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THE TACIT DIMENSION MICHAEL POLANY!I DOUBLEDAY & COMPANY, INC. GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK 1966 @eversiry oF LIBRARY LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOG CARD NUMBER 66-21015 COPYRIGHT © 1966 BY MICHAEL POLANYI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FIRST EDITION ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am grateful to Yale University for extending to me the invitation to deliver the Terry Lectures of 1962, from which this book has been developed. The theme of the book took shape during my years at Merton College, Oxford, as Senior Research Fellow, and was first expounded in public lectures delivered at the Uni- versity of Virginia in 1961. I developed these ideas further during my stay at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Palo Alto, at Duke University where I lectured during the summer of 1964, and at Wesleyan University where I was a Senior Fel- low at its Center for Advanced Studies in 1965-66. I gratefully remember my friends who responded to my thoughts and enriched them. Professor Philip Hallie of Wesleyan, Professor Marjorie Grene of the University of Califomia, and my wife (who also prepared the in- dex) read the manuscript and did much to put it into better shape. I wish to thank Professor Harry Woolf, Chairman of the Department of the History of Science, for granting permission to use part of my essay “Science and Man’s Place in the Universe” which appeared in his Science as a Cultural Force (Johns Hopkins Press, 1964).