12 Internet Safety Rules 1. ALWAYS provide an alias or nickname that does not reveal anything about you 2.

NEVER give your photo, name, phone number, home address or email address, the location of your school, your parent’s address and phone number at their work, or their credit card number 3. ALWAYS respect others’ privacy and feelings 4. NEVER open emails, files, links, images or games from people you do not know or do not trust 5. ALWAYS keep an eye on those who want desperately to be your friend 6. ALWAYS avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable, such as intimidation or harassment. Tell a responsible adult immediately 7. NEVER use language in chat rooms that you would not use in public 8. ALWAYS choose a password that is hard to guess, but easy for you to remember 9. NEVER give out personal information about yourself or anyone else in a chat room 10. ALWAYS be extremely careful online 11. NEVER agree to meet someone you met on the internet without talking about them with a responsible adult who will go with you, if you decide to go 12. NEVER reveal your password to anybody, not even with your best friends

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