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A Happy Little Worker. .


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perseverance and ingenuity needed to work out the suggestions may help in some small way to lay the foundation upon which big after things may It is the author's be builded. To each according to his interests and developing powers the suggestions in this little book are offered.TO GROWN-UPS. middle-sized or big girls or boys. hope that the industry. . each child according to his years craving a medium for self expression and opportunity to create. You are interested in very little.

enjoy the pictures and rhjTiies. will You. doll home attractive just as mother makes . lightful little ^'extras'' to make your hers. You TO MIDDLE-SIZED GIRLS.14 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE TO VERY LITTLE GIRLS AND BOYS. Of course you will take great pleasure playing with your doll furniture. best of all. Just think jou can make it just the size and just the color you wish it. and the rhymes will suggest many dealso. can make the furniture easily if your big sister or brother will read the directions to you. You will have great fun looking at the pictures. listening to the rhymes and playing with the furniture. but. you can make every bit of it yourself.

four posted bed. lamp or shirtwaist box. business desk for ^^father. rack. wash stand with towel inal ideas. sideboard. . changing the designs or making other pieces of furniture from your own origwill enjoy You I suggest that you design and make a china closet. music cabinet. circular top table. with the furniture yourself you will thoroughly enjoy making and giving it to some dear little folks of your acquaintance. I'm sure you will think of many more. combination desk and bookcase. You will also be getting and giving a great deal of pleasure by helping other to play little Even though you may not wish friends make their own furniture." rocking chair.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 15 TO BIG GIRLS AND MIDDLE-SIZED AND BIG BOYS.

You might make them who in. being sure to k^ep him supplied with organize a toy-making club and make them as gifts for poor children.16 WHEN MOTHER TO LETS US MAKE MAKE OTHERS HAPPY. toy furniture for the chilfor some little You might make dren 's ward in a hospital. . You might make them for Christmas or birthday presents for your little friends. You might She might wish to form a club so that many children may have the pleasure of making them. You might show them to your teacher at school. shut- teach some little *^ shut-in" how to them." is friend ^^ quarantined. for some little You might make them You might make boxes. Your Sunday school class might make them to be sold on a ^^Toy Table" at your church fair.


strong boxes at drygoods. sizes and kinds are to be had by simply asking for them. . Boxes of all sorts. If you explain to a clerk in a store what you are doing with the boxes. I am sure that he will save them for you. stationery. You must be sure to go for them at the time he tells you because they will be in his way. You will find many fine.18 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE MATERIALS AND HOW TO USE THEM. Every store throws away dozens of them every day. drug and candy stores. They seldom keep any because they haven't room for them. BOXES.

for good-sized dolls. envelope. for medium-sized dolls. then collect small peppermint. room in good propor- Try also to keep all the parts of each object in good proportion. collect still larger corset. decide about what size you wish your set of furniture to be and then make a colfirst You must lection of boxes of suitable sizes. make a collection of large candy. If you wish to make larger furniture to be used in a large play house or on the floor. jewelry. . If you wish to tle make a tiny set to fit into a lit- play house to be used for small china dolls or paper dolls. spool. If you wish to make quite large furniture to be used on the floor.PAPER BOX FURNITURE SIZES 19 AND PROPORTIONS. stocking. collar and corset boxes. Try as far as possible to keep all the pieces of furniture planned for one tion to one another. powder or pill boxes. shoe and wholesale candy boxes.

board should then be bent with the ^* scoring" on the outside." To bend a stiff piece of cardboard so that the edge will be nice and straight. it should be Lay a ruler along the line where it ** scored. ." is to be bent and make a light scratch with the This is called *^ scoring.20 WHEN MOTHEE LETS US MAKE "SCORING." The cardknife.

To prevent the cardboard from tearing. draw around the sides and bottom. 21 To cut a box or cover into two pieces. put your hand underneath to support it. a draughtsman's triangle or the corner of another box or cover. it. stick the point of the knife through the cardboard at the corner of the "hole. but be very careful to keep your fingers away from the knife. making it ''square" by using a carpenter's square. Use scissors to cut down the edges of the box if . finish with the knife." and. the scissors will not cut quite to the bottom. .PAPER BOX FURNITURE CUTTING. come apart. To cut a piece out to make slats like those in the headboard of the bed. with a smving motion^ carefully follow the lines. tom and bend the two pieces will "Score" across the botBy bending back and forth. use a ruler to draw the shape of the "hole". cuts in when shaping a leg like use scissors to make two from the edge. To cut a piece out^ as those of the dresser. use the knife to "score" across between the cuts. and bend back and forth until the piece comes out.

