Interpretation work sheet for solar return

The solar return ascendant
And its ruler’s show the potential for your outlook for the year: the scope of your temperament and personality: you’re possible approach to life and your path to self-awareness: also your appearance and general health in other words, the image you may project for the year in question. The sign on the ascendant adds its themes to your personality within the solar year, and you take on some of its coloring in addition to the sign on your natal ascendant. _______________________________________

The house in the solar return chart that holds the Sun is where much of the activity of the year is centered. It is the area of your life that can be revitalized now by the expenditure of personal energy: this is where expression of your ego can benefit you and it is here that you want to shine. _______________________________________ The house that comes to the ascendant of the solar return from the natal chart is particularly significant. This house and its ruler, both natal and the solar, denote other areas of activity and the conditions surrounding you during the year. If the sign on the solar return ascendant is within three or 4° of a natal cusp that is the house that comes to the ascendant not the one it is leaving. _______________________________________

Division of the planets by axis:

If the majority of the planets (both natal and solar return) are on the east side of the chart (including natal ascendant and Midheaven, but excluding

you will seem to have less control over situations and relationships and may have to accept choices and events as others call them. you are concerned with internal reactions. _______________________________________ If the majority of the planets are up above the horizon. quite subjective and some time during the year you may want to withdraw for while and live in your own little world. you tend to focus primarily on external events and will find it relatively easy to be objective and outgoing (to the extent this is possible in the needle chart). in them). both natal and solar.the lunar nodes. you may be called upon to make your own decisions on major issues and will very likely be able to express your free will and call your own shots during the duration of this return. You will feel very much in control of most situations. _______________________________________ Division of planets by houses: If houses one through four are emphasized (by having the majority of the planets. desires and affairs. _______________________________________ If the majority of planets are on the west side of the chart. it is the year for self involvement. It is also . _______________________________________ If the majority of planets are below the horizon. Business and social affairs may occupy much of your time. You may experience much involvement with other people during this year. It is also a year for centering on personal needs.

and you at times must relinquish the reins of authority. If the Sun and Moon are angular negatively. they can bring too much activity. people and projects long after they continue to be useful. This is a time when you may get involved with community affairs or philanthropic projects. _______________________________________ If houses five through eight are emphasized. Cater to yourself: do things that are important to you personally.year for taking responsibility for your own actions. much interpersonal involvement as promised. it is considered a transpersonal time in your life. Negatively use. it often signifies the completion of projects already underway in the solar return starts events may occur which bring opportunities for development and growth. _______________________________________ . start new relationships and attract attention. we’re others play a key role. _______________________________________ If more planets are in succedant houses. this may indicate an obsession to stay with situations. _______________________________________ If more planets are in angular houses it indicates a year in which to begin a new projects. business and career. lots of running around and little accomplishment. _______________________________________ If houses nine through twelve are emphasized. when you are involved with outside affairs. Don’t be afraid to express the really you. Be open to other people’s concepts and expect some of them to make demands on your time and energy.

it suggests a year of change as well as mental activity. It can be a time when you initiate new ideas or ventures. a partner. _______________________________________ If mutable signs are all in all the angles. there is a tendency to become involved with others. to further educate or to undertake local or long-distance travel. it need not necessary to note problems. _______________________________________ If a fixed signs are all angles. This is a good year take action to make things happen. The key is an attitude and adaptability and willingness negatively. at work or business. to communicate. a somewhat introspective year is denoted and there could even be financial concerns. to be more aware of their needs. The pitfall here is indecisiveness. such as buying or selling property or a car. More physical activity than normal is suggested. You need outside of motivation or you could succumb to this inertia. _______________________________________ . This is a good time to focus on arts and crafts. especially if the second or eighth houses are emphasized. but can indicate monetary dealings of subcontinent. Depending on aspects. procrastination. Avoid rushing into situations unless you are fully aware of the situation. one could inclined to a scattering of energy and not enough stability or stick to itness _______________________________________ Signs on the angles If Cardinal signs are on all four angles of the solar return chart it generally indicates a very active year: there is a lot of energy dedicated to the home. too much talk and not enough production. and be social.If more planets are in keeping and houses.

