Kaitlin Clark Dance 376 Philosophy of Teaching Throughout the Semester I have been able to not just have

teachers but to watch how they teach their students. I am not the only student they have so they cannot just cater to me. I have been able to watch them teach different types of students a lot better since my eyes have been more open to notice that. Students learn in different ways so some classes they understand better than others. Dance is one of those subjects that require a little bit of each learning style. Visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners do well in dance. I am more of a kinesthetic learner but through dance I have learned to be more of a visual and auditory learner. Watching my peers in class and having them be the teacher for a moment has let me know a little bit of how we all work. You cannot just show the dance movement and expect that they will get it. Allowing the students to have trial and error with a string of movements is a great way to allow them to learn. Allowing them to try it out for themselves and become more of a kinesthetic learner will help them understand weight changes, timing, styling, ect. But you can’t just stop there. You have to use words. Words are such a powerful thing in teaching. Being able to describe how to do a simple step like a balancé, is so helpful to the student. Words have never been a strong spot for me. I have struggled using the right words my whole life and this class really let everyone see that. It was hard to show my weakness while doing something I felt so strongly about. I get tongue tied easily or say the wrong words and sometimes it ends up really hindering my teaching ability. A teacher that can use words well to teach in a simple way is more impressive to me. Those teachers are the ones that inspire me to be a better student and one day teacher. There were many quotes that were shared with us this semester about teaching. There are a few that make the point of continually growing as a teacher. A teacher never stops being a student. “The learning process never ends –particularly learning about teaching.” To be a teacher, you have to learn how to be a teacher. One has to be teachable just like the students you are teaching. Something I really learned from this class is how to take corrections or criticism. If I can’t change or try something knew I will never be able to grow. I have learned a lot form those I have taught. An example of that is me teaching Relief Society. I learned more as a teacher than I would have as just a sister in the class. Learning from others is how we become better people and as a teacher we have the opportunity to grow even more. Throughout my life I have had a lot of teachers. This semester was a rare time where I only had one new teacher. I didn’t have an opportunity to get to know them personally like the other teachers I had. However something that this teacher taught me was how he acted. He was a good man. I knew that he cared. His example was filled with the spirit and that alone made me want to learn more from him. A good example and being approachable is what I need to have for my students. Becoming those

teachers that have been good examples which I have felt like I could really approach with problems, alone helps me as a teacher. Having someone to look up to as a mentor is helpful in allowing myself to learn. I hope to continue my learning process in sometime becoming a teacher. I want to be able to understand my students and their needs. I need to be teachable and always be able to listen to what others suggest. Being able to have a good example for those that I will have the opportunity to teach will allow them to come to me in a way that will help them grow as students. I strongly feel that a teacher is one of the most important things in this life that a person can do. The influence teachers have had on me has rather been a good or bad influence. Regardless if it is good or bad, I had learned and will always be touched by those I have been taught by. I only hope to be able to be a good influence on my children, peers, friends, and students and I teach by example, understanding, and love.

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