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AnnuAl RepoRt 2012

The task of evangelizing all people constitutes the essential mission of the Church, a duty and a mission which the widespread and profound changes in present-day society render ever more urgent. At stake is the eternal salvation of persons, the goal and the fulfillment of human history and the universe. - Pope Benedict XVI

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Dear Friends in Christ,

I had just finished a presentation about our work with college students at a local parish. The floor was open for questions, and one of the ladies present stood up and said, Twenty

years ago you mentored my son when he was a young man. I have no idea where he would be to pray and live as a Catholic man. He is now married to a wonderful Catholic woman, and today if you had not taken the time to teach him

has six beautiful children that they are raising in the faith. Thank you for all that you are doing for our young people.

we have to offer in SPO. Formation is a big word, perhaps even intimidating. But formation is simply more mature people helping less ment of time spent together in community.

After getting married, in the early days of SPO, my wife and I decided to invite young men to live with us and embrace our pattern of

mature people grow, through a personal invest-

Catholic family life: a sort of post-college SPO Household. This womans son was one of those men.

Formation in SPO builds a strong foundation

that lasts a lifetime. The result is a remarkable have become leaders in the Catholic community and in the marketplace. They are renewChrist.

ripple effect of thousands of SPO alumni who

The most enjoyable part of my job has always been helping young men to discover or rediscover their faith and mature into responsible, committed men of God. As our organization has grown and my responsibilities have

ing the Church and transforming the culture for

Your support makes this possible, so thank sary tasks in todays world.

evolved, I have been doing less of this directly,

you! I can think of few more urgent or neces-

but it is at the very heart of what SPO is about. The advanced formation that we provide to

help college students know and live the Catholic faith in a deep way is the most unique gift

Founder & Executive Director

Gordy DeMarais

Saint Pauls Outreach actively invites college students to a life of Christian discipleship. With Saint Paul as our example, we create vibrant, faith-filled environments that challenge students to deepen their relationships with Christ in the fullness of the Catholic Church.

Renewed CatholiCism We advance the renewal of authentic Catholic life on college campuses, rooted in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and confident in the help of the Holy Spirit. life-Changing Communities We create transformative environments to challenge and equip college students to live out the call to holiness in their daily lives. ChRistian unity We are committed to the unity of the Church, and collaborate with other Catholic and Christian organizations. the new evangelization We follow the example of Saint Paul the Apostle by proclaiming the Gospel so that all might come to faith and maturity in Christ. seRvant leadeRship We identify and form the next generation of lay and religious leaders for our Church, our communities, and our world.


We reach out to college students through building relationships and community: Peer ministry Social events Sports

We call students to embrace faith and salvation in Christ and His Church: Fan into Flame retreat Bible studies Prayer events



We form students to maturity in the Catholic faith and life: Households Formation Program

We send students to be missionaries and leaders in SPO, in the Church, and in the world: School of the New Evangelization Missionary Corps

I came to the University of Minnesota after 12 years of Catholic school education and I thought I was set in my faith. Thinking I didnt need much support, I surrounded myself with non-religious friends. For the first time in all my years of schooling, my faith began to waver under the pressures of the partying college lifestyle. I was in danger of becoming a statistic: yet another Catholic falling away from the faith during college. Then I heard about SPO. A friend of mine was living in the womens Household and invited me over for dinner. Soon I joined a small group and started building new relationships with women who cared about me, who had a beautiful sense of selfworth, and whose lives were centered on God. Deep down I longed to experience the source of their joy, but outwardly I was too afraid to break away from the shallow pleasures I was living for. deeper.


I struggle to find words to describe the transformation that happened. Simply put, God captivated my heart and drew me into the SPO community where my faith came alive and grew

Now I live in one of the womens Households at the U of M. These sisters in Christ call me on to grow as a daughter of God, and are amazing witnesses to the abundant life that comes from trusting in the Lord. God worked through SPO to help me find Him again. Now its my turn to share with others the joy of living for the Lord.

Deep down i longed to experience the source of their joy

So I tried to ignore this desire for a renewed relationship with God and I stayed on the fringes of SPO, but as my longing for the Lord grew, I couldnt hide any longer. To this day,

The last six months have been quite the whirlwind! My wife and I are blessed to work for SPO as Mission Directors, and back in the summer we uprooted and moved all the way from Minnesota to Texas to lead the mission here. Not only that but our first child was just born! I first heard about SPO when I was at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. One of my friends on campus introduced me to a guy who was living in the SPO Household, who invited me over for dinner. I was surprised by what I found. Here was a group of Catholic men that chose to live together to grow in their faith and discern their vocation. They had a genuine desire for the Lord and for brotherhood. I had no idea that this kind of thing even existed. Christ was drawing me to himself through SPO. When I graduated, I applied to be a missionary and was accepted. Its been an incredible journey moving to Minnesota to serve there, meeting and marrying an SPOer, the love of my life, and then off to Texas. I love SPOs vision of community on mission. To me, its better to have a whole community on mission, because a community is more effective than one person and more fun too! All I can say is Im sold! I have seen

countless men and women come to know Christ and grow closer to Him through SPO. I know that I want to do nothing more than bring others to Jesus and I can do that through SPO. Not to mention I wouldnt have Sarah and Anna if it werent for SPO. We are grateful to be an SPO missionary family. Thank you, God, and thank you, SPO!

A community is more effective than one person



SPO hosted two Trust One Greater evangelistic events: one at Benedictine College in Kansas, and the other at the University of Minnesota. Over 1,500 college students and young adults attended.


They were nights of deep prayer and worship with Catholic recording artist Matt Maher. Fr. Craig Vasek of St. Philips in Bemidji, MN captivated those at the University of Minnesota with his message, while Archbishop Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS (pictured above) gave an inspiring exhortation at Benedictine College: Thats really my prayer for all of you tonight, that you might have that same faith in Jesus Christ, that same personal relationship with Him that will give you the power and the strength to endure, to overcome, to triumph, just as His cross triumphed. Lives were changed! Students turned back to God and grew in faith.


Afterwards, one wrote: Amazing! I want to be a priest now!

SPO-New Jersey continues to go from strength to strength. Students are turning back to Christ and His Church. One recently commented, College for me is no longer simply about having fun on the weekends; its a mission field for me to share what I have received. SPO brought me to the Lord Jesus and to a new life, and for that I am so blessed. Thank you to all our supporters, especially Archbishop Myers and Congressman Mike Ferguson, who was the honoree at our benefit banquet this year, receiving the Saint Pauls Outreach Servant Leadership Award.


SPO-Arizona, one of our newest Mission Centers, is taking a big step this year, with three full-time missionaries now serving at the campus of Arizona State University. When SPO opens at a campus it works closely with three important groups. First the diocesan Bishop and his representative on campus; next the students who have shown interest in establishing SPO at their campus; finally SPO collaborates with local Catholic supporters to get the word out and to ensure the financial stability of SPO into the future. Please keep this new SPO Mission Center in your prayers.


