TED Talk

What is the Tesla Coil? Well, it’s an air-core resonant transformer…..which does little to explain why you should care. In reality, a Tesla Coil makes every part of your life possible, from wireless technology, like your cell phone, to transformers. For the 7th grade field trip at Greenhill School, we were invited to go to Fair Park, where we participated in events at the Museum of Nature and Science. There, I witnessed an amazing presentation of a beautiful and entrapping musical Tesla Coil. The two coils were the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Long streamers of lightning were making incredibly loud music. I was simply hooked and ready to try build a device of my own to demonstrate electricity: Soon, I had to get started. I worked hard until it was complete. I then gathered my family, and turned it on. It did nothing. I had spent night after night working so hard on my Tesla Coil to no avail. I felt crushed and dispirited. I resolved to build a better one. I was now more determined than ever. I decided to spare no expense, and after ordering my parts, I started again. I worked even harder until it was complete. I then, with much anticipation, turned it on and nothing happened. With help from a very kind professor at UTD and a Museum exhibitor, I realized my problem. When I fixed it, I finally had sparks. I cannot express to you how amazed and happy I was to hear that sound, and see a meager quarter sized arc of corona. My heart was filled with hope for a better coil. During the next months, I tweaked my design and finally completed it to the point where the sparks are now about a foot long, a vast improvement. As you can see, albeit my poor calculations, the bulb here is being powered wirelessly within a certain distance. So if the Tesla Coil is such an important invention, how come very few people have heard of Nikola Tesla? Nikola Tesla was a Serb, born in 1856 and died in 1943. His goal was to create an extremely efficient way to transmit wireless power, not information like radio, but actual usable power. In fact, his goal was not to make sparks, as I have so hard tried to do, but the opposite, since sparks use energy. Nikola Tesla dreamt that the Tesla Coil would eventually power the entire world, entitling everyone to free and unlimited energy.

Unfortunately, Tesla was ridiculed and his ideas and life’s work were stolen and used to line the pockets of others. Marconi, the accredited inventor of the radio, Edison, and Westinghouse all infringed on Tesla’s patents, his work, and ideas. Tesla eventually lived out his days poor and alone, while those who had wronged him lived in fame and riches. The inventions and work of Nikola Tesla have impacted our lives tremendously. The most important being AC, or alternating current; as it allows electricity to be sent many miles

and feel their legacy in the air. they will be regarded one day as more than just for fun. radio.before another station. artists. power plants. . radar. Cell phones. The possibility of wireless power is in our future. speakers. and anything with an electric motor would not be possible without his research. mathematicians. resonant frequency research. transistors. Both the Tesla Coil and AC current are now key aspects of our life. I can observe the amazing sights others did 100 years ago. engineers. others do to. computers. I feel the power and great dream of Tesla to create a better world. Every time I turn on my Tesla Coil. Any machine that uses electricity employs a Tesla Coil to change it to the right amount. I built one of these coils for fun. The Tesla Coil is a key part in changing the amperage and voltage of AC electricity. which has been drastically affected by the work of Nikola Tesla. and society punished him. and scientists shouldn’t try. Hopefully. teachers. but that does mean you: designers. failing to acknowledge his great work. Nikola Tesla changed the world. The dream of Tesla is still alive.