a great deal of activity is indicated. the results of which depend on or involve other people. _______________________________________ If there is a mutable ascendant and a fixed IC. but not always productively. it is wise to take action on longstanding ideas and plans. _______________________________________ Interpretations: The intercepted access often becomes the focal point for the year. it is necessary to establish some well thought out goals and get your priorities in line. Versatility can be a plus when it is used for solid accomplishment with a mutable ascendant and a cardinal I see. _______________________________________ With a cardinal ascendant and a mutable IC. Flexibility is important. To fully take advantage of this. It is most imperative to establish some permanent goals. long-standing plans and affairs may change. Generally . you may be very active and involved with other people. If there is a fixed ascendant and a mutable IC. It is a good year to move ahead with concepts or intentions that you have thought about for many years. _______________________________________ With a fixed ascendant and a cardinal IC. Don’t allow yourself to become too dependent on other people. Approach commitments to others cautiously. This is a year when you may well learn the spirit of cooperation.If there is a cardinal ascendant and a fixed IC the beginning of the year is often very busy and active and could end with the achievement of your goals. others may influence you to start things you can’t want to finish.

_______________________________________ . Two to three signs are in each house and when each of these design moves are considered in delineation. The house placement of the Natal ruler of the solar return ascendant. The following house descriptions are applicable in assessing several avenues of solar return chart interpretation. Considerations to keep in mind: 1.and there are interceptions. They are particularly apt in describing actions were the solar they are particularly apt in describing actions were the solar return rulers are placed. Another significant feature of interception is the houses tied together. these plants move out of interception and then become more noticeable in the scheme of function during the year. AAnd intercepted sign of works beneath the surface of the normal activities represented by the house is in for a clue to Powell and intercepted planet will operate in the solar return chart is important to examine the house rules. the houses involved are larger (by degrees) than normal. The house placement of the solar return ruler of the solar return ascendant. _______________________________________ 2. the astrologer’s able to forecast possible arenas in action. Significance of solar return houses The houses in the solar return chart our most significant because they’ve earned represents the theater of operation. you can see the high focus of activity represented here the conclusion: in search septic planets may have trouble expressing themselves at the beginning of the year. and through a thorough understanding of the ramifications of each House. Each house in the chart covers a wide range of experience. but as the solar return chart moves forward.

it may suggest activity in the home relating to ninth house fairs such as an exchange student coming to stay with you. If there are several planets in the first house. there is a general . For example. but they both have significance. Natal Mercury in the fourth house and solar return Mercury in the ninth. _______________________________________ Rising planets Any planet right behind the ascendant or in the first quadrant of the solar return chart is considered to be a rising planet. shows where and how the function of that planet is operating the solar return ascendant ruler illustrates by its house position the way the function can work out. so be sure to consider both. _______________________________________ Where are the solar return ascendant ruler is by house. or the opportunity to take some kind of home/study course. takes them all into consideration. The house placement of the Sun in the solar return chart.3. but the closer to the solar return ascendant. The natal planet rising has more impact in a solar return planet. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Whenever the moon is sending in a solar return chart. _______________________________________ 4. If there are no planets in the first house. look at the closest rising planets. the more powerful the planetary themes seem to have. or in the 12th conjunct the ascendant (within no more than 5°). The house cusp (Natal) closest to the solar return ascendant. with Gemini rising. even if it is in the third house.

feeling of restlessness and this often Indicates a move. Jupiter or Venus rising may modify this. You may feel at the mercy of other people or even had a marital or business partner run in. should be considered active only when they aspect a natal planet. fourth. When the angles are reversed. These same circumstances may prevail when solar return moon opposes the Sun on the other hand it may pave the way for a healthy balance between you and others because you are able to establish a middle ground between assertion and accommodation. _______________________________________ Any planet within 3° of the cost activates that house. Solar return chart our most forceful when the natal ascendant rises. and the houses in the solar return chart ruled by that planet need special attention. _______________________________________ Solar return planets. that is the seventh natal house is now the solar return ascendant. things do not seem to promising. _______________________________________ General Notes: for most accuracy keep all aspects between Natal and solar return planets within 5°. seventh or eighth or 10th house is) or within 5° before the . especially if the same degree is ascending within 3 or 4°. the transits on the day. _______________________________________ Any planet receiving a return within three to 4° is particularly significant. any planet on an angle (the first.

