Written by Tony Street

EXT. THE SUZUKI FAMILY HOME - DAY KENJI SUZUKI, 20, Asian, handsome, wearing designer shirt and jeans, stands on the Suzuki family porch, tears running down his face. HISOKA SUZUKI, 50, Asian, out of shape, wearing a suit, stands on the porch, giving Kenji a stern look. HISOKA No son of mine will be kicked out of seminary for kissing a boy! He points to the taxi sitting in front of the house. Kenji picks his bags up and walks to the taxi. HISOKA (CONT’D) I love you Kenji, but you have disgraced this family. Never come back... Never! Kenji and the TAXI DRIVER put Kenji’s luggage in the taxi. TAXI DRIVER Your father’s a prick. They get in the taxi and drive away. FADE TO: INT. KENJI’S STUDIO APARTMENT - NIGHT Kenji’s studio apartment is modern, with large windows looking out on New York City. Posters of his favorite movies hang on the wall. A bookshelf full of young adult novels, DVD’s, and fashion magazines sits next to his flat screen television. His closet is full of the latest designer clothes. Everything is in its place. Kenji looks at the trash can by the desk. CU: trash can with a bible and rosary in it. Kenji’s cat, MAN, jumps on his bed, and he pets him. Kenji is dressed, ready to go out and nervous. His smart phone buzzes. He looks at it, and leaves. CUT TO: INT. BAR - NIGHT A bouncer stops him.


Blue (mm/dd/yyyy) BOUNCER



Kenji pulls out his licence. The bouncer glances at it, gives it back to him, and waves him in. The bar is dark with loud music and colorful lights, and men dancing with each other. Kenji catches the eye of TOM, 24, handsome, athletically built, wearing a black shirt with a unicorn on it, jeans and a hat with the same unicorn on it sitting at the bar. Tom smiles and waves him over. Kenji walks over. TOM Here, have a seat. Kenji sits and Tom observes him with desire for a moment. TOM (CONT’D) Your profile picture doesn’t lie. You’re awfully cute. Kenji smiles. The BARTENDER, 25, appears. BARTENDER (to Kenji) What will you be having, cutie? KENJI I’ll have a water. The bartender walks away to bring one. TOM So, you’ve done this before? Kenji shakes his head no. The bartender brings the water, and Kenji takes a sip. TOM (CONT’D) You go to school, right? Kenji shakes his head no again. His voice is raspy. KENJI No, I dropped out. Just working right now. TOM Yeah, school was never for me. Teachers were always pricks. *

3. Kenji nervously laughs and takes a sip of his water. He observes the bar nervously. TOM (CONT’D) What were you going for? Religion. KENJI

TOM You’re religious? KENJI Not anymore. TOM Yeah, I gave up on religion in high school. Are you nervous? Kenji nods. TOM (CONT’D) Yeah, I was nervous my first time. KENJI It just feels so... sleazy. TOM Everyone goes through that. But, I’m going to be your first and only. Why? KENJI

TOM Because, I think I’m in love with you, and when I’m in love with someone, I don’t let them go. KENJI But we’ve just met. TOM That’s all it takes for me to fall in love. KENJI Love at first sight? TOM Don’t you believe in it?

Blue (mm/dd/yyyy) KENJI Fuck, I don’t know what I believe anymore. TOM Just fuck it all, that’s my motto. KENJI Yeah, fuck it all.


They both laugh and two gaze at each other, struck by cupid’s arrow. Tom moves toward Kenji. They kiss passionately. TOM You want to go? Kenji nods, and the two leave. CUT TO: INT. KENJI’S STUDIO APARTMENT - MORNING Kenji and Tom are in Kenji’s bed staring at each other. TOM You were great. Kenji smiles, and the two kiss passionately. Tom sits up to stretch. Kenji notices Tom’s hat. KENJI Why is there a unicorn on your hat? Tom picks it up and shows it to Kenji. TOM It’s a Manga character named, “Rainbow Tail”. Kenji laughs. TOM (CONT’D) Don’t laugh. I’m a nerd, I love that kind of stuff. Comics, Manga, graphic novels, you name it. Kenji shakes his head playfully. TOM (CONT’D) You’re Asian, isn’t it required you like Manga?

