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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: Crown Equipment Guide by kablay Version .

75, Last Updated 2010-12-18 View/Download Original File Hosted by GameFAQs Return to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS) FAQs & Guides Liked this FAQ? Click here to recommend this item to other users. Game: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light FAQ: Crown Strategy Guide Version: 1.0 Author: kablay, a.k.a. Kaleb Allen Last Updated: December 17, Twenty Ten baby! 0===================0 \Table of Contents/ 0===============0 About This Guide Character Outlines Crowns Copyright 0=============================0 \Foreword / About This Guide/ 0=========================0 This guide's purpose is to outline all of the equipment and crowns, discuss the ir strengths and weaknesses, and discuss strategies for each. The information in this guide is based on /my/ experience in the game; I don't have hacking devices (or even the strategy guide, if there is one XD), so I write about what I know about so far. Right now I don't have info about all of the jobs, but I will update it soon! This guide has spoilers, so if you don't want any then don't be readin' this foo! Anyway, enjoy the guide! O====================O \CHARACTER OUTLINES/ O================O This section will outline the characters (orly?) and show their stats for each job at Level 50. I'll give a short description of the charactes and tell their strengths and weaknesses and such, and just give my 2 cents about them. Anyway, hur dey be: o--------o \Brandt/ o----o 0============o============o============o===========o============0 | Crown | HP | Strength | Intellect | Spirit | o============o============o============o===========o============o | Freelancer | 210 | 36 | 28 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+

| Wayfarer | 210 | 43 | 33 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | White Mage | 210 | 25 | 36 | 54 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Black Mage | 210 | 28 | 44 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bandit | 273 | 46 | 33 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bard | 231 | 36 | 36 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Merchant | 273 | 39 | 36 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Salve-Maker| 251 | 32 | 36 | 47 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Elementalist| 210 | 39 | 39 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Ranger | 273 | 50 | 28 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Figther | 315 | 50 | 36 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Scholar | 210 | 28 | 42 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Party Host | 231 | 39 | 30 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Hero | 273 | 46 | 33 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Spell Fencer| 273 | 50 | 36 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Monk | 210 | 32 | 36 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dancer | 273 | 46 | 28 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Paladin | 356 | 50 | 25 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Alchemist | 251 | 36 | 42 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Shaman | 251 | 32 | 42 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dark Fencer| 273 | 57 | 28 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Seamstress | 251 | 36 | 36 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Beastmaster| 273 | 46 | 30 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Musician | 231 | 32 | 39 | 47 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ ~ Other Crowns coming soon! o--------o \Jusqua/ o----o 0============o============o============o===========o============0 | Crown | HP | Strength | Intellect | Spirit | o============o============o============o===========o============o | Freelancer | 206 | 34 | 34 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Wayfarer | 206 | 40 | 40 | 40 |

+------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | White Mage | 206 | 23 | 44 | 54 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Black Mage | 206 | 27 | 54 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bandit | 267 | 44 | 40 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bard | 226 | 34 | 44 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Merchant | 267 | 37 | 44 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Salve-Maker| 247 | 30 | 44 | 47 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Elementalist| 206 | 37 | 47 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Ranger | 267 | 47 | 34 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Figther | 309 | 47 | 30 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Scholar | 206 | 27 | 51 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Party Host | 226 | 37 | 37 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Hero | 267 | 44 | 40 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Spell Fencer| 267 | 47 | 44 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Monk | 206 | 30 | 44 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dancer | 267 | 44 | 34 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Paladin | 350 | 47 | 30 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Alchemist | 247 | 34 | 51 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Shaman | 247 | 30 | 51 | 40 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dark Fencer| 267 | 54 | 34 | 34 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Seamstress | 247 | 34 | 44 | 44 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Beastmaster| 267 | 44 | 37 | 37 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Musician | 226 | 30 | 47 | 47 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ ~ Other Crowns coming soon! o--------o \Yunita/ o----o 0============o============o============o===========o============0 | Crown | HP | Strength | Intellect | Spirit | o============o============o============o===========o============o | Freelancer | 193 | 34 | 34 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Wayfarer | 193 | 40 | 40 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | White Mage | 193 | 23 | 44 | 57 |

+------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Black Mage | 193 | 27 | 54 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bandit | 250 | 44 | 40 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bard | 212 | 34 | 44 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Merchant | 250 | 37 | 44 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Salve-Maker| 231 | 30 | 44 | 50 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Elementalist| 193 | 37 | 47 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Ranger | 250 | 47 | 34 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Figther | 289 | 47 | 30 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Scholar | 193 | 27 | 51 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Party Host | 212 | 37 | 37 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Hero | 250 | 44 | 40 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Spell Fencer| 250 | 47 | 44 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Monk | 193 | 30 | 44 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dancer | 250 | 44 | 34 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Paladin | 328 | 47 | 30 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Alchemist | 251 | 34 | 51 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Shaman | 231 | 30 | 51 | 43 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dark Fencer| 250 | 54 | 34 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Seamstress | 231 | 34 | 44 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Beastmaster| 250 | 44 | 37 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Musician | 212 | 30 | 47 | 50 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ ~ Other Crowns coming soon! o------o \Aire/ o--o 0============o============o============o===========o============0 | Crown | HP | Strength | Intellect | Spirit | o============o============o============o===========o============o | Freelancer | 187 | 28 | 36 | 33 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Wayfarer | 187 | 33 | 43 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | White Mage | 187 | 19 | 46 | 52 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Black Mage | 187 | 22 | 57 | 39 |

