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BU473 Winter 2013

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BUSINESS 473: Investment Management
Section C - Winter 2013
Name Instructor: Michelle Lennox (Email: mlennox@wlu.ca) Jennifer Ferfolja By appointment only MyLearningSpace (MLS) Office N/A Phone Email please

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SBE 2201

519 884-0710 Ext. 2062

BU393, Financial Management II Textbook: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, First Canadian Edition. Reilly, Brown, Hedges, Chang; Nelson Education, 2010. Course Website: All course materials – slides, course information and announcements, midterm, etc. – are available on MyLS. Additional Course Materials: Nelson Education provides additional notes and study exercises at the on-line student centre. This website is: www.reilly.nelson.com Course Description: This investments course is designed to help students understand the investment opportunities in the capital markets and the risk-return relationship of securities usually included in investment portfolios.

Both the group members are responsible for their trading decisions as well as the preparation of the final trading report. trading strategies and technical analysis. the members should inform me before the group assignment hand-in (not after grading). The group will be assigned one access code which they will use to place their trading orders. Students will undertake a stock market competition on Rotman Interactive Trader platform for 8 weeks starting January 28. mutual funds. any student who fails to fully participate and co-operate with the group members in either the stock market simulation or take-home midterm will be assigned only one-half Trading simulation starts Take-home midterm due at the beginning of class Trading simulation ends Trading report due (can submit earlier) . options and stock index futures. will be introduced in the course to help students hedge their simulation portfolios. portfolio analysis. Each group would comprise no more than 5 students. 2013 and ending March 22. Some financial derivative securities. Grading Schemes: Take Home Midterm Trading Report (15% performance + 15% report) Final Examination 30% 30% 40% 100% Key Dates January 28 March 7 March 22 April 4 Group Work: Students will form groups to trade in securities and manage their portfolio in the stock market competition.BU473 Winter 2013 Page 2 of 6 The bond market. If there are any problems within a group. For the mid-term. Though there will not be within group variation in assignment of marks. Students are encouraged to use relevant end-of-chapter problems in the text as extra practice. stock market. The same group will be responsible for the take-home midterm examination. for example. Additional information regarding the Trading Simulation will be posted to MyLearningSpace. 2013. A 15-page report on their trading strategies and portfolio performance will need to be prepared and submitted no later than the beginning of class on Thursday. as well as market efficiency are the focus of this course. each group will submit one set of solutions and the members of the group will be assigned the same mark that the group earns. 2013 at 7pm in class. The course will also cover investment risk. which are used for hedging against market risk. April 4. Teaching Method: Lectures and discussion of solutions to in-class examples will comprise the primary teaching methods employed in this course. I expect the students in each group to participate and share the assignment burden equally.

the following acts which are presented as examples or a guide since not every possible circumstance can be anticipated: 1. 3. Detailed problems will be similar to the questions undertaken in class and those assigned from the textbook. double sided with anything (e. Impersonating another person in an examination or test. Students are encouraged to review the Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus. its coverage being the entire course.e.BU473 Winter 2013 Page 3 of 6 of the mark earned by the group. students will be allowed to bring in one “cheat sheet”. If a midterm is not submitted. written or other form. with somewhat more emphasis on topics not covered in the midterm exam. For the final exam. which involves the using.. whether in written. INDIVIDUAL MIDTERMS AND TRADING REPORTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. no exceptions will be made. examples. Submitting the same piece of work. thesis or dissertation. 4. copying an essay. in whole or in part. The date of the final examination is yet to be determined. which is the unacknowledged presentation. Academic Accommodation: Students requiring academic accommodations are advised to contact the Accessible Learning Centre for information regarding services and resources. but is not limited to. for more than one course without the permission of the instructors involved in each course.5 x 11”. of the work of others as one's own. Buying or otherwise obtaining term papers or assignments for submission of another person's work as one's own for evaluation. or a significant part thereof. Academic Misconduct and Sanctions: Academic misconduct is an act by a student. in an examination. Cheat sheets must be labelled with student name and ID and must be handed in with the exam. giving. Academic misconduct includes. a grade of zero will be assigned. or by students working on a team project. oral or other form. examination or report. which may result in a false evaluation of the student(s). Plagiarism. 2. The final exam will be comprehensive. The final exam questions will be a mixture of multiple choice and detailed problems. examination or report. 8. receiving. report. 5. etc) on it. Cheating. give or receive unauthorized information during an examination in oral. or the attempt to use. Exams: There is no deferred mid-term and given that the mid-term is a “take home” completed in groups. or which represents a deliberate attempt to unfairly gain an academic advantage. or. assignment. i. . formulae. Students will need to bring a calculator to the exam. or allowing someone else to copy one's essay.g.

or to the degree to which an individual has been a party to attempted or committed acts of dishonesty. Penalties may include. thesis or dissertation. course. examination or course. the following: a requirement to repeat the assignment. Falsifying. failure on the assignment. Sanctions are levied by the University and their severity is determined in relation to the degree of academic or research dishonesty committed or attempted. misrepresenting or forging an academic record or supporting document. examination.BU473 Winter 2013 Page 4 of 6 6. expulsion from the program or from the University. . to the intention to commit dishonest acts. suspension from the program or from the University for a designated period of time. but are not limited to.

No Classes . Class 1 Date Thurs. Feb 14 Analysis of Financial Statements. 4 3 Thurs. Jan 24 5. Taxation of Investment Income in Canada. 7 4 Thurs. Jan 31 Security Analysis – Economy.BU473 Winter 2013 Page 5 of 6 CLASS SCHEDULE . 6A(part c only). Jan 10 Topic Course Outline. Selecting Investments. Portfolio Management and Theory Text Chapter 1 2 Thurs. Industry. Market history. 9. Jan 17 2. Security Markets and the Economy Efficient Markets. Review of Risk & Return Asset Allocation. Introduction to Security Analysis Web Chapters 19. Feb 7 Guest Speaker – Hedge Funds 6 Thurs. 6. 20 Feb 18-22 Reading Week. 10 5 Thurs. Technical Analysis 8. Company. 3. The timing of the guest speaker may change subject to their availability. Lecture slides will be posted no later than 11:59pm on the Tuesday preceding the scheduled class.WINTER 2013 Thursday Evening Classes P 3007 Please note that the schedule below is only a rough guideline. I may go slower or faster and may have to adjust the schedule based on the actual progress of the class. Investment alternatives.

12A Thurs. 16. Apr 4 International Investing Lecture Slides and material posted on MyLS 13 Thurs. Mar 14 Portfolio Management – Equity and Bonds 15. Mar 21 Investment Funds 17 11 Thurs. Apr 4 Trading Reports Due . Mar 28 Investment Performance 18 12 Thurs. 14 9 Thurs. Mar 7 Derivatives 13. 16A 10 Thurs. Feb 28 Topic Analysis and Management of Bonds Text Chapter 11. 12.BU473 Winter 2013 Page 6 of 6 Class 7 Date Thurs. Mar 7 Take Home Midterms DUE at Beginning of Class 8 Thurs.

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