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14570 Federal Register / Vol. 62, No.

58 / Wednesday, March 26, 1997 / Notices

Changes: None. commenter pointed out that improving on the relative importance of these
early reading in California necessitates elements.
Comments Related to the Role of Word
the inclusion of the Second Language Changes: None.
Recognition Instruction in Early Reading
Learner’s primary language, given the [FR Doc. 97–7677 Filed 3–21–97; 3:28 pm]
state’s demographic landscape.
Comments: One commenter argued Discussion: The Secretary agrees that
that the role of word recognition the topic of second language learners is
instruction in early reading programs important and believes that it is
should be included. This commenter included under paragraph (f)(2) in the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
felt that this issue is schools’’ largest priority. [CFDA Number: 84.305R]
area of concern, noting that there is very Changes: None.
little solid research documenting how to Office of Educational Research and
structure a quality school reading Comments Related to Enhanced
Improvement (OERI)—Education
program that contains quality literature Learning in Different Subjects/Skills
Research and Development Centers
and instruction in word recognition, Comments: One commenter asserted Program; Notice Inviting Applications
including phonics. that early math, for example, is much for a New Award for Fiscal Year (FY)
Discussion: The Secretary agrees that more wanting than early reading and 1997
the role of word recognition instruction recommended that enhanced learning in
in early reading programs is important many different subjects/skills be Purpose of Program: To support a
and believes that it is included under included. national research and development
paragraphs (f)(2) and (3) of the priority. Discussion: The Secretary agrees that center to carry out sustained research
Changes: None. enhanced learning in different subjects/ that will lead to improvements in early
skills is important and believes that it is reading instruction and related
Comments Related to Programs for practices.
Struggling Readers appropriately included in this center
under paragraph (f)(6) in the priority. Eligible Applicants: Institutions of
Comments: One commenter higher education, institutions of higher
Changes: None.
advocated the inclusion of programs for education in consort with public
struggling readers. This commenter Comments Related to Brain agencies or private nonprofit
argued that most pull-out programs have Development organizations, and interstate agencies
not been effective in bridging the gap in established by compact that operate
Comments: One commenter asserted
achievement, hence programs that might subsidiary bodies established to conduct
that the central study area for early
work better need to be studied, along postsecondary educational research and
learning should be brain development.
with methods of organizing classrooms development.
This commenter stated that reading is
to accommodate diversity. Deadline for Transmittal of
but one function of brain development
Discussion: The Secretary agrees that Applications: May 28, 1997.
and should be studied accordingly.
programs for struggling readers (e.g., Applications Available: March 28,
Discussion: The Secretary agrees that
Reading Recovery, among others) 1997.
brain development is important and
require study and believes that they are Estimated Available Funds: The
believes that it is included under
included under multiple paragraphs in estimated funding level over the five-
paragraph (f)(2) in the priority. The
the priority ‘‘ most specifically (f)(2), year project period for the national
Secretary has also added language to
where the social sciences will bear on research center on early reading is
clarify that, as the topic of study, ‘‘early
organizing for instruction, and (f)(3). $2,500,000 each year. Actual funding
Changes: None. reading’’ may include this work.
will depend upon the availability of
Changes: None.
Comments Related to Challenges Facing funds and needs as reflected in the
High-Poverty, Low-Achieving Schools Comments Related to Motivational and approved application.
Affective Factors Estimated Number of Awards: 1.
Comments: One commenter, citing
Comments: One commenter observed Note: The Department is not bound by any
preliminary evidence, which suggests
that (f)(5) (to conduct research in the estimates in this notice.
that reading instruction has a larger
effect on low-achieving populations in areas of motivation and affective factors) Project Period: Up to 60 months.
high poverty schools than it does on seemed more narrow and limiting when Applicable Regulations: (a) The
other students, recommends that compared to the other items under (f). Education Department General
research on low-achieving, high-poverty This commenter argued that the relative Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in
students be included in addition to importance of this factor is diminished 34 CFR Parts 74, 75, 77, 80, 81, 82, 85,
research on bilingualism and next to issues that address knowledge and 86; and (b) The regulations in 34
multiculturalism. about the reading process, about how CFR Part 700.
Discussion: The Secretary agrees that reading instruction might best occur, Priority: The absolute priority in the
the challenges facing high-poverty, low- about reading teachers’ knowledge, notice of final priority and post-award
achieving schools are important and practice, and change, and about the requirements for this program, as
believes that they are included under global nature and influences (classroom published elsewhere in this issue of the
multiple paragraphs in the priority’’ and community) on reading. Federal Register apply to this
most particularly (f)(2–3) and (5–6). Discussion: The Secretary agrees that competition.
Changes: None. the topics subsumed under (f)(1–3) may
appear to be quite comprehensive and Selection Criteria
Comments Related to Second Language that (f)(4–6) may be viewed as less so. (a)(1)(A) The Secretary uses the
Learners The Secretary has not assigned weights selection criteria in 20 U.S.C.
Comments: One commenter to the elements under (f)(1–7), and thus 6031(c)(3)(E)(i)-(vi) and 34 CFR
recommended that the topic of second expects that applicants will submit 700.30(e) to evaluate applications for
language learners be included. This applications that reflect their own views new grants under this program.
Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 58 / Wednesday, March 26, 1997 / Notices 14571

