INT. FRANK’S BEDROOM - DAY A pen taps against a yellow legal pad. A hand turns over a page.

A red tie on a black suit. A blue tie on the same suit. An arm turns to check the time on a watch. FRANK, a 20ish average looking man with shaggy hair and a simple appearance, is sleeping in his bed. On either side of his bed are two figures, DEVIL in a red tie and ANGEL in a blue tie, sitting on either side of the bed with the legal pads. DEVIL is a beautiful, fierce looking 20ish woman, with bright red lipstick and the ability to stop people in their tracks with her charming smile or menacing glare. ANGEL simply comes off as soft--both in his gentle appearance and soft-spoken nature. Both DEVIL and ANGEL are wearing business formal-wear, with sharp haircuts and even sharper smiles. DEVIL and ANGEL are waiting, watching FRANK closely with pens hovering above their notepads to write down any action they observe. The NOTEPADS are divided into two simple columns: "Good" is underlined on the left side, "Evil" underlined on the right side, separated by a line down the middle. After a short period, DEVIL looks at ANGEL in anticipation of an explanation. Finally DEVIL breaks the long wait. DEVIL He’s sleeping in pretty late... ANGEL snaps back, having heard this argument before. ANGEL You can’t honestly try to argue that! DEVIL I’m not saying I was going to argue it... I’m just making small talk... but still, it is pretty late. ANGEL Mmm... DEVIL Now am I saying a more righteous person may have been up by now?


DEVIL Maybe. Does it make this man evil? Probably not... but still... ANGEL Just stop trying to argue anything until he at least gets up! DEVIL (under his breath) And you’re supposed to be the righteous one. FRANK begins to stir. DEVIL and ANGEL both anxiously look at him, hunching over their pads to write something down. FRANK opens his eyes and is taken aback by DEVIL. FRANK rubs his eyes in disbelief before rolling over to the other side, dismissing the sight as a sleep induced figment. He tries to go back to sleep on the other side, but just as he is about to relax he opens his eyes to see ANGEL. FRANK quickly sits up in the middle of his bed, jolting at the sudden realization that the figments are really sitting next to him. Frank screams incoherent fragments of questions, scrambling back and forth in his bed, not knowing where to go. FRANK What the hell is going on? DEVIL Ooo, a bit of hostility right off the bat. DEVIL scribbles something down on her notepad. ANGEL cuts her off immediately. ANGEL I tell you every single time, they all react a bit angry the first time they see us! It is completely inadmissible, yet you insist on bringing it up every single time! FRANK continues to scream frantic questions. DEVIL Hold on a second Frank-- (points to ANGEL, completely ignoring Frank’s freakout) That’s what always pisses me off about you! You act like the burden of proof is completely mine! Like humans are inherently good and

. the person is stuck with us! . DEVIL I make it complicated?!? You are the one that tries to drag it out with this whole "understanding" and "compassion" act. so whatever "this" (gestures to FRANK’s panic) is. He brandishes at DEVIL and ANGEL ANGEL Listen. is completely valid. FRANK interrupts in a state of panic and fear.. that is exactly what someone would say right before they hurt you! ANGEL Will you just be quiet for two minutes! Please! You always make this first part so unnecessarily complicated. well I got news for you there Locke: humans are neither good nor evil. ignoring the poor man’s confusion and panic.3. DEVIL it is up to me to prove it otherwise. ANGEL You can just keep trying it and see if it ever works for you.. DEVIL (ignoring ANGEL’s plea) Why is it that people believe that phrase? I mean. Frank. listen. I swear! DEVIL See that? That is some clear character expression if you ask me! FRANK jumps out of bed in his pajamas and grabs an umbrella. in my opinion.. I know this might be a tad startling but. we are not here to hurt you.. FRANK What the fuck is happening?!? I’ll kill you. and focus on facing one another to continue the petty argument.. ANGEL and DEVIL gradually begin to turn away from FRANK...