For the past few years, college students from the Archdiocese of Miami have attended SPOs School of the New Evangelization. We have had students from various campuses in Miami that include: the University of Miami, Florida International University, Miami-Dade College, and Nova Southeastern University. Students and campus leaders from new loca-


tions catch a vision for SPO through their experience of the School of the New Evangelization, and this is one of the ways that SPO expands to new dioceses and campuses.

This year, SPO Mission Leaders have taken up residence in Morgantown, West Virginia to serve SPOs newest campus, West Virginia University, an offshoot of the Ohio Mission Center. They have been hosting Mens and Womens Nights, Bible Studies and Lords Day celebrations among other community-building events in collaboration with the universitys Newman Center. In Columbus, SPO continues to grow, including adding two new Households filled with students on mission for Christ at Ohio State and Ohio Dominican.


Our Texas Mission Center has launched a Formation in Christian Living Program in the diocese of Austin. SPOs Formation Program is one of our most unique offerings, providing students with advanced training to know and live the Catholic faith to the full. Every other week, the students gather to worship God and receive inspiring talks. They also meet one-on-one with a mentor, and together in small groups to encourage one another in living for Christ and sharing him with their peers on campus.


28 households


residential communities of students learning, living, and sharing the faith

formation members
students receiving advanced training in the Catholic faith and life

MN kS Az

program participants




mission centers across the united States


260 young people

60 campuses:
Arizona State University Augusta State University Bemidji State University Benedictine College Bethel University Boston College Capital University Catholic University of America Century College College of New Jersey Columbus State Community College Concordia College Dartmouth College Florida International University Florida State University Inver Hills Community College Iowa State University Keane University Macalaster College Maricopa Community College Mesa Community College Miami Dade College MidAmerica Nazarene University

trained to be leaders in evangelization, impacting

Minnesota State University - Moorhead Montclair State University Morris County Community College Mount Carmel College of Nursing New Jersey Institute of Technology Northwestern College Nova Southeastern University Ohio Dominican University Ohio State University Otterbein University Raritan Valley Community College Rockhurst University Rutgers University - New Brunswick Rutgers University - Newark Seton Hall University Southwest Minnesota State University St. Catherine University St. Cloud State University St. Marys University of Minnesota St. Olaf College St. Paul College St. Vincent College Texas A&M University Texas State University The Kings College Union County Community College University of Dayton University of Kansas Medical Center University of Miami - Florida University of Minnesota University of Missouri - Kansas City University of Notre Dame University of St. Thomas University of Wisconsin - Madison University of Wisconsin - Superior West Virginia University Winona State University

Statistics are current as of November 2012. The number trained in evangelization includes SPOs School of the new Evangelization and other training programs.

ASSETS Current Assets Cash Accounts Receivable Pledges Receivable Prepaid Expenses Property & Equipment Houses Office Equipment Vehicles Less: Depreciation Other Assets $ 857,405 417,230 28,673 389,218 22,284 $ 615,143 763,406 27,654 10,125 (186,042) $ 27,835 27,835 Total Current Liabilities

LiABiLiTiES ANd NET ASSETS $ 136,723

Current Maturities of Long Term Debt Accounts Payable Accrued Employee Benefits Security Deposits Unearned Revenue


31,202 32,087 43,291 20,265 $ 331,572 341,450 (9,878) $ 1,032,088

Long-Term debt

Mortgage Payable

Less: Current Maturities Net Assets

Security Deposits



$ 1,500,383

BAlANCE ShEET (JuNE 30Th, 2012)

iNCOME $3,019,553
Programs $ 950,188
Annual Campaign $ 473,720

ExPENSES $3,003,196
Development & Office $212,254

Support Staff $381,069 Missionary Training $264,172 Formation Program $210,685

Benefit Events $ 392,220 Other Contributions $ 145,302 Contributed Services $ 637,703 Personal Support Raising $ 420,420

Outreach Programs $1,162,640

Household Program $772,376

NET iNCOME $16,357

Budget % breakdown by Mission Center: MN 35%, OH 20%, NJ 10%, KS 6%, TX 7%, National Office and Nascent Mission Centers 22%. Funds raised in the Mission Centers go towards the Mission Centers in which they were raised. Personal Support Raising: funds raised by missionaries from family and friends. Other Contributions: primarily in-kind facilities contributions. SPOs annual audit is conducted by Lethert, Skwira, Schultz & Co. and is available on our website. (


2011-12 iNCOME & ExPENSES

There is an urgent need for SPO as college campuses are battlegrounds for the minds and souls of our young people. SPO is responding to that need and is answering the Churchs call for a New Evangelization by leading students back to Christ and the fullness of the Catholic faith. SPO builds evangelistic communities that provide these students with a unique quality and depth of formation in the Catholic faith and life. Your prayerful and financial support of SPO is critical to this mission and its result: thousands of alumni, who are passionate followers of Christ, continue to shine His light in the world long after they have graduated. Yes, SPO is renewing the Church and evangelizing the culture. - Most Rev. John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop of St. Paul & Minneapolis

We should be even more thankful than ever before that the young men and women of Saint Pauls Outreach are working to bring the Gospel message to their peers at the college level, and helping to foster the formation of conscience and moral values based on the words and actions of Jesus, His Apostles, and the Magisterium of the Church. - Most Rev. John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark, pictured right with SPO missionaries


Most Rev. John C. Nienstedt Honorary CHair Very Rev. Peter Laird President Mrs. Katie Damberg ViCe-President Rev. Mr. Jim Meyer treasurer & FinanCe CHair

Mrs. Jessica Nelson seCretary Mr. Steven Kennedy Board aFFairs CHair Mr. Jim McQuillan deVeloPment CHair Mr. Gordy DeMarais Founder & exeCutiVe direCtor

Mr. Mark Berchem Rev. Andrew Cozzens Mr. Denny Farrell Mrs. Laura Hemler

Mrs. Sarah Mealey Mr. John Miller Mr. Dan Moran Jr.

