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Vision 2015 at one with the handicraft profession Vision 2015 was launched to encourage the ever growing

g inventiveness of Moroccan artisans. It was thought out by the public authorities in charge of handicraft together with private parties (handicraft chambers for one-person artisan and the federation of handicraft business for the collective companies). The state, though the handicraft department, is an enabler and strategy-developer whilst la Maison de lArtisan acts as an expert responsible for promotiong the whole range of handicrafts in Morocco. Its mission is twofold: to support the marketing compaign of handicraft products and to consolidate the brand image of the Moroccan handicraft. Unprecedented, clearly-defined and supported by a concrete action plan spread over time, vision 2015 is a strategy for developing the Moroccan handicraft sector over the next decade. It ultimately aims at generation employment through the sustainable development of the sector, now spilt up into six industrial clusters: decoration, jewelry household furniture, clothing, architecture, and organic products. The objective is quite sizeable: to generate 117,500 new employments and to increase the volume of exports to 7 billion DH by 2015, thereby doubling the sectors turnover while improving the income as well as the living and working conditions of artisans. Vision 2015 is about unleashing and bringing to fruition the fabulous potential of the art of living and in handicraft of morocco. Matter, soul, Symbiosis, inspiration And the work of art takes shape and uncovers It is the never-ending passion between Art and matter Passion handed down by an age-old tradition Sustainted by influences and trends fostering the aspiration of artisans Artisans shaping matter with body and soul Designers giving a soul to the matter that they shape And body to works of art they create Matter is infinitesimal, they sublimate it. Art like a renaissance of matter, The coming out of beauty Handicraft of Morocco Art and Matter.

Decoration Jewelry Furniture Clothing Architecture Organic products The art of weaving: Whether it is a work of art or an element of comfort, the carpet is intimately linked to the Moroccan interior. Its patterns and colors enhance and illuminate, which are relatively dark owing to small openings on the outside to protect form heat and cold. Technically speaking, carpets fall into two categories: knotted and woven. The art of earth This is the art of earth or pottery. Be it in rural and urban areas alike, this age-old tradition whispers the secrets of earth.

The art of leather work

There is no better testimony to Moroccos contribution in the leather craftsmanship than the every origin of its name maroquinerie. Poufs, desk pads, and blotters, saddles, console tables, and sheathed drawer chests Are the incarnations of the soul of Moroccan leather craftsmen, custodians of a legendary know-how. The shimmering, tantalizing colors of cubic or cylindrical self or multicolored poufs illuminate the interiors of Moroccan sitting and living rooms. When smelling and caressing these leathermade items, one cannot but feel the passion of the leather worked and the thousands of needle stitches inspired by an acute sense of tradition. Definitely unfashionable and essential in every house, that is how the pouf is considered. Likewise, more and more console tables an drawer chests are leather-covered, thus adding to the coziness and livability of interiors both in Morocco end elsewhere.

The art of woodwork

The art of wood work, in all its forms and in all times has succeeded in giving life and splendor to wood. Ornamental apertures, carving, wood turning, and paintings of all sorts penetrate deep into wood folds and reveal its secret.

The art of candles

Adorned with wood, metal, and henna candles reflect a genuine handicraft and create fairy-tale atmospheres. Their many colors confer warmth and coziness to gardens and interiors alike

The art of Jewelry

In both urban and rural areas, the art of jewelry is one of the high point of handcraft, using gold and silver and reflecting the shine of germs. The art of wrought iron This dainty art of intertwining iron is thriving everywhere in Morocco. Originality and deftness interact with the art of iron works by a subtle balance between iron and mosaics. The result is tables and bracket consoles that are infinitely adaptable and naturally suited for gardens and interiors Each and every place of iron works speaks for the daring yet subtle character of this art.