This is strong enough but slower and more difficult. side . It is possible to fasten parts together by punching two holes instead of one and using string. The string can be pulled through with a darning needle and must then be tightly knotted and cut off. and separate then flatten them in op- The fasteners can be put in and bent to fasten and. Fasteners cost about ten cents for a box containing one hundred. of the fasteners through the Push slit the prongs them on the under posite directions. Hold two parts together and stick the point of the knife through both pieces. The directions and pictures will show how.22 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE FASTENING. These toys are to be played with by children and must be strong and securely fastened together. To fasten the parts of the furniture together use brass fasteners instead of glue. suggest knobs. . hooks and piano pedals. at the same time. Glue is not satisfactory because it will not securely hold the heavy cardboard.

light oak and rosewood. black. white. strengthen them with adhesive tape of some sort (passe-partout tape comes in convenient and inexpensive rolls). clean paint brushes with . One brush will do for all colors because with care it can be kept clean and soft. Clean shellac brushes with alcohol. Before you begin to paint. The paint will cover up the tape. Since boxes usually have printed labels which may show on the furniture. mahogany. Enamel in small ten cent cans may be bought in a variety of colors suitable for the furniture. if any of them are split or weak. antique oak.PAPER BOX FURNITURE PAINTING. it is best to use a thick paint. 23 The little pieces of furniture are very cunning whether they are painted or not. iWhen you have finished one piece you may be so anxious to see how it will look when painted that you will be tempted to paint immediately. White shellac can be bought in bottles for about twenty cents a pint. If dull paints or stains are used. it is a good idea to examine the corners of the furniture. but painting them adds greatly to their attractiveness. put on a coat of shellac t© make it shine like varnish. It will be wiser and more workmanlike to plan and make all the furniture for one room before it you paint any of it.

where no one is liable to put other things which might be damaged by the paint. fin- If the paint has thickened on the edge of . then let go and paint that corner. back porch. Put the cover on the can when you have ished.24 WHEN MOTHER LETS TJS MAKE spatters which turpentine. scissors or knife will break if used for this purpose. Use a screw driver to pry off the cover of the paint can. sewing table in nursery. bench in woodshed. The turpentine will take paint off of fingers or remove any little may aecidentallly have gone on to other things. Spread papers or oil cloth to protect mother's furniture and carpets from paint. all Paint the underneath and lower parts first. workshop. THESE ARE SOME PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS Choose a place to work kitchen table. It will need to be stirred thoroughly each time it is used. Use a small stick like a meat skewer or old pen-holder to stir your paint from the bottom. barn. while you are still able to hold it in your hands then set it down and hold an upper corner while you paint all the rest. under a tree in the orchard or back yard. — Choose a place to put your furniture while it is drying.

Pick up and destroy all the soiled papers. .PAPER BOX FURNITURE the can it 25 should be scraped off. Put your painting materials in some place where mother lets you keep such things. because the paint will dry up if the cover is not tightly closed. Thoroughly clean your brush.

to a store they'd sent? And you can good designers be. And won't the girls be pleased indeed. too. For surely It's that's not true. Ruler and knife and scissors. to When As fine As if them you present a set of furniture. bright and strong. from the stores. And fasteners. For surely So now that is fun. When all your goods are done. every whit as boyish sport As anything you do. too. Makers and painters. In your occupations new. Don't think this work's for girls alone.26 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE TO BOYS. Or give them to your little friends. The happiest little workmen known. Will help your work along. get boxes . And you can play you're salesmen keen.

And in your dainty workmanship May even the boys excel. when boys have made the toys. the attractive little things With needle and thread to make. 27 Don't think this work's for ioys alone. So get your boxes and fasteners strong. Will sit right down and play. It surely is as girlish fun As anything you Of course. But girls. You also may designers be.PAPER BOX FURNITURE TO GIRLS. when they have finished theirs. Will be unique indeed. And then your playhouse. Makers and painters as well. do. . But there's one thing that girls can Which boys won't undertake. That is. They'll give them right away. when 'tis done. And sewing materials you'll need. do. For that's not really true.

To place in the little white bed you have made.28 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE MAXIKG THE BED. Some cases. I'm sure it will then be complete. A mattress you need and some pillows. . a blanket and sheet.








Use For For For

a shallow box and

its cover.

a large bed use a stocking box. a smaller bed use a spool or caramel box.

a very small bed use a jewelry box.

