What category of drug are most performance enhancing drugs in?

stimulants What are the 4 most common performance enhancing drugs? Cocaine, Caffeine, Amphetamines, steroids When was cocaine a popular stimulant for athletes? What sport was it used in? mid 1800s; first used as a wine drank by cyclists True or false: Caffeine is allowed in sports. False In 2006, what sports began amphetamine testing and firing athletes for using them? Baseball and football In the 30s and 40s, steroids were used for what purpose? treatment of malnourishment When did teams begin testing for steroid use? 1970s Steroids are most common for what athletes? weight lifters, body builders, track and field Physiology of Steroids testosterone is released by the testies into the blood and distributed throughout the body What are the 2 categories of steroids? Androgenetic and anabolic Androgenetic steroid masculinizing (sperm production, deep voice, facial hair, aggression) Anabolic steroids tissue building (increased muscle mass, distribution of body fat, increased protein synthesis, increased bone calcium) The synthetic steroids used by athletes fall under which category? anabolic True or false: effects of anabolic steroids are greater in women than in men. True True or false: Anabolic steroids masculinize just as much as androgenetic steroids. False True or false: Anabolic steroids will produce results even in the absence of working out. False; only increases lean muscle and strength if training along with taking it BALCO Scandal lab designed an "undetectable" steroid for athletes that was eventually found out --> lab founder and athletes who used were put in jail How are synthetic steroids administered? orally, through nasal mucosa, injection What type of cycle are steroids taken in? taken for 1-2 months then break for a few weeks True or false: If a steroid is injected instead of taken orally, it can be detected longer after doing it. True How long does oral administration of steroids take to be undetectable? 3 weeks for urine sample Stacking combining several anabolic steroids Adverse steroid effects acne and premature balding, liver damage, cardiovascular disease, decreased testosterone/sperm, stunt growth Premature closure of bone growth plates in young people leads to what adverse effect? shortness Taking anabolic steroids for women causes what effects? decrease boob size, increase facial hair, deep voice True or false: All effects in women from steroids are reversible. False; some are permanent such as deep voice Psychological effects of steroids stimulant like high, increased aggression, mood swings and depression without use, roid rage What does the stimulant high and aggression do positively for athletes? makes for more training efforts and competition intensity Roid rage violent feelings and agressive actions HGH human growth hormone; increases height and lean muscle mass EPO erythropoietin; stimulates red blood cells and ability for the blood to carry oxygen (EX. CERA)

What does taking EPOs do for athletes? can breathe at high altitudes Bloop Doping blood transfusions that increase oxygen transport How does blood doping help athletes? keeps them from getting short of breath quickly .

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