Anything For You Copyright © 2013 by Jessica Dawson

CONT NT! Anything "or You Ac#now$e%g&ents Other 'oo#s by Jessica !cott (cerpt "ro& 'itten by Deceit

Fort Hood, late 2008 )Jen is going to #i$$ you* You #now that+ right,- .ic Carponti too# a $ong pu$$ o"" his e/er0present Dr 1epper* )2 thin# she has "irst %ibs on your ba$$s* You %on3t ha/e e(c$usi/e use o/er the& any &ore*!ergeant First C$ass !hane 4arrison g$ance% o/er at Carponti an% "ought the urge to use the physica$ therapy ropes to strang$e the younger sergeant* No &atter how &uch ti&e they3% spent together training Ar&y pri/ates at 'enning or b$owing shit up %ownrange+ Carponti sti$$ &anage% to push a$$ the right buttons* )You3re not he$ping+ you #now*- !hane was a$rea%y ha/ing a har% enough ti&e trying to "in% the ner/e to ta$# to his "ianc5e about his %esire "or a /asecto&y* )Jen wants #i%s*)2 #now that+- !hane grow$e%* 6e $eane% %own to stretch+ bare$y suppressing a groan as the &usc$es in his thighs proteste% the %ai$y pain his physica$ therapist insiste% on* 6e3% ha/e thought that si( &onths a"ter being b$own up in 2ra7+ physica$ therapy wou$% stop being a &orning torture session* 4uess not* )8hy are you so a%a&ant about this,- Carponti he$% up his han% at !hane3s "ierce $oo#* )23& an e(pert in a&putations+ not wo&en an% babies+ o#ay,)!he ha% breast cancer* A rea$$y aggressi/e /ersion* 2" she gets pregnant an% the cancer co&es bac#+ the choice co&es %own to her $i"e or the baby3s $i"e9an% 2 %on3t want to ha/e to &a#e that choice with her* 2 %on3t want her to ha/e to &a#e that choice* 4rante%+ it &ight a$$ be "ine* !he &ight ne/er get sic# again+ or the hor&ones "ro& pregnancy &ight not %o anything to her*- !hane wa$#e% o/er to the "ree weights* 6is $egs proteste% each step+ so his ne(t wor%s ca&e out s$ow$y+ one with each step* )2 can3t ris# it* No &atter how &uch 2 &ight want a #i% with her+ 23& not going to ris# her $i"e "or so&e se$"ish nee% to "ee$ &y baby growing insi%e her*)2 rea$i:e that+- Carponti sai%+ )but why on earth are you $oo#ing at this without ta$#ing to her "irst,)23& going to ta$# to her*- !hane sighe% har%* )2 ;ust ha/en3t yet*- 6e %i%n3t want to a%&it he was a"rai%* Not to Carponti* 6e3% ne/er hear the en% o" it* )Di% you e/er thin# you3re o/erreacting,- Carponti as#e%+ "o$$owing hi&* )No+- !hane snappe%* )'ecause 23& not*)You ;ust sai% there3s no ru$e that i" a wo&an gets pregnant a"ter cancer+ she3s going to %ie*)Yeah+ we$$+ 23/e a$so ta$#e% to the briga%e surgeon* There3s a higher ris# o" the cancer co&ing bac# "or younger wo&en $i#e Jen who ha% aggressi/e cancers* There3s a higher ris# that i" she %oes get pregnant an% the cancer co&es bac#+ it cou$% co&e bac# e/en &ore aggressi/e*!hane $oo#e% at Carponti serious$y* )2 want #i%s with her* 2 ;ust %on3t want to #i$$ her*)!o you3re going to get un&anne% an% te$$ her $ater,)This isn3t "unny*).asecto&ies are a$ways "unny* specia$$y watching a big guy $i#e you s7uir& o/er the "act*)2t is &y ba$$s we3re ta$#ing about+- !hane snappe%+ grabbing the "i"ty0poun% %u&bbe$$s* 2t was one o" those ti&es he3% rather not ha/e Carponti chirping in his ear*