Cut the cover into two parts, making one

part longer than the other. The longer part is the headboard, the shorter part is the footboard. 2. Fit the headboard and footboard on the ends of the box and hold them with both hands.
Slide the box

up or down

until it looks like a bed.


the footboard down, but hold the head-

board and box together, until you fasten them. 4. Fit the footboard on again to match the headboard, and fasten it. 5. Cut the bottom of headboard and footboard to look like legs. Also cut the slats in the headboard and the footboard. 6. Paint brown or white.



Urge bed -stocking box

bed-spool box
Head bocird cut on dots

foot boDvd
Covers -

Head board-foot board

Box^ Body of bed



and sbtb


Details of Bed.






To make

this divan comfortable,

What would you next suggest You might make sofa pillows, So dolly may lie down and rest.


and the short ends for arms.34 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE DIVAN. Use antique oak. 4. They should be fairly deep. Paint to match the rest of the furniture in the living-room. 2. Set this on top of the cover and fasten through the seat. 1. Use a box with a cover which it. Cut away pieces to shape the legs. . 5. Cut away one long side. entirely overlaps or two boxes exactly alike without their covers. rosewood or mahogany. 3. like an ordinary candy box. leaving the other long side for the back. long and narrow. Cut slats in the back and arms.

PAPER BOX FURNITURE 35 Candy box Box-front cut away Fastened to cover Lc§s and slats cut Details of Divan. .

36 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE SETTING THE TABLE. Then just set them with your dishes small. If mother has an extra piece Of linen she won 't need. oh. I 'ni sure she 'd let you make a cloth. And be very pleased indeed. . too. Perhaps you can make some napkins. And knives and forks so shinv. so tiny. Out of pieces.

PAPER BOX FURNITURE 37 Dining Eoom Table. .

. Cut the legs as shown in the picture. The cover must be about the same shape. 3. Place the box bottom up. Paint to match the other furniture. Quite deep and strong boxes for this purpose may be got from a drug store or dry goods store. but enough larger to project over the box like the top of a table. size. if you haven't a cover of the right 1. 4. 2. A correspondence card box may be used. Use a deep box and the cover of another larger box.38 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE DINING TABLE. Place the cover on top and put fasteners through it into the box. A piece of cardboard may be used.



Cover 0? slightly
laroer box
Correspondence card' box

Fastened- bottom of box up

Le$s and rails cut

Details of Dining Table.









chair at the head of the table,



put father


Before him place the platter for meat, And play that he serves them all.

At the opposite end, where the tea Of course mother doll should be.

set stands,

And on

either side of the table.

children you'll see.





The following directions are for the corset box: one end cut a piece as high as you wish the seat. If you cut a corset box just in the middle. use two shoe boxes without a small chair. and the other two pieces for the two 4. use a corset box without its cover. backs. From the other end cut a piece 1. 5. Paint to match the other furniture. for the back. 2. Cut out the pieces to form the arms. Cut away the unnecessary ^^end" at the top. 3. use a chocolate peppermint box and its cover. you can make ttvo chairs.42 WHEN MOTHER ARM LETS US MAKE CHAIR. From at least twice as high. chair. For For a medium sized chair. the legs and back. Fit the seat into the back and fasten to- gether. Use the two ends for the two seats. For a large their covers. .

cut on dots Sides and back .Waste - 5eat I Sides and back . .5eat — fastened 1 // mik Ibp cut awaynAfms cut .PAPER BOX PTJRNITUEE 43 Corset box.Slats cut Details of Arm Chair.

She surely can be taught. And maidens know brushes and combs and all scissors and files Must be placed in a row. Which things will nicely do. make Add powder puff and mirror.44 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE A DAINTY LITTLE As all little DRESSER. So when you arrange dolly's dresser. a . To keep these neat and clean. only such things As you're Just sure she'll really use. Be careful of what you choose And put on the top. I know. 1 A little girl's dresser should always be neat. With comb and brush between. a muslin scarf of white Over yellow or pink or blue Then make a pretty cushion small.


Fit the box into the cover. 3. Mark where you wish Cut it off the bottom of the box to be cut off. Cut a hole for the ** mirror" and fasten an extra piece of cardboard behind it. or a corset box of the wide and shallow kind. Mark key .46 WHEN MOTHER LETS TJS MAKE DRESSER. or fasten a real piece of looking glass between it and the back. Use a box. Cut pieces of cardboard for the ^^ drawers. and slide the box up or down until it looks 2. like a dresser. with a cover which overlaps the box onlv a little. For a very small dresser use a jewelry box. to match the other furniture. 5. Paint holes. Cut the cover the height you wish the back to be. For a large dresser use a shoe box. 6. knobs. For a medium sized dresser use a candy box. hold with both hands. Paste silver paper on the cardboard. 1." and fasten them so that the fasteners look like 4. and fasten the two parts together. having the right kind of cover.

