NEX-FS700 push the boundaries

Don’t accept limits, restrictions or boundaries. Push back with the Sony NEX-FS700U. Engage Super Slow Motion in Full HD at up to 240 frames per second. Take advantage of gorgeous HD imaging with a Super 35 4K sensor. Take control with refinements like built-in ND filters and CineGamma curves. Whenever you’re ready to push the boundaries, this camera is ready for you.


And minimum illumination is an extraordinary 0.) There’s more. Auto Iris). The SEL18200 lens supplied with the NEX-FS700K achieves 1.4. F1. we’re not limited to off-the-shelf image sensors. Auto Gain. 11. Auto Gain.6 Megapixels Approx. * 1/30 Shutter.Super 35mm Sensor Size When it comes to image sensors. essential for high speed shooting. 7. oversampled HD today and will output a 4K bitstream in the future with a firmware upgrade.5 lux (1/30 shutter. Other things being equal. the image sensor is very close in size to the 35mm motion picture 3-perf frame. 8. With 11. 4K Exmor® CMOS Sensor At Sony. size definitely matters. Even more important to some photographers is the pursuit of “bokeh. And that’s exactly what the NEX-FS700U delivers. A common technique for directing audience attention within the frame.6 million total pixels (4352 x 2662). Bigger sensors also make it easier to capture wide-angle shots. Thanks to Sony’s unique technology and the Super 35 size. 4K resolution comes without sacrifice in picture quality. shallow depth of field is far easier to achieve with a large sensor. That’s how the NEX-FS700U came to incorporate an innovative 4K sensor. (Sony will develop a 4K workflow with a future outboard recorder. a bigger sensor equates to better low-light sensitivity and lower image noise. 8. the field of view is wider for any given focal length lens.3 Megapixels effective Approx. Total Motion Pictures (16:9) Still Pictures (16:9) Still Pictures (3:2) Approx. Signal-to-noise ratio is high. Sony’s exclusive Exmor® technology enables very fast image readout. it enables incredible.4 Megapixels effective Approx.28* lux.1 Megapixels effective . with a single sensor that closely approximates the Super 35mm motion picture frame size.” the defocused backgrounds made possible by shallow depth of field. Not by accident.

and 1/64 (6 Stops). While conventional camera “knee” control can reduce the issue. 1/4 (2 Stops).Super Slow Motion Water splashing. 2 and 1 fps (60 Hz mode) or 50. 30. Restricted to far more expensive cameras until now. That’s why the NEX-FS700 incorporates four CineGamma curves. Incorporating ND into the 18 mm flange back distance of the E-Mount was a special challenge that Sony engineers solved by mounting ultra-thin filters into a wheel that rotates across the sensor like a turret. Built-in ND filters You don’t need a matte box to get the advantages of shallow depth of field even in exterior day shoots. 6. The NEX-FS700U also enables Full HD Slow and Quick Motion at frame rates of 60. Or choose 480 and 960 fps burst recording (at reduced resolution) for even more creative possibilities. which are identical to the curves on high-end CineAlta camcorders. 8. more natural highlight rendition. 12. 3. Note that burst recording time depends on the frame rate. Different frame rates apply to 60 Hz and 50 Hz modes. the complete loss of detail in bright areas of the picture. 15. CineGamma Curves One tell-tale sign of video origination is blown out highlights. Frame rate (60 Hz) Recording time Frame rate (50 Hz) Recording time 120 fps 16 sec 100 fps 19 sec 240 fps 8 sec 200 fps 9 sec 480 fps 9 sec 400 fps 12 sec 960 fps 19 sec 800 fps 23 sec In the NEX-FS700U. 120 and 240 frames per second burst recording captures Full HD 1920 x 1080. 2 and 1 fps (50 Hz mode). Playing back at 24 fps yields gorgeous slow motion at 1/5 or 1/10 normal speed. extraordinary lighting is not required. 1/16 (4 Stops). it can also trigger unwanted color shifts. Super Slow Motion is made possible by the high-speed readout of Sony’s Exmor® CMOS image sensor design. balloons bursting and matches igniting are beautifully revealed thanks to the extraordinary Super Slow Motion of the NEX-FS700U. . 4. 25. A built-in Neutral Density (ND) filter wheel includes positions for Clear. Thanks to the sensor’s low noise and high sensitivity. You get more graceful.

a single NEX-FS700U can deliver projects for customers anywhere in the world. the NEX-FS700U provides some powerful assistance: • Expanded Focus. safety zone. . handheld. start time and transition duration.Modular Design Sony’s original NEX-FS100U established a modular design that you could build up with matte box. 1. Black Gamma. the camera offers a variety of LCD markers including center.35:1). full-time phase detection AF. something remarkable happens. precise. Color Mode. Then simply press Execute to make it happen. • Focus Transition. you can store up to 99 Picture Profile settings on a memory card and share settings from one NEX-700U to another. To accommodate a wide range of shooting environments. It’s especially useful for tracking shots when the subject or the camera is moving. gain in dB or ISO. When using E-mount lenses. Sony makes it easier than ever to achieve smooth rack focus effects. 99 Picture Profile Settings Sony’s Picture Profile function stores your choices for Gamma. 50/60 Hz World-cam Operation With 50 Hz/60 Hz switching. you can store start and end focus positions. There’s even a Hold switch to prevent accidental setting changes during a shot. • Phase Detection AF. You even have a choice of displaying shutter in degrees or seconds. When several faces are in frame. aspect ratio (including 4:3. inconspicuous shooting. Advanced Focus Facilities Because focus is critical in HD shooting. and viewfinder hood for shoulder-mount shooting or strip down for lightweight. you can even assign priority to your star. LCD Markers For convenient framing.85:1 and 2. 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch screw holes on the top and bottom accept a range of accessories. Black Level. rods. The LCD monitor provides 4-times and 8-times Expanded Focus magnification plus the ability to move the expanded focus window around the image.66:1. The right side of the FS700U features an industry-standard rosette mount for adding handles and other accessories. 15:9. • Face Detection in Auto Focus. and others. Detail and many other parameters. 1. 13:9. Knee. the Face Detection function simplifies operation. When you attach the LA-EA2 lens adaptor (sold separately) and Sony A-mount AF lenses. The NEX-FS700U refines the concept. Color Level. guide frame. You get fast. In auto focus mode. An improved top handle attaches with two screws for greater rigidity. The tape-measure hook and image sensor position index help establish precise focus. and focus distance in meters or feet. 14:9. The camera relieves PAL/NTSC headaches and enables 24p shooting in PAL areas.