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a verynice design studio is comprised of a total network of 60 volunteers spanning 5 continents. These individuals are wonderfully diverse in culture, education, profession, age and experience, forming a trans-disciplinary team that always has a new approach. The studio grew, and continues to grow, organically. Every volunteer of a verynice design studio sought out to work with the studio, and this has allowed it to grow as a family of individuals that have a strong passion and genuine love for what they do. Resources for Graphic Designers Check out “Just Design: Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes” by Christopher Simmons. This book digs deeper into 140 exceptional design solutions for social causes. Designing Change is a regular column in HOW Magazine that spotlights design solutions for social causes and organizations. Do you have an idea for this column? Contact us. Don’t miss this DesignCast: Leveraging Sustainable Design in the Packing Cycle. The work ranges from identity to collateral to websites and has included such clients as The United Nations, Forward Step, Facebook and My Own Business. Nonprofit clients are selected via an online application process, and for-profit sector clients generally get in touch through e-mail. “We look for passion, and optimism, in the clients we service,” says Manos. “If we can tell the client (paid or not) is obsessed with their idea, and is so incredibly driven to make it amazing, they are perfect for us.” The studio’s volunteers working for nonprofit clients are not paid by a verynice design studio. They work because they truly support the client’s cause. “I have a somewhat radical belief that asking a nonprofit organization for the compensation for any service is immoral,” Manos says. “It really bothers me when I hear that some larger, multinational, nonprofit organizations are forced to set aside upwards of a million dollars per year for advertising and marketing, when that money could be allocated towards seeing the vision of their organization through.” This altruistic attitude has resulted in providing $250,000 worth of pro-bono work to date. “Our studio was founded on the seemingly naive principle: save the world, and don’t just make money,” admits Manos. “However, I find naiveté to be a crucial element of true innovation. I believe in the idea that real change comes fresh perspectives on old fields, from individuals with confidence to shout out ridiculous ideas.”
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About Terry Lee Stone Terry Lee Stone is a Los Angeles-based writer and creative strategist. She has worked with top design firms, teaches the business of design at Art Center College of Design, and wrote the two-book series called, Managing The Design Process. She will be speaking at t the 2013 HOW Design Live Conference on Design Career Lifecycle. View all posts by Terry Lee Stone →

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