ANGEL Will you please just grow up for one brief moment in your miserable life and show some basic empathy? Once again ANGEL and DEVIL are isolating FRANK to pursue their own arguments with one another. until the questions burning inside of him come out. FRANK Do you want me to leave? ANGEL What? No. KITCHEN . are you kidnapping me then? ANGEL Of course not! Kidnappers don’t make you breakfast.DAY A frying pan cooks on the stove.4. (to FRANK. So. FRANK is confused and feels awkward over the personal fight happening in front of him. trying to politely smile. DEVIL sits at the table. FRANK looks unsettled at her action. FRANK So... FRANK looks between the two figures. . no. FRANK’s fear and panic begin to melt away to feeling awkwardly trapped and ignored. observing FRANK closely with her pen at the ready on his legal pad. FRANK coughs and DEVIL again writes something down furiously. ANGEL tries to think of an answer before letting out a defeated sigh and reluctantly giving an unsatisfactory response. (pause) So who the hell are you then? ANGEL sets down a plate full of food in front of FRANK and DEVIL.. FRANK sits with an expression of discomfort. no.. He finally gathers enough courage to timidly interrupt. With the sounds of ANGEL cooking. trying to figure out the situation before him.. We’re fine. Who wants breakfast? INT. sizzling bacon.. FRANK grabs a napkin and DEVIL immediately jots something down. holding a pitcher of Orange Juice from the refrigerator) Can I finish this? FRANK Yeah go ahead.

that is a good one. stick with me here Frank! You do know of his lists. DEVIL Oh yeah.. right? Well. we’re nothing like that.. DEVIL Alright. throwing her hands up in a series of short jerks before walking away.. that usually helps them out.. you’re here to give me presents? DEVIL gives up in frustration. we’re a bit like Santa Clause. DEVIL Well... . but if it helps you.. you know how Santa has a good and bad list? FRANK (confused) But... DEVIL Jesus... ANGEL Tell him the Santa’s list thing. ANGEL Complicated. Our job is to decide if you end up on the good list or the bad list. FRANK (confused) I’m sorry.. ANGEL walks away while DEVIL inches closer to help her explanation to FRANK. ANGEL. well you know how everyone has a "devil" and an "angel" on their shoulder? FRANK Yeah. it’s July. cleaning dishes. Alright.. so.5. yells over his shoulder to DEVIL to help her attempt at explaining. you can think of us like that....

ANGEL sits down next to FRANK and speaks softly and intimately with him. lawyers.. It is our job to decide where you end up. the way I’ve always looked at it is that we’re. nirvana.. I guess I don’t really get the term "spectral avatars". and grabs FRANK’s face to get his attention. observe your life. We come down. FRANK Can we go back to the Christmas list thing? DEVIL again gets frustrated. FRANK (scared) Well. sent from a higher plane of existence in order to observe your actions on this pragmatic world and debate the merits of your life in order to figure out which afterlife will best suit you when the time comes! What is confusing you?!? The dust settles as FRANK gathers his thoughts and calmly responds.. .6.. a hell.. DEVIL Listen buddy. When you die.. Afterlife Lawyers. ANGEL Let me try. A heaven.. there is an afterlife.. DEVIL lets FRANK go in disbelief and frustration.. ANGEL Look. my esteemed colleague and I are spectral avatars. runs back to the sitting area.. and then your afterlife is decided. spiritual energy--however you want to label it--it exists. (Pause) Do you think you understand? FRANK has a blank expression on his face. argue your case based on what we see.

After pausing for a short while. FRANK Seriously? DEVIL Absolutely. In fact. You can see us but no one else in this world can see. hear. DEVIL It basically means we’re just spectral manifestations in this world--we don’t even have a true physical presence. or touch us. expecting it to pass through her. you said you were a-a-a. ANGEL Yeah. your hand would pass right through me if you tried.. but we kind of like the ring of it. FRANK I thought my hand would go through you! . but instead directly slaps DEVIL. FRANK hesitantly raises a hand up towards DEVIL to test his touch.7. spectral manifestation or something! DEVIL And you would smack a spectral manifestation?!? Most people just poke me! I’m writing that shit down as evil! DEVIL scrambles for his notepad and begins furiously scribbling.. he awkwardly and suddenly swings his hand at the DEVIL.. DEVIL Ow! Fuck! FRANK You said it would pass through! DEVIL Fuck! Why would you do that? FRANK (flustered) You..

