Marketing  Interns    (x2)  

We  are  looking  for  individuals  who  are  tech-­‐savvy  but  also  enthusiastic  about   marketing  to  join  our  team  as  interns  for  the  2013/14  season.  The  essence  of   your   role   is   to   support   the   core   team   in   maintaining   existing   relationships   between  the  African  Caribbean  Society  (ACS)  Project  and  the  stakeholders  (the   ACS   community   and   our   partner   employers)   and   developing   new   ones.   This   involves  online  and  offline  marketing.       We   already   have   a   vibrant   online   presence   and   an   established   stakeholder   base,   but   seek   creative,   diligent   and   motivated   individuals   to   maintain   this   momentum.   Successful   candidates   must   not   just   be   strategic   thinkers;   they   should  also  be  able  to  roll  up  their  sleeves  to  suggest  new  ideas  and  ways  to   implement  them.     This  role  will  suit  someone  who  is  keen  to  gain  some  work  experience  and  at   the   same   time,   stay   in   touch   with   the   ACS   community   across   the   United   Kingdom.   You   will   gain   practical   experience   in   areas   such   as   events   management,  stakeholder  relations  and  general  marketing.    

The  internship  is  for  up  to  6  months  and  the  successful  candidate  is  expected   to  be  available  for  a  minimum  of  2  days  per  week.   EXPECTED  OF   YOU  
The  key  expectations  for  this  position  include  but  not  limited  to:   § Assisting  to  create  a  comprehensive  social  media  strategy  across  all  platforms   (facebook  and  Twitter)  to  increase  brand  visibility  and  ACS  community   engagement;   Assisting  to  create  and  implement  an  offline  and  online  marketing   communications  strategy  across  all  ACS  Project  programmes;   Assisting  to  prepare  marketing  collaterals  such  as  event  flyers,  new  business   proposal  documents  and  event  brochures;   Assisting  to  create  and  manage    content  across  all  our  social  media  platforms   (e.g.  facebook  and  Twitter);     Handling  administrative  tasks  such  as  updating  spreadsheets,  preparing  post-­‐ event  reports  with  statistics,  helping  at  events,  gathering  relevant  and  useful   data  and  effective  communication  with  the  ACS  community;   Monitoring  and  applying  current  trends  in  online  and  offline  community   engagement;   Experimenting  with  new  and  alternative  ways  to  leverage  social  media  and   other  activities  of  the  ACS  community  to  achieve  desired  outcomes;  and   Measuring  the  impact  of  our  overall  marketing  efforts  

§ § § §

§ § § EXPERIENCE  

Although  previous  experience  is  not  required,  it  is  desirable  if  you  can  
demonstrate  one  or  more  of  the  following:   § Communication,  community  engagement  and/or  management   § Social  media  tools  and  techniques   § Marketing  (traditional,  new  media,  guerrilla  and  ‘word  of  mouth’)   § Strategy     § Product  or  service  marketing   § Strong  awareness  of  your  local  ACS,  student  life  and  the  ACS  community  at   large   § Proficient  and  creative  use  of  IT  software  programmes    


The  key  attributes  for  this  position  include:   • Creativity  and  willingness  to  experiment  

African  Caribbean  Company  registered  in  England  and  Wales  No:  07015366  

• • • • • •

Excellent  written  and  verbal  communication  skills   Highly  proficient  in  IT           Professional  but  with  a  Jovial  character   Ability  to  contribute  individually,  manage  or  participate  in  cross-­‐functional   teams   Courteous  but  persuasive   Organised  with  a  keen  eye  for  detail  


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Hands-­‐on  marketing  and  social  media  experience  and  fun;   Free  24/7  access  to  the  gym  facilities  in  our  central  London  office;     Flexibility  to  fit  in  other  commitments;   Reference  after  successfully  completing  the  internship;  and   Networking  opportunities  with  the  ACS  community  and/or  our  partner   employers  at  our  events  or  affiliated  events     ü You  must  be  a  current  UK  university  student  or  a  recent  graduate   ü You  must  be  an  active  member  of  your  ACS  

Send   your   resume   to   kingsley.egbuonu@ac-­‐   by   Monday,   25th  February  2013  
The   ACS   Project   is   a   successful   and   ever-­‐growing   grassroots   initiative   aimed   at   supporting   the   ACS   and   its   members   through   career   and   personal   development  programmes.  These  are  the  ACS  Leadership  Summit,  ACS  in  the   City,   ACS   Focus   Group,   ACS   Leaders   Chat   and   ACS   Annual   National   Survey.   The   project   has   been   in   existence   since   2008   and   you   can   find   us   on   facebook   and/or   follow   us   on   our   main     Twitter  handle  @acsinthecity.  


African  Caribbean  Company  registered  in  England  and  Wales  No:  07015366