(b) The Secretary has incorporated the of the project, including the objectivity (B) The adequacy of plans for
statutory selection criteria into the of the evaluation and the extent to ensuring high-quality products and
criteria established under 34 CFR which the methods of evaluation are services.
700.30. The statutory criteria are: appropriate to the goals, objectives, and (C) The contributions of primary
(3)(ii)(C); (4)(ii)(D); (4)(ii)(E); (5)(ii)(C); outcomes of the project. researchers (other than researchers at
(5)(ii)(D); and, (5)(ii)(H). (3) Quality and Potential the proposed center) and the
(2) The maximum score for all of Contributions of Personnel. (20 points) appropriateness of such researchers’
these criteria is 100 points. (i) The Secretary considers the quality experiences and expertise in the context
(3) The maximum score for each and potential contributions of personnel of the proposed center activities, and
criterion is indicated in parentheses (34 for the proposed project. the adequacy of such primary
CFR 700.30(c)). (ii) In determining the quality and researchers’ time and commitment to
(c) The criteria. potential contributions of personnel for achievement of the mission of the
(1) National Significance. (30 points) the proposed project, the Secretary center.
(i) The Secretary considers the considers the following factors: (D) Whether there is a substantial staff
national significance of the proposed (A) The qualifications, including commitment to the work of the center.
project. training and experience, of the project
(ii) In determining the national director or principal investigator. (E) How the applicant will ensure that
significance of the proposed project, the (B) The qualifications, including a diversity of perspectives are brought to
Secretary considers the following training and experience, of key project bear in the operation of the project,
factors: personnel. including those of parents and teachers,
(A) The importance of the problem or (C) Whether the applicant has where appropriate.
issue to be addressed. assembled a group of high quality (F) The manner in which the results
(B) The potential contribution of the researchers sufficient to achieve the of education research will be
project to increased knowledge or mission of the center. disseminated for further use, including
understanding of educational problems, (4) Adequacy of Resources. (10 points) how the center will work with the
issues, or effective strategies. (i) The Secretary considers the Office of Reform Assistance and
(C) The potential contribution of the adequacy of resources for the proposed Dissemination (an organizational unit
project to the development and project. within the Office of Educational
advancement of theory and knowledge (ii) In determining the adequacy of Research and Improvement).
in the field of study. resources for the proposed project, the For Applications or Information
(D) The nature of the products (such Secretary considers the following Contact: Dr. Anne P. Sweet, U.S.
as information, materials, processes, or factors: Department of Education, 555 New
techniques) likely to result from the (A) The adequacy of support from the Jersey Avenue, NW., Washington, DC
project and the potential for their lead applicant organization. 20208–5521. Telephone: (202) 219–
effective use in a variety of other (B) The relevance and commitment of 2079. Internet address: (anne—
settings. each partner in the project to the Individuals who use a
(2) Quality of the Project Design. (30 implementation and success of the telecommunications device for the deaf
points) project. (TDD) may call the Federal Information
(i) The Secretary considers the quality (C) Whether the costs are reasonable Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339
of the design of the proposed project. in relation to the objectives, design, and between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern time,
(ii) In determining the quality of the potential significance of the project. Monday through Friday.
design of the proposed project, the (D) Whether the proposed Information about the Department’s
Secretary considers the following organizational structure and funding opportunities, including copies
factors: arrangements will facilitate achievement of application notices or discretionary
(A) Whether there is a conceptual of the mission of the center. grant competitions, can be viewed on
framework underlying the proposed (E) Whether the directors and support the Department’s electronic bulletin
activities and the quality of that staff will devote a majority of their time board (ED Board), telephone (202) 260–
framework. to the activities of the center. 9950; on the Internet Gopher Server (at
(B) Whether the proposed activities (5) Quality of the Management Plan. gopher://; or on the World
constitute a coherent, sustained program (10 points) Wide Web (at
of research and development in the (i) The Secretary considers the quality However, the official application notice
field, including a substantial addition to of the management plan of the proposed for a discretionary grant competition is
an ongoing line of inquiry. project. the notice published in the Federal
(C) The extent to which the research (ii) In determining the quality of the Register.
design includes a thorough, high-quality management plan of a proposed project,
review of the relevant literature, a high- the Secretary considers the following Program Authority: 20 U.S.C.
quality plan for research activities, and factors:
use of appropriate theoretical and (A) The adequacy of the management Dated: March 20, 1997.
methodological tools, including those of plan to achieve the objectives of the Marshall Smith,
a variety of disciplines, where project, including the specification of Acting Assistant Secretary for Educational
appropriate. staff responsibility, timelines, and Research and Improvement.
(D) The quality of the plan for benchmarks for accomplishing project [FR Doc. 97–7678 Filed 3–21–97; 3:28 pm]
evaluating the functioning and impact tasks. BILLING CODE 4000–01–P