Mr. Dan Locke Mr. John McDonald Mr. Patrick Menke Dr. Dennis OHare Mr. Tom Ottman Deceased Most Rev. Richard Pates Rev. Mr. Don Poirier Mr. Greg Pulles

Mrs. Karen Berhow Mr. Rich Chapman Most Rev. Paul Dudley Rev. Kevin Finnegan Mr. Eugene Keating Dr. Jim Kolar

Mr. Al Kraling Mr. Joseph Lahti Mrs. Margaret Langfeld Mr. Cy Laurent Mrs. Sheila Letscher Mrs. Carole Locke



AALFA Family Clinic Mrs. Angeline Abbott Rev. Gregory Abbott Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Abreu Mr. & Mrs. Jim Accurso Mr. Thomas Adair Mr. Timothy Adair Mr. & Mrs. Joao Adamiak Mr. & Mrs. Ed Adams Ms. Mary Adler Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Adrian Advance Realty Foundation Mr. & Mrs. BJ Agugliaro Mr. Duarte Aguiar Ms. Cindy Aiello Mr. & Mrs. Joesph Aiello Mr. Greg Allen, Jr. Ms. Suzanne Allen Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Allwein Mr. Tom Althauser Mr. Ben Altman American Health Network Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Amon Mr. & Mrs. Bjorn Amundson Mr. & Mrs. Dan Andersen Miss Shelley Andersen Mr. & Mrs. Justin Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Tim Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Andres Mr. Kyle Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Angelo Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Annala Ms. Mary Jeanne Annala Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Archdiocese of Newark Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis Mr. Adam Archibald Mr. & Mrs. Mark I. C. Archibald Ms. Gabriella Arguello Mrs. Joanne Arndt Mr. & Mrs. Tim Arntzen Mr. William Arthur Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ashwander Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Gary Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Atzberger Mr. William Bach Mr. & Mrs. Yves Baeyens Mr. & Mrs. Michael Baier Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baier Mr. Andrew Baker Mr. & Mrs. David Baker Mr. Vance Balado Mr. & Mrs. William Balas Mr. & Mrs. John Baldauff Mr. & Mrs. Bob Balk Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Balster Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bamsey Mr. Jose Banaag Mr. Roland Bandy Mr. Tony-Alpha Bangura Mr. & Mrs. Don Barcza Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Barefoot Ms. Patricia Barickman Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Barman Mr. Matthew Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Gustavo Barreda Miss Emily Barrick Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Barrick Mr. & Mrs. Ben Barron Mr. & Mrs. Edward Barron Mr. & Mrs. Ken Barron Mr. & Mrs. Duane Barthel Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Bartkoski Ms. April Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bartley Ms. Carol Barwick Mr. Greg Bauer Ms. Joan Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Phil Bauer Mr. Luke Bauman Mr. Jason Beach Mr. Noah Beacom Mr. & Mrs. Bill Beaumont Rev. Michael Becker Jr. Mr. Paul Becker Mr. & Mrs. Steven Becker Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Beckman Mr. & Mrs. Chris Beckman Mr. & Mrs. John Beckman Mrs. Marilyn Beddor Mr. Paul Bede Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bede Mr. Jeffrey A. Beer Jr. Ms. Jo Ann Beerman Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Behrends Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beickelman Miss Kathryn K. Beiter Ms. Kristina Beiter Ms. Beverly Bendiksen Benedictine College Mr. Edward Benkart Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bennett Mr. Justin Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Bob Benson Mr. & Mrs. Tom Benson Mr. & Mrs. Al Berchem Mr. & Mrs. Mark Berchem Mr. Elwin Berg Ms. Elizabeth Berning Mr. & Mrs. John Bettag Mr. & Mrs. Dave Bezusko Mr. & Mrs. David C. Bianconi Mr. David Bielejeski Mr. & Mrs. John G. Bielejeski Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Biese Ms. Kimberly M. Bigelow Mr. Scott Billeadeau Mr. & Mrs. Marvin J. Binstock Ms. Paula Bird Mr. Nick Bjaker Mr. William Black Mr. & Mrs. David Blaeser Mr. Donald C. Blake Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Blando Mr. & Mrs. James Blank Mr. Michael Blissenbach Ms. Mary Bloechl Rev. David Blume Mr. Richard Blundin Mr. & Mrs. Carol D. Bly Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bock Ms. Eileen Bock Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bode Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bohl Ms. Joanne Boisclair Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bojan Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bolland Mr. & Mrs. Edward Boone Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Borgelt Mr. Geoff Bornhoft Mr. Harald Borrmann Bowling Green State University Mr. Daniel Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Rick Bowman Mr. James Bownas Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Boyden Mr. & Mrs. Peter Braam Ms. Robin Bragg Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Branch Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Brancheau Ms. Loreese Brandt Mr. Frank L. Brantman Ms. Lorraine Brasket Mr. & Mrs. Jason Brass Mr. & Mrs. Michael Braun Mr. & Mrs. Josh Brechtel Ms. Rebecca Bremberg Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Brennan Mr. Scott Breuer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brewer Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Beickelman Mr. Donald C. Brey & Mrs. Diane Richards-Brey Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bricher Mr. Matthew Brickweg Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bringardner Mr. & Mrs. Brad Bronenkamp Miss Charlene Brooks Brotherhood of Hope Ms. Barbara Brown Mr. Donald Brown Mr. Donald P. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brown Mr. & Mrs. Loren Brown Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Brown Mr. & Mrs. William Brown Mr. George W. Browne Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Brubaker Ms. Mary Brummer Ms. Elizabeth Brundage Ms. Theresa Brundage Mr. & Mrs. John Brunelli Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Bruno Ms. Danielle Budnick Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Buerke Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Buerkle Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bunsa Mr. & Mrs. Jack Burke Mr. & Mrs. Mark Burkey Mr. Dallas Burkholder Ms. Brooke Burns Ms. Kimberly Burns Mr. & Mrs. Larry Burns Ms. Katherine Buro Mr. & Mrs. David Bursey Ms. Amy Burt Mr. & Mrs. Ron Busby-Simpson Mr. & Mrs. David R. Busch Mr. Joseph Busch Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bushmann Mr. & Mrs. Dick Butler Mr. Matthew Byrne Mr. Paul Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Byrne Msgr. James Cafone Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Cahalan Sr. Miss Terry Cahalan Ms. Ashley Caillier Mr. & Mrs. Denny Cain Ms. Erin Cain Mr. & Mrs. Robert Calamai Mr. & Mrs. David Camiolo Mr. & Mrs. Donald Campbell Mr. E. Scott Campbell Mr. James Campbell Ms. Katherine Campbell Rev. Theodore Campbell Mr. Jeffrey Campeau Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Cantine Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cardamone Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Carder Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Cardinal Rev. Scott Carl Mr. Brian Carey Mr. Bryan Carnahan Mr. & Mrs. Allen Caron Mr. Chad M. Caron Mr. & Mrs. Federico Carranza Mr. Will Carter Ms. Nancy Caruso Rev. Antonio J. Carvalho Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Casey Mr. & Mrs. Luis Caso Mr. & Mrs. Shamus Cassidy Miss Alexandra Castano Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Castrop Cathedral of Saint Paul Catholic Charismatic Renewal Center Catholic Community Foundation Catholic Spirit Publishing Company Catholic United Financial Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Cayler Mr. & Mrs. Jakub M. Cech Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cercone Rev. John Chadwick Mr. & Mrs. John Chalberg Ms. Christina Chan Mr. & Mrs. Don Chapdelaine Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Rich Chapman Mr. & Mrs. George Chappuis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chesky Chesterton Academy Rev. Mr. Dennis Chitwood Mr. Piotr Chlapowski Mr. & Mrs. Warren Christianson Ms. Erica Christman Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Christman Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Christoff Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Christopher Church of Saint Paul Church of St. Mary Church of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Ms. Beth Cink Mr. Tom Clairmont Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Claridge Mr. & Mrs. Bill Clark Mr. & Mrs. John T. Clark Ms. Rosemarie Clark Mr. & Mrs. William Clark Mrs. Lorraine Clarke Mr. & Mrs. John Cleveland Ms. Brenda Cohen Mr. & Mrs. William Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Combs Mr. & Mrs. Clement Commers Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Compton Ms. Kimberly Comstock Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Conley Mr. & Mrs. Steve Conlin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Conneely Ms. Margaret Connelly Mr. & Mrs. George Cook Mr. & Mrs. Tim Cook Mr. Trevor Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Coone Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Coronato Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cottrill Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coughlin Ms. Mary Cox Rev. Andrew Cozzens Ms. Sandra Cozzens Mr. Andrew Craig Crane Associates, P.C. Rev. Michael Creagan Mr. John Crimi Mr. David A. Critser Mr. & Mrs. Al Crock Mr. & Mrs. Gary Crook Ms. Jo Croswell Mr. & Mrs. Chad Crow Mr. & Mrs. John Crowley Mr. John Crudele Mr. & Mrs. John Crudo Mr. & Mrs. John Csargo Mr. & Mrs. Mark Culhane Ms. Mary Cummins Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Cummins Miss Cathy Cunningham Curran Foundation Ms. Kristin Curran Mr. & Mrs. Bill Currie Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Sean Curtan Ms. Camille Curtiss Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cvelich Mr. & Mrs. David Daggett Mrs. Joyce Daley Mr. Joseph DAmato Mr. & Mrs. Michael DAmato Sr. Mr. Mike DAmato Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Berik V. Damberg Mr. & Mrs. David Dames Dr. Mario Dance Mr. Brian DAndrea Ms. Carolyn DAndrea Miss Colleen DAndrea Mr. & Mrs. Michael DAndrea Mrs. & Mr. Patricia DAndrea Ms. Barbara Dandurand Rev. Michael G. Dandurand Mr. Paul Dankoski Mr. James Dannenberg Mr. Bryan Daulton Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Davidson Mr. Chris Davis Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dawson Mr. Felipe De La Torre Mr. & Mrs. Alex P. Deak Sr. Ms. Sarah Deak Mr. Donald Deardorff Mr. Dave Dederichs Rev. Donald DeGrood Mr. Bradley Delaune Mr. & Mrs. Nery O. Delcompare Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Delker Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Dellaria Ms. Susan DeLong Ms. Maria DeLuca Ms. Anna DeMarais Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. 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Elsass Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Elsen Mr. Stephen Embree Ms. Arlene Englert Ms. Lucy Ennis Mr. & Mrs. John Ertel Mr. Samuel Erwin Jr. Dr. & Mrs. A. Gabriel Esteban Dr. & Mrs. John Evans Mr. & Mrs. Robley Evans Mr. Nathan Everts Mr. & Mrs. Joe Faller Ms. Vanessa Fangmeier Mr. & Mrs.Terry Fannin Mr. & Mrs. Denny Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Rich Farrell Fr. John Deere Ladies Auxilary K.C. Council Ms. Elizabeth J. Fau Mrs. April Fegley Mr. & Ms. Tom Feidt Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fellrath Mr. & Mrs. Michael Felmlee Mr. & Mrs. John Feltl Mr. Ryan M. Feltz Mr. James Fenton Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Ferdinandt Congressman & Mrs. Mike Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ferguson Rev. William Ferguson Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Fernandez Fiat Builders LLC Mr. Danny Fiedler Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fielder Mr. David Fine Rev. 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Francis Fried Mr. & Mrs. Robert Friis Mr. & Mrs. Bob Fritz Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Froelich Mr. & Mrs. Adam Fromme Mr. & Mrs. Al Frye Rev. Michael Fugee Mr. Chip Fuhrmann Ms. Mary Ellen Fuller Ms. Christen Furka Mr. & Mrs. Peter Furka Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Furness Ms. Mairead Fyda Mr. Dennis Gaetano Mr. Patrick Gaffeney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gainor Mr. James Gallagher Rev. Joseph Gallatin Mr. & Mrs. Fran Gallic Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Garavente Mr. David Garcia Mrs. Juanita Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Andy Garner Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Garrido Mrs. Mary Lee Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Garvey Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gautille Rev. Roger Geditz Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gehret Ms. Annie Gehrz Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Geier Ms. Kathryn-Ann Geis Mr. & Mrs. Mark Geis Ms. Maxine German Ms. Becky Germundson Mr. James Gernetzke Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Gerold Mr. Jim Geruetzke Mr. Neal Giacomelli Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Giancristofaro Mr. Dave Gibbons Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Giles Ms. Stacia Gillam Dr. & Mrs. Robert Gillespie Mr. & Mrs. David D. Gillham Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Gillis Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gilmore Mr. John Gion Mr. & Mrs. Don Giroux Ms. Carol Glaser Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Goettl

Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Goettl Rev. Stanley Gomes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gorecki Miss Hannah Gornik Mr. & Mrs. Matt Graczyk Dr. & Mrs. Carlos Grados Mr. Stephen Graff Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Grammens Mr. Justin Grammens Grand Promotions Mr. & Mrs. Darren Greca Mr. & Ms Mick Green Mrs. Jodi Greene Ms. Anna Greey Miss Laura Greey Ms. Lisa Greey Rev. Charles Griffin Ms. Carol A. Griffith Mr. George Griffiths Mr. & Mrs. Mark Grimm Mr. & Mrs. David Groppel Mr. & Mrs. Ed Gross Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gruning Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Grutsch Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Gryskiewicz Mr. Bill Guajardo & Mrs. Cynthia Gonzales Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gubash Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gummer Mr. & Mrs. Eric Gunderson Mr. Jacob Gutschalk Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Guzman H L Grant Catholic Student Center - Texas State Mr. Charles M. Haben Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hable Ms. Mary E. Hackett Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hadsall Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hagen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hagen Mr. Brandt Haglund Mrs. Patrice Haglund Mr. Bill Hahn Rev. William Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Hahnenberg Mr. & Mrs. Albert Haik Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Haines Hair Design Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hall Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hall Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Hall Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hall Mr. & Mrs. Nickolas Hall Rev. Warren Hall Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Halloran Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halloran Mr. Edward J. Hallwood Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. Hamel Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hamerlind Miss Christie Hamers Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hamil Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hanel Mr. Michael Hanewinkel Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Haney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haney Ms. Christine Hanf Ms. Jacqueline Hannasch Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hanneman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hanzely Ms. Stephanie Happe Mr. John Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Peter Harmon Mr. John P. Harney Mr. & Mrs. John Harrington Mr. Aldon Harris Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Harris Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Harris Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harris Mr. & Mrs. Fred Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Harry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hart Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hartge Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hartings Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hartings Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hartnett Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hartshorn Mr. Fern Hartwick Mr. & Mrs. Jay Hash Mr. Justin Hastings Mr. Andrew Hausladen Ms. Lori Hawes Miss Micheal Hawn Ms. Kimberly Hayek Ms. Beckie Hayes Ms. Carol Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hazzard Mr. Matthew Hazzard Mr. & Mrs. John Healy Mr. Richard Heban Mr. & Mrs. John Heffernan Mr. & Mrs. Steve Heggernes Mr. & Mrs. Quentin Heimerman Mr. & Mrs. Richard Heineman

