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Discipleship Your Next Step In Following Jesus

Notes: Building A Life That Really Matters By Dr. Reynold F. Howell Presiding Pastor, Grace Christian Church LESSON 3 POWER FOR ABUNDANT LIVING Introduction: Have you noticed that from time to time there are things that you feel powerless to do, and things you feel powerless to stop doing? Have you noticed that? __________ Personal Bible Study 1. What is very important for the Christian to believe? John 15: 5

Do you believe that? __________ 2. Where is the source of power? Psalm 147:5; Philippians 4:13

Do you believe it? __________ Do you believe it enough to go to God whenever you need power? __________ How does your answer make you feel now? 3. How can you be sure that you can reach God? Psalm 145:18.

Isnt that a comforting thought? __________ What does it make you feel like doing about praying? 4. What is the mechanism for activating Gods power? Mark 11:24.

Did you notice that after you ask for what you want, you are to believe, or assume, that you already have it?__________ Do you understand that faith means behaving as if you know you already have what you ask for? __________ If you knew you have the power to do something what would you do about it?

Page 2 5. What did Jesus say can prevent the answer to prayers Mark 11:25.

So do you understand that negative emotions can deprive you of Gods answers?__________ 6. What else can short-circuit Gods power? Psalm 66:18 ________________________ 7. Did you know that we sometimes have sins that are in our subconscious and we are unaware of the problems they cause? __________ Read Psalm 19:12,13 8. Because of this, what prayer is important before the main prayer? Psalm 139:23,24 9. Are you willing to give up any anger, or jealousy, or resentment, or fear, or greed, or lust, or hidden fault? __________ Are you sure? __________ 10. How does God want you to handle such things 1 John 1:9 Are you willing to confess sins? ___________ 11. How can you be sure that God will guide you when you need guidance? Isaiah 30:21 This means that you can pray, and listen to God for answers. Read Jeremiah 33:2,3; James 1:5 12. How can you know that the message is from God and not from you own mind? James 3:17.

Are you willing to test your internal messages by these criteria? __________ 13. What is one of the reasons Jesus came to earth? John 10:10.

Do you want that kind of life? __________ Is it your determination to make prayer a daily part of your life?__________
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Circle Age Group: [10-19] [20-29] [30-39] [40-49] [50-59] [60-69] [70+ ] Jesus says: Go and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19

We appreciate the fact that God can count on you to answer all the questions and to answer them honestly. A rich blessing awaits you as you study the next lesson.