+------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bandit | 243 | 36 | 43 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Bard | 205 | 28 | 46 | 42 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Merchant | 243 | 30 | 46 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Salve-Maker| 224 | 25 | 46 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Elementalist| 187 | 30 | 50 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Ranger | 243 | 39 | 36 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Figther | 280 | 39 | 32 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Scholar | 187 | 22 | 54 | 42 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Party Host | 205 | 30 | 39 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Hero | 243 | 36 | 43 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ |Spell Fencer| 243 | 39 | 46 | 33 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Monk | 187 | 25 | 46 | 42 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dancer | 243 | 36 | 36 | 42 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Paladin | 317 | 39 | 32 | 33 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Alchemist | 224 | 28 | 54 | 42 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Shaman | 224 | 25 | 54 | 39 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Dark Fencer| 243 | 44 | 36 | 33 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Seamstress | 224 | 28 | 46 | 42 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Beastmaster| 243 | 36 | 39 | 36 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ | Musician | 205 | 25 | 50 | 46 | +------------+------------+------------+-----------+------------+ ~ Other Crowns coming soon!

/\ |\ //\\ /| | \//<>\\/ | ||\/()[]\/|| || CROWNS || o==========o

The different crowns will be outlined like this: -Name, in-game description, and average stats at Level 50.

-Requirements to recieve -Abilities, descriptions, AP cost, and Gems to aquire. Design: Rating (out of 5) ---This section will rate how the crown looks. Pretty much just based on my opinion and doesn't mean anything about its performance. Performance: Rating (out of 5) ---In this section I'll talk about how good the job is in battle. The rating system for the job's performance is like this: * . . . . = Useless. Never use this job! * * . . . = A little useful. Sometimes you might want to use this. Maybe. * * * . . = Somewhat useful. This job is decent and can help out sometimes. * * * * . = Pretty useful. This job can be a part of most teams. * * * * * = Extremely useful. You are going to want this job on your team for most of the game! [N] = Necessary. If there is an N included in the rating it means that the crown is virtually necessary at many points in the game. The game could probably be beaten without it, but it would be extremely difficult and require lots of patience and expert knowledge of the game. [S] = Situational. If there is an S included in the rating it means that the crown can be extremely helpful in certain situations, which I will discuss below the rating. C = Combo. If there is a C included in the rating it means that this job works extremely well with at least one other job, and that will further be discussed below the rating. Oh, and just for a little fun I made the jewels on each of the name's crowns mean something: () = Physical-based Crown. <> = Magical-based Crown. [] = Item-based Crown. {} = Ability-focused Crown, or a Crown that is a mix of different styles of play and doesn't fit anywhere else. Also, whenever I describe the Crown I'm assuming that the reader knows at least what it looks like and has a basic understanding of the game, so that's why I don't describe every detail of every aspect and stuff x3 Now, on to the Crowns!

/\ |\/\/()\/\/|

|FREELANCER| o----------o Keep all your gems when your party dies! Requirements: NONE ~ABILITIES~ NONE ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ It's just the characters' normal designs, which are fine. Jusqua's hair is kind of ugly with nothing to cover it, so that's kind of a downfall, but other than that there's not much to say. ----------|Performance: * . . . . ----------This Crown is just the characters at their base. It's stats are lower than all the other jobs, and its only benefit is that you keep all your gems when you die. It doesn't have any abilities, either. If you use this job you probably will die a lot sooner than usual, so I guess that's why its ability is what it is. I mean, you can use this if you die a lot, but it's boring and not fun to play as so I don't see the point. When you die, you just start at the last save point AND use all of your gems. Guess what happens if you just turn off the power? The same thing except without the Gem loss. So yeah, if it's not obvious which choice to choose, then you can use this job.

/\ /\/()\/\ |WAYFARER| o--------o Recovery items work better! Requirements: Beat Greaps in the Witch's Mansion. ~ABILITIES~ Runaway - 1 AP ---Run and live to fight another day. Escape - 2 AP ---Escape the battle so you can continue the adventure - guaranteed! Recovery - 3 AP ---Recover some HP each turn. Friend in Need - 4 AP

---Summon your travel companion to attack the foe. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ This one's okay. The hat's kind of cute with the feather, but it's boring. One thing I did figure out, though, is that it's based off guy! Friend in Need's "travel comapnion" is the dog, and it does A damage; I used it on a normal enemy and it did over 2000! So yeah, neat tidbit of info c: ----------|Performance: * * * . .[N] ----------This Crown is all about escaping from battle. It peforms its purpose well considering it's the only who can. Anyway, damage-wise the Wayfarer isn't anything special, but the fact that this Crown is the only one with the ability to escape from battle is a HUGE deal. Near the beginning of the game this is vital since you don't have your full party yet, and you can easily die in a normal battle if you encounter the wrong kind of enemies. It's also useful at the end parts of the game to make most of your party members Wayfarers and just have them all just Runaway until it works when trying to get through an area quickly. pretty of the Save LOT of that's a