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Heinlen Rev. Walter Heinz Mr. John Heisler Mr. & Mrs. Francis Helfrich Mr. & Mrs. John H. Heller Mr. Michael Helmer Mr. & Mrs. Charles Helms Mr. & Mrs. David Hemler Ms. Beth Hempfing Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hempfling Mr. & Mrs. John W. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Henley Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Henry Mrs. Lynda Henry-Alexander Miss Anne Herbeck Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herbeck Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Herbert Mr. & Mrs. John Herlihy Mr. & Mrs. Tom Herman Mr. Thomas Hermanson Ms. Rosemary Hernandez Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hertel Mr. & Mrs. David B. Heskamp Mr. & Mrs. Mike Heskamp Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hessburg Rev. Tony Hesse Mr. Roger Hewins Mr. Chad Hibbs Mr. & Mrs. William Hickey Ms. Betsy Hickok Ms. Diane Hider Miss Olivia Higgens Ms. Sammy Hilby Ms. Diana Hilliard Mr. & Mrs. James Hilts Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hinterschied Mr. Gregg Hintershied Mr. James Hislop Mr. Stuart Hoarn & Ms. Cathie Durham Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Hobbs Ms. Janice Hoeschler Ms. Meagan Hoeschler Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mr. David Hoffmann Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C. Hohler Mr. Rob Hohler Rev. James Holl Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Holtmann Holy Family Communications Holy Name Men and Womens Club Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Honeyman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hooley Mr. Chad Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Horn Mr. & Mrs. John M. Houck Mr. & Mrs. Jason Houle Mr. & Mrs. Russell Huber Mr. Joseph Huber Mr. Jerry Cawley & Mrs. Patricia Huber Mr. Richard Huberty Mr. & Mrs. Mark Huddy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Huelsing Mr. Wayne R. Huls & Ms. Anne Sweet Rev. Lawrence Hummer Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Hunt Jr. Mr. Ben Huntley Mr. Michael Huntley Mr. Hugh Hurley Mr. Isaac Huss Mr. & Mrs. David J. Imwalle Mr. & Mrs. John C. Imwalle Mr. & Mrs. Donald Inkrott Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Irlbeck Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Robert Israel Mr. Bruce Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. James T. Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Jim Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. Matt Jahnke Mr. & Mrs. John Jakubczyk Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jarocki Mr. Eric Jaso Mr. & Mrs. Dan Jasper Mr. & Mrs. David P. Jasper Mr. & Mrs. Mike Jenkins Mr. Ricky Jewell Mr. Mark F. Joerger Mr. Mark Johanns Ms. Anna Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Craig Johnson Mr. Craig Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Johnson Mr. Henry Johnson Mr. & Mrs. John Johnson Ms. Karena Johnson Ms. Peggy Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Steve Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Jones Ms. Leona Jovanovich Ms. Kimberly Juncewski Ms. Melissia Juncosa

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Jungquist Mr. & Mrs. Brandt Junker Mr. & Mrs. John Junker Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jurek Just Give Ms. Linda Kahlig Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Arnold R. Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. James Kalpiers Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Kandas Ms. Allison Karhoff Mr. & Mrs. Richard Karhoff Mr. David Kassing Mr. Gregg Katchmark Mr. & Ms.Kenneth Katt Mr. & Mrs. Ken Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kavanagh Ms. Marguerite Keating Rev. Michael Keating Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kebe Mr. Isaac Kebe Mr. & Mrs. James R. Kebe Dr. & Mrs. Steve Kebe Miss Sheila Keeling Mr. & Mrs. John Keller Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Kelly Msgr. Michael E. Kelly Ms. Cynthia Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. John Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kennedy Mr. Todd M. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kennefick Ms. Patricia Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kenney Rev. Sean Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Kersting Mr. Donald Kester Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kietzmann Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Kilkenny Ms. Danielle Kinderman Mr. Lucas Kinzel Dr. Edward Kiolbasa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kiolbasa Mr. & Mr. John Kirk III Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kisrow Rev. Robert Kitsmiller Rev. Francis Kittock Mr. John Klaers Mr. & Mrs. Loren R. Klassen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Klear Rev. Joseph C. Klee Ms. Reine Klein Mr. & Mrs. Robert Klein Mr. Jason Kleman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kleman Ms. Susan Klemond Mr. & Mrs. Alan Klimisch Rev. Charles Klinger Mr. & Mrs. John L. Kloss Mr. & Mrs. Dave Knebelsberger Knights of Columbus Council 14457 Knights of Columbus, Fr. Gibbons Council Koch Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David and Babs Koch Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Koch Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kocourek Jr. Mr. Kenneth Koetz Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Kohler Dr. & Mrs. James Kolar Mr. & Mrs. Dale Kolb Mr. & Mrs. John Kolb Mr. & Mrs. Dan Koons Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Koop Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kopacek Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kopecky Mr. Jeff Korman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Koteles Ms. Julianne Kotrba Ms. Kelly Kotsmith Dr. & Mrs. William J. Kottemann Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kottenstette Ms. Abby Kowitz Ms. Grace Koy Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kozojed Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kraker Mr. & Mrs. David Kraker Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kraling Mr. & Mrs. Norb Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Erich Krammer Miss Kaitlyn Krempl Mr. Pete Kresge Mr. Matt Krevda Ms. Kristie Kripotos Ms. Cindy Kritzberger Mr. Joseph Kromalic & Mrs. Sue Baik-Kromalic Mr. & Mrs. Phil Kronlage Mr. & Mrs. Benedict Kubes Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kuehl Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kueppers Mr. Matthew Kuettel Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Kulhanek Ms. Kim Kunasek