.. I thought maybe I was in purgatory! .. he gets the courage to ask a fundamental question that has been bothering him.. trying to come to terms with all the new knowledge presented to him. um.DAY FRANK sits awkwardly between DEVIL and ANGEL on his couch... DEVIL holding a bag of peas against her ear. After a pause.. A long silence until FRANK breaks it. hateful looks. DEVIL (childish) Whatever..8.. I’m over it.... FRANK looks around. FRANK I really am sorry. DEVIL You should have thought about that before you hit me! FRANK nods. FRANK Please don’t write it down in my evil column. LIVING ROOM . trying to ignore the injured DEVIL who occasionally shoots him dirty. I’m not dead am I? ANGEL What?! DEVIL (annoyed) Have you been listening to anything we’ve been saying? FRANK I don’t know! This is all very abnormal for me! You keep talking about physical manifestation and afterlife. DEVIL I was joking! God damn it! Grab me some ice! INT. FRANK So.

it’s just a normal Tuesday morning on Earth. FRANK runs back into the room to talk to DEVIL and ANGEL as he ready to leaves. DEVIL Oh you’d know if you were in purgatory. but I wasn’t really expecting company today. FRANK Look I’m sorry I have to leave. so boring! That was my first gig before I was doing this. we’ll go. Then you can keep telling me all about physical manifestation and-DEVIL Oh we’re coming with you. FRANK What? ANGEL We have to. You stay here and I will be back around six. FRANK (sudden realization) Tuesday? What time is it? ANGEL 10:24 FRANK Oh god I’m late for work! FRANK springs up and runs to frantically put on some work clothes and coat to leave. trying to think of a reason).. including at work...... No.9. Everywhere you go.. trust me. FRANK I can’t bring you into the office! ANGEL Why not? FRANK Because! (pause. We need to observe all of your actions here on earth.. You would need visitor badges! . it’s horrible.

. OFFICE FRANK walks quickly into the office. FRANK gives up in an exasperated huff. uh... INT.10. His clothes are a mess and he is trying to gather his briefcase together.... A SECURITY GUARD sits at the desk in the lobby and calls out to FRANK.. clearly disheveled and stressed. how’s it going today? FRANK It’s been a weird day Pat. DEVIL We need to go with you in order to get a full understanding of your character.. SECURITY GUARD Ummm. SECURITY GUARD So who are your friends? FRANK angrily looks back at ANGEL and DEVIL FRANK You said no one could see you.. SECURITY GUARD Hey Frank.. wait. you lying bastards! Cut reveals FRANK is screaming at no one. I meant the people from the 5th floor who keep coming down and asking where you are.. I. I.... ANGEL and DEVIL follow closely behind him with their ever-present notepads.. . No one but you will be able to see or hear us! You won’t even notice we’re there! FRANK But.. The 5th floor? (Rush of panic and worry) Oh god! FRANK runs to the elevator. if you.. are they friends of yours? FRANK Oh. SECURITY GUARD awkwardly pauses..

As he is about to sit down. FRANK begins to sneak towards his desk.. FRANK Rachel? Rachel!!! I mean. how is it you? I mean.. DEVIL jots something down. I mean. RACHEL approaches him and scares him. Rough morning? . FRANK (desperate) Oh come on! INT. OFFICE FLOOR FRANK. and ANGEL share the cramped elevator with FRANK standing in the middle. How about you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you late before in my life.. FInally. ELEVATOR FRANK. INT. ANGEL Hm. good point.. FRANK Oh god! As FRANK realizes who it is he has trouble adjusting from his nervous state to trying to act calm and relaxed for RACHEL who he obviously has a crush on.. and ANGEL exit the elevator.. how are it going? (Collects himself) How are you? ANGEL Who’s Rachel? RACHEL (friendly laughing) I’m doing fine.. he did call us "bastards" ANGEL thinks over the proposition for a little while. RACHEL Hey Frank. Rachel. DEVIL.. There is a long period of awkward silence and tension. DEVIL. ANGEL What are you writing? DEVIL Well.11.