* *

Blue (mm/dd/yyyy) The two laugh. KENJI Fuck no, but I think being a nerd is hot.


Turned on, Tom kisses Kenji passionately, practically begging for sex. Kenji pulls away and sits up to put his boxers on. KENJI (CONT’D) You want something to drink? TOM I’ll take a water. Kenji nods and walks to the kitchen. TOM (CONT’D) You’re not as quiet as I thought you’d be. KENJI It’s weird, I’m usually quiet around people I first meet. I guess you bring out the best in me. Suddenly Tom moans in pain, covering his right wrist which is glowing purple. Kenji runs to him and sees the glow. KENJI (CONT’D) What’s wrong? Nothing. TOM

* *

KENJI Nothing? Your fucking wrist is glowing purple! Tom gets out of bed and puts his clothes on. TOM Look, I have to go. KENJI Do you need to go to the hospital? Tom shakes his head. TOM No, this happens all the time.

Blue (mm/dd/yyyy) KENJI Well, that’s not normal, and pretty freaky. Tom hurries towards Kenji and kisses him on the cheek. TOM Everything was fantastic. I’ll see you later. Tom disappears, and Kenji stands bewildered. INT. KENJI’S APARTMENT - NIGHT Kenji focuses on drawing a picture on his sketch pad. His smart phone rings. It’s a text message. CU: “Hey, can we meet at John’s Coffee Shop at 9:30 PM?” Kenji replies. CU: “Okay.”



CUT TO: INT. JOHN’S COFFEE SHOP - NIGHT Kenji sits at a table with his sketch pad. CU: A drawing of Tom shirtless holding Kenji. Tom walks in. Kenji quickly hides his sketch pad. TOM Sorry I’m late. It’s okay. Tom stands there. TOM I need you to come outside with me. Why? KENJI KENJI *

TOM Just come on. Tom turns to leave with urgency. Kenji grabs his backpack and follows him. *

Blue (mm/dd/yyyy) EXT. PARKING LOT - CONTINUOUS Tom and Kenji stand in front of a car. TOM Look, what ever you do, don’t flip the fuck out.


Tom reaches his right hand towards the car, and his wrist glows purple. Kenji is amazed. He gives him a skeptical look. Wind blows around Tom as he lifts the car up with his hand and holds it in the air for a moment. Tom puts the car back in its spot slowly. Kenji is now in shock. CUT TO: INT. KENJI’S STUDIO APARTMENT - NIGHT Kenji sits on his bed. Tom looks out Kenji’s window. TOM So, that’s the story, tribe, superpowers, freaking people out... but there’s one more thing. You’ll get the tattoo, also. Why? KENJI

TOM Because I slept with you. Kenji stares at Tom with disbelief. Tom walks over to him. TOM (CONT’D) Look it’s weird, but that’s how my tribe recruits people. When we need someone. KENJI Need someone? TOM Kenji, my tribe is evil. Kenji stares at him. Tom pulls a book out of his backpack. TOM (CONT’D) We weren't always evil, but we had to be in order to survive. He sits next to Kenji and opens the book. *


Blue (mm/dd/yyyy) CU: a picture of the first chief of the tribe TOM (CONT’D) In the beginning, our tribe experienced a great famine and sickness. Tom flips the page and points. CU: a picture of an evil spirit. TOM (CONT’D) He promised to save our tribe if our chief would devote us to his cause, so he did. KENJI And why do you need me? TOM I can’t tell you yet. KENJI So, I was just recruiting sex? I thought you fell in love with me. TOM I did fall in love with you. I imprinted you that night. You’re mine forever. Kenji grabs his right wrist and cries out. Tom holds him. KENJI OWWWW! Oh my god! I know. TOM


Kenji’s eyes glow purple. The tattoo finishes forming. TOM (CONT’D) Are you okay? Kenji smiles mischievously. His eyes glow purple. KENJI Yes, and now I know what love at first sight is. Tom smiles and holds him. Tom runs his hands through Kenji’s hair. Kenji smiles and rests his head on Tom’s shoulder. Tom kisses him on the head, and cradles him. *

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