Roped In

Written By Emily Clarkson

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EXT. A BAR AND RESTAURANT - AFTERNOON Beginning with a WIDE SHOT of front of a restaurant, 'DANDY doors open and another set of the premises. The doors swing expansive windows it is clear busy. a warm day. ZOOMING INTO the ANDY'S DINER', the double dissatisfied customers leave shut behind them. Through the to see the restaurant is not

INT. OUTSIDE THE MANAGERS OFFICE/KICHENS WIDE SHOT of a dilapidated corridor with two chairs sat outside the Managers door. A clown sits, in Comedy Cowboy attire. He's fiddling, his gag filled outfit emitting SQUEAKS as he shifts. The CLATTERING of utensil's and BEAST-LIKE roars of the kitchen are fairly LOUD. ZOOMING IN to the Clowns face, a high pitch WHISTLE from a coffee machine sounds. EXT. THE RANCH CIRCUS- OVERCAST (FLASHBACK) The clown blends into a new background. The WHISTLE evolves into the SQUEAK of a large iron gate as it is closed with a clatter behind him. PITCH UPWARD to reveal the title of the land above the gate. BILLY BOB'S RODEO CIRCUS', across which is printed 'CLOSED DOWN' Beat There is a SMASH sound. INT. OUTSIDE THE MANAGERS OFFICE/KICHENS- AFTERNOON Clown jerks back to the present in CLOSE UP in PROFILE, surprised. Camera PANS AROUND into an OVER THE SHOULDER of the clown. In the kitchen opposite, a waiter stands in shock looking down at the many smashed plates. Fragments are still quivering WIDE SHOT of the clown shows the managers door fly open with a BANG and the man stalk into the kitchen. MANAGER BARKS AND SHOUTS View remains on Clown reaction. All is QUIET. Beat The Manager reappears holding an apron and approaches the clown. The clown stands opposite, the pair in profile, SILENT. The Manager thrusts the apron out to the clown who tentatively takes it. The manager turns and continues back into his office. SLAMMING the door behind him.


Beat the clown jumps for joy. INT. BAR- AFTERNOON LONG SHOT of the clown in a Waiters uniform shows him admiring himself. INT KICHENS/BAR/RESTAURANT LONG SHOT from the kitchen sideboard, the clown turns, balancing seven filled plates on his arms, shoulders and head. He confidently walks up to camera filling the screen. FADE TO BLACK ZOOM OUT of the bar to frame the clown and a set of glasses at opposite ends of the bar in a WIDE SHOT. Note: He has replaced the regulation black tie for a garish yellow one.He holds a Syphon and proceeds to fill the glasses with some accuracy, but knocks one off the counter. A passer by obscures the view, FADE TO BLACK. LONG SHOT of clown beside a table, across the room from the bar. He lasso's a drink from the edge of the bar to the table. Note: the Clown now has enormous black trousers replacing the regulation fit ones. INT MANAGERS OFFICE MEDIUM SHOT of manager looking at a chart of profit on his desk. He looks up displeased. A WIDE SHOT, OVER THE HEAD of the manager through the open door, frames the kitchen. The clown can be seen bumbling in. The manager stands and walks over SLAMMMING the door. A poster of a critic FLAPS in the breeze INT KITCHENS/RESAURANT ZOOM through the closed door into the kitchen. Fix on a CLOSE UP of an identical poster on the wall. The clown walks past the poster. Beat. CAMERA TRACKS the clown and evolves into an OVER THE SHOULDER as he passes tables. He stops in front of the critic to take her order. INT RESTAURANT- CRITICS TABLE LONG SHOT encompasses the clown and critic at her table. She points to her glass. The clown nods and bows graciously. The


clown flicks his lasso off screen and tugs. A jug flies back into his hand. He leans forward and pinches the gag flower on his braces, squirting water into the jug. The critics eyebrow rises. The clown lifts the jug and pours the lady a glass of water. INT RESTAURANT- FAMILY TABLE LOW ANGLE LONG SHOT looking back to the clown and the critic at the other end of the aisle. A child knocks his cutlery off the table. The Clown whips his lasso, catching the cutlery, flicking it upward in slow motion. Beat PAN UPWARD but PITCH DOWN showing the cutlery wedged in the ceiling and the critic smirking in the background. INT RESTAURANT DOOR LONG SHOT as manager pushes into restaurant area from the kitchen and begins to look around. Head jars to a halt on seeing the critic. A POINT OF VIEW SHOT, focuses in on a lasso latching onto a sundae, tracing it back to the clown via a PANNING SHOT INT RESTAURANT AISLE A POINT OF VIEW SHOT focuses on a lasso latching onto an ice cream and then TRACKS it back to the clown INT RESTAURANT DOOR CONTRA-ZOOM into a CLOSE UP of the managers sheer horror INT CRITICS TABLE The Clown flicks his lasso off screen , gives it a tug. Flying back with it comes an entire cheesecake which the clown catches and presents to the critic who smiles wholly, clearly enjoying the show. EXTREME CLOSE UP of the manager as his face contorts into a look of rage. IN RESTAURANT AISLE OVER THE SHOULDER of the Manager the clown can be seen at the critics table handing over a slice of the cheesecake, not too far away. MANAGER CRIES OUT FURIOUSLY CLOWN SQUEAKS AND JUMPS


The clown throws his hands and the cheesecake into the air. whipping around to face the manager ZOOMING IN to a CLOSE UP of the managers enraged expression. Beat The cheesecake lands, cheese side down on his head. Beat The cutlery from the ceiling follow shortly, embedding into the cheesecake. INT CRITICS TABLE A WIDE SHOT encompasses the table and the aisle with the furious manager. The critic has finished her cheesecake. She stands and walks past the clown and the manager to the door in the background. There is a long frozen pause. EXT A BAR AND RESTAURANT-EVENING LOW ANGLE SHOT of the front double doors as the clown is shoved through them, falling face down. The manager stands above the clown holding the apron. Beat The door shuts. The clown sit up and sighs turning away utterly dejected. FADE TO BLACK. INT. MANAGERS OFFICE- DAY OVER THE SHOULDER as the manager opens a newspaper, revealing the column of the critic. CLOSE UPS of her praising words on the clown and the restaurant. CLOSE UP of the manager reveals his softening expression. A MEDIUM SHOT OVER THE SHOULDER of the manager shows him standing and hurrying for the door, throwing it open and closing it behind him. There is a pause the camera focused on his closed door. TIME LAPSE, the office darkens. Camera ZOOMS through the door into the restaurant. INT. RESTAURANT

CAMERA LIFTS to look down over a thoroughly busy restaurant and the waiters/waitresses are all entertainers. MEDIUM SHOT of a magician putting his top hat over a large slice of cake and revealing a stack of cupcakes.


A MEDIUM SHOT of a juggler throwing bottles around behind the bar. MEDIUM SHOT and ZOOMING IN to the clown as he lasso's something screen left. He pulls and it is the smiling manager, now wearing a garish bow tie and holding a sundae EXT. BAR AND RESTAURANT-EVENING A WIDE SHOT of the restaurant shows it is surrounded by cars and with a queue of people stretching out of the door and down the street. CAMERA tracks the queue back and FADES TO BLACK

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