.about twice as lon6 as wide Back Fastened Cut oTi dots 1 PP I I Le^s and bole Drawer Fronts Back and for'mirror:' drawers Extra back Details of Dresser.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 47 Low box.

Mother let me make these toys. surely pleased. face can As you from her . all as well tell.48 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE BIG BROTHER. And I made them all myself And all I used was boxes I found upon a shelf. Now that the Dear cute little I Ve painted them little sister is things are made.

PAPER BOX FURNITURE 49 Bipr Brother. .

And fold them like a book Upon the outer covers print. When Her She'll find that all the books she loves. So they'll quite natural look.50 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE DOILY'S BOOKS. Or Just tales of gnomes and elves. dolly dear then learns to read tales of fairyland. . make a goodly pile of these. If you would have some fairy tales. Are here right close at hand. And put them on the shelves. Cut small strips of paper.


The strips must be cut long enough back and fastened to the sides. If the case is tall enough for three shelves. use both ends and a piece of the middle. 1. use a box such as druggists use for powders. By painting them diflittle marks to suggest they can be made to look very much like books. If the case is make tivo When far as off. Use a shallow box with a cover which overlaps it.52 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE BOOK SHELVES. For a very small bookcase. entirely like an ordinary candy box or a note paper box. Cut strips of this. making some parts high and some parts low. For books. 4. not tall enough. ferent colors. will push the box in as go then mark where it is to be cut . All the shelves are made from the box. it fitting the shelves. using only the ends. and making the titles. then shelves. 3. 2. use the corrugated cardboard in which bottles are packed. to look like a row of books. Notice how one end of the cover is cut off and then fastened on the top to form the little railing. Study the picture carefully. to be bent .

Mark.cut sitoII piece from bottom Fasten on topclip corners Fit box for shelf Hark-cut on dots Fit other end of box Mark-cut on dots Fit TTiiddle of m box m Fasten shelves Shape bottom Book Case.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 53 Candy box or note paper box Cover.cut on dots Details of .

Choosing dainty blue or white. too. desk. And fold small papers. Fit a piece of mother's blotter On the shelf on which you write Lay on this your doll's note paper. Tuck these inside the little As grown up people do.54 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE DOLLY'S CORRESPONDENCE. Cut tooth picks up for pencils. .


the kind of box suggested for the book- it Cut the cover the right height for the desk. Cut and fasten the parts together. Paint to match furniture. 4. 8. 3." 6. Real pigeon holes can be made by cutting up penny-in-the-slot caramel boxes. Fasten the '^ drawer'^ with knobs. as in making the 1. and gluing them into place. 2. Use case. 5. Glue a piece of blotter on the writing shelf. Fit in the hox^ and slide it up or down until seems right in proportions. Fit and fasten in the extra cardboard so that it projects and forms the writing shelf. then cut the top and slanting sides. Use the other end of the box for the inside Cut these narrow and lit them carefully.56 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE WRITING DESK. . dresser. shelves. Mark where it is to be cut off. 7. Shape the *^ legs. Study the picture.

other end ot box fitted in m for shelves as Details of Writing Desk booK case .PAPER BOX FURNITURE 57 Candy or note paper box One end of box fitted in End cut away and cut off a^in dresser lop and lec^s cut Drawer front fastened Extra piece project i n9 for writing shelf.

As father sits in his chair. Father *' comfy" might be." What comfort he could take if. Haven't you often noticed. And place with his chair by the ^^fire. You could small ^'papers" make. How he enjoys the cushions As he reads his papers there? to So try make some cushions see Of velvet or silk. with hands that are skillful.58 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE MAKING FATHER COMFORTABLE. Then . doll as and If by stuffing them with cotton.


so fasteners may be put 5. Study the picture to see how the arms are made to look more natural by cutting away parts 4. 3. hold with both hands and slide up or down until the proportions seem right for arms. 6. of the edges of the covers. ' ' ' through 7. Make cushions. Use a meat skewer or a heavy wire hairpin as the rod against which the back rests. For large chair use collar boxes. Mark where they are to be cut off. Paint to match furniture. Use two boxes of the same size. 8. For very small chair. They should be fairly deep and nearly square. Place both covers against the sides. Shape the legs and cut the slats. Use extra cardboard for the back. . fasten the three parts together.60 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE MORRIS CHAIR. Make holes at the proper places. it into the seat. 2. Cut and 1. Score and bend the lower end. use jewelry or square pill boxes. Place one iox bottom up. The covers should overlap the boxes only a little.

