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Choose 5 words you would like to learn. (3 words from your writing and 2 words from our Inquiry unit) Complete 1 activity each week (depending on how complex and time consuming your activity is) At the end of the week, get a friend to test you! Good luck

ACTIVITY 1 2 3 4 5 6 Go to this site and type your spelling words and any words that come to mind when you say your spelling words. E.g. Inquiry: engaging, fun, computers, topics, investigations etc. Log onto and use your words to explore the interactive activities and write a short reflection. Ask someone at home to scramble the letters in each word. Then put the words back together again. E.g u e r l = rule Write your word and then find other words that are in your spelling words. E.g there here, her, the learn - ear, ran, earn Make flash cards of your words to help you visualise how they are spelt correctly . Write alliterative phrases or sentences using your words. An alliteration uses the same initial letter. Be sure to underline your spelling words. E.g. Deep down in the dungeon tiny town sheep shout Make up a rap or song using all of your Spelling words! Perform it for the class! Type your spelling words five times on a computer using Word. This is great for your typing skills too! Write 5 silly sentences using your words. Underline each spelling word. You may wish to illustrate each sentence. Locate each spelling word in the dictionary and write the definition of each.
oval Draw a picture for each word and include your word in the picture.


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Make a cross word puzzle or a word find using your spelling words. Create an activity Can you think of a fun way to do your spelling activities? Try it out! Write 5 of your spelling words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and gluing them into your homework book. What Am I? Create a what am I with your spelling words. Using your spelling words write a dialogue between two characters using the words. Be sure to use quotation marks around the words that are being said by a character. Underline each spelling word. Example: Hey Jack, do you want to skate to the park? asked Matt. Jack replied, I would love to but where is that place? Using your spelling words and write statements to explain their meaning. Some of the statements should be true, and others should be false. Be sure to write True or False next to each statement and underline each spelling word. DO NOT SOLVE. Examples: You go to preschool when you are 12 years old. True or False If you uncover a pot you take the lid off. True or False Word.