2013 the Year of the 13th sign doubles the zodiac to 26 Signs


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ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPT Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 2: the original zodiac as shared by all

astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 3 as well.

DIAMOND 2013 YEAR The positions of the planets along with their real zodiacal placements for New Year 2013. 55 Cancri e is of course your Diamond Planet.

SEASONS AND PRECESSION The zodiac has of course nothing to do with seasons at all. If Venus enters Scutum in one year, it does not mean it will enter into the selfsame constellation in the next year at all: years differ in all: the beauty of diversity that was not meant for the blind bureaucrat. CORVINE MOONS The Moon’s path is even less regular as measured on monthly basis. If people would even care about the trajectories of the Moon, it would greatly surprise them day after day, year after year: its trajectories are almost unpredictable. The Moon is the most difficult object to calculate even when in possession of superior integration devices. PAPERS PLEASE In order to prove one’s qualifications, one will handle you a paper: meaning one will die as qualified astrologer: meaning never knowing one’s own natal Sun sign by one’s own decision: if the devil may be said to possess a mind of its own, that is. EVIL PLANET The paper is not the skies. People are easily cheated by other people who hate the skies. The skies don’t care much, of course, for a planet as busy into cheating upon the next degeneration: that man is an evil being is clear in all animals.

GOD & NASA The devil is angry at science because science illuminates the people: the inorganic pest loses its own followers. The poor-minded who defend a 13 signs system will be surprised at hearing that the zodiac has in fact 13 + 13 = 26 constellations in all; Pluto permitting. 13? The zodiac never had anything to do with seasons at all. The zodiac is not even determined by the Sun at all. The Sun does not determine any zodiac at all. The ascendant set has nothing to do with the zodiac. There is nothing like a 13 signs ascendant set in the real sky. We hope that is clear by now even to the worst 13 superstition. 22 or 26? Splitting the zodiac into halves was never our intention: it just happens that the novel 13 superstition comes handy in promoting the 1973 – 2013 jubilee of the Academic Zodiac. 26/2 = 13? While the 13 solar stations are a simple fact this end of superstition, the total number of zodiacal stations is 26 – Pluto permitting. In other words, the 26 zodiac is a Pluto nostalgia affair: for those who want Pluto back, the number of zodiacal stations is still 26. ASTRONOMY DOMINO How come astronomers ignore the fact? They will eventually catch up with 26. The IAU was informed. As to the rest: superstition needs time to dissolve even through brightest synaptic networks, of which ex Internet was never part of, indeed.

13? Does one have to downgrade to 13 sings or vice-versa? Nothing changes as the historical P zodiac always had 26 signs: it was with the demotion of Pluto from planetary status that the zodiac was established as 22: to the overwhelming joy of Tarot initiates.

DO YOU AEON? Do you feel the Aeon? Did you find the right stars? Are you a star gate yourself? ARE YOU AEON? Do you have the stuff? Are you completely moved by the Aeon? Do you move the Aeon? CLEAR SKIES - TRUE NATAL AND ACTUAL PLANETARY POSITIONS FOR ALL The only way to your own true natal planets – a scientific machete at your side as quick break through the progressively less thick forest of superstition. Clear and abundant diagrams showing the relevantly delineated positions of the 1008 natal planets. Intimidating quality, supreme authority, accurate natal and current skies as confirming to the highest IAU, NASA JPL and Harvard MPC standards. Academic Zodiac – serving the astrological academic community online since 1972 - where your true planets are.

UNDINE BIRTHS Just married the right girl. She spends most of her time in the water element? An undine normally ascends in Eridanus, Cetus or Hydra. Her natal; Moon and thus favorite bathing time will e.g. be in Cetus. Her Venus may be in Hydra. Not only the Moon and Venus determine undine births, but also nether ascendants along with a host 4 of helpful signifiers

from the centaurean kingdom of the dwarf planets. Not every girl wading through shallow water will be found mermaid-like, of course, but some extraordinary incarnations may fascinate with their inhuman glow. Children born at the peak of the Aeon of Cetus – meaning now – tend to receive massive transits from all planets in Cetus: Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, ascendant – Earth - and Sun. Thus, 9 planets in Cetus. 26 How many stations does the zodiac have? 22 including the Moon and Sun. 26 including Pluto. 43 including Eris. Since most people still peruse Pluto as planet; 26 is their zodiac. #EU26 Why #EU26? Because on #brexit and #grexit Europe could settle for 26 members, the precise number of zodiacal stations 5. Thus, for every European country - one pertaining

zodiacal sign. EUROPEAN ZODIAC How do we reckon zodiacal signs? The zodiacal ascendant Eridanus is river Po in Italy. Interpolating the rest should be no problem. A tip for rogue Hydra: it finds itself between Monoceros and Leo: see on Triune Ascendant and our Reptilian Unicorn series.

EU TAROT The digital version has already its countries appended to the deck 6. Are there any serpents

in Ireland? To whom do we append Serpens and Ophiuchus? As Italy and USA share the selfsame ascendant – Caput leads while Cauda follows – it is of utmost importance to be selective in prediction as concern this radically offset 7 part of the winter sky.

14 Fourteen zodiacal signs went rogue? This is only for Pluto believers. Yes, we are afraid that people into Pluto miss 14 zodiacal signs. The 22 zodiacal signs were calculated without Pluto - as officially dismissed from planetary status at the time of Eris. RELATIONSHIP ISSUES? Disappointed in relationship shift? Confused about Sun signs? The only cure is the real sky. Still dating the WRONG Sign? http://ow.ly/h1eKC

DOLPHIN KIDS As Uranus reenters Cetus for the peak of the AEON, “dolphin children” are born with many transiting planets in Cetus; however, the real leaders are not the 2007 "Hydra kids" but the 2017 Pegasean children – with Venus as respectively in Hydra or Pegasus. #1622 If there are 13 ascendants in the sky: why don’t we see them rising over the eastern horizon? We record 16. If there are only 13 zodiacal stations, how come we record 22?

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Cruithne-based charts and spacecraft births have been presented some two decades ago. 4 1008 planets. 5 Historically: P zodiac. This zodiac had P1 and P2 variants. 6 1008 deck. 7 See on Zodiacal Offset. 8 Academic Zodiac.