Professor: Jim McCutcheon Sections: A, B, C, D, E Office: SBE 1268 Phone 884-0710, Ext. 2058 (24 hour automated) 884-1970, Ext. 2058 (switchboard 8:30am-5: 30pm) E-mail: jmccutch@wlu.ca Course Website: www.wlu.ca/sbe/bu111

Teaching Assistants: Room P1002 Phone 884-0710, Ext. 2190 Faculty Assistant: Office Hours: Jane Thomas Room SBE 2201, Phone 884-0710, Ext. 2063 Monday /Wednesday Tuesday: Friday 11:30am-12:15pm 1:00-2:00 pm 9:00-10:30 am (by appointment only)

Required Texts:

Business, Custom Edition for Wilfrid Laurier University, R.W. Griffin, R.J. Ebert, and F.A. Starke: Pearson Prentice Hall, Toronto: 2008 Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, Custom Edition for BU111 and BU121, B.R. Barringer and R.D. Ireland, Pearson Prentice Hall, Toronto, 2008 Business 111 Lab Manual, Twenty-Fourth Edition, Jim McCutcheon and Laura Allan: Captus Press, 2009. iClicker, Available from WLU Bookstore

Course Objectives:

Since we are a “professional school offering a professional education” these standards and expectations will be consistent with those of Co-op and full time employers. This “Big Picture” provides you with a conceptual framework that allows you to understand all of the environmental and functional considerations that impact on managerial decision making. An integrative model or framework that shows the role of management in today’s fast paced and ever changing business environment. motivating/empowering. Through active participation in the Lab component of the course. Textbook Readings – Your texts will provide you with a broad overview to the topics covered in the course. A clear understanding of both the academic and behavioural standards expected of you in the Honours Business Administration Program at Wilfrid Laurier University. .C.Business 111 (Lecture Sections A.Two lectures will be given each week. Topics covered will include an examination of the Canadian capital markets and financial system. Both the midterm and final examination in Business 111 will be based on the materials discussed in lectures. Lectures are designed to provide an in depth examination of a more limited number of topics than those broached in your text. The conceptual framework and terminology provided by your text will prove to be invaluable throughout your four years of study in the Business Administration Program at Laurier. controlling). 2. 2. 4. 5. corporate structure and governance. organizing. and the process of management (planning. The concepts advanced in the course will provide a foundation that will be further developed in Business 121 and senior business courses. business ethics and social responsibility. An introductory overview to the external business environment and how it affects managerial decision making.E) is designed to provide Honours Business students with five things: 1. Lectures .D. Recognize however. Failure to attend lectures and take detailed lecture notes will result in sub par performance on examinations. personal investing and the role of the stock market. the opportunity to both understand and develop many of the interpersonal and managerial skills required of successful managers. different forms of ownership available to business. Methodology: In Business 111 three approaches to learning are used: 1.B. 3. Students are expected to come to lectures having read the required textbook material. The text also familiarizes students with the terminology or “language” of business. This will enhance and facilitate your understanding of how the specific topics discussed in lectures fit into the broader context of Canadian business and management. students are not expected to “memorize” the text for examination purposes. corporate and personal taxation in Canada. A basic business vocabulary.

then he or she will be assigned a mark of ZERO on the lab portion of the course! You will not receive any participation or clicker marks for missed labs. 3rd. Labs start the second week of classes. PowerPoint summaries of some of the materials covered in lectures will be provided on the Business 111 course website. particularly one’s ability to work effectively in groups and achieve results through others.PowerPoint slides. * NOTE: Attendance at labs is COMPULSORY! If a student misses more than two (2) labs without valid reasons (i. Marking Scheme**: Labs: 50 marks 10 marks – Stock Market Competition Competition Runs from October 19th – December 3rd (trading deadlines – Oct. 10th ) . It is your responsibility to complete the “Lab Make-Up Form” and to notify your TA in advance of missing a lab. it is best to attend another lab during the week. The lab registration procedures will be discussed in lectures. 3. Labs also provide students the opportunity to develop many of the skill sets required of practising managers. 27th. You will need to fill out the “Lab Make-Up Form” available on the course website. attendance at lectures is imperative to insure that students have all of the materials required for examination purposes. A completed form will simply insure that you are not counted absent from labs. as well as providing extra help with material covered in lectures. The material covered in lectures and your assigned readings provide you with the knowledge base required of first year BBA students. Nov. This means that you will not be counted as being absent. As such. a doctor's certificate). If you are aware that you are going to miss a lab. nor will participation marks be transferred.e. There will be no clicker marks transferred. Labs provide you the opportunity to apply that knowledge base to situations that require managerial decision making. Nov. Labs will provide the opportunity for personal participation in case discussions and simulated decision-making situations. Note that not all lecture materials will be provided in this format and that any materials so provided will be in summary form. acting as the Teaching Assistant or lab leader. Weekly Labs: Each student is required to register in a weekly lab where smaller groups of students (25) meet with a senior business student. Lab Registration – Lab registration will be conducted using our own on-line system separate from the university system.