/\ |\/\/<>\/\/| |WHITE MAGE| o----------o AP cost for white magic is reduced by one! Requirements: Beat Sand Devil in Quicksand Castle. ~ABILITIES~ Healthgiver - 1 AP ---Make your next healing spell work on all your allies. Lifegiver - 2 AP ---Make your next healing spell more powerful and work on all your allies Hide - 2 AP ---Hide from the foes so they will not attack you. Miracle - 5 AP ---Give your allies a big HP boost and cure all their ailments. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ Once again, it's okay. It's a pretty simple white hood. It's not too original

or exciting, but it lets you know that it specializes in healing. ----------|Performance: * * * * *[N] ----------This Crown is about healing the party and protecting them from damage, obviously. It's also another necessary job. I had a White Mage in my party for pretty much the entire game once I got it. Sure, anybody can use Cure, but no Crown has Spirit as high as the White Mage or can ALWAYS use it without having to restore AP somehow. The Healthgiver/Cure combo is amazingly effective at keeping everyone's HP at its max, and Lux is awesome once you get it (It raises everyone's max HP by around 1.5 times their original amount and casts Regen, which restores WAY more than Poison takes away). The only possible subsitute for a White Mage would be the Salve-maker, but I'll talk about that later c:

/\ |\/\/<>\/\/| |BLACK MAGE| o----------o AP cost for black magic is reduced by one! Requirements: Beat Sand Devil in Quicksand Castle. ~ABILITIES~ Magic Mojo - 1 AP ---Make your next attack spell inflict more damage than usual. Spell Focus - 2 AP ---Make your next attack spell inflict a lot more damage than usual. Mirror - 3 AP ---Enable your entire party to deflect spells back at the enemy. Magic Might - 4 AP ---Cast a mighty attack spell against all your foes. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * . ~~~~~~ It's pretty pimp. The top hat is cool (especially on Jusqua! It goes perfectly with his hair and makes it not hideous!), and is a nice change from the typical hooded, yellow-eyed cave creature seen in previous FFs. ----------|Performance: * * * * * ----------The Black Mage's focus is dealing offensive, magic-based damage to the enemy, and it does an amazing job at it. Magic is so broken in this game, and since

you don't get any really good physical Crowns until mid-way through the game it's a must have on your team. It can dish out large amounts of damage even on neutral attacks, and once you have access to the Soul of Thamasa accessory normal enemies won't be any problem for the Black Mage. Once you get a lot of elemental spells you can stop using Magic Mojo because you'll want the Black Mage to be as effective and versatile as possible. And you won't really need it anyway. The Black Mage's only downfall is it's low HP. It seems to die fairly quickly :\ But that's only in boss battles you're unprepared for.

/\ |\/()\/| |BANDIT| o------o Monsters drop better items! Requirements: Lose to Ogre Bear in Animal Burrow. ~ABILITIES~ Steal - 1 AP ---Try to steal an item from one of the foes. Plunder - 2 AP ---Try to steal items from all the foes. Deadly Blow - 3 AP ---Possibly inflict sudden death on a foew when you attack. Pillage - 4 AP ---Steal an item from a foe - guaranteed! ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * . ~~~~~~ Dis is coo. I really like the Bandit's design. It's cute and simple and effective, and just a cool look. It's actually on the face instead of just a hat, which is neat, and is one of the few Crowns that does so. ----------|Performance: * * * * . ----------This Crown is all about stealing items -- 3 of its abilities focus on it! Even though this Crown's focus is so narrow, stealing items is ALWAYS beneficial. The only problem is that there's not enough space in the inventory to steal from every enemy in every battle, and most of the items are High Potions or not very useful. However, the extra item drops are beneficial. No matter what the items give you a constant supply of money (especially if you sell them in Urbeth behind the counter!). Also, it's the only good physical Crown you get for a while, so it's pretty useful until then.

/\ |\/{}\/| | BARD | o------o Get the most out of equipped instruments! Requirements: Lose to Ogre Bear in Animal Burrow. ~ABILITIES~ Ditty - 2 AP ---Sing a song to raise your party's attack power. Lasts 3 turns. Motet - 2 AP ---Sing a song to raise your party's defense. Lasts 3 turns. Aria - 2 AP ---Sing a song to raise your party's status attributes. Lasts 3 turns. Fugue - 4 AP ---Sing a sad song that stops your foes in their tracks. Lasts only one turn. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ The design is okay. It's wreath on their head, and just that. I guess I can see the translation, but it's kind of a long shot. It could have been more elaborate. ----------|Performance: * * * . .[C] ----------This Crown is one of the many Crowns that focus on raising status attributes in battle. It's basically like the Musician's counterpart! However, it doesn't have much promise after the beginning of the game. Harps are one of the strongest weapons when you first have access to them, which is why the Bard is good at the beginning of the game. This Crown's better damaging stat is physical attack, and with the boost from Harps it can actually do decent damage. It's abilities are actually pretty good -- Ditty doubles attack strength and Motet doubles defense. But there are better Crowns in the game that are more effective at ending battles faster, and while the extra boosts could be useful in boss battles, they end fairly quickly, and pretty much have to devote the Bard to constantly provide those boosts, and it's just as easy to have another offensive team member. Motet is probably its best ability, but bosses tend to use more powerful magic attacks anyway. All in all, it's a good option but not the best option. As for it's Combo rating, it makes the Musician better. That's the combo. So yeah, that's that.