. cutaway to form arms.same bize-nearly square E)(tra piece of cardboard for back br§e chair=.Small ch^lir^ewelr^ boxes Invert box for 5eat Portions o( cover ed^es Fasten covers for sides. Shape the le^^s Cut slats in arms. Fasten back to seat l^od^meat skewer or hair p'm Details of Morris Chair.col1ar boxes .PAPER BOX FURNITURE 61 Two boxes.

want to keep smooth.62 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE THE TABLE SCARF. if you wish. too Then. if ends. scratches from books or felt. across the table you lay will it. Your library table you'll And free of all Make a scarf then of velvet or linen And see how attractive it looks. hem both of the And embroider or stencil them. . You can. The top keep shiny and new.

PAPER BOX FURNITURE 63 Library Table. .

fit Turn one hox bottom up. the other box bottom Slide it from the bottom. Spool boxes might be used. Fasten on the projecting top. up and fit it in up or down imtil the proportions look right for the shelf. 6. Shape the legs. Cut them the the two pieces height the table 2. Turn of the covers on the ends and fasten. the cover of a slightly larger box or of extra cardboard. 3. but caramel boxes would be better.64 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE LIBRARY TABLE. is to be. You might cut vertical slats in the ends between the shelf and top. Use both covers for the legs. 5. Use two shallow boxes and their covers. . Fasten the shelf at both ends to the legs. 1. Paint to match furniture. This may be 4.

Cover of slightly Iar9pr Ibox-or piece of card board (Ceirame) or spool boxes ^^^^^^ i i h I i height of le^s. Details of Libraiy Table.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 65 Two i shallow boxes the same si^e. . I One box fastened in for top of tabl^ Both covers cut the Other box fastened lower down for shelf Larger cover or cardboard fastened as top d table.

Don't use any water for cooking. I'll tell. Some co:ffee. and you will see. For that might make a mess Just mix up some little dry things. And pots and skillets as well. If you take some rice or barley. And mother lets you have some things. The oven doors won't really open. Just try it. fine make-believe supper you'll have. I guess. But the holes are really there You can play there's fire in them. What to do with them. And your dollies' meal prepare. beans or tea. That would be better. A .66 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE LITTLE COOKS. If you have some little pans.


2. Place one box right side up on top of its cover. Shape the legs. The pipe . 6. baby-shoe boxes or jewelry boxes. paper or Push through one stiff . Paint it with black enamel. and 3. into the cover." etc. hole if it fits. with covers which overlap only a little. slit 5. made a pasteboard mailing tube. cardboard. and bending one out flat and Fasten on the oven ^^ then down. Place hetween the two an extra cardboard. The is ^^ knobs" are put through one of a roll of as in the dresser.68 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE STOVE. Shape the projecting cardboard into front 1. Use two boxes of same size. it will not need to be fastened. Study the picture to see how the fasteners have been made to look like hinges. Fasten on doors. Use sil- ver half dollar or spool for pattern. large enough to project from one end and Fasten through the bottom of box and side. by cutting two little slits for the prongs. side hearths. candy boxes with this kind of cover. like collar boxes. Cut six holes in the other cover. the top. 4.

Scime size piece of cardboard for hearth box .half dollar used as pattern for holes Top fastened on and le^s cut. Other cover. baby shoe box or collar box One box fastened through Its bottom to top of cover.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 69 Two Extra Cc\YidY oblong) boxes . Boors fastened on Pipe put into hole Details of Stove.e^tva cardboard between and projectino for hearth. .

To make such lovely toys. Mother And Oh. When And the rain comes down. Especially. ns to the nursery go with our boxes play. of fun it's lots when we're all alone. . indoors lets we must stay. and the wind does blow.70 WHEN MOTHEE LETS US MAKE FUN ON A RAINY DAY. when the rain beats hard And keeps in girls and boys.

PAPER BOX FURNITURE 71 Fun on a Rainy Day. .

