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Help yourself Planning remedial work activity Use the grid below to help you plan how to solve difficuties you experience in your own study. Make a note of problems you identify. Next, make a plan to solve them use the iTEST-framework troubleshooting guide to help you. Finally, evaluate how succesful the plan was

Problem I have problem with listening

Study Plan This week Im going to: - Download or copy some broadcasts from some website, such the BBC to practice. - Do two or three more TOEFL ITP listening papers in my spare time.

Evaluation Definitely better. I still have problems but Im more confident with listening.

iTEST-framework troubleshooting guide Problem Listening I find the it difficult to concenrate on the recording and questions at the same time.

Suggested Solution

Always use the time allowed to read the questions before you begin. Underline key words n the questions so that you have an idea what to listen for. Predict waht kinds of answers will be required, such as Strategies, Who, What, Where, Negatives, Functions, Contrary Meanings, Idiomatic Language. The questions follow the order of the recording, so use the organization of diagrams or headings in notes to predict what you are going to to hear.

I get confused when Im listening. Im not used to hearing people speak English that quickly.

Problem Structure and Written Expression I find hard to think up the ideas of sentence(s)

You probably need to listen to more real English to improve. Watch TV or Films in English. Try to listen without subtitles. Listen to English-speaking radio. Podcast are widely available on the internet. Suggested Solution

Understand all TEST extract given. Take sample questions and compare with the TEST extract. Read more the TOEFL ITP book provided by ETS. This book is to equal patterns coming up on the Real TOEFL ITP TEST. Match the Questions-and-the Answer Key and understand the grammatical mechanics chosen.

Problem Reading I dont have enough tme to read all the text(s).

Suggested Solution

If you dont understand a word or phrase, ignore it. It might not be important or might relate to any questions.

I normally run out of time.

If you find a question very difficult, move on. You can return to it later. You have approximately 1 minute 3 seconds for each questions, so try not to spend more than this amount of time on each. Practice reading outside class. This will widen your vocabulary, improve your reading speed, and make it easier to understand the structure of each passage.

I find reading for main idea especially difficult.

Practising summarizing the paragraphs in your own words before you look at the headings. Go with SQ3R, Marginal Glossing, and Scaffolding.

I find reading for details especially difficult.

Practise this task more to identify the synonim, contrast, example, and general context. Understand all TEST Word Power booklet given.

I find reading for inferences especially difficult.

When you read, try to identify the overal structure of the passage, for example, it may consists of topic and supporting topics. Draw lines or make notes on the passage to divide it up. Look for linking word that indicate the progression of the passage, especially at the start of the paragraphs. These may indicate the transition between major sections. Indetify the key words in the questions and in the passage as you read.

...what you need is to be familiar with the pattern coming up repeatedly

(Suaib, Eddy. TOEFL ITP extract. Indonesia: Test-English School, 2012)