/\ /\/[]\/\

|MERCHANT| o--------o Find more gems! Requirements: Beat Demon in Urbeth. ~ABILITIES~ Finder - 1 AP ---Find gems in the midst of battle. Keeper - 2 AP ---Find gems in the midst of battle more effectively than with Finder. Ransom - 3 AP ---Each time you are struck by an attack, pay a ransom instead of taking damage. Money Talks - 4 AP ---Inflict damage in proportion to the amount of money you own. ----This ability costs 1,000G to use, and its damage is equal to 1 percent of your current G. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ It's kind of cute. The hat's kind of neat, but also kind of ridiculous XD I don't really understand why it's a hat for merchant (maybe it is in Japan or something), but I like it enough nonetheless. ----------|Performance: * * * * . ----------The Merchant is all about Gems and money and stuff like that. At first glance I was like "Omg wth is this?" and didn't use it for a while. But once I was running low on Gems I used this Crown and it was way less of a problem. Also, if you're extremely wealthy you could have everyone be a Merchant and use Ransom, which lasts the entire battle, and be impervious to damage! And then you could have one or two members just keep using Keeper (because Finder sucks) and not have to worry so much about your money loss after the battle since the Gem goes straight to your inventory and is not added to the Gems acquired after battle. The only downfall to this strategy is that the Merchant is bad at inflicting large amounts of damage. But since this strategy can pretty much only be used near the end of the game when you're swimming money you'll also have access to the strongest weapons, so it might not be as much of a problem.

/\ /\/[]\/\ |\/[] []\/| |*SALVE-MAKER| o------------o

Use items without consuming AP! Requirements: Beat Demon in Urbeth. ~ABILITIES~ Dispensary - 1 AP ---Do not consume recovery items when you use them. Lasts 4 turns. Healthcare - 2 AP ---Make recovery items work on everyone in the party. ----To clarify, this ability actually lets you use a recovery item on the whole party. It doesn't cast something that affects you for a certain amount of turns; once you select the ability you're taken to your inventory to select an item. Poison Pill - 3 AP ---Change recovery items into poison and use them to inflict damage. Level Serum - 4 AP ---Raise the party's level by one for the duration of the battle. ~~~~~~ {Design: * . . . . ~~~~~~ This Crown is so ugly! Nothing about the design makes me want to use it. It's only redeeming quality is the cute little tatto on the wearer's cheek, but the hat is still extremely unappealing. It looks like some kind of deformed chef's hat! ----------|Performance: * * * * . ----------This Crown is all about using healing items, and the only Crown that could actually subsitute for the White Mage half-way effectively. Basically the strategy for using this Crown is to use Dispensary on the first turn and then Healthcare every other turn (preferably with an X-Potion, which can heals 160 HP every time its used, which is more than the White Mage can heal for a long while) until Dispensary runs out. You REALLY have to keep track of when Dispensary runs out because if you accidentally use your last healing item you are SCREWED for the rest of the battle. And since Healthcare takes 2 AP you'll have to boost intelligently so you don't end up with only 1 AP when you REALLY need to heal. If you want to use this Crown to make the game a little more challenging (and to save on spell books, heh) then you totally can, but the White Mage is better overall.

/\ /\/<>\/\ |\/ <> <> \/| |ELEMENTALIST| o------------o

Elemental damage is reduced by half! Requirements: Beat Arbaroc in Arbor's Great Tree. ~ABILITIES~ Augment - 1 AP ---Enhance the effects of allies' element attacks. Lasts 4 turns. Amplify - 2 AP ---Greatly enhance the effects of allies' element attacks. Lasts 4 turns. Mysterio - 3 AP ---Enhance your party's resistance to element attacks. Elemental - 4 AP ---Unleash a storm of element attacks against the foe. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * . . . ~~~~~~ The first thing I thought was "What the heck. What is this supposed to be?" I kind of feel like they were running out of ideas for Crowns so they were like "Elements... Native Americans!" because they were close to the Earth or something... But it's not like it's a Geomancer. Whatever. At least it's better than the Salve-maker... x3 ----------|Performance: * * * . .[S] ----------This Crown is all about elements. Like that wasn't obvious. At first I didn't really see the point of this Crown, but once I got to a specificly difficult boss I decided to upgrade this Crown to see if it had the ability I thought it would. And it did: Mysterio. This ability can make boss battles a joke. If you combine it with shields that resist the boss's main element you will be virtually invincible -- attacks will only do 1 damage! And the Elementalist will absorb the attack damage! Just watch for when Mysterio runs out (it lasts 4 turns) and make sure the Elementalist has enough AP to recast it (especially if you're not using a healer! (which is totally possible with this strategy c: )). However, this is about the only use the Elementalist has. It's outclassed by other Crowns in normal battles, and doesn't have any other redeeming qualities. /\ |\/()\/| |RANGER| o------o Deliver extra damage with bows and arrows! Requirements: Beat Arbaroc in Arbor's Great Tree. ~ABILITIES~

