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Chapter 10.

2 Null / Alternative Hypothesis Worksheet Name ___________________ Period ____

For the following scenarios, define the population, parameter value, sample, statistic value, null hypothesis (Ho), and alternative hypothesis (Ha). 1. A company claims that the mean weight per apple they ship is 120 grams with a standard deviation of 12 grams. Data generated from a sample of 49 apples randomly selected from a shipment indicated a mean weight of 122.5 grams per apple.

2. In a discussion of the education level of the American workforce, someone says, The average young person cant even balance a checkbook. The NAEP test says that a score of 275 of higher on its quantitative test reflects the skill needed balance a checkbook. The NAEP random sample of 840 young men had a mean score x 270 , a bit below the checkbook balancing level. Is this sample result good evidence that the mean for all young men is less than 275?

3. The Survey of Study Habits and Attitudes (SSHA) is a psychological test that measures the attitude toward school and study habits of students. Scores range from 0 to 200. The population distribution for the true mean SSHA score is approximately normal with a 115 and 30 . A teacher suspects that older students have better attitudes toward school. She gives the SSHA to an SRS of 25 students who are at least 30 years of age, and finds their mean score ( x ) is 118.6.

4. The Census Bureau reports that households spend an average of 31% of their total spending on housing. A homebuilders association in Cleveland believes the average is lower. They interview an SRS of 40 households in Cleveland to learn what percent of their spending goes to housing. Their result is x 27.6% . Assuming that is known to be 9.6%, is there evidence to believe that total spending for housing in Cleveland is less than the national average of 31%?

5. The average score of a sixth grader on the Binet Math Aptitude Exam is 75 with = 8.1. The mean of a random sample of 50 students was 71. Does this indicate that the students in this school are less skilled than in their math abilities?

6. For many semesters, an instructor has recorded his students grades and has found that the mean grade for all of these classes is 72 with = 12. The current class of 37 students seems to be better than average in their ability and he wants to know if this class is superior to his previous classes. Does a current class average of 75.2 present sufficient evidence of this?

7. A new formula for the propellant of missiles is being tested to determine if it is superior to the current formula. From past experience, the mean distance traveled has been 340 miles with a standard deviation of 20. Ten missiles with the new propellant are fired into the Pacific Ocean and produce and average distance of 360 miles. We assume that the standard deviation remains the same as before.