ISSUE #14 WINTER, 2012

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. --The Angel Gabriel Greetings from The Edge! As you may notice, we are changing the name of our newsletter. Why? As striking as “Voices From Prison” is, everyone doesn’t particularly relate to prison. In some way, everyone relates to “The Edge.” We want to move forward with our core concern for those who are incarcerated, but cast our net out wider to all who may sometimes feel on the edge. What is The Edge? A place where you feel lost…alone…broke…abandoned. A place of failed marriage…a nowhere job or no job. A place of feeling or no feeling. A place where you are afraid…confused…angry…in pain. A place of darkness…and yet somehow light? A place of disconnection…or the beginning of real connection? reality…with others in their pain and despair…with God? From this Edge, voices call out to the Center: What’s going on? Are you with us? Together can we turn this around? We are all on The Edge. The Edge may be the true Center. We want to hear your voice. Will you listen to one of ours? It is the cry of the mother of a mentally ill young man who murdered a neighbor during a psychotic break: I am searching, searching for meaning in all this. How did we end up here? Why? How do we accept this? Should we accept this, really? How do we manage the anger, the loss of faith? How do we live now? How do we begin to heal? Tell us what we are supposed to do, God! We are waiting for signs, answers. I pray constantly for answers. I find myself repeating the Hail Mary over and over again— When I awake, while walking the dog, in the shower, running to work— “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…” I wonder, is the Lord really with us? Why has God forsaken us, I ask!


We worked hard. We were determined to beat this mental illness thing. My boy, he suffered so much. I had faith that together we could figure it out. I felt sure he would thrive— I believed with God by his side, he could become the man he wanted to be— A kind, sensitive, effective young man. I am desperately searching for Peace. I am hoping the deep, profound sadness that tortures my heart will somehow lift! I pray this nightmare will pass. My boy prays too. He prays for a miracle, his miracle. Oh, that the violent episode was merely a delusion of his mind. And that his guardian angel really could protect and save us from ourselves and others. Together we cry. We wait for God’s sign. I pray “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee? Do you hear her last plaintive question? “Is the Lord really with you, Mary? And with us too? We shouldn’t be afraid to ask these questions. Whether due to a personal tragedy that erupts in your family, or one that erupts nationally as in the gun deaths of the children in Newtown, Connecticut. Have you abandoned us, Lord? Even Jesus asked that on the cross. As long as we are addressing this to God, we haven’t lost faith. In this New Year, we look forward to your being part of a “blog” we have begun at www.adeodatusministry.com. We very much want to hear your voice in our new conversation with people from The Edge. We want to reach out to hear the voices of people in our society who often are not heard in the mainstream conversation. People like those in prison. People like their families, and the families of the victims of violence. People like the mother who calls out up above. Remember, God became a child—Jesus. Because of this, God is with us in life. No matter what age we become, no matter what color, class or faith, God is in every child. So impossibly awesome is this mystery of love that we may not remember him looking out through our eyes as we experienced life as a child. Lord, open our old tired eyes again, Open them to see again, to believe again, to live our faith again that God became a child, God is in every child. God is in you. Who would dare to harm such a child? This is the message we want you to help us cry out from The Edge. Join our support group--for ex-inmates and those who work for their reintegration into society--on Thursday nights (7:30 to 9:00). On the first Thursday of the month we meet at the Bevilacqua Center at Kensington and Lehigh Aves, Philadelphia. On all other Thursdays we meet at St. Rita of Cascia rectory 1126 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia. Through prayer, the Gospel and Christian fellowship we offer strength to meet the challenges of life in this world. You are not alone. Fr. Paul Morrissey OSA ADROP - Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor www.rightsofthe poor.org. Don’t forget now. Jump into our conversation on this topic. Go to www.facebook/adeodatusministry.com. and say a word or two. Thank you. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee?

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