Target - 1 AP ---Ensure that every attacks strikes its target. Snipe - 2 AP ---Ensure that every attack strikes its target - with extra damage. Covering Fire - 3 AP ---Inflict heavy damage on all the foes at the beginning of the next turn. Smashing Bow - 4 AP ---Deliver a single, mighty blow against the enemy. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ The Ranger's Crown design is weird. I guess I can see that it has winter hat because that's sometimes what people wear who hang out forest or whatever, but it could have been cooler. This is one of that goes with the whole "Random-No-Theme" theme that many of the It doesn't feel contiguous with the game's style. ----------|Performance: * * * . . ----------The Ranger is all about dealing physical damage to rear enemies, and about always hitting them. Maybe it's just because I suck at archery, but I've never understood why bow & arrow users in the Final Fantasy games revolve around having good accuracy because isn't hard to aim with bows and arrows? I always found it hard. It just seems like it would take a lot more skill to hit the enemy with an arrow than with a sword, thus it take more time to hit it or not do as much damage. I don't know, it just doesn't make sense to me. ANYWAY, the ranger is an average Crown. It's good when you get it because it has the highest strength, and it can hit rear enemies. But I always had a Black Mage on my party, so the Ranger would damage an enemy in the back only to have the Black Mage do enough damage to kill it at full HP! Basically, it would have been more effective to have a different physical fighter who could pick off the front enemies and just let the Black Mage or Shaman take care of the rear ones. The Ranger is just outclassed by other physical fighters like the Bandit or Fighter, so yeah... :\ that weird, in the the Crowns jobs have.

/\ /\/()\/\ |*FIGHTER| o--------o Deliver extra bare-handed damage! Requirements: Beat Ice Dragon in Invidia Underground. ~ABILITIES~ Combat - 1 AP

---Increase the odds of landing a critical hit. Lasts 4 turns. Jugular - 2 AP ---Strike the foe with a critical hit. Chakra - 3 AP ---Double your own HP for the duration of the battle. Frenzy-fu - 4 AP ---Hit the foe with repeated attacks. The stronger you are, the longer the chain. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ The Fighter's design is kind of neat. It's just a sash thing around the wearer's head, but it's effective. The colors are kind of ugly, though, and it's just really simple and not unique in any way. ----------|Performance: * * * * . ----------The Fighter is all about dealing physical damage with its fists! It punches the enemy all up in down up on da battle field! Okay, enough with that XD Anyway, it's a pretty good Crown. One thing that is not totally explained is it's innate ability; what it does is make the wearer's Attack equal their Strength when not equipped with a weapon! This is really awesome, and it even equals any boosts their Strength has! This Crown is really good when you don't have access to any strong non-elemental weapons (which is most of the time) and you need some for a boss or something. Bare-handed fighters have always been my least favorite class types, but I like this one!

/\ /\/{}\/\ |*SCHOLAR| o--------o Make the most of equipped books! Requirements: Beat Ice Dragon in Invidia Underground. ~ABILITIES~ Quell - 2 AP ---Reduce the attack power of all foes by half. Lasts 3 turns. Subdue - 2 AP ---Reduce the defense of all foes by half. Lasts 3 turns. Restrain - 2 AP ---Slow the movements of all foes. Lasts 3 turns. Tame - 5 AP

---Reduce the attack and defense of all foes to 1. Applies only for that turn. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * . . . ~~~~~~ It's lame. Scholars always seemed lame to me, and this Crown's design doesn't help. It's boring and unappealing. ----------|Performance: * * * . . ----------This Crown specializes in lowering the foes' physical stats. The thing about all of these stat-altering Crowns is that you don't need them. You can use them if you like them, but there aren't a lot of situations in which they would be invaluable. You can as easily heal every turn as you can rely on stat-altering abilities. Tame is a good ability, though, and can be really helpful against bosses when they're about to use a super strong attack -that is, if it doesn't /miss/. Overall, I just don't see the point. Nothing really distinguishes this class as anything special, so I don't see the point of using it. It doesn't even know Libra or something! Lame...