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kurt Mr. & Mrs. Tim Kurt Mr. David Kvasnicka Rev. Joseph Labak Mr. Bob Labat Ms. Shara LaFave Mr. Amedie D. LaFond Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lahti Very Rev. Peter Laird Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Laird Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph LAllier Mr. Marco Lanave Mr. & Mrs. James Langworthy Mr. & Mrs. David Lanning Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lapham Mrs. Betty LaRosa Mr. & Mrs. David Larson Dr. & Mrs. David Larson Mrs. Irene Larson Mr. & Mrs. James Larson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lau Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Lauber Mr. & Mrs. Sean Lavell Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lawinger Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lawler Mr. Timothy Lawrence Mr. Greg LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Vincent LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lechiara Mr. & Mrs. Ed LeClair Ms. Margaret LeClair Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Randall A. Lehnen Mr. & Mrs. Tom Leighton Ms. Margarita Lema Ms. Melissa Lentz Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lenzen III Mrs. & Mr. Thomas Letscher Most Rev. John M. LeVoir Ms. Dana Lewis Rev. Thomas Leyland Mr. Tim Liebacher Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lieser Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lietzke Mr. Brian Liggio Miss Denise Lightfield Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lillis Mr. & Mrs. David Lins Mr. Daniel Linwick Ms. Katrina Litzau Mr. & Mrs. Dan Locke Mr. & Mrs. James A. Lodoen Mr. & Mrs. Charles Loegering Mr. Michael Logan Ms. Constance J. Lohse Mr. Frederick Long Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Looker Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Luchtenberg Mr. & Mrs. Steve Luchtenberg Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Lucke Ms. Kelsey Luers Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Luisi Rev. Eric Lundgren Rev. Kevin F. Lutz Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. James P. Lyons Mr. Michael Maas Mr. & Mrs. Dan MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mackey Mr. & Mrs. Jim Mackey Mr. Jim Maguire Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mahala Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Maher Ms. Michelle Maher Mr. & Mrs. Jim Maholm Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Maier Mr. Frank Maixner Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Malanga Miss Marga Malarky Mr. Jay Malave Mr. & Mrs. James Maletta Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Mallory Mr. & Mrs. Michael Malloy Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mambretti Mr. & Mrs. Mike Manahan Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mangino Mr. & Mrs. Bill Marcotte Mrs. Lucy Marek Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Margarit Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Margarit Rev. Thomas Margevicius Ms. Catherine Marien Mr. David Marquardt Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Marquardt Mr. Matthew Marrison Mr. & Mrs. Tom Marsolais Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Marsteller Mr. & Mrs. David M. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Michael Martin Ms. Doris Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Martinez Mr. Jos Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Martini Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marvin Mr. Daniel Mascarenhas Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Masek Mr. Sean X. Masterson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mastriano

Church of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mr. & Mrs. David Matlock Mrs. Isha Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Al Mayers Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mayhan Mr. & Mrs. James Maynard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mazzon Mr. Alphonsus McAdams Mrs. Marilyn McAlpine Mr. & Mrs. Casey McAndrew Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McCallister Mr. & Mrs. Peter McCann Msgr. Gerald McCarren Mr. Tim McCarthy Ms. Jessica McClernon Mr. Daniel McClure Mr. Joshua McClure Mr. Michael McClure Mr. & Mrs. Randall McClure Mr. & Mrs. John McComb Ms. Marissa McCombs Mr. & Mrs. Giles McConville Mr. & Mrs. Joe McDaniel Mrs. Ann McDonald Ms. Annabelle McGannon Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGill Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence McGough Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGovern Ms. Lauren McGowan Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGuire Mr. & Mrs. Bill McIntyre Ms. Lois M. McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Mark McKee Mr. & Mrs. Scott McKenzie Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McLaughlin Mr. Jim McNamee Mr. & Mrs. John McNeill Mr. & Mrs. Jim McQuillan Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. McQuillan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Mealey Mr. James Meena Mr. & Mrs. David Meier Mr. & Mrs. Robert Melcher Mr. Stephen Melcher Mr. Bruce Melchert & Mrs. Catherine Nilles Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Melliere Mr. Enrique Mendoza Mr. Troy Menendez Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mengler Rev. Joe Menker Ms. Veneice Mercer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Merrill Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Merry Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Mers Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mertens Mr. William Messerly Mr. & Mrs. Eugene G. Messing Mr. & Mrs. Richard Messing Ms. Becky Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Gary Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Meyer Rev. Mr. & Mrs. James V. Meyer Ms. Susan Meyers Ms. Deborah Michael Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Michalak Mr. & Mrs. Steve Michel Mr. Edward Mielke Mr. & Mrs. John Miels Mr. & Mrs. Milo Milburn Mr. James Miley Mrs. Anne Miller Mr. & Mrs. John Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. & Mrs. Scott Miller Mr. & Mrs. Luke Mills Mr. Doug Milroy Miss Bridget Minogue Mr. & Mrs. James Minogue Miss Marisa Minogue Miss Rebecca Minogue Minuteman Press Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Minzenmayer Ms. Teresa Mirandette Mr. & Mrs. Allan Mitchell Ms. Josephine Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Carl P. Moccia Mr. & Mrs. Edward Moccia Mr. & Mrs. Peter Moccia Mr. Foster Moffo Mr. James Molnar Mr. James Montavon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montavon Mr. & Mrs. Gary Montavon Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Montbriand Mr. & Mrs. Gary Montemurno Drs. William and Nicki Moore Mr. & Mrs. William Moore Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moraine Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moran Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moran Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Keith Moran Miss Patricia Moran Mr. & Mrs. John Morgan Ms. Mary Morgan

Mr. Mark Motzel Mr. Mike Mraz Ms. Ann Muehling Mr. & Mrs. Robert Muehling Ms. Barbara Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mueller Rev. Charles F. Mullen Mr. John Mullman Mr. & Mrs. Ed Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Jim Murphy Ms. Sharon Murphy Mr. William Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Brian Murray Mr. & Mrs. John Murray Mr. & Mrs. David Muzilla Mr. Rob Muzyka Mr. & Mrs. Brian Myerholtz Mr. & Mrs. Frank Myers Mr. & Mrs. Lee Myers Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Andy Naporano Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nasello Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nath Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Naughton Dr. & Mrs. James Neff Mr. Christopher Nelms Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nelson Mr. & Mrs. James Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Nelson Mr. Jonathan Nelson Ms. Karen Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Paul Neri Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Ness Mr. & Mrs. James Nester Dr. & Mrs. John Newcome Mrs. Patricia Niebling Mr. Rick Nilles Miss Sarah Nilles Mr. Marcos Nino Mr. Paul Niskanen & Mrs. Erin Cassidy Rev. Paul A. Noble Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Norberg Rev. Jeff Norfolk Mr. & Mrs. John Norris Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Northrop Mr. Greg Novak Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Novena Mr. & Mrs. Brent Nowak Ms. Barbas Nyaosi Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nystrom Mr. & Mrs. Bill Oades Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Oakes III Mr. John Oberg Mr. & Mrs. Mike Oberg Mr. & Mrs. Joseph OBrien Ms. Mary OBrien Mr. & Mrs. Scott OBrien Mrs. Judith A. OConnell Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. OConnell Ms. Tammy OConnell Mr. & Mrs. Jim OConnor Rev. Robert ODonnell, C.S.P Mr. & Mrs. Donald ODor Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ogren Rev. Jim Ogurchock Dr. Michael W. OHara Mr. & Mrs. Ryan OHara Dr. & Mrs. Dennis OHare Mr. Dan Ohme Mr. William Ohnsted Ms. Lisa Okafor Lt. Col. & Mrs. John OKeefe Mrs. Marie Olsen Mr. & Mrs. John Olson Ms. Susan Olson Mr. Sid ONeill Ms. Kathleen OReilly Mr. & Mrs. James S. Oricchio Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ornell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Osendorf Mr. Ryan OShaughnessy Mr. Luke Oskvarek Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ostenson Ms. Maria Ostertag Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Otremba Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ottman Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church Rev. Walter Oxley Mr. & Mrs. James Paccioretti Ms. Laura Pachella Mr. & Mrs. James R. Packard Rev. Gregory Paffel Ms. Rita Painter Mr. & Mrs. Pakizer Mr. & Mrs. Del Palacheck Mr. Roman Pallone Mr. & Mrs. George Palm Ms. Jeannine G. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Palmer Ms. Megan M. Palmer Drs. Matt and Mary Paquette Mr. & Mrs. Al Parent Rev. John Parks Mr. & Mrs. Chad Parsons Mr. Andrew Pasternack Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Pasternack Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Pasternack

