December 2012

30 Seconds of Change
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30 Seconds of Change Around the World,

Launching a Movement to Engage youth and Amplify Voices
What is 30 Seconds of Change?
30 Seconds of a Change is a youth inspired movement to amplify the voices of youth through social media. By establishing a space where Influenced by the work of Nicholas Kristof, discussions in the Leadership Development Forum and peers at the United World College of Southern Africa, Sofia Gomez-Doyle, Harvey Kadyanji and Tatenda Mashanda developed 30 Seconds of Change, a social media website to encourage conversation and create a global dialogue about inequality. young people can share, articulate, convey and connect their ideas, 30 Seconds of Change will serve as a platform to amplify voices and engage in discussion. Powerful ideas serve as the impetus for change. As a catalyst for youth empowerment, 30 Seconds seeks to amplify innovative ideas from Malindza to Chicago. The underlying premise of 30 Seconds of Change is that all ideas can be valuable - you do not have to be professional, employed or an adult - all we need is individuals with a spark. 30 Seconds of Change aims to synthesize these ideas to engage students in a dialogue, empower them with a sense of confidence and encouragement, and teach them to identity social injustices and then rectify them. This initiative highlights emerging ideas and local experiments for change. It is a movement to champion transformative, innovative and emerging ideas through social media and film. We firmly believe that change begins with engaging in a dialogue and exchanging ideas across cultural, ethnic and political divides. Change initiates with a conversation.

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30 Seconds of Change has developed the following initiatives: 1) Local and Loud: Let s Amplify Our Voices Together! 2) Creating Conversations 3) Youth Connections: Syria and Swaziland Collaborative Initiatives Local and Loud Through Local and Loud: Let s Amplify Our Voices Together.Angel Bulunga (swaziland) Founder For more information about the Team.Ntuthuko Fakudza (swaziland) Director of Community Engagement . Tatenda Mashanda will be meeting with the Minister of Justice this week to introduce the idea of 30 Seconds. we encourage members of 30 Seconds. but about ourselves . Swaziland Core Team Mission • To  amplify  a  diversity  of   voices  through  social   media   • To  empower  youth   through  an  exchange  of   emerging  “ideas  of   change” • To  connect  students   through  art. visit: http://30secondsofchange. Il.December 2012 Mbabane. Harvey Kadyanji returns to Tanzania to engage youth through computer programming and technology classes.   song  and  spoken  word • To  iden0fy  individuals  who   will  serve  as  future   catalysts  for  change • To  create  a  social  media   website  whereby   marginalized  youth  are   given  the  “spotlight” Who are we? . Sofia will begin working with the International Baccalaureate schools in Chicago and I will pilot the transformative effects of learning in an international context where a celebration of difference not only teaches us about others.html Where do we work? • The Kingdom of Swaziland at Malindza Refugee Camp • Chicago. to return to their communities and spread the message of 30 Seconds.Live Skow (norway) Country Representative .Tatenda Mashanda (zimbabwe) Director of Internet Strategy and Design .  dance. Syria Since our inception in March 2012. USA • Zimbabwe • Tanzania • Mozambique • Aleppo.Sofia Gomez-Doyle (usa) Executive Director .Harvey Kadyungi (tanzania) Web Designer .Shadrack Chemane (mozambique) Country Representative .

Amongst the twenty or so refugees we spoke with. Syria to collectively apply the voices of youth 10 Tatenda Mashanda met with the Minister of Justice to discuss spreading the 30 Seconds of Change message in Zimbabwe January 1 GOAL: Get over 500 Likes on Facebook! Let us start the New Year strong. Chicago. sports teams and how to deal with mourning. there are three workshops scheduled at Malindza Refugee Camp in February 2013. our team aims to demonstrate the importance of engaging in a dialogue and discussing the challenging issues that a community face. Although Sofia Gomez-Doyle will begin her universities in 2013 and will no longer attend the United World College of Southern Africa. We are attempting to connect with youth whose schools have been destroyed and whose education has been severely disrupted. create opportunities.conversations which compel us to think. Through Creating Conversations. Youth Connections Finally. Tatenda Mashanda. a Syrian organization that works with refugee children. The discussions between students in 30 Seconds and the refugees at Malindza continue to emphasize the importance of conversations . we are hoping to establish links between Syria. the 30 Seconds of Change team met with Ryan and Adelyn Hall. Currently. all were engaged in changing the conversation and actively participating in 30 Seconds of Change in order to raise awareness and improve their situation. Harvey K and Shadrack Chemane will create a 30 Seconds club to engage students in the UWCSA community. Creating Conversations 30 Seconds of Change members at the United World College of Southern Africa will develop workshops and organize workshops with the refugees which focus the most pressing needs of the camp. Through the program. and re-think how to drive change.000 books will be shipped from the United States to the Malindza Camp Library 12 Harvey Kadyunji works to establish computer programming and technology workshops in Tanzania 30 GOAL: Launch 30 Seconds of Change club at the United World College of Southern Africa Creating Conversations Creating Conversations is the second of three projects launched by 30 Seconds of Change. permaculture training. Adelyn and Ryan met with 50 residents at Malindza. . In the coming months.December 2012 Calendar of Events November 6 Malindza Education Proposal was completed by William Hatungimana and Sofia Gomez-Doyle December 7 30 Seconds of Change connected with students in Aleppo. In early December. two Peace Corps Volunteers who work at Malindza Refugee Camp in Swaziland. and collectively outlined ten capacity building projects. Zimbabwe and Tanzania in order to provide support. 30 Seconds of Change is in discussion with Jasmine Baldi. Swaziland. Several of these projects include sanitation/hygiene. In November 2012. and trigger a youth inspired movement. 25 The 30 Seconds of Change Team met with refugees at Malindza to discuss workshops to be held in 2013 15 GOAL: Receive approval from the administration at Malindza Refugee Camp to organize and facilitate workshops 28 Jenny Hammond confirmed that 1. .December 2012 www.