/\ |\/\/{}\/\/| |PARTY HOST| o----------o Deal more damage with joint attacks! Requirements: Beat Rolan in Spelvia's Throne's Room. ~ABILITIES~ Charm - 1 AP ---Psych up a single ally. Rouse - 2 AP ---Psych up everyone in the party. Pot Luck - 3 AP ---Something will happen, that's for sure. ----Some of these things are as follows: Sudden death to all enemies! Everyone loses their AP! The Foes have recovered their HP! Everyone's HP is at maximum! Nothing happened... Go Team Go! - 4 AP ---Psych up everyone in the party - a lot! ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . .

~~~~~~ Another average looking crown. It's a silver tiara, and that's it. Whoop-dee-doo. ----------|Performance: * * * . . ----------This Crown focuses on psyching up the party, and is kind of like a Gambler in that it can use Pot Luck. And that is its only interesting feature. Being psyched up is great and all, but I don't see why you would devote an entire party member to making it happen. There's not much to say about this Crown. Use it if you want, or don't. /\ |\/()\/| | HERO | o------o Get psyched up more often! Requirements: Beat Ice Dragon in Invidia Underground. ~ABILITIES~ Reckless - 2 AP ---Throw everyting you have into an attack, but weaken your defense. Bladeblitz - 2 AP ---Strike at the entire enemy party. Wrath - 3 AP ---Deliver masive magic damage to a single foe. Finale - 4 AP ---Combine with your allies to deliver a combination attack. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * . ~~~~~~ This Crown's look is actually kind of cool. I like the headpiece. It's interesting, and that's something that some of the other Crowns lack :\ ----------|Performance: * * * * . ----------This Crown is all about dealing a lot of damage! It possesses one of the only abilites costing less than 3 AP that allows the user to damage all of the enemies in one turn, which is pretty awesome! Bladeblitz reminds me of FFXIII and Lightning's psuedo-signature abilities that only she can use near the beginning of the game. That was actually a cool move c: The only thing that would make this job have 5 stars is that if it had a weapon specialty. But

even without that it's pretty good. Wrath is also a really good ability, and is motivation to equip your Hero with a Harp or strong Dagger so it has good Attack /and/ Magic Attack. Overall, it's a pretty good Crown!

/\ /\/{}\/\ |\/{} {}\/| |SPELL FENCER| o------------o Follow up a spell with an attack for extra damage! Requirements: Beat Asmodeus in Quicksand Castle. ~ABILITIES~ Magic Sword - 1 AP ---Change weapon element and strike with attack spells. Mystic Sword - 2 AP ---Change weapon element. A more powerful version of Magic Sword. Magic Thwart - 3 AP ---Nullify the effects of attack spells cast against you. Lasts 4 turns. Magic Infuse - 3 AP ---Cast an attack spell and strike with your weapon at the same time. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * . . . ~~~~~~ It's a turban. What does that have to do with being a spell /fencer/? It's lame. ----------|Performance: * * . . . ----------The point of this Crown is to... wait, what's the point of this Crown? Why was it even included in the game? I don't see any reason why this Crown was included other than to give Krijn something to be that was interesting at the point in the story when you meet him. But once you get this Crown it's kind of a let-down because it turns out to be pretty lame. The only thing that keeps this Crown from having 1 star is Magic Thwart. This is its only interesting ability. And it's decent at physically attacking. However, Magic Thwart is outclassed by the Elementalist's Mysterio + Shield combo, so yeah. Don't use this job.

/\ |\/()\/| | MONK | o------o

Grow stronger with every ressurection! Requirements: Beat Belphegor on Mount Gulg. ~ABILITIES~ Tool - 1 AP ---Give a dead ally the ability to attack the foe. ----An ally must be dead before this works. Implement - 2 AP ---Give a dead ally the ability to use magic. ----An ally must be dead before this works. It doesn't actually let you choose the magic it uses;it randomly selects a magic skill they have equipped and they use it. And sometimes they don't even perform magic, and isntead just attack. Kamikaze - 1 AP ---Attack foes as you die. The more times you have died, the greater the damage. Ghost Army - 3 AP ---Summon an army of ghosts that attacks all foes and deals devastating damage. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * . ~~~~~~ This Crown's design is pretty cool, and it looks especially good with its armor. I like the skull and the blue; it's a unique design and I like it c: ----------|Performance: * * . . . ----------This Crown's purpose is to make dying seem like a good thing :I It doesn't do a very good job. Tool and Implement seemed cool at first, but once I actually used them I was like "oh, this is stupid." It seemed like it wouldn't be so bad having someone die because then they'd be immune to damage, or still be able to heal if they were the healer on the team. But since you don't even get to choose the magic that is performed it's not even worth it. I guess this could be okay if Tool was used on a physical attacker, but, once again, I don't see the point. It would have been cool if the Monk could have used abilites or attacked or something while /it/ was dead, but it can't, so yeah. I don't like it. The reason it didn't get only 1 star, however, is because of Ghost Army. This doesn't around 600-700 damage to the entire enemy party AND can cause instant death. That being said, it can be a good way to get battles done quickly. And for only 3 AP it's an awesome ability. If only the rest of the Crown were awesome.

/\ |\/{}\/| |DANCER| o------o

Deal extra damage when using a shortsword! Requirements: Beat Leviathan on the Overworld bay near Liberte. ~ABILITIES~ Dance - 1 AP ---Recover AP more quickly than usual. Lasts 3 turns. Perform - 3 AP ---Make your allies recover their AP more quickly than usual. Lasts 3 turns. Applaud - 1 AP ---Increase one Ally's AP by 3 points. Ovation - 2 AP ---Restore all of one ally's AP ~~~~~~ {Design: * * . . . ~~~~~~ Boring. Lame. I don't like it. It looks effortless, as in they put no effort into making up a good Crown. ----------|Performance: * * * . . ----------This Crown is purely meant to support the other Crowns by restoring their AP. It can be pretty devastating if you want someone to keep using a 4 or 5 AP ability over and over again (like Desolator!). The only thing is that I don't know if I'd dedicate an entire slot on your team to it. Ethers are so common in this game (and can even be bought) that if you really wanted to keep using a lot of high-AP abilities then you could just as easily have a party member who has a bunch of Ethers (because the battle will end WAY more quickly if you keep using strong abilities). And it's not like it's hard to restore AP without Ethers or the Dancer -- just Boost for 2 turns. The most effective way to use this Crown (and the only way you should) is that if you have each of your high-AP ability users equipped with Hermes Sandals, so they always attack before the Dancer, and use Applaud on the same turn. With Perform in effect this will work better, but Applaud is still necessary to keep using 4 & 5 AP abilities every turn. Overall, this Crown isn't necessary, but it has potential.