Most Rev. Richard Pates Mr. & Mrs. Joel Patros Mr. & Mrs. Myron Pauly Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pavek Mr. Joe Pavlas Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Pavol Mr. Timothy Pawl Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bob Peach Ms. Rita Peller Mr. Thomas Peller Ms. Linda Penn People of Gods Love People of Hope Mr. & Mrs. Des Pepin Ms. Madelynn Perez Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Perisin Ms. Gwendolyn Perkins Mr. Anthony Perro Mr. Lauren Peters Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Peterson Mr. James Peterson Ms. Kathie Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Pfaff Mr. & Mrs. Chris Pfahler Mr. & Mrs. John Pflugi Rev. Mr. Byron Phillips Mrs. Katherine Phillips Most Rev. Lee Piche Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Pici Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Piersol Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pikula Mr. & Mrs. Christian Pinsonault Rev. Robert Pish Mr. & Mrs. Tom F. Plankers Mrs. Darlene Plante Mr. & Mrs. David Plante Ms. Leesha Plante Mr. & Mrs. Robert Plante Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Plasch Mr. & Mrs. Cory Plotts Rev. Scott Pogatchnik Mrs. Lorraine Pohlen Mr. Daniel Pokrzywa Ms. Patty Polk Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Pompili Ms. Kirra Pope Mr. Arthur Popehn Mr. & Mrs. William Porter Mr. & Mrs. Seth Porterfield Mr. & Mrs. Joe Poskin Ms. Kathy Pospichel Mr. Donald Postiy Mr. Charles Postlewaite Mr. & Mrs. Rick Pothast Rev. Francis Pouliot Ms. Kathy Powers Mr. & Mrs. Rex Poyaoan Premier Bank Minnesota Mr. & Mrs. Joe Prenosil Mr. & Mrs. William G. Price III Mr. Scott C. Pringle Ms. Andrea Prisby Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Privett Mr. Martin Prokott Rev. Troy Przybilla PS&S Global Mr. & Mrs. Kevin L. Pugh Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Pugh Mr. & Mrs. Greg Pulles Mrs. Olga Putykewycz Queen of All Saints Knights of Columbus Ms. Mollie Quense Mr. & Mrs. Paul Quense Mr. & Mrs. Peter Quense Mr. Patrick Quillan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Quinlan Ms. Sarah Quinn Ms. Dinora Rabines Mr. Kyle Racette Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rachac Msgr. John Radano Mr. Peter Range Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Rasmusson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Alan Ratliff Mr. & Mrs. Lee Ravaioli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rayen Ms. Sharon Reed Mr. Roger Rees Mr. & Mrs. Don Regan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Regan Ms. Eileen Reges Mr. Timothy Regewitz

Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Regnier Rev. James Reidy Mr. & Mrs. Bill Reiling Msgr. Joseph Reilly Mr. Andrew Reinhart Rev. Justin Reis Relevant Radio Mr. & Mrs. Gary Resland Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rethlake Rev. Peter Richards Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Richardson Mr. Vincent Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Keith Rieckman Mr. Stephen A. Riederer Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Rieman Mr. & Mrs. David Rinaldi Mr. & Mrs. Pat Rinella Ms. Adeline Ripper Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rizzardi Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Russ Robbins Mr. Frank Roberts Ms. Ruth Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Robison Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roche Mr. & Mrs. John Rock Mr. Austen Rockcastle Mr. Andrew Rodriguez Mr. Sam Roeble Mr. Jim Romportl Mr. & Mrs. David Ronner Mr. John J. Rooney Mr. David Root Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ropp Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Rosales Mr. & Mrs. Tizoc Rosales Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rose Mr. & Mrs. William and Jeanne Rose Mr. & Mrs. William and Elizabeth Rose Ms. Deborah Rossi Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rotondo Mr. & Mrs. Don Rottmann Mr. & Mrs. Matt Rouhier Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rowland Rev. John M. Rozembajgier Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Rubenzer Mr. & Mrs. John Rucker Mr. David Ruffner Ms. Margaret Rusk Mr. Don Russell Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Russell Rev. Erich Rutten Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Ryan Rev. Steve Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Saffell Saint John Vianney College Seminary Mr. & Mrs. David Sandomenico Mr. Calixto Santana Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Santer Dr. & Mrs. Mike Santer Mr. Damian F. Santiago Mr. & Mrs. Michael Santiago Mr. Brian Santos Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sarra Mr. & Mrs. Paul Savaryn Mr. & Mrs. Matt Saxe Ms. Mary J. Scamperle Mr. Peter A. Scarcella Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scarfone Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Paul Schaefer Ms. Marjorie S. Schafer Rev. David Schalk Mr. & Mrs. Harry Schaller Mr. & Mrs. John E. Schechter Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schemenauer Mr. John Scheubel Mr. & Mrs. Keith Schierloh Mr. & Mrs. Gene Schimek Ms. Gwendolyn Schimek Mrs. Patricia Schimek Mr. & Mrs. David Schimmel Mr. Paul Schirmer Mr. & Mrs. John Schlater Ms. Rachel Schlater Mr. & Mrs. Brad Schleeter Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Schloss Ms. Rewa Schlosser Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Schlueter

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schmid Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Schmidt Mr. Jacob Schmitt Ms. Shirley Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. William A. Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. John Schmitz Stephen & Carrie Schmitz Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William Schmitzer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schnitkey Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schoen Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schoenecker Mr. & Mrs. John M. Schoenfelder Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schoenfelder Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schoenfelder Mr. & Mrs. Sam Schoenfelder Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Schoenwetter Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Schram Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Elton Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Tony Schroeder Mr. John Schuebel Ms. Nancy Schulte Mr. Jay Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Schuster Mr. & Mrs. Carlton J. Schwab Rev. Robert Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schwarz Mr. Rob Schweitzer Mr. Michael Scott Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Scott Merlyn & Bernadine Scroggins Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Sealy Mr. Drew Segadelli, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Gary Segreto Mr. Rahul Sehgal Mr. & Mrs. Jim Seidel Mr. & Mrs. Leo F. Seiffert Mr. & Mrs. Brian Selegue Mr. & Mrs. Lawerence Selegue Mr. & Mrs. Michael Selegue Ms. Rebecca Selegue Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Selegue Mr. Michael Selenski Mr. & Mrs. Mark Selhorst Mr. Mark Sellner Mr. Kyle Sellnow Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sellnow Mr. Dan Selner Mr. Mark Sendzik Seton Hall University Priest Community Mr. Daniel Sevenich Mr. & Mrs. Tom Shackle Rev. Martin Shallbetter Ms. Ruth Shaner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sharkey Mr. Thomas Shaughnessy Mr. & Mrs. Jack Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Shell Rev. Edward Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sherwood Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Shidell Dr. Sean Shockey Mr. & Mrs. Brian Short Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sicola Mr. & Mrs. Robert Simmet Mr. & Mrs. Kent Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Jason Simon Mrs. Dorothy Simonet Ms. Hillary Simpson Mr. & Mrs. John Sinclair Rev. Robert Sipe Rev. David Sizemore Mr. & Mrs. Mark Skeba Rev. Michael Skluzacek Ms. Megan Slates Mr. & Mrs. Harold Slawik Rev. Stanley V. Sledz Ms. Ann Smith Miss Chiara R. Smith Mr. Christopher Smith Mr. & Mrs. Craig Smith Mr. & Mrs. Dan Smith Mr. & Mrs. Frank Smith Mr. & Mrs. Gary Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Collert Smith Ms. Joan M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smith Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Smith

