Lesson planner – PCE

Name: Production/Photography  About the learners (expand each section as needed) 1.1 Lesson title Introduction to Video Editing (Unit 54: Film and Video Editing Techniques) 1.2 Learner programme and level Level 5 (HND) 1.3 No of learners On roll: 8 Actual: 2.1 Prior knowledge/attainment/experience/skills. What generic skills or experience are your students bringing to this 1.4 Gender mix 1.5 Age range 27+ 1.6 Day and date Tuseday 10th December 2012 1.7 Time 15:00 Laura-Jayne Meades Subject area: Media

session? Write a pen portrait of each learner and add to this as you teach them and get to know them better.
General reading, writing and auditory skills.

2.2 Prior subject specific knowledge. What subject specific knowledge or skills are your students bringing to this session?

Think about the session in relation to the scheme of work/exam.

All learners have used basic editing software such as IMovie and Windows Movie Maker but have no prior knowledge of Premiere Pro CS 5.5 or Premiere Elements 11.



3.1 Details of differentiation. How have you planned activities to cater for students’ differing skills, needs and experience? Use of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic techniques to include all learners. Visual - Powerpoint that includes a video explaining editing techniques to include visual learners. Auditory - Explanation of definitions and group discussion to aid auditory learners as well as listening to video explanation and one to one tutorials. Kinaesthetic - Use of practical activity and handouts to aid kinaesthetic learners. 3.2 Promotion of Equal Opportunities. How are you promoting inclusivity and promoting diversity? How are you tackling equal

Lesson planner – PCE

opportunities issues through your programme content? Think about how you actively develop social cohesion.

I am aware that some learners like to work independently whereas others prefer to work in groups. Therefore I have included two activities to allow for this.  Small Group Tasks - Aiding each other on the editing software  Individual Tasks - One to one tutorials and idea generation 3.3 Health and Safety and Safeguarding How have you planned to address health and safety issues and, where appropriate, risk

assessment? How are you demonstrating an awareness of safeguarding issues?

This session will adhere to the ECM/ELM agenda in the following ways;  Stay Safe - Due to the session being delivered in a computer room myself and learners should be aware of electrical equipment and tripping hazards. Each room is risk assessed by the College and could be referred to before the session. Part of the session will also occur in the Studio which also has specialist equipment to be aware of.  Enjoy and Achieve - By using a practical activity learners should feel engaged and achieve some knowledge of video editing by the end of the session. I will also work with learners one to one to aid any questioning. 3.4 Key/Specialist Language. What specific words, phrases, abbreviations or acronyms will be encountered in this session? You

might want to list specific words you want learners to be able to use by the end of the session.
Editing, Premier Pro CS 5.5, Premiere Elements 11, Cutting, Rough Cut, Log Sheets.



Lesson planner – PCE



Lesson planner – PCE
About the lesson 4.1 Aim(s). Written from the teacher’s perspective. Please think about this from your own perspective and think overall intention. 1. I aim to review log sheets from last week and have learners discuss their importance in relation to video editing. (Complies with Assignment 1 of Unit 54) 2. I aim to provide one to one tutorials and idea generation with specific individuals and specific groups. 3. I am to review editing techniques that were developed last week and support through the continuation of previous tasks for specific learners. 4.2 Content Outcomes. Should be addressed in 4.5 and demonstrated in 5.3. What do you want the learners to be able to do by the

end of the session? The outcomes should be specific, measurable, achievable realistic and time-related (SMART) Please number these content/ learning outcomes so they can be matched more easily to the chosen assessment activities
By the end of the session learners will be able to; 1. Discuss the importance of using log sheets. 2. Be equipped to complete a log sheet. By the end of the session some learners will be able to; 3. Understand some basic video editing techniques. 4. Complete a practical activity using previously gained knowledge. 5. Generate some ideas relating to Assignment 1. 4.3 Skills Outcomes Should be addressed in 4.5 and demonstrated in 5.3. If possible, these should be cross referenced to relevant

literacy, numeracy and ESOL core curricula.

Opportunities for developing communication skills – eg Functional English Skills

Reading from Powerpoint presentation, listening to presentation and developing communication skills with each other through discussions and feedback.