/\ /\/()\/\ |*PALADIN| o--------o Defend yourself even better when equipped with a shield! Requirements: Beat Lucifer inside Rolan's Soul in Spelvia.

~ABILITIES~ Cover - 1 AP ---Shelter a friend from attack and take the damage yourself. Bait - 2 AP ---Draw the foe's attention so you become the target of their attacks. Avenge - 3 AP ---Increase the damage you inflict the more you are targeted for attack. Last Stand - 4 AP ---Hang on to life for several turns at HP 1. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ It's okay. The armor's kind of neat, but also kind of unappealing... It's an average-looking Crown. ----------|Performance: * * * . . [S] ----------This Crown is all about being able to take a lot of damage. It's a decent Crown, and useful in boss battles. It's not very interesting, though, and it's abilites are only very useful when fighting multiple powerful enemies; they aren't necessary in regular battles at all. However, in some boss battles there /are/ multiple powerful enemies, so using Last Stand and Bait is a really good strategy to keep the other team members from dying. And even without those abilities this Crown is good at staying alive. /\ |\/\/[]\/\/| |*ALCHEMIST| o----------o Boost the damage inflicted by attack items! Requirements: Beat Beelzebub in the Tower of the Sky in Arbor. Experiment - 1 AP ---Transform an item in your possession into another kind of item. Forge - 2 AP ---Create a random attack item and add it to your belongings. Smelt - 3 AP ---Combine items for a variety of different effects. Cast - 4 AP ---Throw all the attack items you carry at the foe.

~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * . ~~~~~~ This Crown design is cool! It's one of the coolest ones in the bunch, and it's just lacking that extra pollish to make it have 5 stars x3 ----------|Performance: * * . . . ----------The Alchemist specializes in using attack items. The only good thing about this Crown is that you can get a bunch of attack items and sell them. Attack items do very little damage when compared to any other job that specializes in using damage. it's kind of depressing because this job seemed cool, but after using it I was totally let down. It would be different if the inventory weren't so small and Smelt could actually be consistenly useful, but it's not, so yeah. And Forge doesn't even always work! So you'll be stuck for a few turns trying to get an attack item, but once you do everyone else will have already killed the enemies. The Black Mage is just completely superior to this Crown, so unless you just like it I don't see the point of using it. /\ |\/<>\/| |SHAMAN| o------o AP cost for dark magic is reduced by one! Requirements: Beat Mammon in the Sun Temple south of Invidia. ~ABILITIES~ Ritual - 1 AP ---Make your next dark magic spell affect all your foes. Hex - 2 AP ---Make your next dark magic spell more powerful and affect all your foes. Spellbound - 3 AP ---Prevent both friend and foe alike from taking any actions. Lasts several turns. Forbidden Art - 4 AP ---Reduce the HP of friend and foe alike to 1. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * * ~~~~~~ The Shaman's design is really cool! The hood is cool, but the face makeup(?) is the best part. It's cute and cool and creepy, but goes with the whole design really well! I feel like a lot of effort was put into this Crown c: -----------

|Performance: * * * * . ----------The Shaman is all about damaging the enemy through non-direct means by inflicting status ailments and using other unique Dark Magic spells. The Crown is my favorite, so it's a bit of a disapointment that I can't give it 5 stars XD While it /is/ really awesome, the Black Mage is still superior when it comes to pure damage output, and near the end of the game when you're fighting the really hard bosses you'll want to use it instead of the Shaman because of Desolator. However, the Shaman is still really good! Drain is an AMAZING spell, and basically means that the Shaman will almost never need to be healed! Unlike in past FF games, Drain actually does as much damage as a normal spell, so it's basically like the Black Mage using Leaf except that you get absorb HP! (and it seems to be a little bit more powerful than Leaf, even though their Magic Attack is the same) It's especially amazing when combined with Hex (or Ritual, but when you want to use this strategy Hex is a way better choice) because you can absorb HP from ALL enemies. This will come in VERY handy whenever you're facing bosses that consist of multiple targets. The Shaman is the only Crown that can make magic affect all of its targets, and sice magic never misses this is a reliable source of damage to wittle down the enemy's health. Also, the Shaman is good in regular battles, too, because Drain does just about as much damage as a Black Mage's low-level spells. If only there were more levels of Drain :( Its other abilities are good, too. Spellbound would be good combined with Regen and Poison, but is slightly gimmicky. Forbidden Art, however, is an extremely powerful and cheap ability XD It should ONLY be used when the Shaman has Old Shoes equipped (which make the wearer act last in battle, and can be bought in one of the Wirelss shops) and when someone else has the Hermes Sandals equipped (which make the wearer act first in battle, and can also be bought in one of the Wirelss shops). This way no enemy can attack you after you use it, and then another member can attack (preferably all of the enemies with an ability or something) right away the next turn. Anyway, the Shaman is an excellent Crown and is a great choice in almost any situation! NOTE: Intellect DOES affect the power of Dark Magic.

/\ /\/()\/\ |\/() ()\/| |*DARK FENCER| o------------o Deal extra damage when using a sword! Requirements: Beat Satan in the Magic Laboratory under Horne. ~ABILITIES~ Darkside - 1 AP ---Sacrifice some of your own HP to deal heavy damage to a foe. Darker Side - 2 AP ---Sacrifice some of your own HP to deal heavy damage to all foes. Eye for an Eye - 3 AP ---Make your attacks stronger as your HP falls. Amok - 5 AP