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We would like to thank those who supported the mission of SPO in the 2011-12 fiscal year. Your role is just as critical as that of the missionaries on campus. We are deeply grateful for your generosity to the lord and his work.
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by Gordy DeMarais
Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed this year as the Year of Faith. It began on October 11th, 2012 and will conclude on November 24th, 2013, the Solemnity of Christ the King. The Holy Father is summoning the faithful to an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord, the one Savior of the world.1 It is an invitation to each of us to turn to God wholeheartedly in prayer, study, and the sacraments, to experience the joy of abundant life in Christ. But it is also a call to evangelize. We must not keep the greatest gift in the world to ourselves. Evangelization is at the very heart of Christianity. Jesus commissioned His disciples to believe in the Gospel and then go forth to the ends of the earth and proclaim it. This has been the task of every disciple in every age since the birth of the Church on Pentecost. In recent years the Church has sought to awaken us to this essential mission, this sacred privilege. The Church exists to evangelize, proclaimed Pope Paul VI.2 Blessed John Paul II announced this same message with equal urgency and intensity, I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Churchs energies to a new evangelizationNo believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples.3 Pope Benedict is calling the Church to this Year of Faith because, quite simply, we are facing a crisis of faith. We live in a culture that, in the words of the Russian writer and dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, has forgotten God. Many live as though God does not exist and if He does exist He has little relevance to ones daily life. The removal of God from our public discourse has profound consequences for the well-being of our culture. Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, suggests that if our culture continues on its current path of being ashamed of the Gospel, ashamed of our Christian history and identity, then it will have no future: The conclusion can only be that of an irreversible decline.4

Nowhere is this crisis of faith more evident than among young people between the ages of 18 and 29. In 1960, fewer than 3% of those in this age group identified themselves as having no religious affiliation (nones). In the most recent survey of the Pew Institute, no less than 32% of this demographic claimed to be nones. Worse still, the religious affiliation of those who claim one is shallow. Indeed, only 14% of Catholic millennials attend weekly Sunday Mass.5 The crisis of faith is also a crisis of morality and a loss of respect for persons. Unsurprisingly, the rejection of God eliminates respect for the dignity of every human being as made in His image and likeness. Without this strong anthropology, human life is cheap and human beings are simply useful to ones success and happiness. The attacks on marriage, life, and religious freedom are merely symptoms of this underlying crisis. It is a crisis that goes far deeper than politics and so requires a solution more fundamental than political activism, important though that is. It requires the renewal of the Church and the evangelization of the culture. Our recent Popes have recognized this, making the call to the New Evangelization a defining priority of their pontificates. They have recognized the erosion of the Christian foundations of European and North American culture and lifestyle. In the New Evangelization, the Christian faithful are exhorted to proclaim the Gospel anew particularly in these places places that require re-evangelizing. The New Evangelization is more than an improvement program for the Church a rearranging of our ecclesial furniture. It is a whole new, or renewed, way of thinking. Archbishop Fisichella warns against reducing the New Evangelization to a slogan. The New Evangelization cannot simply be a new heading for our current approach



Two SPO directors recently had a private meeting at the Vatican with the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen SPOs relationship with the Vatican and to explore ways we can collaborate. The Council expressed great interest in and support for SPOs Formation and Training Programs.

and programs. Tactical changes will not save us.4 The New Evangelization is a call to rebuild and transform the culture, fostering a civilization of love in the midst of the culture of death. And there is hope! Young people are not satisfied with shallow lives; they are hungry for truth. They just need to be reached effectively. This is what we have been doing in SPO since our founding 27 years ago. We train and send young missionaries into the mission field of colleges and universities to evangelize. We reach students with the life-changing message of the Gospel and form them into mature disciples. Our vision for the future is that we would continue to expand across the country in order to provide every college student with the opportunity to encounter Christ and the beauty of the Catholic faith. I am often asked, What are your programs? I am reluctant to answer with a list of our programs. While we have developed excellent programming in SPO, fundamentally it is not a program that changes peoples lives. What changes peoples lives is the culture, or the environment, that we create on college campuses, of people coming together in genuine, committed love of God thats expressed in their love for one another. We are fostering a culture of life as an alternative to the prevailing secular culture in our universities. Our mission begins with building strong communities of faith on college campuses and is only complete when these young adults are rooted in the life of the Church and living for Christ in every aspect of their daily lives. These are the key questions for us in our work with

college students: Are they experiencing life-changing conversion? Are they being built into living communities of faith? Are they growing in love with God through a life of prayer? Are they learning to live in genuine selfless love of neighbor? Are they continuing to live for Christ and share Him with others long after their college years? This is the kind of transformation that is required if we are truly to change the culture and address the crisis of faith. Amidst this crisis, we must resist the temptation to lose hope and doubt the power of God to change hearts. As St. Paul says, we must fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen. For what is seen is passing, but what is unseen is eternal.6 I am greatly heartened in this battle by the response of the young men and women who serve as SPO missionaries. One young man texted me recently quoting Psalm 146:3, Put not your hope in princes, and in mortal man who cannot save. These SPO missionaries continue to see with the eyes of faith as they carry out the New Evangelization. May we all be inspired to do the same this year. Truly, a new springtime of Christian life awaits us if we are docile to the Holy Spirit.

Pope Benedict XVI, Porta Fidei, # 6 Pope Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, #14 3 Blessed John Paul II, Missio Redemptoris, #3 4 Archbishop Fisichella, Address at Proclaim 2012 5 Christian Smith, Souls in Transition 6 2 Corinthians 4:18
1 2


There is a critical need for the New Evangelization on campuses, and our vision is for every college student to have the opportunity to encounter Christ in the fullness of His Church. So, if youre interested in finding out about getting SPO to come to your campus or diocese, please email

saint pauls outReaCh national offiCe 110 CruSAder Avenue WeST WeST ST. PAuL, Mn 55118 (651) 451-6114