)2" a /asecto&y is such a big %ea$+ then why %o it,- Carponti p$ace% the bott$e in his prosthetic han%* )There3s other ways o" pre/enting pregnancy+ you #now*)8e3/e ta$#e% about a$$ o" those* !he ha% a ba% reaction to an 2<D* Anything hor&one0 base% is out* An% con%o&s scare the shit out o" &e*)Di% we ha/e a ba% e(perience with a con%o&,!hane groane%+ wishing he ha%n3t sai% anything* )8hen 2 was se/enteen+ 2 ha% a con%o& brea# on &e* The gir$ an% 2 spent the rest o" the &onth terri"ie% she was pregnant*- 6e g$ance% at Carponti* )!o whi$e 2 appreciate that you thin# &e getting &y ba$$s c$ippe% is a&using+ this isn3t a$$ that "unny*)=aybe not+ but watching you "rea# out about it certain$y is*)You3re so goo% "or &ora$e*)You can bitch a$$ you want+ but 2 sti$$ %on>t see why there aren3t other options*8hy, !hane groun% his teeth an% counte% as he cur$e% the weights* 6e3% rea% the $iterature about Jen3s speci"ic cancer* /erything he rea% create% a $itt$e &ore "ear that he cou$% $ose her* !hane %i% not %o we$$ with "ear* 2" the on$y thing he cou$% contro$ in the e7uation was his sper&+ he was %oing that* !o&eti&es+ at night+ when the night&ares ca&e+ it was no $onger his so$%iers who3% %ie% in the war haunting his s$eep* !o&eti&es+ it was Jen+ b$ee%ing out in his ar&s* 6e %i%n3t te$$ her that* /ery ti&e he trie%+ the e&otion got ;a&&e% up ha$"way between his throat an% his &outh* Jen wasn3t a ran%o& nu&ber in a stu%y* !he was his heart an% sou$+ an% whi$e she was %eter&ine% to $i/e a nor&a$ $i"e an% not $et the cancer %e"ine her+ e/ery ti&e they &a%e $o/e+ he was aware o" the ris#* The worst part about it a$$, 6e wante% #i%s with her+ too* 'ut the ris# was too great* )6e$$o, Can%yass who3s stressing about getting his ba$$s choppe% o"", 8hy is a /asecto&y the on$y option "or you not to get her pregnant,!hane "inishe% his set* )'ecause it3s the s&art thing to %o* Con%o&s brea#* 'irth contro$ "ai$s*- Carponti was probab$y about to accuse hi& o" writing country songs again* )This is the on$y one0hun%re%0percent sure option*)You cou$% a$ways be in a ce$ibate &arriage with her+- Carponti sai% %ry$y* )Yeah+ an% then she bangs the Fe% ( guy when 23& in the "ie$%*Carponti snorte% an% coughe%* )That3s ;ust wrong*!hane %roppe% the weights+ the &usc$es in his $e"t ar& screa&ing* 6e was near$y bac# to his pre/ious strength in his upper bo%y+ but so&eti&es his bones $i#e% to re&in% hi& that no+ he was ne/er going to be as goo% as he3% been be"ore* 2t "rustrate% hi& that there were &ore aches an% pains now* =ore sti""ness ;ust getting out o" be% in the &orning* 'ut he was %eter&ine% to hea$+ so he cou$% get bac# to $ea%ing so$%iers* 'ecause that3s what he %i%* 'esi%e hi&+ Carponti "inishe% not cho#ing on his %rin#* )You3re serious about this* You3re rea$$y going to $et a %octor near your nutsac# with a sca$pe$,)8i$$ you ;ust %rop it, 2 shou$%n3t ha/e sai% anything to you+ %a&n it*)8hat, 2 ;ust want to be sure you3re &a#ing the best+ &ost in"or&e% %ecision*- Carponti grinne%* )You3re going to $et &e see the cut+ right,!hane ;ust shot hi& a ba$e"u$ g$are an% Carponti he$% up both han%s+ the so%a in one* Funny+ !hane was use% to the prosthetic now* 2t no $onger caught his eye $i#e it once ha%* Carponti was ;ust***Carponti* The &issing han% %i%n3t rea$$y &atter* )6ey+ so ha/e you hear% what3s going on bac# at batta$ion,- Carponti as#e%*