Date determined by the Registrar’s Office NOTE: Both the midterm and the final exams are CONTROLLED ACCESS exams. before 12:00 Noon to Turnitin. October 23. Visit www.com and in hard copy to the boxes outside the TA Office. under “Academic Privileges and Responsibilities” click on “Student Code of Conduct and Discipline”. 20 marks – New Venture Project 5 marks: Initial Proposal due Friday.5 marks: Final Report due Monday. or who is subsequently caught with a copy of the exam. read 12:2 I) Introduction.wlu. click on “Undergraduate Academic Calendar”. November 23 before 12:00 Noon to both Turnitin.ca for a copy of the calendar! Click on the Tab “AcademicInfo” then click on “Academic Calendar”.com and hard copy to the boxes outside the TA Office. 6:00pm-9:30 pm. This committee does not look favourably on petitions for final exam deferrals due to travel commitments – do not book any travel plans until you see the final exam timetable! It is our intent to fail those students who do not meet a reasonable standard of performance on their two examinations. October 16. regardless of his/her overall mark in the course! ** NOTE: The University has a strict policy regarding academic misconduct. Late reports will be assigned a grade of zero.5 marks: Lab Presentation 10 marks – Participation See Guidelines on page vii of the Lab Manual Midterm Exam*: 30 marks Final Exam*: Total * 30 marks 110 marks Friday. 7.10 marks – Group Case Hand-In Due Friday. October 30. Midterm deferrals are arranged through your professor (not your teaching assistant). will receive a mark of zero on that exam.com only 7. Anyone who leaves the exam or lab room without handing back their exam. click on “University Undergraduate Regulations”. 12:2 II) Academic and Research . before 12:00 Noon to Turnitin. whereas final exam deferrals are arranged through the SBE petitions committee. click on “2009/10 Academic Calendar”. and an F grade in the course. Any student failing both the midterm and the final examination WILL NOT receive a passing grade. Late cases will be assigned a grade of zero.

and control your group’s processes and output. Students are encouraged to review the Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus. Group work is taken very seriously in SBE. All work will be checked by turnitin for plagiarism against other student submissions as well as turnitin’s extensive database. If your group has difficulty with one or more members of the group failing to contribute please consult the “Team Requirements and Group Disciplinary Procedure” document on the course website. the hard copy must be identical to the digital assignment submitted to Turnitin. will be a true test of your collective managerial capabilities. It is everyone’s responsibility to both read and adhere to these guidelines! All students will be required to sign a “Statement of Academic Integrity” as a mandatory course requirement in BU111.com well before the deadline.com. A and B. For assignments where hard copy is required. Management by definition is “the process of working with and through individuals and groups in order to attain organizational goals and objectives”. You will remain in this group until the end of Business 121 next April. It is recommended that you submit your assignments to Turnitin. which could potentially make your assignment late.Misconduct.turnitin. . You will be assigned to your group in Labs early in Business 111. This document outlines the procedure to be followed to ensure that all members of your group are contributing at the level expected. It is your responsibility to both read and adhere to the foregoing guidelines! The course Codes of Conduct can be found on pages ix-xiv of Business 111 Lab Manual. NOTE: Students with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact Laurier’s Special Needs Office for information regarding its services and resources.com by the due date indicated on the course outline. As such. Any student who is “fired” from their group will receive a mark of 0 on that (and any subsequent) group exercise(s). organize. Any student caught plagiarising will receive a mark of 0 on the assignment and possibly an F grade in Business 111. Students should begin the “Group Disciplinary Procedure” at the first sign of trouble. The final step in the Group Disciplinary Procedure for any student who repeatedly fails to demonstrate commitment to his or her group is being “fired” from the group by other group members. as well as having the incident noted on their permanent academic records at the University. as sometimes the excess traffic generated by other students on Turnitin. your group’s ability to effectively plan. All work submitted for marking must be submitted electronically to www.com slows service down. If changes have been made to the hard copy assignment this will be considered academic misconduct and a mark of zero may be assigned. In both Business 111 and Business 121 you will be undertaking a series of group exercises that will have a significant impact on the final mark that you attain in each of these courses.

