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Human Resources Management and Internal Relationship of Masco Group

Submitted To: Course Instructor Business Environment Sbumitted By: Hasan Mahfujul Kabir Id: 41120004 Batch: 20th Date Of Submission: Department of Marketing , University of Dhaka.

February 4, 2013

Course Instructor, Business Environment, Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka

Dear Madam, Thank you for letting us to do the research on Business Environment. We enjoyed meeting with you to learn about your goals for this research. I have decided to work in the field of Human Resource Management. So I have decided to name my research -- A Study on Human Resource Management of Masco Group and internal relationship. This research will help me to understand the environment in the organization, at the same time I might be able to make some contributions in this field. I have chosen to collect information from primary and secondary sources. The employees of Masco group will help me to gather reliable information in this field. Sincerely yours, Hasan Mahfujul Kabir 20th Batch , Faculty of Marketing, University of Dhaka.

The Report on Human Resources Management and Internal relationship Of Masco Group deals with studying the training and development process of human resources in the Company and also out of the company. As I am working in the Concept co, which is a subgroup of Masco group have introduced with the Human resource management of this group. After having an overview as to how the company works, I started with the research on various dimensions of the organization. Documents were provided to know about the company business divisions, location of offices, hierarchies, reporting relationship, welfare activities, safety measures followed etc.

Project Goal and Objectives:

The primary objective of the project is to know about the way of managing the human resources of the company and analyze the relationship between the employees and the employers of the Masco group. The objectives of the project are as follows: To identify, study and analyze the working environment of the employees and the traing needs of the employees. (Sample size of 20). To identify the knowledge and skills required to perform the job efficiently and effectively. To study the cultural events and ethical behaviors of the organization. To recommend appropriate interventions to bridge the gap in order to hone the training & development process. To identify the strengths and areas of improvement of the organization.

Literature Review:
Under the course of Business Environment, Human resource management is the most important and required area of concern. For having the theoretical knowledge we need to go through the practical scenario of HRM. This project will help the human resource department for the development process of the group as well as my learning business environment practically.

Research Methodology:

Methods used to identify training needs include:

Analysis of existing strategies and plan to identify what skills are needed for delivery Preparing questionnaires for employees One-to-one interviews


Design of the Study The key phases of the project are: 1. Gather Preliminary Data- research 2. Planning 3. Questionnaire 4. Analyzing Data 5. Preparing Report

Collection of Data

Raw Data Documents provided by the company Internet Searching Primary Data
Questionnaires One-on-one Interviews

Secondary Data Articles from Newsletters Company Website


What is the selection process of the organization? How the employees are praised for their works? Do the employees are given any training for their efficiency? How the efficiency of the employees is evaluated? Does the organization have good communication within the top level employees and

bottom level employees? Does any occasion is celebrated by the organization? Did there any events are organized by the organization? Do they have healthcare facilities? Yes or No) If yes then what are the healthcare activities? Does the organization have any CSR activities? (Yes or No) If yes then what are the CSR activities of the organization?