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26 Learning abilities.

SOI Ability CFU: Comprehension of Figural Units CFC: Comprehension of Figural Classes CFS: Comprehension of Figural Systems CFT: Comprehension of Figural Transformations CSR: Comprehension of Symbolic Relations CSS: Comprehension of Symbolic Systems CMU: Comprehension of seMantic Units CMR: Comprehension of seMantic Relations CMS: Comprehension of seMantic Systems MFU: Memory for Figural Units MSUv: Memory for Symbolic Units visual MSSv: Memory for Symbolic Systems visual MSUa: Memory for Symbolic Units auditory MSSa: Memory for Symbolic Systems-auditory MMI: Memory of seMantic Implications EFU: Evaluation of Figural Units EFC: Evaluation of Figural Classes ESC: Evaluation of Symbolic Classes ESS: Evaluation of Symbolic Systems NFU: coNvergent production of Figural Units NSS: coNvergent production of Symbolic Systems NST: coNvergent production of Symbolic Transformations NSI: coNvergent production of Symbolic Implications DFU: Divergent production of Figural Units DMU: Divergent production of seMantic Units DSR: Divergent production of Symbolic Relations Academic Skill Visual closure Visual conceptualization Constancy of object in space Spatial conservation (Piaget) Notational relations Notational progressions Sight Vocabulary Verbal relations (analogies) Extended verbal comprehension Memory for visual details Visual attending Visual sequencing Auditory attending Auditory sequencing Verbal Implications Visual discrimination Judging similarity of concepts Notational concepts Notational processes Psychomotor coordination Problem-solving with math facts Speed of word recognition Form reasoning and logic Creativity with things Creativity with words and ideas Creativity with notation relations Curriculum Area Reading readiness Reading readiness Mathematics Mathematics Arithmetic/Math Arithmetic/Math Reading & Language Arts Reading & Language Arts Reading & Language Arts Reading & Language Arts Reading readiness Reading readiness Arithmetic Arithmetic Language Arts Reading readiness/spelling Reading readiness Arithmetic/ Mathematics Arithmetic/ Mathematics Writing Arithmetic Reading Mathematics Spatial/Graphic arts Creative writing Mathematics/ Programming Advantages if Well-Developed Excellent comprehension of visual details Good foundation for conceptualization Able to see spatial relationships Able to orient object in space; good perspective Able to see symbolic interrelationships Good command of arithmetic facts Understands meanings and nuances Able to see verbal associations Understands complicated verbal information Able to remember incidental information Good with visual details; memory for symbols Good memory for visual sets, series, and sequences Good with auditory details Good with auditory sets, series and sequences Able to comprehend whole from partial information; intuitive Able to make visual judgments Good at organization and classification Able to conceptualize symbolic data Good at selecting numerical processes Neat and careful with details Good command of arithmetic processes Able to scan data rapidly; excellent for programming Able to utilize good reasoning and logic Good fluency and confidence with ideas Ability to produce ideas and put them together Confident and willing to explore with symbolics Consequences if Undeveloped Will not see word completely Difficulty with classification Difficulty manipulating spatial relationships Difficulty with perspective; inhibited in geometry Difficulty with discovery method Weak on arithmetic facts Will have word holes in sentences Poor at analogies Inability to track long or involved sentences Weak in memory for details Difficulty with spelling; loses visual concentration Will not be able to hold and process or sequence data May have auditory discrimination problems Unable to hold information presented orally Unable to work with abstract or incongruous info May mistake letters or omit small words in sentences Problems with similarities and differences Difficulty using set concepts; with new math Prone to math anxiety; uncomfortable with ambiguity Slow at work requiring hand/eye coordination Difficulty with seeing arithmetic solutions Loses place while reading; skipping words or lines Will have difficulty with thought problems Inhibited in tasks lacking explicit instructions Will be slow and/or pedantic in writing Difficulty with new math concepts

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