Opportunities for developing numeracy skills – eg Functional Maths Skills
2012-2013 4

Lesson planner – PCE
Identifying file numbers and being able to put them in order.

Opportunities for developing IT skills – in this session

Learners will be using Premiere Pro CS5.5 or Premiere Elements 11 which is specialised software. They will also be entering information into a Word Document.
Opportunities for students to develop other skills. These could be: confidence, attention/focus, managing self, problem solving, improving own learning and performance, working with others.

Developing teamwork skills by working together on the practical activity to achieve an edited version of their footage, this will also improve attention to detail. Through completing log sheets this will allow learners the chance to manage their own time successfully. After using video editing software learners should be confident to use it again next week.

4.4 Resources. Show use of resources in 5.2 and/or 5.3

Please cite sources of handouts.

4.5 Assessment Activities. Should link to 4.2, 4.3 and 4.6 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Make an explicit link to the content outcomes (4.2) and say HOW you will assess achievement of the outcomes for each student
Short feedback on the importance of log sheets. Homework activity for completion of log sheets. (Refer to 4.6) Working with individuals and providing support on the task Working with individuals and providing support on the task One to one discussion with learners about ideas using target sheet.

Prezi Presentation Youtube Video explaining both Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and Premiere Elements 11 Premiere Elements 11 Target Sheet

4.6 Homework/related activity. Should link to 4.5 or be addressed in next session Provide resources for learners to watch or research after the session to further their learning. Learners will complete a log sheet using knowledge from this and previous sessions.
2012-2013 5

4.7 Planning for evaluative feedback. How have you planned to receive feedback from your students? Feedback from tutor after observation.

Lesson planner – PCE



Lesson planner – PCE

Implementing the lesson

(this page should be expanded/altered as necessary)

5.1 5.2 Teacher Activity 5.3 Student learning activities - with assessment opportunities Timing highlighted (reference to English/ maths skills where appropriate) 15:00 - Review of Log Sheets Review of Log Sheets and discuss importance of using them. 15:10 Ask learner to explain Log Sheet 10min 15:10 15:20 10min 15:20 15:30 10min 15:30 16:30 1hour Group Tasks Continuation of Hip-Hop project Some learners will be continuing the Hip-Hop project using basic editing techniques. One to one with learners as they carry out this task. Youtube video on Timelines and Cutting techniques Videos explaining the timeline and cutting techniques they will be using then some learners will be putting them into practice. Prezi on Introduction to Video Editing Review of basic video editing techniques for Premiere Elements 11 and other software. Encourage learners to ask questions.

Materials Log Sheets



Premiere Elements 11

15:30 16:30 1hour

Individual Tasks

Some learners will be starting their projects. Support with idea generation and use target sheet to assess the process of their work.

Target Sheet



Lesson planner – PCE
16:30 17:00 30min Plenary/Conclusion Ask learners to assess each others work using 'What went well' and 'Even better if' statements. Summary of lesson and short plan of action/homework task for next week.



Lesson planner – PCE  Evaluation
This section should demonstrate your ability to review the learning and teaching process. It should critically examine the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of your planning and implementation and should draw upon student feedback as a source of evaluative data.

6.1 Planning On a whole my lesson plan shows how I thought the session would proceed but I need to add more detail to section 4.2 in the future. Overall I feel that I planned well and the second half of the session was much better than the first.

6.2 Content and skills development The content was appropriate for the learners and I feel some knowledge was gleaned from this session. There will need to be a review of the content for those learners that need extra support.

6.3 Methods My use of Prezi and target setting was effective and useful for learners. I will be using the target sheets again after the holidays in order to keep learners on track.

6.4 Student activity and involvement – including effectiveness of differentiation I evidenced that I had differentiated for learners and provided opportunities for assessment. I feel that this was mostly done through my one to one discussions and use of target setting. I feel this was a particularly effective.

6.5 Support materials and equipment  Prezi  Target Sheet



Lesson planner – PCE

6.6 Implications for future planning In this session it became clear that I needed to use more direct questioning. This is something I really need to work on as I don't feel comfortable with this at the moment, however through practice and building confidence I will be able to achieve and improve this in the future. I also need to make sure that I outline learning outcomes so that they are clear for all learners.



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