Chapter 1. review chart in Lab Manual page 6  “Overview of the Canadian Financial System”  “What Is A Case? An Introduction to the Case Method” Prepare:  “The Joe McBrine Case” Lab Manual. pages 1-23  Lab Manual: The Taxation of Investment Returns in Canada  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities. for discussion in Labs September 21-25 Week 2: September 21-25 Lecture Topics:  Why Invest?  Factors to Consider Before Investing  Personal Taxation in Canada  Taxation of Investment Returns Read:  Business.255-276 in the Lab Manual . On Line Lab Registration for BBA students takes place this week. Chapter 1: Recognizing Opportunities and Generating Ideas. Instructions will be provided in lectures and on the course website.Course Syllabus: Week 1: September 14-18 Note: There are no Labs this week. Chapter 4 “Understanding Entrepreneurship. Small Business and New Venture Creation” pages 102-119  Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures. “Investing and the Capital Markets” p. “Understanding the Environments of Business” pages 36-68  Lab Manual:  “Factors to Consider Before Investing”  “The Canadian Financial System”. Lecture Topics:  Course Introduction and Course Model  Capital Markets and the Capital Formation Process Read:  “Business” Chapter 2.

“Stocks” p. on-line at www. p. Chapter 6.invest.335-337 pertaining to rights and warrants. Lab Manual. for discussion in Labs September 28-October 2  The Jeff Martin Case. Chapter 7. for discussion in Labs October 5-9 Week 4: October 5-9 Lecture Topics:  Alternative Types of Investments: Preferred Stock and Common Stock Read:  Stock Market Competition “References Tab” (This tab contains a drop-down menu that includes a total of 16 sub-menus all of which must be read). “Financial Planning” p. You will be learning about financial statements and ratio analysis in Business 121 next term Prepare:  Tax Problems: Set #2 and Set #3 for discussion in Labs October 5-9  “Filmore Automated Systems Case”. for discussion in Labs September 28-October 2 Week 3: September 28-October 2 Lecture Topics:  Alternative Types of Investments: Bonds and Debentures Read:  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities. It will be discussed by your Teaching Assistant at that time. Lab Manual.304-312 pertaining to zero coupon or strip bonds are optional and will not be tested on the midterm examination  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities. 411-435  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities. “Getting Into the Market” p. “Bonds.337344. Lab Manual. and the Money Market” p. p.ca  Note: It is important that you have read this material prior to attending your Lab in the week of October 12-16. Chapter 3. 313-318  The materials covered on p.277-303.344353 pertaining to selecting an investment based on quantitative analysis of the firm’s financial statements is optional and will not be tested on the midterm examination.  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities.Prepare:  Tax Problems: Set #1.319-335.353-356  The materials covered on p. and p. for discussion in Labs October 12-16 . Debentures.wlu. Chapter 2. 437463  Lab Manual: Buying and Selling Equities: The Mechanics Prepare:  Stock Market Problems Set #1 and Set #2.

p. “Mutual Funds”.com and in hard copy format to the boxes outside the TA Office . Chapter 5. “Feasibility Analysis” pages 35-57  Lab Manual: Crucial Considerations Regarding Forms of Business Ownership Prepare:  Stock Market Problems. Chapter 4. “Options”.Week 5: October 12-16 Monday October 12th Thanksgiving Holiday! No lectures or Labs on October 12th The last day of lectures for BBA students will be Monday.com before 12:00 Noon. Set #4 for discussion in Labs October 26-30 Friday. Week 6: October 19-23 Monday October 19th Stock Market Competition Begins Lecture:  Stock Options: Call Contracts  Stock Options: Put Contracts Read:  Business: Chapter 4. p. p.385-409 Prepare:  Stock Market Problems Set #3 for discussion in Labs October 19-23  “Twin City Credit Union Case” for discussion in Labs October 19-23 Friday.357-383  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities. “Understanding Entrepreneurship. Lecture Topics:  Security Market Transactions: Short Sales  Security Market Transactions: Buying Stock on Margin Read:  Lab Manual: How to Invest in Canadian Securities. Small Business. October 23: Group Informal Report on “The Burlington Brick Company” due in electronic form to Turnitin. No exceptions!!! Late proposals will be assigned a grade of zero. and New Venture Creation”.121-133  Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures. December 7 (which is the make-up day for the Thanksgiving holiday). October 16: New Venture Proposal due to Turnitin.

