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Name: T,MG Age : 19 Religion : Roman Catholic Occupation : housewife Status: Married

Date of Admission : Sept.5,2011 Patients Health History :19 yrs old. G1P1T1A0L1 Complaints : sakit ako tahi day oie .. Gen. Objectives: After nursing intervention the patient will receive timely resolution with pain management NURSING CARE PLAN NURSING INTERVENTIONS







. Acute pain is described as an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience associated with CUES: actual or potential Sub: tissue damage or injury as sakit akong lasting from tahi day oie. seconds to 6 months. In cases of Objective; fracture, pain is continuous & -inflamation increasing in in the severity until perineal area bone fragments Acute Pain Related to Surgical Incision in the perineal area

After 2 hours of nursing intervention the patient will be able to - After 6 days of nursing intervention, the patient: -verbalizes minimized or controlled feeling of pain -verbalizes methods that provide relief

-Assess severity of pain using the pain scale

-To find the patients own perception and description of pain To reduce swelling & prevent stiffness the stated activities must be done.

After 2 hours of nursing intervention the patient was able to: Pain is reduced/ controlled to a tolerable extent as verbalized. Relieving methods & relaxation techniques are understood & demonstrated

-Instructed to do activities such as deep breathing exercise, and perineal exercise -advice diverting activities, such as watching tv

Self- independence is a trait that we nurses should have to enhance our skills in critical thinking and decision skills to have a betterment in delivering care .

- may lessen the bodys response and recognition to pain -This promotes healing by reducing basal metabolic rate & allowing oxygen & nutrients

- Enough rest & sleep was also advised.

Self-efficacy is a trait that a nurse should have in order to obtain his/her goal in bringing the paramount care to his/her patient.

-grimace face duting exertion of force

are immobilized. In this type of fracture, the main medical management is open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF), wherein the fracture fragments are reduced & internal fixation devices are used to hold the bone fragment in position until solid bone healing occurs.

-demonstrates use of relaxation skills & diversional activities as indicated for his situation Long-term Goal -After months of nursing intervention, the patient: -is free of pain on the surgical sit Dependent - Intake of pain reliever such as mefenamic acid & antibacterial medications such as amoxicillin as per doctors order & advise

to be utilized for tissue growth, healing & regeneration.

-NSAID activity includes modulation of T-cell function, inhibition of inflammatory cell chemotaxis, decreased release of superoxide radicals, or increased scavenging of these compounds at inflammatory sites. Antibiotics are used to treat & prevent infections caused by susceptible pathogens in skin structure infections.