" Where grandmother doll may sit While all the little dolls 'round her gather. fuzzy white wool for smoke Of course 'tis only a make-believe fire. Play Fill it's Christmas and hang up the stockings.72 WHEN" MOTHEK LETS US MAKE BEFOEE THE EIRE. But it's just as much fun to poke. little trinkets. Take some beads of jet and coral. If your dolls are fast asleep them with a few Which out of the tops will peep. And Pull a cozy chair in front of your ^^fire. . That she may tell stories and knit.


but be sure to cut off the tops^ as the bottom ends are needed to 1. to put fasteners through back edge into the back. 7. Let the back slant out while you fasten through bottoms of mantel into the *^ hearth. paper or real looking-glass. ^^ Make mirror" of silver dresser. Use extra cover for shelf and fasten the ends to the boxes. Stand the boxes on their ends. or with white enamel. 3. Fasten the back of grate to snfiall . Score" and bend it. Paint the hearth and fireplace like brick or tiles. If too tall for the mantel. Set the mantel on the hearth and close against the back.74 WHEN MOTHER LETS VS MAKE FIREPLACE. fasten to the hearth. Use Cut slats back of fireplace. Paint grate with black enamel and the ** woodwork" like your furniture. or one peppermint box and its cover also a long and narrow cover of some other box. 5. box and its cover for the grate. using extra cardboard as in the 6. Use extra cardboard for hearth and back. Use two chocolate peppermint boxes of the same size. 2. and legs. 8. Push the back up again and reach under the shelf. cut them off. 4.

.cs-5anic si^e J Cover of mrrow box for shelf Extra cardboard for hearth Boxes standing on ends Cover fastened as shelf Cardboard scorerf'and bent for hearth and back Boxes fastened throujih bottoms to hearth before back is fastened \xp Back fastened throu9h back ed§e of shelf "Hirror'as in dresser Details of Fireplace.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 75 \Two chocolate peppermint box.

on this piano play.76 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE A TINY MUSICIAN. Many children practice An hour every day. So that she can play them all. will . These I 'm very sure you 11 make her. need some sheets of music With notes so black and small. Then let And She your dolly do the same.


6. 4. 2. paper box. it 1. The picture will firm. . show you how one prong of each fastener is pushed through from the iack. Carefully study the picture. 5. Cut the hox the same height as you cut the coA^er. 3." bend and fasten the music rack as shown in the picture. cut and fit this very carefully. Draw the black and white keys on a strip of white paper or cardboard. Use the other end of the box for the keyboard. 7. Notice how the box is made to fit into the piano. and fasten it on. and bent to look like a pedal. ^^ score. cut the right height for the piano. then fasten with two fasteners at each end. Cut. 9.78 WHEN MOTHEK LETS US MAKE PIANO. mahogany or black enamel. by cutting down the edges of box until they are as deep as ^^A" in the picture. Study the picture to see just what parts of the sides and top are to be cut away. The other prong turns up a little over the edge to make it 8. Use a box with a cover which like a writing entirely overlaps. Fasten the parts together. Paint with rosewood. Stand the cover on one end.

Keys Ynarked-peddls fastened Music rack-extra piece and fastened for hey-board Details of Piano.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 79 Mote paper box |!%i^l^ Cover-cut height of piano Box-cut down of to depth Shape 5ide5 and top A -fit mto cov/er Other end of box fitted . .

3. 4. 2. Paint with white enamel or gold to look like brass. . Cut the legs. as in the divan. Use box and for the divan. Fasten one on top of the other through their bottoms.80 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE CRIB. cover. Cut the slats as shown in the picture. as suggested 1. or two boxes.

.PAPER BOX FURNITURE GOOD NIGHT. 81 Get a little china doll. Crib. And kiss her a loving good night. Then make a night-gown white Tuck her in her little crib.

Till in the hole it's tight. And these are cute indeed. Paint to match the rest of your bedroom furniture. Make the drawers and mirror " as in the ' ' * ' ' ' dresser 4. Slide the box up or down as in making the dresser.82 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE CHIFFONIER. . Just take a spool and paper firm. 2. . Use the same sort of box and cover as sug- gested for the dresser. A simple scarf upon the top you really need. drawers" higher. Cut the cover the right height for the back. CANDLE STICKS. 1. and the ^^ mirror" shorter than in the part containing the ^* Make the dresser. 3. Unless you make some candle Is all sticks. also shape the legs. Red worsted use for light The paper 'round it smoothly roll.


In rows so orderly. And arrange them all yourselves. How Your nice 'twill be to see shelves with sugar. 3. entirely overlapping like a 1. . candy or writing paper box. Paint some color suitable for a kitchen. "SUGAR AND SPICE AND ALL THINGS NICE. Possibly someone might show you how to and *^ hinges. cut of^ the bottom and . Use a box with a cover it. Fasten them in. Then when you play you're little cooks. salt and spice. Slide the box up to the point where the sides are cut out. 5. then fasten them on with ^4inobs" as in the bookcase. 6. Cut pieces of cardboard for the ^'drawer'' and ^^ doors". fasten the parts together. 4." *^ grain" it. Shape the legs. Mark. Cut the cover the right height for the back. 2." Lace paper from candy boxes Can be used upon the shelves Paint and print on spools some labels.84 WHEN MOTHEK LETS US MAKE KITCHEN CABINET. Study carefully the proportions of the cabinet shown in the picture then cut pieces from the sides and top as in the piano. Use the other end of the box for the shelves.

