SAP Note 353455 Note Language: English

Composite note 'export/mailing'
Version: 7 Validity:
Valid Since 03/29/2001

Composite note export/mailing.

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See below.

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Release Status: Released on: Master Language: Priority: Category: Primary Component: Released for Customer 10/26/2000 22:00:00 German Correction with medium priority Help for error analysis FI-SL-IS-A Report Writer / Report Painter

The Note is release-independent

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Daten / benötigt lange Verarbeitungszeit Befehl in der Menüleiste verhält sich fehlerhaft Daten_angezeigt 12/03/2012 Page 3 of 4 . export parameters not defined Moved column headings during export Report rows for variation exported repeatedly Empty columns during export in Excel/HTML format Report Writer: termination when exporting to Excel Report Writer: export to Excel 8.with MESSAGE_TYPE_X during export to Excel Report Writer: download to PC in table format Export parameters cannot be cancelled Report Writer: Excel cannot be started.texts (modif. Only last page and/or comments in export Attributes Attribute Ausführen_detail Value enthält fehlerh. dur.0 in meta format Export report on AS/400 Term. Report Writer: multiplied lines during download Text for export is not used Report Writer: GR591 when sending a report Termination when exporting in Excel format Report Writer: Excel download for 'totals above' Excel export does not work under Windows Suppressed values appear in the Excel download Termination CONVT_NO_NUMBER with export to Excel Error in report output on medium 4 (Excel) Installation of the import filter for Excel 5..0 Runtime error when sending a report Report Writer: Incorr..grp) Column headings missing after Excel download Excel export: numbers in column headings Default values f.export in RPW format in Excel97 Export in table format w/o col. Report Texts with Download Report: Only One Page With System -> List -> Download Export in Excel format: Syntax error in line .SAP Note 353455 Number 111757 107681 100980 97916 89924 89732 85872 82768 81328 81320 79587 75165 74846 73569 72828 71873 69004 67219 67106 66316 65469 62351 62062 61488 51727 47128 46836 46052 44838 43667 43326 43023 39518 38794 37363 27233 25079 Composite note 'export/mailing' Short Text Excel export: termination due to empty section Detail chasing not correct for Excel export Incorrect column headings Wrong number format for export to Excel Report Writer: Send mail for variation Values in Excel 10 times or 100 times larger Report Writer: Installation of Excel import filter Access Violat.

LIS 12/03/2012 Page 4 of 4 .SAP Note 353455 Attribute Funktionen_detail Funktionen_detail Reportingtabelle Reportingtabelle Reportingtabelle Reportingtabelle Reportingtabelle Reportingtabelle Composite note 'export/mailing' Value Exportieren Senden Tabelle CCSS Tabelle KKBC FI-SL Tabelle Tabelle GLPCT Tabelle FIMC/FILC Tabelle S*.

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