Our Aunt Sara Harris (Florida/Harlem/Bronx) said to Vikki : "Vikki, I can see your poor children

dying of thirst, with their little mouths under the faucet trying to get a drop of water".

These words were out of character because Aunt Sara was such a mild mannered person.

She never said anything bad about anyone. My mother would argue with her husband and she wouldn't stop until she sadistically brought her to tears begging my Mother to stop.

She would not because that is the nature of the enraged sadist. These scenes must have fueled Vikki's confidence. I loved her and hated my Mother's displacing aggression towards her. She was babysitting us when our Mother went to visit her dying Father in the Hospital. After trying to give us dessert (Oreo cookies) and Vikki interfered and was bossing her around insisting that she give us the amount of cookies that she demanded of her. She went on to say that she was the one who was in charge and that she was not going to allow herself to be bullied by her to mistreat us (Valli & I). It is not like EVERYONE didn't know what a monster she was, even at an early age (she was about 11 or 12 years old by then). "Even a child is known by his deeds" (Old Testament). It puts me in mind of Lazarus and the rich man who both died. Proving that God loved Lazarus even though he was in a wretched state in this world. She was one of the very few decent people who stood up to that whore:)

This same whore had the nerve to write to me in a poison pen letter that I should get with God. She must have meant to join a church and become a hypocrite like her.

EVERYONE knows what violent purpose she and her type of Black female serves in the scheme of things.

Another thing, she and her diseased brain didn't realize is that the neighbors (the Perry's) who moved in next door to us were a family of retards who were exactly what her masters thought of her. Perhaps if she could have bullied our mother to stop brutalizing me and allow my earnings to pay for us to live somewhere else, she would not have had to live there (her natural habitat). She saw all of our Uncle pimps riding in new cadillacs and with residences that were nowhere near the projects. Vikki hated living in the Projects, but she and Valli "needed" "the better schools". She accepted their evaluation of herself, which happens to be correct, but she couldn't see the constant insults to her and her favorite retards. I also don't appreciate her teasing Valli about being retarded when she has the exact affliction. She was utterly disgusted with Valli being favored over herself. Pehaps it was the pissing in the bed she was forced to share with her that enraged her. Her constant fighting with her about which one was darker than the other. Vikki would actually try and get me to tell her that she was lighter than Valli. I couldn't tell which one was darker or lighter. I would not have told her if I had thought one was darker or lighter than the other. Either way it was not for me to get involved in.

Our Mother encouraged this mindset in them and tormented them about their not being preferred by the world. She heard everything else that went on and yet she never stopped this bullshit until long after she saw I refused to be suckered into that ongoing argument of theirs. I was overcompensating and they were just being themselves; violent retards I was blackballed and ostracized (Lorraine told me that the relatives wouldn't accept me unless I had sex with them-1990). They have the "Ghetto Pass" and I'm glad I don't qualify for one:

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