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The Associate Auditor Group (AAG) is a Sedex working group made up of commercial auditing companies and NGOs that are significantly involved in ethical trade auditing, with active participation from Sedex members. The purpose of the AAG is to drive convergence in ethical trade/social auditing, based on and helping to shape best practice. Participation in working groups is a condition of AAG membership and there is an application process with associated criteria. The AAG works to:• improve best practice guidance on conducting social audits (SMETA) • develop and improve standardised preferred audit report formats (SMETA) • develop agreed protocols on auditor training requirements and qualifications (available to members in the ‘Resources’ section of the Sedex system) • establish project groups, where required • agree priorities and areas for system developments As a working group, membership of the AAG is necessarily limited but you can find further details on AAG membership, including costs and criteria, by visiting our ‘Auditors’ page. If you are an A or AB member of Sedex you can apply to become a member of the AAG. Please complete the application form (67KB) and return to auditing@sedexglobal.com. For instructions on how to register as an auditor on the Sedex system please download part 1 of our Auditor Guidance Pack .

AAG Members
• Accordia



sedexglobal. purchasers and suppliers to decide and agree which auditors they will use. Sedex will accept audits from all auditors and we believe it is the right and responsibility of our members. Sedex does not approve auditors or audit bodies. http://www. For instructions on how to register as an auditor on the Sedex system please download part 1 of our Auditor Guidance Pack . or certify. we have created another auditor group – ‘the Audit Company Group – who have increased their functionality on the Sedex system in order to offer an improved service to their customers. For this reason. The Audit Company Group (previously the Non AAG) As the number of global auditors using the system has increased.com/ethical-audits/aag/ 14/10/2012 . Independent auditors Independent auditors have their own way of using the Sedex system and membership of the AAG / Audit Company Group is not open to independent auditors. but there is the possibility of purchasing additional functionality.Enabling ethical and responsible supply chains – Sedex Page 2 of 3 • ALGI • Bureau Veritas • Intertek • KSSA • Level Works • Partner Africa (formerly Africa Now) • Reassurance Network • RINA • Sercura Ltd • SGS • SMT Global • TÜV Rheinland • TÜV SÜD • UL – Responsible Sourcing Inc. • Wieta • WRAP Being a member of the AAG does not affirm the competencies of. auditors. or upload a SMETA audit onto Sedex. other audit companies are interested in improving their ‘Sedex experience’. Other types of auditors You do not need to be a member of the AAG in order to perform. See our ‘Auditors’ page for more information.

com China Helpdesk tel.sedexglobal. +44 (0)20 7902 2320 email: helpdesk@sedexglobal.Enabling ethical and responsible supply chains – Sedex Page 3 of 3 To use the system. +86 (0)21 6103 1622 email: helpdeskchina@sedexglobal.com/ethical-audits/aag/ 14/10/2012 . The site must register the auditor’s email address to allow them to access Sedex and create an auditor account.com US/Canada Helpdesk tel.com Sitemap Privacy and cookie policy Terms and conditions Site security Contact http://www.2MB). Click for details on how to do this (1. UK Helpdesk tel. an independent auditor must be selected as the chosen auditor by the site who is commissioning the audit. For additional information on using the Sedex system as an auditor please see our ‘Auditor FAQs’. +1 888 487 6146 email: helpdesk@sedexglobal.

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