!hane pic#e% up his water bott$e an% "$ippe% open the cap* )2 ha/en3t been in to see !arn3t =a;or in a whi$e* 23/e got a &eeting with hi& $ater to%ay* 8hy,)There3s a ton o" ba% shit going on* 2acone$$i got in a bunch o" troub$e up in Co$ora%o on a &ission*)That3s nothing new* 2#e3s a$ways in troub$e*- !hane an% !ergeant First C$ass ?e:a 2acone$$i ha% ne/er rea$$y gotten a$ong+ which was a sha&e+ because 2#e was a %a&n "ine in"antry&an* )Yeah+ we$$+ apparent$y there3s a who$e bunch o" crap going on %own there* =aybe that3s why !arn3t =a;or wants to see you* !ee how &uch $onger be"ore you3re bac# at wor#,)=aybe*- !arn3t =a;or wou$% no %oubt "i$$ hi& in when he saw hi& $ater* !hane wante% to get bac# to wor#* 'a%$y* 'ut i" 2#e was screwing up again+ !hane %a&n sure %i%n3t want to get bac# ;ust to c$ean up a"ter hi&* Carponti grinne%* )!o+ bac# to the &ore pressing &atters+ are you going to gi"t wrap your nuts an% put a $itt$e bow on the& an% say+ @6ere baby+ "or .a$entine3s Day+ 23/e sacri"ice% &y &anhoo%3,!hane shoo# his hea% an% trie% not to $augh* )There3s so&ething the &atter with you* You #now that+ right,)!ure* =y trau&atic brain in;ury is acting up again*- Carponti turne% towar% the %oor as it opene%* )!pea#ing o" nuts+ here3s &y wi"e* 2 nee% to get &ine out o" her purse*!hane turne% to see Nico$e Carponti wa$#ing onto the physica$ therapy "$oor+ $oo#ing po$ishe% an% per"ect* No one e/er $oo#e% at her an% thought she was a cop* 2t &a%e her a per"ect in/estigator* 2t a$so &a%e e/eryone won%er what the he$$ she was %oing with a scru""y+ re%0hea%e% sergeant $i#e .ic Carponti+ but hey+ she3% stuc# with hi& a"ter he3% gotten b$own up* An% worse+ through his incessant ba% tric#s with his prosthetic* !hane watche% as Carponti #isse% his wi"e on the chee#+ then s$ung his goo% ar& aroun% her shou$%ers as they wa$#e% out* !hane was reasonab$y certain Carponti trie% to pinch Nico$e3s ass with his prosthetic* Ai"e was ne/er %u$$ aroun% Carponti+ that was "or %a&n sure* !hane "inishe% his therapy in b$esse% si$ence an% hea%e% to the $oc#er roo& to change bac# into his %uty uni"or&* 6e too# a %eep breath+ running his han% o/er his ;aw* Aast wee#+ Jen ha% s$ippe% her bo%y o/er his+ her s$ic# heat caressing his bare erection+ an% !hane ha% a$&ost %ie% "ro& the p$easure o" s#in on s#in* No barriers* 6e %i%n3t #now which one o" the& wante% it &oreBthe %esire painting her "eatures ha% been beauti"u$* An% she3% gotten bo$%er since then+ %ri/ing hi& towar% a $itt$e %eath each ti&e he touche% her* No &atter how &uch he was te&pte% to &a#e $o/e to her without a go%%a&ne% con%o&+ he wou$% not ris# her $i"e "or a "ew &o&ents o" p$easure* 6e $o/e% Jen* =ore than $i"e itse$"* The /asecto&y was a /ery rea$ %iscussion he was going to ha/e with her /ery soon*