it’s work. not you Rachel! Sorry. we all have those. it’s okay.. what are you up to? RACHEL Oh you know just working. you know. I mean. FRANK That’s great! Well..... FRANK You could say that. (gestures between RACHEL and FRANK) FRANK So.. don’t worry about it. FRANK No.... it can’t really get much worse-FRANK (to DEVIL) Just shut up okay?! RACHEL What? DEVIL Nevermind it can.. DEVIL (to ANGEL) You don’t think.. I better get back to work but stop by if you need anything. you know. It’s not great but...... this is rough. DEVIL Yeah. it’s just been a bit of a weird day. "another day another dollar" RACHEL Yeah. ya know? RACHEL (genuinely sweet) Hey. FRANK looks at ANGEL and DEVIL.. ....12. ANGEL Oh boy.

we’re spectral avatars... interviewing her? This is unbelievable! RACHEL smiles awkwardly and shakes the hand before slightly laughing and leaving.13. I have a lot to get started on too. FRANK Yeah. DEVIL What was all of that? FRANK That was my friend and coworker. you don’t have to lie to us. DEVIL A handshake? Literally anything but that! What are you.. yeah. MR.. walks up behind FRANK looking angry. FRANK.. Thanks Rachel. FRANK and RACHEL awkwardly stand near each other.. FRANK No! No! You know what? We are not doing this right now! Reveal FRANK talking to himself MR. DEVIL C’mon! Tell us about her.. The boss. FRANK does not know what to do without being too forward. Rachel. DEVIL. and ANGEL start walking throughout the office.. RHINEHORN Oh really? Well when would be a better time? After you’re also late from your lunch perhaps? . ANGEL Frank. Finally he reaches out his hand for a handshake. RHINEHORN. DEVIL Now just give her a quick hug goodbye or a touch of the arm or something.

. DEVIL and ANGEL wander around behind FRANK. RHINEHORN’S OFFICE MR. TENSION between the two parties is clear.. in fact.. RHINEHORN 6 years. RHINEHORN Then who were you talking to? FRANK (pauses) Myself. FRANK Mr.14. MR. RHINEHORN You were shouting at yourself? FRANK Yeah. MR.... MR. INT. RHINEHORN sits in a large office chair menacingly. FRANK Yes sir. RHINEHORN begins to walk down the hall. RHINEHORN I don’t blame you. RHINEHORN Frank. Come to my office for a minute. Rhinehorn! Oh god--No! I wasn’t talking to you-MR. MR. FRANK sits across in a small chair. and how many times have you been late in that period? FRANK I’m pretty sure this is my first time sir.... how many years have I been your boss? FRANK Well. I don’t have a very healthy self-image.. I have been early so many times that-- . revealing ANGEL and DEVIL on either side of a scared FRANK.. it’s hard to keep track when you’re having so much fun-MR..

MR. ANGEL Is that a thing? MR. RHINEHORN You think this is funny? FRANK No sir. Do you know what I did before this job? DEVIL He reminds me of my old boss. MR.. RHINEHORN You ever go fishing son? FRANK Not since I was little sir.. RHINEHORN I was a professional fisherman. RHINEHORN Nothing?!? Lives are at stake! DEVIL Whose lives? The fish? FRANK laughs at DEVIL MR.. MR. Frank. RHINEHORN None of that matters. without the pitchfork though.15.. FRANK I do not sir. MR. RHINEHORN Do you know what happens if you’re late while fishing? FRANK (pauses) Nothing? MR... RHINEHORN One more screw up like this and you’re through here! FRANK But this is my first offense! .

FRANK But that isn’t-MR. RHINEHORN You know the expression. DEVIL I can’t believe that. fool me twice. everyone just relax okay? DEVIL takes a deep breath and realizes her intensity towards FRANK. FRANK dejectedly gets up and leaves. . FRANK Well what are you going to do.... he’s my boss-DEVIL No not him! You! FRANK Me?!? DEVIL You need to stand up for yourself in there! That man is not only being unreasonable. sorry.. I won’t let it happen again... RHINEHORN Now! FRANK (gives up) Yes sir.... (forgets the ending) and you’re fired! Now get out of here before I fire you on the spot. The ANGEL shows sympathy towards his plight while DEVIL is upset at his lack of courage. he is a downright asshole! ANGEL Look. fool me once. INT. OUTSIDE OF RHINEHORN’S OFFICE FRANK wipes his face in frustration and exhaustion at the day’s crazy events.16. MR.. shame on you.

