on the sides of the fingers to activate the points. If you experience pain or swelling in the calf muscle, you need to also activate the calf muscle point. Kindly activate the points on both the hands. Kindly follow the illustrations and you will be able to activate the points. Regular practice could help you relieve pain. How to Activate the Points: Activation of the points is done by pressing them with firm pressure in a way that you experience pleasurable pain. You need to press the points mentioned atleast 8 - 10 times and repeat the process 3 times in a day. So if you press it 8 times X 3 times a day = 24 times for 24 hours of the day.

Wish you good health. Question 37. Dear Sir, I am a patient of multiple sclerosis staying in Bangalore. Can you give me an appointment to visit your clinic in Bangalore for treatment of my MS? It is urgent, please! - Anindita Choudhury On 3 July 2011 Please contact Mr. Ketan Shah on +91 90087 77997 to fix up an appointment with him. Question 38. Dear Sir, I am a patient of multiple sclerosis. I have a dry mouth and excessive thirst problem since 8 months. Also, I have instant bloating in my stomach after food. Kindly suggest some acupressure points. Thanks. - Anindita Choudhury On 8 July 2011 We have read through your problem and hereby prescribe the following Acupressure Points: 1. Dryness of the mouth is due to the weakness of the Spleen energy and hence we need to activate the Spleen point.

2. Instant bloating of the stomach relates to the problem of Acidity. Hence you have to activate the Acidity Point. 3. Along with the above points, for your immunity, activate the Tips of the Fingers, Gall Bladder and Spleen Points, Lymph Gland Point and Kidney point. The kidney point is essential for any Acupressure treatment that is undertaken. Activating the Acupressure Points:

1. The method to activate the points are illustrated in the above image. 2. The points as per the illustrations, have to pressed for about 8 - 10 times, per session of treatment 3. Repeat the session for 3 times in a day. 4. It is advisable to avoid pressing the points 30 minutes before and after your food timings, as this is the time for the initial digestion process. 5. Activate the points on both the hands and both the feet Points Prescribed: 1. Spleen 1 from the feet

2. Acidity Point from the hand

3. Tips of the Fingers

4. Gall Bladder & Spleen Points

5. Kidney Point

6. Lymph Gland Point

Kindly activate the points and this will help in reducing your health problems. Question 39. I am 49 years old and have severe backpain. Can Acupressure help me? Ravi Ahluwalia On 27 July 2011 Acupressure can be a method used to reduce your suffering for the back pain. The acupressure points you need to activate are: 1. Acupressure Points for the Back - Spine

2. Lumbar Points

3. Gall Bladder & Spleen Points

4. Lymph Gland Point

Each of these points have to be activated on both the hands. Press each point for 8 - 10 times a session. Repeat 3 sessions in a day. Question 40. Dear Sir, I am a patient of multiple sclerosis. I get numbness and stiffness in different parts of my body in an erratic manner. Please suggest some acupressure points. Also, my brother (46 years old) has developed hernia in his lower belly. He is on homeo treatment. Kindly suggest acupressure points for hernia cure for him. Thanks. - Anindita Choudhury On 30 July 2011 Question 41. Dear Sir, My sister-in-law recently had fibroids allopathic treatment. But her problem is not solved. Please suggest some acupressure points to cure her fibroids. Anindita Choudhury On 31 July 2011

Question 42. My wife suffers from `Restless Legs Syndrome`. Can Acupressure help? Manjeet Singh On 4 August 2011

Question 43. Hi, my 10 months old son has worst constipation. Amongst his many issues one is he is underweight. He is 5 kg and needs to pick weight faster for a trachea surgery. He passes stool every third day, cries badly, bleeds ,his body trembles in pain when passing stool. We give him osmowin 10 ml daily and have tried things like - Munakka, Harad (trifla component)etc. He needs weight because weight issue is hampering his growth and development. We feed him Suji, Fibre biscuits, Porridge, dairy milk (amul), khichdi. We switched from Formula milk to Dairy milk because of his constipation but no improvement. How can we address constipation? Do you have suggestions for weight increase. - Dhruv On 6 August 2011 For constipation: Kindly activate the following point to reduce the problem of constipation. 1. The constipation point on the chin.

2. St 36 point, located 4 finger widths below the knee, on the outer side (at the hollow we find below the knee).

Water and fibrous food should help him too. Kindly press the points as illustrated, for about 8 - 10 times in 1 session, repeat the session 3 times in the day. Question 44. My wife is suffering from PNH with hemolytic anemia she require blood transfusion. It is bone marrow disorder please suggest points to increase Wbc, Platelets, HB. - Suredra Singh On 6 August 2011 Acupressure would not help for this problem.