.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 85 Kitchen Cabinet.

my table and dishes. I couldn't be lonesome With dolly right here in her chair With my stove. Her supper I now shall prepare.86 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE GETTING SUPPER. . Surely.

\* : *»: Getting Supper.PAPER BOX FUENITXIEE 87 kz. .

oak or rosewood like the rest of your parlor furniture. 1. When your parlor chairs are finished. and no slats between the legs. gold as a fancy parlor chair.88 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE PARLOK CHAIR. Study the picture and you will see that there are no arms. THE LITTLE UPHOLSTERER. Use the kind of box suggested for the arm chair. With varnish make them shine fine. If you wish them 'specially . or with 2. Make this exactly as chair. Notice how the back is cut. until you made the arm you are ready to shape the legs and back. 3. Paint mahogany. You might paint one with white enamel for your bedroom. Then on the seats glue velvet.


dolls as To teach your . Cut off the bottom and fasten the parts legs. putting either a silver paper ^^ mirror" or a real lookingThe fasteners glass between it and the back. Look carefully to see how the little prongs are bent and curved to form little hooks. Use and 1. To hang up clothes as grown-ups do. That tidy children always remember. if you choose. knobs. should be pushed through from the hack. Yet are strong enough to safely use So you can hang up dollies' hats. 3. The little hooks are very small. TIDY CHILDREN.90 WHEN MOTHER LETS ITS MAKE HALL RACK. Shape the ^' with ror. And their jackets and furs.'' 5. 4. 2.'' Fasten on the ^'drawer'' Cut the slats and hole for '' mir- Fasten on an extra cardboard. Slide the box up or down until the propor- tions are right. to- gether. It will be very wise indeed. Cut the cover the right lieight for the back. the kind of box suggested for the dresser chiffonier. mother taught you.


so must be carefully cut down about one-half. The tray is the same shape.) 3. The tray can be moved up and down as on a real high chair. . When the projecting ends are pivoted to the sides by two of bottom will rest on the front corners of the % fasteners or a wire hairpin. that extra half-inch arms. back and legs. The edges are too deep for the propor- tions of the chair. corset box. cut two pieces about 4 inches long for the tray and foot rest. Cut away all shown in picture. Be sure to have one slat on the sides where the foot rest is to be (about ll^ inches below the seat). 4. Make the back about 8|/2 inches and the seat about 5 inches. 6. Fasten parts together near the seat and at the bottom (the other fasteners on sides hold the foot rest which will be put in later. 2. Use a 1. but about inch more of its bottom must be left. Shape the arms. From the two ends of the cover. but about 1 inch of bottom of foot rest. The projecting pieces must be pushed between the other two parts and fastened as 5.92 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE HIGH CHAIR. and keep the tray level. Cut seat and back from opposite ends of box as in arm chair.


can play he has some milk In the bowl for shredded wheat If you 're careful not to spill it. Set him in his new high chair Put his bowl upon the So that he can reach tray. it there. If your baby doll is hungry.94 WHEN MOTHEK LETS US MAKE WHEN BABY DOLL IS HUNGRY. With some sugar make it sweet. You .

.PAPER BOX FUKNITUKE 95 When Baby Is Hungry.

2. tall. Fasten in some small artificial flowers. Use the kind of box dressing are packed with nearly square top and a cover which entirely overlaps it. Fasten on an extra piece of cardboard. Spread out and shape the diniere. a peppermint box and its cover can be used. 3. or stick in toothpicks or straws. . with bits of bright paper tied or glued on like flowers. 1. shape the legs. as shown in the picture. and stand up in the hole of the spool. If you haven't a box of this kind. A LITTLE FLORIST.96 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE TABOURET AND PALM. — in which bottles of shoe Cut a piece of the cover the right height. roll this firmly so it will just fit. Like those on growing plants you've seen. And paint your leaves a pretty green Fasten a small artificial flower. ''leaves. Use an empty ' ' twist spool for the ''jar- Cut a strip of green paper the height you wish your plant to be." 5. With sharp point of scissors cut down the roll in several places. Gild your spool to look like brass. 4. by cutting off an end of each and fastening them together. wliich will project for the top.