DEVIL Plus. hesitant) Did we never tell-. DEVIL You’re right. FRANK What?!? ANGEL (confused. and ANGEL begin to walk together down the hallway. FRANK. while DEVIL leans back with his arms over the bench. I mean why else would we be down here deciding your afterlife if you weren’t going to die soon? FRANK I thought you were being proactive! Oh god! How soon? DEVIL (flips through notepad) 3 days. FRANK Why’s that? DEVIL (laughing) Well I doubt he’s going to talk to you much after you’re dead. Traffic Accident. ANGEL is hunched next to him trying to comfort him... on the verge of despair and tears. PARK BENCH FRANK sits in the middle of the bench.Oh shit! EXT. FRANK I’m going to die?!? ANGEL I’m sorry! I thought we mentioned that. . DEVIL.. surely you must have assumed.. it’s not like you’re going to have to deal with that asshole too much longer anyway.. I shouldn’t be getting involved like this. look I’m sorry..17... hunched over with his face in his hands.

my life is officially over. because. it’s about taking a full moment to notice you’re ..... in their happiest--everything. And the one thing I’ve learned? People are always so focused on what they’ve done with their lives. all these small things are what make up peoples’ lives.... well yes. In the end..ya know what? That’s not the point.. FRANK So this is how it ends. ANGEL Well not officially. FRANK Why? So that you can fill out your stupid reports? ANGEL (sympathetic) No.. these final days are meaningless! ANGEL Hey that’s not true! These last few days are extremely important. you still have three days left! FRANK So what? I might as well kill myself now... look we see a lot of peoples’ lives doing this line of work. in their angriest. but never on what their lives have done for them. When the end rolls around they feel they need to make all the exciting memories and life goals they can right before the end. but also because...18... I mean there’s a lot of paperwork-. enjoying a nice breakfast. it’s not about living each moment to the fullest. getting angry at traffic. right? We see them in their final moments. kind of.. but all the moments in your life are important. choosing the elevator over the stairs because you’re tired.. You have to forget about death and live them like you would every other day...

RACHEL Mind if I join you? FRANK (surprised) I--um--you. RACHEL What are you doing out here? FRANK Oh you know. DEVIL Also because it makes our paperwork a lot easier.. FRANK Wait no! Not there! .. RACHEL runs by the park bench jogging.. really? Of course! Please sit down.. FRANK Rachel! ANGEL Speak of the devil..19. FRANK Well I don’t know if any moments worth noting are ever going to happen in my life... just thinking about life.. She pauses and smiles at FRANK. hey Frank. And that’s why these last few days shouldn’t be any different. ANGEL living. RACHEL begins to move toward the bench and is about to sit down on ANGEL. whether it’s ending or not. DEVIL Please don’t. taking out her earphones. RACHEL Oh.

.. RACHEL smiles and begins to move toward the other side of the bench where DEVIL is sitting. yes. Finally he clears his throat and gathers the courage to speak.. it is.... DEVIL Seriously? Screw you buddy! DEVIL reluctantly gets up and begins to scribble angrily on her notepad.. this is nice isn’t it? FRANK Yes. .20. just sit down on the other side. Here. trying to convince him of the opportunity that has just presented itself.. FRANK So how is work going? RACHEL Oh. ANGEL smiles widely at FRANK. I’ve really been evaluating my character.. I feel like we never talk about you! How are you? FRANK Me? (looks at ANGEL and DEVIL) My life is a bit unbelievable lately. ANGEL & RACHEL Well this is nice isn’t it? FRANK Hmmm? ANGEL & RACHEL I said.. ANGEL Talk to her! FRANK is confused and flabbergasted by the advice. you don’t want to hear about that. because. RACHEL What? Why? FRANK Because... ANGEL and RACHEL begin to say lines at the same time. the sun will be in your eyes.

