Organisational Capability Review Senior Reviewers

Invitation to apply for inclusion on a multi-use list for the provision of consultancy and professional services to the Australian Public Service Commission in the fields of organisational capability reviews.

Close date - 31-Dec-2014 Link

Conditions for Participation

Please refer to Part A, section 5 for full conditions. The Commission is interested in Specified Personnel who meet all the following minimum requirements: · are influential leaders and are regarded as highly credible by their peers; · have demonstrated capability to review agency operations in a collaborative manner; and · have held at least one of the following positions: - Chief Executive Officer or equivalent position in a large and complex private sector organisation; - Secretary or Deputy Secretary level or equivalent position either at federal or state level; or - senior academic role that involved industry and/or leadership expertise relevant to organisational capability reviews.

For the application pack, please contact

Project Management Training Services Multi-Use List
This is a Multi-Use List (MUL) for the provision of goods and services to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for Project Management Training Services. The Bureau requires portfolio, programme and project management training services to establish and maintain employees' knowledge and skills of portfolio, programme and project management processes and to apply these processes within the Bureau's portfolio of projects. The Bureau requires training services that cover: portfolio management; programme management; project management; specific techniques used to support the above.

and are selected for their skills and experience.https://www.tenders. October 2006) and the United Kingdom's Office of Government Commerce Gateway Review Process ™ (Gateway). therefore applications must be submitted by individuals and not by business entities. selected for their skills and experience. Potential private sector reviewers that meet the Conditions for Participation will be included on the Gateway and Assurance Multi-Use List (MUL).mul. but must not be associated with the project/program under IRA reviews differ from Gateway reviews because the assurance is provided directly to Ministers (rather than the agency Senior Responsible Official – as is the case with Gateway reviews). The MUL is not an exclusive arrangement from which to source potential reviewers. Gateway is an assurance methodology that involves a series of brief. Implementation Readiness Assessments (IRA) are a brief independent implementation review prior to consideration of the proposal by Conditions of Participation . Link Reviewers are individuals. This facilitates the independent peer assessment against the specified objectives. cooperative process between the implementing agency and the Gateway review team commissioned to undertake the review.Part A (Word | PDF). Reviewers for the Gateway and Assurance Review Process The Assurance review framework is administered by the Department of Finance and Deregulation and it assists agencies in the provision of assurance for high risk programs and projects. and an early identification of areas requiring corrective action.view&MULUUID=B38D4558-B9DA-8AF0C4A72FA4E79DAB5D . The framework draws on a number of established methodologies including The Better Practice Guide on Implementation of Programme and Policy Initiatives (Australian National Audit Office and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.mul. Gateway is a highly interactive. However.Close Date 31-Dec-2014 Link . such as their employer.tenders. independent reviews at critical stages in the development and implementation stages. Part B (Word | PDF). reviewers may be engaged via a third Reviewers are sourced from the public and private sectors.

o project/program  service delivery management. property and facilities management and engineering). and/or o specialisation in:  business change. o policy design and implementation. and o professional indemnity insurance for an amount not less than $1 million per claim and in the aggregate in any twelve month period 46   More at . Holds. the required insurance coverage.html . o business/financial analysis.  information communications technology (ICT).http://www. or is willing to obtain.  information knowledge management. and/or  operational support Complete and submit ‘Application for inclusion on the Gateway and Assurance MUL' [ KB].finance. being: o a public liability insurance for an amount not less than $5 million per occurrence. o procurement/legal and contracting.  infrastructure (including construction.Close Date 8-May-2013 Conditions of Participation  Technical expertise in at least one of the following areas: o public sector experience.

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