Why you need Customer Flow Management

A Qmatic White Paper

This white paper aims to introduce the benefits of Customer Flow Management for your business and show how waiting need not always be a pain for your customers.About this white paper Ask anyone whether they like standing in line and the answer will almost invariably be ‘no’. a methodology invented and developed by Qmatic AB based on more than 30 years of accumulated experience from a wide range of industries and countries. Page 2 A Qmatic White Paper . So how can some establishments get away with relatively long dwell times without generating complaints? Part of the answer might be Customer Flow Management.

bank. This is often the most critical stage in your sales process. whether it is a high street store. it makes sense to spend on something else which will allow you to analyse instore customer behaviour in real time. This new competitive tool is called Customer Flow Management (CFM).Introduction: when your welcome falls flat Recent years have seen massive developments in the field of business intelligence (BI). Furthermore it can link all the service points together. possibly also capturing data and information at each point of contact with a member of staff or self. Companies such as Salesforce. When you have a customer on your premises. helping managers understand the dynamics of the customer’s visit and. which large corporations will routinely invest millions of pounds.com offer customer relationship management (CRM) software suites that enable corporations to manage their customer relationships with unparalleled insight and granularity. Page 3 A Qmatic White Paper . It helps companies adopt a consumer-centric perspective and begins when a customer makes an appointment for a visit or enters a shop. the point at which customers and products or services meet is usually a physical space. “If you are prepared to spend on BI and CRM. MicroStrategy or Infomatica to analyse historical data for the purpose of gaining insights into customer behaviour trends. A similar process happens in the delivery of public services. ultimately. euros or dollars in. hospital or a public sector service centre.service point. a bank or a hospital waiting room. it makes sense to spend on something else which will allow you to analyse in-store customer behaviour in real time. Similarly. What is CFM? CFM can be defined as managing the flow of customers and their experience from initial contact to final service delivery. And that is where all of an organisation’s costly investment and detailed understanding often falls flat. So if you are prepared to spend on BI and CRM. their experience. No amount of expenditure on BI or CRM can make up for a poor experience when a customer walks through your door. another set of tools has been touted as changing the way companies manage their relationships with customers. whereby manufacturers and retailers rely on tools from vendors such as SAP. CFM stresses the importance of planning and monitoring the customer’s entire visit.” The aim of all these tools. they are usually there for the express purpose of buying something or soliciting your services. is essentially to drive sales and profitability. However and despite the rise of the Internet.

and long-term. CFM can link the vast amount of customer information in CRM databases to the real-time activities targeting and influencing the customers present in the service provider’s premises. it is important that we maximize profits on every transaction. “I want to serve my customers” The benefits of CFM CFM can increase sales and productivity by up to 30% and decrease costs by up to a similar amount simply by ensuring your customers are at the right place and the right time to be served by the most appropriate person.In short. The exact benefits in this respect are difficult to quantify but there is evident value in reducing perceived waiting times and creating a more relaxed working environment. as shown: More competitive service providers Increased customer satisfaction Increased staff satisfaction Page 4 A Qmatic White Paper . though. leading to increased loyalty and retention. Also. helping guide business improvements and competitiveness in the mid. with knock-on effects in terms of reduced security requirements (thanks to fewer angry customers) and so on. as shown here: ERP / Enterprise Resource Planning I have a need to manage my product lifecycle from initial conception through to delivery to the end user. “I want to know my customers” CFM / Customer Flow Management We need to deliver the best face-to-face service that we are capable of. a further advantage of CFM is that it can incorporate data capture mechanisms that can provide additional insights into customer preferences and behaviour. Perhaps more importantly. Finally. The system will also give me insight into which product we should develop in the future. it can also significantly improve customer and staff satisfaction rates. Customers don’t see it but it performs an important task in helping me deliver the products they need and get the products to them when they need it. I know that if customers wait too long for service it affects satisfaction. From the moment they become our customers I want to understand their needs as well as deliver great service to them. “I want customers” CRM / Customer Relationship Management We need to manage the relationship our company has with our customers.

If your target process is different from your current process. These two steps may be sufficient for some companies to achieve their objectives and targets.000 instances across 110 countries. Page 5 A Qmatic White Paper . consider the case of a large multi-national retailer selling fashion clothing. the real power of CFM becomes apparent if the new system not only supports the target CFM process but also gathers and stores data on the flow of customers. taking into consideration how the process affects your business. and the direct and indirect impact it has on your key performance indicators.7 billion users a year. Initially it involves mapping your current CFM process and defining an optimal one. However. accessories and home décor. Developing the internal processes and routines to More competitive capture this potential is the third and final step of the CFM methodology: service providers A C Develop processes to gain insights from continuous data analysis and process re-evaluation Map the current and define the target Customer Flow Management process B Design and implement a solution to achieve the target Customer Flow Management process CFM in action To illustrate the benefits of a strategic approach to CFM.The CFM process The CFM methodology developed by Qmatic has been implemented in more than 40. with large department stores in Europe and the US. this data can be analysed to generate insights about your operations and customers. you need to define and implement a system that helps you achieve your target process. Properly used. customers and staff. and currently handles around 1.

But perhaps its most important benefit is the impact it has on something which is invaluable. Qmatic’s services range from barriers through to both independent and networked virtual and linear queue management systems. kiosk systems and new media. public. Homebase. which stressed customers and resulted in low staff productivity. The results? Customers preferred the new solution since single line queuing was considered ‘fairer’. Twitter: www. to mobile phone applications. email: info. Post Office and UK Border Authority to value time within the physical customer experience and derive real-time management information (MI) that powers meaningful business decisions. Ground Floor. Marks & Spencer. hardware and consultancy helps organisations such as HSBC. Cranfield Technology Park. Boots. University Way. store layout and design. Media screens directed customers and providing targeted ads. which were chaotic and inefficient. The media screens reduced perceived waiting time. employee training and job satisfaction. contact Qmatic UK. This MI can drive important considerations such as in-store/branch/location skills routing. About Qmatic Qmatic is the world leader and innovator in Customer Flow Management (CFM) solutions that are designed to increase sales and productivity while reducing costs for organisations in the retail. And there was less shrinkage from customers picking checkout counters where they knew staff who gave non-approved discounts. To find out more about how Qmatic can help improve your business through CFM.twitter. CFM is a relatively low-cost measure with clear and tangible benefits. Conclusion Compared to many other process-led business improvements. Derwent House. All rights reserved . real-time feedback and problem resolution as well as efficiency and cost control. customer loyalty and retention. yet largely intangible: your customers’ experience of your brand. brand equity. Barclays.com/Qmatic_UK Page 6 © 2012 Qmatic Group. Its software. DVLA. opportunity sales. phone: +44 (0)1234 757 110. with multiple queues for multiple service points without segmentation. healthcare and travel sectors. retail finance. The company replaced multiple queues with single queues feeding multiple checkout points.The challenges addressed with the CFM solution were all related to the checkout areas.uk@qmatic. The improved customer flow reduced staffing needs by 15%. Bedfordshire MK43 0AZ.com. and installed electronic call-forward systems with modern LCD displays to call customers to the next available checkout.

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