FRANK Well. RESTAURANT FRANK sits across from RACHEL at a small intimate table in a cafe. intimate date. It is broken up by petty interruptions from ANGEL and DEVIL. DEVIL and ANGEL awkwardly sit on either side of FRANK. maybe we could talk about it over a quick bite to eat? RACHEL smiles. DEVIL Well speaking of that.21. FRANK Oh alright. DEVIL reaches and grabs food off of FRANK’s plate and FRANK slaps her hand away.. . sharing. Finally he gathers courage. For instance. RACHEL (laughing) I’m going to run to the restroom really quick. deep in contemplation.. I’m afraid we actually have to duck out for a little bit to take care of some "spectral business". INT. distracting from the tender.. ANGEL Yeah so we’re going to have to leave you during your date for a little bit. FRANK looks between ANGEL and DEVIL FRANK So does this go in the good or evil notepad? DEVIL and ANGEL look at each other with a smile. A montage of FRANK and RACHEL laughing. RACHEL leaves. or ANGEL tries to talk to the waiter but is ignored.. RACHEL (laughs) Evaluating your character? And what have you found? FRANK looks at ANGEL. gives a confirming look at ANGEL. and looks at RACHEL. and having a wonderful time.

FRANK and RACHEL look worriedly at one another. ANGEL and DEVIL sit over in chairs in the background. FRANK looks over his shoulder at DEVIL and ANGEL leaving as RACHEL begins to talk to him again. FRANK You’re serious? I thought you went every where with me? Always observing my character and such. MR. But we figure. RHINEHORN I hate to break up this little "Ice Cream Social".22. you probably won’t murder anybody in the next hour.. MR. DEVIL and ANGEL leave the restaurant as RACHEL returns to the table.. DEVIL We do. FRANK Really? But what do I-DEVIL and ANGEL get up to leave FRANK Thanks. FRANK starts to walk down the hallway. OFFICE FLOOR FADE IN to RACHEL sitting in the chair at her desk while FRANK sits casually on the desk. we do. INT. Frank could I see you in my office please? FRANK Yes sir. ya know. they are both laughing and sipping coffee.. DEVIL springs up and joins him as he walks.. FADE OUT.. DEVIL Do you think you’re getting promoted? . RHINEHORN walks up. ANGEL Just enjoy yourself with Rachel and we’ll catch up with you later..

DEVIL Yeah and now you were sitting talking to a coworker. fight every instinct you have to apologize and stand up to him! FRANK You know what. you’re right god damn it! DEVIL That’s the spirit! Plus. then you will never try anything new. Stop apologizing for shit you know isn’t reasonable! FRANK But there’s nothing I can do! DEVIL Look. I have to think of a good excuse to go along with my apology. DEVIL steps in front of FRANK and cuts him off.. if it goes wrong. I want you to go in there. FRANK ignores the last comment by DEVIL and bursts into the office... FRANK Shut up! This is serious! You saw how mad he got when I was 10 minutes late. you only have one day left anyway. he might just kill you. but sometimes life is about shaking it up! Take some risks. worried) I don’t know what he’ll do.. DEVIL No. I know my buddy spent the whole day telling you about being true to yourself and what not.23. FRANK (sincere..... add some mystery to your life! If you only live your life based on what feels natural. and that was great for getting you the girl and all.. . You are not going to go in there and just accept his unfair bullshit again. but it’s not going to be good..

RHINEHORN Frank. RHINEHORN’S OFFICE RHINEHORN sits at his desk as before. INT.. have you ever gone fishing? Do you know what happens if you talk to your coworkers while you’re fishing? It can-FRANK I’m going to go ahead and stop you mid-terrible fishing metaphor and say a few things to you. DEVIL Oh wow. . FRANK high-fives DEVIL as he continues to walk DEVIL Oh that’s my man! How did it feel? FRANK It felt amazing! So exhilarating! So powerful! DEVIL See? That’s what happens when you go against your natural urges every once and a while! How did it go? FRANK I put him in his place! He shouldn’t be bothering me anymore.. DEVIL puts her arm around a worried FRANK as they walk down the hall together. FRANK What?!? DEVIL Nevermind that part. OFFICE FLOOR FRANK proudly walks out of the office. I am so proud of you. that worked?!? I thought for sure you would get fired..24. while FRANK powerfully stands across from him... INT..