.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 97 Tabouret and Palm.

wire or ribbon. But if in the bedroom it finds a place. Use three pieces of cardboard cut from bot- toms or covers of boxes. THE PARLOR SCREEN. If the screen in your parlor 3^ou use. On each of the sides you might fold. Then for each side. or paint flowers or landscape right on the cardboard. 3.98 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE SCREEN. 2. . Paint the *^ wooden" parts gold or white. instead of the silk. 4. Cut out the slats at the top. Cut out the tliree large holes and gather in silk or muslin or paste pretty paper or figured cloth flat on the cardboard. White enamel is better to use. 1. . You might burnish it all with gold Then colored silk so pretty and bright. Hinge the pieces together at their edges with thread. Some dainty white muslin I'd choose.


3." ." 2. Use the box for the legs. For a small bench use a spool box for a larger one. 1. 1. For the tub use a pasteboard ribbon ^^bolt. according to the Cut the cover the right length then cut the . Make *' handles out of hairjDins.100 WHEN MOTHEK LETS US MAKE WASH TUB AND For . whittle out a little ^^bar. ^4egs." For a larger tub. of the cover ." 2. 1. Paint black ^^ hoops" and little vertical lines to show the strips of wood of which a tub is a jewelry. use one of the fancy miniature hat boxes used for silk flowers. narrow and shallow box and its cover. fasten on a it piece of corrugated cardboard. corset or shoe box. draw 3. If the board is large enough. the bench use a long. the handle. From a scrap of soap. a stocking box. if is small. and the cover for the top. BENCH. Use thread to bind a tiny strip of paper around the wire for the wooden" part of For the washboard use part size of the tub. Cut out the top of the ribbon ^^bolt. lines to suggest that part.

So water you can't really use. The tub is made only of pasteboard. From a scrap of real soap if you choose. But a cute little ''bar" you can whittle.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 101 WASH DAY. Wash Tub and Bench. .

then draw and cut two ends. Lay pattern on cardboard. 2. use very heavy cardboard or fasten several thicknesses together. so that it will be strong enough to be played with. 1. Cut several until one fits your box and will rock. candy or shoe box. . Paint with white enamel. 4.102 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE CRADLE. Fasten these as shown in the picture. the cradle is a large one. Use any box of the right proportions jewelry. If 3. Fold a piece of paper and cut a pattern of the end with the rocker.


And softly hum a lullaby Don't mothers do just so? . In this cradle clean and white.104 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE ROCK-A-BY BABY. We'll tuck her blanket snug and So nice and warm she'll keep. Then with one little finger. Rock it gently to and fro. Our baby doll will sleep. tight.

.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 105 Rock-a-By-Baby.

But don't you think it will look cunning In the stand with a little cane? . 'Round some soft. Paint it a nice dark brown. off the Cut box the right height. fasten tlie pieces of box and cover together. DOLLY'S UMBRELLA. Use 1. 2. Whittle a stick for a handle. Cut the slats. 3.106 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE UMBRELLA STAND. So let's hope it will not rain. it twist This umbrella will not open. or with a color to represent wood or porcelain. as shown in the picture. Paint with gold to look like brass. the kind of box suggested for the tabouret. If pepper- mint boxes are used. black paper And firmly bind it down.

.PAPER BOX FURNITUEE 107 Umbrella Stand.

box just the right size and shape. and fasten them together find a small You might as shown in the picture. . You might have to cut ends from the box and cover of a candy box.108 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE PIANO BENCH. Turn it bottom up and cut the legs.

Place her hands so that lightly they rest on the keys. . Place the bench so dolly may sit there to play In order that she may do this with ease. not too far away. Piano Bench. Before the piano.PAPER BOX FURNITURE 109 PLAYING THE PIANO.

6. middle of face. 4. Cut the legs 5. . You might put a fastener into the lower end of the pendulum and double the prongs out of sight.110 WHEN MOTHER LETS US MAKE CLOCK. Push a long pin or wire hairpin through the hands. TICK-TOCK. and openings. top of pendulum and back of the clock. or make it on white paper and glue it on. 3. TICK-TOCK. Cut hands of pasteboard or bits of tin. To make it swing to and fro. Bend the end of the wire down. Use a silver dollar or end of large spool as pattern for the face. If our clock could reallv ^o But let's just push the pendulum. Use the kind of box described for the tab- box and cover of a peppermint box cut the right height and fastened together. Mark the face directly on the box. Make the pendulum of cardboard and long enough to extend up into the top. or 1. 2. You can then move the hands and swing the pendulum. It surely would be lots of fun . This looks attractive and also makes the pendulum heavier so that it swings better. ouret.







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