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In partial fulfilment of the subject requirement In Science & Technology IV, PHYSICS Submitted by: Lucas M. Luke Mathew M. Mateo Juan C. John Peter S. Ong Power B. Pop Submitted to: MR. MARDY P. OCAMPO I.R. Adviser 15 January 2013 Monday

CHAPTER I Preliminaries Abstract summary of the entire IR (1 page) Introduction (1 page) brief information about the topic Certification Sheet (1 page) Approval Sheet (1page) Acknowledgement Page (1 page) Dedication Page (1 page) Table of Contents (2 pages) Scientific Terms (1-2 pages) science words and concepts w/ definition. Brief History (1)

(0NE PAGE) Statement of the Problem The Researcher s intends to INVESTIGATE CLIMATE CHANGE only. Specific Problem The INVESTIGATORY RESEARCH will focus on the Effects of Carbon Dioxide Emission on Climate Change only. Scope and Limitation The Investigatory Research is limited to the Effects of Carbon Dioxide Emission to Climate Change only. Importance of the IR (at least 5 importance of the IR) 1. __________________________________ 2. __________________________________ 3. __________________________________ 4. __________________________________ 5. __________________________________ [Margin 1 inch / single space / font size 12 / Arial ]


Climate change is a complex system of the environment that changes from time to time and from the very beginning of time. Climate is the condition of the environment that dictates the nature and occurrence of seasons in the entire globe.

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(20 Pages)

CHAPTER III METHODOLOGY OF RESEARCH (2-3 Pages) The Researchers make use of the following in accomplishing the Investigatory Research: A.Library 1. Private Library (Indicate the place and address) 2. Public Library 3. Home-base Library B. Encyclopedias 1. 2. 3. C. Textbook D. Journals E. Almanac F. Magazines G.Newspaper

CHAPTER IV RESULTS and DISCUSSION (2 Pages) CHAPTER V CONCLUSION and RECOMMENDATION (2 pages) Bibliography Resume of Researchers

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