First Sunday in Lent (1882

Matthew 4:1-11 We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, etc.1; the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, etc.2, passes through the land, in order to ruin. Does this not make us anxious when we consider this? "Lion"3, "strong man armed".4 He has deceived Adam and Eve, who, even without sin, were perfectly holy!5 He has made an apostle of the Lord to fall6, and preoccupies Ananias' heart!7 He even has a great wrath in these last days.8 How can we come through victorious in temptations of the devil? 1. as the devil tempts us? Our Gospel tells us how Christ was tempted by the devil. However, Christ has been tempted as we are tempted.9 The devil tempts us a. with unbelief and faint-heartedness10, which has unbelief in the aftermath, that we seek to help ourselves by disorderly means; b. with carnal security11; we should provide ourselves the grace and help of God, even when we do not wander from God in unoffered, wicked ways; c. with love of the world, its treasures and its pleasure12; 2. how can we hold the field in these temptations? a. in that we, above all things, always in faith, bear in mind that Christ has already overcome the devil for us; α. Christ has overcome the devil. The stronger men came over the strong 13 man. Our Gospel is a witness to this. The three-time attempt is run off, the enemy flees.14 β. Christ has overcome the devil for us. He does not fight for Himself, but for us. For He is led by the Holy Spirit to the battlefield, after He has taken up His public office, and does not fight with His omnipotence, but with the weapon of the Word. b. in that we use in particular in individual temptations the proper weapon shown to us by Christ, the Word of God.15 (It is further accomplished, as the godless idea, which
1 2

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Satan has aroused in our hearts, to give way when we consider and hold fast in faith the living and powerful Word of God, that is given to us for every temptation.) Let us stand in God's power! It follows the time of refreshing after the struggle. Already here.16 Unceasingly there. Franz Pieper

15 16

Matthew 4:4, 7, 10. Matthew 4:11.

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