---Unleash Darkside repeatedly until all your HP is consumed. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * * ~~~~~~ Another really awesomely designed Crown. I love that it's black and has those horns; it just makes it look so much more "srs bns" XD Anyway, it's really cool and a great design! ----------|Performance: * * * * * ----------The Dark Fencer is all about being the best physical Crown! It's innate ability gives it a bonus when it wields swords, and it has higher strength than any other Crown! Basically, this crown is the shiz. Against boss battles this Crown is a must! Darker Side is probably the Dark Fencer's best ability, and, as long as you heal after every battle with a White Mage, it's totally spammable. It's also best used with a pair of Hermes Sandals equipped, because then the enemies won't get a chance to attack, and your White Mage will be able to heal your Dark Fencer, guaranteed! So yeah, this is one of the few "near-end-of-game" rewards that are actually really good. Use it! /\ |\/\/{}\/\/| |SEAMSTRESS| o----------o Attack with greater power when equipped with a needle! Requirements: Earn 20,000 G in one session of selling at the counter in the Urbeth Weapon shop. This means that you'll have to use all three 5,000 & 1,000 G price tags and four 500 price tags, and sell EVERYTHING. This can be hard to do, but what I did was wait until the Urbeth folk were into buying spell books and bought spells that matched the price I sold them for. That made it A LOT easier because the lower your selling price is compared to the normal selling price, the more likely people will buy that item. So you could just buy extremely expensive things and sell them, but if you're cheap like me then you won't want to do that! XD ~ABILITIES~ Patched Up - 2 AP ---Patch all your non-upgraded armor together for better protection. ----What this does is use one non-upgraded armor in the user's inventory, and raises defense. You don't get the armor back after battle, either. Stiched UP - 2 AP ---Patch all your non-upgraded weapons together for a stronger attack. ----Just like Patched Up except with a weapon. Refurbish - 2 AP ---Bring one ally back to life. Sew Together - 4 AP ---Sew yourself and an ally together to combine your status levels.

*It's like when Jellies use Merge and combines themselves. That's what this ability does. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * . . ~~~~~~ Um, it's okay. I get that it's supposed to be, like, a pin cushion, but the needles look flat. It's a weird, unappealing design, but it's not the worst. So yeah. ----------|Performance: * . . . . ----------What is the point of this job? Is there even any weapons that fit the "needle" category? Maybe there is at, like, the very end of the game after you beat one of the towers, but still, this job is more detrimental than useful. It's one of the jobs that relies on items for heavy damage, but the thing with this job is that it's not self-sustainable like the Alchemist and Salve-maker are. It costs equipment to use the attacks, and they're not even good. I mean, if you want a defense boost then use a Bard, and if you want to do damage then use ANY OTHER CROWN. The only redeeming quality about this job is Refurbish. But, honestly, it's better to just use Raise with a White Mage because of how easy it is to get Cursed. Just carry an Echo Herb or two with you to take care of it. Anyway, this job is useless. Don't bother. /\ /\/()\/\ |\/() ()\/| |*BEASTMASTER| o------------o Make your allies stronger when in animal form! Requirements: Get a score of 273 or higher in one round of playing the math game at Invida (that's just the score I got. It's probably, like, over 250 or something). This is pretty much just based on luck, so good luck! x3 ~ABILITIES~ Sic - 1 AP ---Make a captured monster attack the enemy. Capture - 1 AP ---Capture a monster. Weakened monsters are easier to catch. Gentle - 2 AP ---Attack a foe without killing it. Command - 2 AP ---Make all party members in animal form attack the enemy. Turncoat - 4 AP ---Make a captured monster attack its own allies. ----This just attacks with the captured monster with a lot more power. The

captured monster is then set free, though. ~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * * ~~~~~~ This job is pretty awesome looking. It actually really goes well with its persona, and it's really cool! I don't see how it could be any better, so yeah c: ----------|Performance: * * * * . ----------This job is a really great reincarnation of the Beastmaster. It lets you capture a monster and then use it /repeatedly/ to attack the enemy. I haven't tried out every monster (obviously), but thre are some that have some pretty good abilities, so yeah, this job can probably be pretty cool. And Gentle is an awesome skill. It's really hard to know when an enemy is at low health, and, since damage can be so random, this ability is virtually necessary to get the enemy down to low enough health. Also, Command is a cool ability, and, if you like having your party in their cute animal forms, it can be another reason to keep then that way c: So yeah, this job is pretty good, and I recommend getting it as early as possible!

/\ /\/()\/\ |MUSICIAN| o--------o Enjoy enhanced stats when in the presence of a bard! Requirements: Buy the Music Score for 2,500 points in Liberte's wireless shop. It's not necessary to do any actual wireless activities, and by the end of the game before the final boss I had over 10,000 points, so it shouldn't take /that/ long. By the way, the more battles you participate in the more points you get -- for each battle you get 5 points. Yeah, it DOES take forever to get more points, so don't waste them! Save them for the armor because they're really useful at the end of the game, even though they seem like crap when you first see them. Anyway, that's a whole different discussion xD ~ABILITIES~ Serenade - 2 AP ---Grant Regen to your party for 3 turns. Nocturne - 2 AP ---Raise your party's magic attack power for 3 turns. March - 3 AP ---Increase your party's movement speed for 3 turns. Oratorio - 5 AP ---Grant your party Regen. Boost attack, magic attack, and speed for 5 turns. ----Regen also only lasts 5 turns, just to clarify.

~~~~~~ {Design: * * * * . ~~~~~~ This Crown's design is pretty cute. It's a stylish hat, and it's definitely one of the better ones. ----------|Performance: * * * . . ----------This Crown doesn't seem useful at first, but, in actuality, it's pretty good. Regen is an EXCELLENT status in this game, and, if you don't feel like using Lux, it's a good choice. Also, if you actually need more magic power, then Nocturne is a good ability. Overall this job is decent. You can use it if you want. * = These Crown names have a * by them because they were an odd number of letters, thus making me need to put a character there to fill that space. I tried making an odd-character crown, but it just didn't look as good. So yeah, dur it be.

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