the edge detector best suited for the current set of data.The features detected In this program where the Graphical User Inferface is utilize, after loading the image and choosing for a edge detector technique the result will show. It is possible also to recognize the shapes present in the image.

Edge detection is a fundamental tool in computer vision, image processing and have been extensively used for shape recognition. Shape recognition is defined as a featured-based shape matching which involve the use of spatial arrangement of extracted features such as edge elements or junctions. The mentioned feature which is the edge elements is extracted using the process of edge detection. Edge detection is the process of finding sharp contrasts in intensities in an image. This process significantly reduces the amount of data in the image, while preserving the most important structural features of that image. An edge is the boundary between an object and the background, and indicates the boundary between overlapping objects. This means that if the edges in an image can be identified accurately, all of the objects can be located and basic properties such as area, perimeter, and shape can be measured. Since computer vision involves the identification and classification of objects in an image, edge detections is an essential tool. In this paper, we have compared several techniques for edge detection in image processing. These techniques are Canny, LoG( Laplacian of Gaussian), Robert, Prewitt and Sobel.

Data interpretation

Conclusion As edge detection is a fundamental step in computer vision, it is necessary to point out the true edges to get the best results from the matching process. That is why it is important to choose edge detectors that fit best to the application. Since edge detection is the initial step in object recognition, it is important to know the differences between edge detection techniques. In this paper we studied the most commonly used edge detection technique. The software is developed using MATLAB 7.0. Canny’s edge detection algorithm is computationally more expensive compared to Sobel, Prewitt and Robert’s operator. However, the Canny’s edge detection algorithm performs better than all these operators under almost all scenarios. Evaluation of the images showed that under noisy conditions, Canny, LoG, Sobel, Prewitt, Roberts’s exhibit better performance, respectively. Recommendation After running the program and testing the different edge detection techniques to different images, the edge detectors advantages and disadvantages are recorded.

Objectives . To illustrate the differences and similarities of the presented edge detection techniques. To determine which edge detector techniques is the most preferable to be used. To distinguish and recognize the shape/s from an image with the use of edge detection. To create a model using GUI/MATLAB that can detect edge and recognize shapes of different loaded images.

System description

This system could be used to create a multi-edgedetector system, which analyzes the scene and runs

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