Question 45. Dear Sir, My father who is 57 yrs old has Parkinsons disease. He can walk but cannot stand straight,and loses balance. His left hand side has become out of his control and he is not getting to use his left hand or leg or side properly. He is taking medicines but still his condition is worsening and he is falling more frequently. Also, doctor has told that tremors can start at anytime, also he will have tendency to choke food in near future. Can the pressure points suggested by you for a similar query be used in his case? Please advice. - Ankita A On 16 August 2011

Question 46. My father got paralytic attack about a month back. He has been treated by Neurosurgeon. Despite medicine & physio therapy no improvements. Request to please advise suitable advise. - Sanjeev Chintal On 12 August 2011

Question 47. I find difficult to get sleep in night and feel dullness and like sleeping in day working time. Quite often there is problem of running nose and dry cough,and breathing problem. ENT specialist found no problem in throat and prescribed medicines to regulate stomach activities. Kindly advise the treatment - Surya Prakash Vijay On 24 December 2011

Thank you for writing to us. We have read through your symptoms and would prescribe the following points that have to be activated by you. The Acupressure points prescribed need to be activated by pressing them for about 8 to 10 times each, on both hands and feet, as directed, three times in a day. Avoid pressing the points 30 minutes immediately before or after food. Points Prescribed: 1. Pressure Points for Cold - on both the hands

2. Pressure Points for Throat - on both the hands

3. Cervical Point - to induce sleep in the night, on both the hands

4. Stomach Point - on both the hands

5. In case of breathing problem, then activate the LU 1 point, as illustrated. This has to be done 3 times a day, and when the problem persists. Location of this point is approx 4 fingers below collar bone.

Kindly activate these points for a minimum of 21 days. In order to reduce cough and cold, we would suggest you to reduce the intake of sugar in any form as sugar is a food for the virus that cause the infections within our system, one such being cold.

We wish you have a healthy 2012. For more details on Acupressure and other remedies, please refer to our book - Acupressure For Total Wellness, available with Life Positive. Question 48. I have been diagonised with gastritis & acididty problem and have taken medicine for almost three months, I just want to know if you could help me & guide me do something through acupressure or any other alternative process that does not involve taking medicine. - Devinder Singh Lakhanpal On 1 January 2012 We have read through your symptoms and would suggest the following points. Please note, the points have to be pressed for about 8 - 10 times each, on both the hands, 3 times in a day. Do not press the points 30 minutes immediately before or after your food. Points Prescribed: 1. Gastric Point - on both the arms

2. Acidity Point - LI 1 point, on both the hands

3. Stomach Point - on both the hands

Food therapy: In case of severe acidity, it is good to swallow RAW GRAINS OF RICE. Every morning, before eating your breakfast, swallow 8 to 10 raw grains of rice to reduce acidity. Doing this for a minimum of 21 days will help.

Avoid sleeping late in the night, in case you are currently doing so. Late nights can induce acidity. Question 49. Hi, Hindi version of Acupressure for Total Wellness book is available? Thanks - Praveen Kumar On 27 December 2011 We currently do not have a Hindi version of this book. Question 50. My wife is pregnant ( 3 months). She is having pain in her legs and back. Could you please suggest some points that would help my wife to feel better. - Puneet Kumar On 26 December 2011 It is not advisable to activate any pressure points during the first 4 months of pregnancy.

Acupressure Pain Relief How Acupressure Works & Relieves Chronic Pain Side view of anatomical chart Acupressure points (also called potent points) are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bioelectrical impulses in the body and conduct those impulses readily. Traditionally, Asian cultures conceived of the points as junctures of special pathways that carried the human energy that the Chinese call chi and the Japanese call ki. Western scientists have also mapped out and proven the existence of this system of body points by using sensitive electrical devices. Stimulating these points with pressure, needles, or heat triggers the release of endorphins, which are the neurochemicals that relieve pain. As a result, pain is blocked and the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area is increased. This causes the muscles to relax and promotes healing.

Because acupressure inhibits the pain signals sent to the brain through a mild, fairly painless stimulation, it has been described as closing the "gates" of the pain-signaling system, preventing painful sensations from passing through the spinal cord to the brain.1 Besides relieving pain, acupressure can help rebalance the body by dissolving tensions and stresses that keep it from functioning smoothly and that inhibit the immune system. Acupressure enables the body to adapt to environmental changes and resist illness. Tension tends to concentrate around acupressure points. When a muscle is chronically tense or in spasm, the muscle fibers contract due to the secretion of lactic acid caused by fatigue, trauma, stress, chemical imbalances, or poor circulation. For instance, when you are under a great deal of stress you may find you have difficulty breathing. Certain acupressure points relieve chest tension and enable you to breathe deeply. As a point is pressed, the muscle tension yields to the finger pressure, enabling the fibers to elongate and relax, blood to flow freely, and toxins to be released and eliminated. Increased circulation also brings more oxygen and other nutrients to affected areas. This increases the body's resistance to illness and promotes a longer, healthier, more vital life. When the blood and bioelectrical energy circulate properly, we have a greater sense of harmony. health, and well-being. 1 T. Tan Leng, Margaret Y. C. Tan, and Ilza Veith, Acupuncture Therapy - Current Chinese Practice (Philadelphia: Temple University, 1973).