you can expect a great activity in the solar houses Involved. So should the house this planet is in. The one containing the ascendant suggests an area where you will take personal action: the one with the Midheaven indicates where you may take public or visible action. _______________________________________ Whenever one or more solar return planets form a key/square with the Natal square or opposition. or even hospitalization. ___________________________________ We're solar return or natal Pluto are a place shows areas of opportunity for growth. especially when these configurations are triggered by limitations for eclipses. . confinement. Yes________ No ________ Where in the solar return moon falls in the natal chart indicates in area at activity or own restlessness in the year. _______________________________________ The solar return houses that hold the ascendant and midheaven are key houses in pinpointing the activity for the year.angle should get extras tension. you can be often promised the need to spend time alone. particularly when a T-square becomes a grand Cross. _______________________________________ When natal Saturn is found in the 12th house. ________________________________ Solar return or natal Jupiter in the 12th house can indicate a certain amount of protection for the year.

fifth and 11th house are activated. social activity and business income (11th). Mars. Yes________ No ________ Thinking in terms of house polarity when you read solar return charts (for example: an active 11th house can put the focus on your children or investments (fifth) as well as friends. Pluto and Saturn (either in natal or solar return) anger. The moon and/or natal ascendant and MC angular or in . At least three to four of the possible eight are necessary. upsets in this area are possible. there can be health problems or personnel changes (check others Solar return ascendant and sixth house aspects). ninth or 11th house is activated. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ For childbirth or pregnancy: the fourth. A positive way to work this out is to redesign the old patterns and rid you of negative thinking. either by coming to the ascendant or having the Sun or the ascendant ruler placed in one of them. Lunar nodes (either in Natal or solar return) across the fifth or sixth axis or in cadent houses. Adjustments are necessary if quincunxes are involved. your career may prosper. Yes________ No ________ When solar return and natal selects midheavens are harmonious. with difficult aspects._______________________________ Whenever the solar return ascendant squares or quincunx the natal ascendant. Indicators of marriage: the third. seventh. Also Venus.

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ . ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ For promotion. Solar or Natal Neptune in the fourth. In the sixth. If that the seventh house is also involved with a home change. look for ties between the fourth and ninth house. Also remember that a strong 6 house and 12th house can also mean a job change. you may feel the need for a change of environment and talk about it. counseling. the changes often within the field for the company. as represents a new home (fourth from the fourth). Moon. volunteer work. but not necessarily do anything about. such as remodeling or someone else coming to live in your home or a current tenant leaves. it may indicate a change in career direction. and job or occupation change: the second sixth and 10th houses are activated. If Uranus in the fourth house is the only indicator will not necessarily symbolize a move: it can indicate changes within the home. therapy. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Home changes: indicated by a third and fourth house activation. Mars may highlight similar potentials. Mars or Uranus in third.the fifth or 11th house. etc. Saturn here seems to suggest staying in the same place or delaying the move. For a long distance home change. moon and Mars show similar concerns. Mars or Uranus in the fourth can correlate with changes. In the 10th. With the moon.

the seventh indicates a break with the partner. Also Pluto. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ . These same indications can also suggest a need for unique or new action. or the moon in the eighth with a challenging aspects. therapy. eighth shows financial settlements and changes in sexual situations. For surgery look at in the eighth and 12th (hospitalization) houses. the third because of the dissolution of contract. seventh. Many times these indications are present in cases of us Caesarian section delivered as well as cosmetic or dental surgery. Also remember that a strong 6 house and 12th house can also mean a job change. the ninth depicts legal activity. volunteer work. counseling. With Mars in the eighth or on the ascendant. eighth and ninth houses are activated. check for possible surgery. etc.______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Divorce: the third. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Health: look at the first sixth in 12th house is. especially involving the public or a partner in parent Mars and Uranus) or breaking loose from restrictions and the need for more power (Pluto). Uranus and Mars are usually angular.

Strong third/ninth activation often Correlates with travel or educational opportunity.Inheritance: Strong second eighth house activity can mean an inheritance (with fourth). fifth/12th can indicate a clandestine affair or someone with someone who is already married. there may be an increase in the family. an Audit by the IRS or going into debt. seventh/12th may suggest a partner who is not faithful. it usually indicates a love affair culminating in romantic commitment. If the person is already married. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ End . ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Love affairs: if the fifth and seventh houses are both activated and Venus is prominent. insurance settlements (with the seventh or ninth). second/fifth/8/ may indicate luck in gambling or an investment. fifth/ninth can indicate a grandchild. if is eligible.

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