Barron Park Lunar New Year Celebration
Saturday, February 9th, 2 – 4pm
Barron Park Elementary School, 800 Barron Avenue, Palo Alto
Featuring a performance by

White Crane Lion Dance Troupe

The White Crane Lion Dancers are highly skilled and professional dance and martial artists. Internationally acclaimed, they hold the title of “Western Lion King”. The troupe is the only North American lion dance acrobatic group to place at the top a of a major international tournament. At the very end of their Saturday performance, dancers will stop and speak with children present, about the holiday and tradition, and their training. This is a chance for all our children to come close to a long cherished tradition. They will be performing later in the week in San Francisco.

3:45-4:00pm: Performers’ Q & A, Audience Participation 4-4:30pm: Wrap up & Clean Up
Barron Park Association (BPA) is happy to sponsor this community bonding opportunity for all neighbors and families. BPA is a neighborhood organization, and invites all our residents to join us. Members meet to celebrate our diverse community with festivals and events such as this one, and to address common concerns like emergency preparedness, our schools, seniors, traffic, beautification, environmental issues and much more. This Lunar New Year event celebrates our ethnic diversity; a fun and educational experience for all. Members and their families have prepared traditional festive foods, contained in ‘Trays of Togetherness’; each food having particular significance. There will be tables where you can make traditional crafts throughout the event.

EVENT SCHEDULE: 2 -2:30pm: Mixer, food tasting, fun activities 2:45- 3:00pm: Introductions

Lunar New Year
This holiday is celebrated by more people around the world than any other holiday; 1.3 billion people in China and its territories, as well as in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Philippines, etc. The holiday is based on the lunisolar calendar.

The Lion Dance:
According to the folklore, the art of lion dancing started thousand years ago in China. Although the lion appears strong and powerful, it is considered benevolent and heroic; traits highly respected. Its status is on par with the symbolic dragon and phoenix. Fact: Lions are not indigenous to China. Descriptions of lions came to China from India through the spreading of Buddhism. We know from historical record that the Lion Dance started during the Han Dynasty. During performances for visitors at the imperial palace, dancers wore animal masks. When the guests later discovered that lions did not inhabit China, Silk Road traders from the west began to bring lions back to China as gifts, along their lion trainers. Today, lion shows similar to those found in Western circuses, take place in China as well.

Red Envelopes
Red envelopes are mainly presented at social and family gatherings such and holidays like Lunar New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and makes for an auspicious and healthy new year.

To Carol Garsten, Nature Gallery owner & local resident, who will be on hand to give all children present a small lucky semi precious stone for their red envelopes. To our city politicians, for marking this event with us. To all the members and volunteers who stepped forward to helped to make today’s event a success! Barron Park Association Welcomes all Residents To Join Us Contact : Event Coordination : CD Promotions 650 387 5709

Special Thanks :

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