p. Week 7: October 26-30 Lecture Topics:  Factors Affecting Option Premiums  Mutual Funds  Forms of Business Ownership: Partnerships and Proprietorships Read:  Lab Manual: Two Thirds of Everything  Lab Manual: Boomers and Other Cohorts” Prepare:  Tax Problems. pages 67-87  Lab Manual: Social Responsibility of Business”  Lab Manual: Ethics  Lab Manual: Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making Week 9: November 9-13__________________________________________________________ . for discussion in Labs November 2-6  “Derek Wade Case” for discussion in Labs November 2-6 Review:  All course materials that will be covered on the Midterm Examination.com or hard copy) will be assigned a grade of zero. Set #4.70-97  Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures. Friday. Midterm Examination. No exceptions!!! Late cases (Turnitin. “Industry and Competitor Analysis”. Room Locations will be distributed in Lectures and posted on the course website Week 8: November 2-6 Lecture Topics:  Forms of Business Ownership: Corporations  Taxation of Corporations  Corporate Structure  Corporate Governance Read:  Business.m. “Conducting Business Ethically and Responsibly”. Chapter 3. 6:00-9:30 p.P1002 before 12:00 Noon. October 30. The exam format and materials to be covered on the exam will be discussed in lectures.

Lecture Topics:  Planning. Organization. “Managing the Business Enterprise”. November 23: New Venture Reports due to Turnitin.com and in hard copy format to the boxes outside the T.A.Lecture Topics:  Social Responsibilities of Business  Business Ethics Read:  Lab Manual: The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops  Lab Manual: Schools of Management Thought  Lab Manual: The Modern School Prepare:  Liberty Oil Case for discussion in Labs November 16-20  Chrysler and Gao Feng: Corporate Responsibility for Religious and Political Freedom in China Case for discussion in Labs November 16-20 In Labs this week you will be taking up your midterm examination Week 10: November 16-20 Lecture Topics:  The Evolution of Management Thought  The Process of Management Read:  Business: Chapter 6. Office. p174-199 . “Organizing the Business Enterprise”. No exceptions!!! Late reports will be assigned a grade of zero. Control  Employee Motivation and Empowerment Read:  Business: Chapter 7. p204-230 Presentations: .Week 11: November 2327________________________________________________________ Monday. P1002 prior to 12:00 Noon.

p300-325 Thursday. December 7: Make-up day for Thanksgiving holiday.com and in hard copy format to the boxes outside the TA Office P1002. Selected groups will present their “New Venture Feasibility Proposals” in Labs this week Week 12: November 30-December 4 Lecture Topics:  Employee Motivation and Empowerment Read:  Business: Chapter 10. A review sheet will be distributed in lectures. before 4:00 pm November 10. due to Turnitin. October 30 November 3. Presentations:  Remaining groups will present their “New Venture Feasibility Proposals” in Labs this week Monday. At least one valid transaction entered into Stock Market Competition to avoid loss of one mark Midterm Examination 6:00pm-9:30pm At least one valid transaction entered into Stock Market Competition to avoid the loss of two marks At least one valid transaction entered into Stock Market Competition to avoid the loss of three marks October 27. Examination and Assignment Due Dates BU111 Fall 2009 Date October 16. “Motivating and Leading Employees”. Final day of lectures and Labs. December 3: Stock Market Competition Ends Review:  All course materials to be covered on the Final Examination. before 12:00 noon Assignment/Examination New Venture Proposal due to Turnitin. before 4:00 pm . before 12:00 noon October 19 October 23. before 4:00 pm Friday.com Stock Market Competition Begins Group Case: The Burlington Brick Company.

com and in hard copy format to the boxes outside the TA Office P1002 Stock Market Competition Ends Final Exams.November 23. before12:00 noon New Venture Report due to Turnitin. The SBE Petitions committee will not allow final exam deferrals for travel or vacation arrangements booked prior to the release of the final exam schedule in October. . Actual date for the BU111 final exam will be determined by the Examinations Office and announced in mid-October December 3 December 10-22** ** Do not make any travel or vacation arrangements until you have your final examination schedule.

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