EXT. FRANK is watching TV late at night with DEVIL and ANGEL on either side of the couch. FRANK looks on either side of him. FRANK sits with RACHEL on the grass at a park with his arm around her. DEVIL Yeah. ANGEL is helping him finish something on the computer while DEVIL goofs around in the background. FRANK So this is where it happens? ANGEL Yep. EXT.. smiles at his new found friends. ANGEL Are you ready? FRANK (laughs) What a crazy question. no one is ever ready for death. ANGEL sits down next to FRANK and puts his arm around him on the other side.. even though . FRANK looks annoyed that they are writing down something so trivial. I always prefer the more unique deaths myself. FRANK gets annoyed and chases ANGEL away. MONTAGE A short montage showing DEVIL and ANGEL’s presence in FRANK’s life over the next couple of days. ANGEL and DEVIL stand on either side of FRANK as he brushes his teeth. RHINEHORN walks up. DEVIL and ANGEL are falling asleep. FRANK is sitting at his desk at work. FRANK What a cliche way to go. ANGEL and DEVIL stand a little ways behind him. on this street in about 1 minute. FRANK tenses up but is relieved when MR. INT. and turns off the television.25. RACHEL is startled and FRANK tries to play it off as if he was swatting a fly away. STREET FRANK stands on the street looking nervous.. letting their notepads slide out of their hands.. RHINEHORN gives him a thumbs up and an approving nod.. A car is going to come down that street and kill you on impact. MR. writing down in their notepads..

. now.. I mean.. DEVIL Here it comes. who wants to die at 9am in the morning? FRANK No... FRANK gets up and dusts himself off in disbelief. FRANK No. there it goes. I’m serious... why did I have to die now? DEVIL Oh boy.. Finally the TRUCK passes anti-climatically. And just as I figured all of that out.26. He looks at the TRUCK and begins to close his eyes in anticipation.. FRANK takes a deep breath and walks out into the middle of the street. FRANK it’s the one thing everyone prepares for their whole life. Before I met you guys I was nobody. . huh? DEVIL Yeah.... Reveal a TRUCK driving down the road towards FRANK. it goes to waste. ANGEL It wasn’t a waste Frank. FRANK What shitty timing.. After you two come into my life and taught me so much! After I start dating Rachel and finally made work tolerable.. slowly drive past FRANK who has jumped out of the way and is now laying on the sidewalk DEVIL and ANGEL watch from the side of the street DEVIL And. I’m me. ANGEL I’m sorry Frank. here comes the existentialism... Suspense builds between the truck coming down the road.

FRANK What happened?! DEVIL What do you mean what happened? You jumped out of the way! FRANK Was that the car that was going to kill me?!? ANGEL Indeed it was.. It happens.. ... DEVIL "Cosmic energy"?!? Where do you come up with this shit?!? FRANK You’re spectral avatars! I didn’t think it was that much of a stretch! ANGEL Well. I thought I had no choice in the matter.. nice going Frank! You fucked up your own death! FRANK I didn’t know I had to stay still and let it hit me! DEVIL What did you think was going to happen?!? FRANK I thought. "it happens"?!? You told me I was going to die! ANGEL And I guess you didn’t. FRANK What do you mean.. that cosmic energy would "force" me to stand in front of it or something... ANGEL and DEVIL start to leave. you dodged your own death..27..

FRANK Wait. OUTSIDE CAFE FRANK walks up to RACHEL who is standing outside a cafe.. ANGEL and DEVIL are gone from the street.. other people need evaluation you know. smiles and turns away trying to take it all in. DEVIL Don’t over think it.. FRANK Where are you going? DEVIL We got to get on with other jobs.. waiting to go in.. When he turns back. DEVIL and ANGEL begin to walk away. beaming with happiness. EXT. He hugs/kisses her. DEVIL (grins) But you won’t see us. what do I do now? Was I never actually going to die? (new insight) DEVIL moves in close to FRANK and puts her hands on his shoulders.. FRANK realizes what they mean. People screw up at their jobs okay? FRANK looks deeply at DEVIL and ANGEL FRANK Thank you. . DEVIL Don’t mention it Frank. we’ll be around. FRANK shouts to them.28. FRANK Will I ever see you guys again? ANGEL Oh. thank you both so much.

As they walk in. FRANK does not acknowledge them at all since he can no longer see them. . FRANK looks back outside and the table is empty again. DEVIL and ANGEL smile and watch him go inside. RACHEL Well look at you! Aren’t you in a happy mood. FRANK puts his arm around RACHEL and they go inside.29. they reveal DEVIL and ANGEL who are sitting at the table outside. FRANK (smiles) It’s a brand new day.

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