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Return to Him as a servant, and He will honour you like a king: 14th October 2010 The Kingdom of Heaven

on earth: 16hb October Live like a flower in a Garden: 15th October 2010 Posted on 16 October, 2010 by Khan This post is also available in: Bahasa Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazims Daily Suhbah 15th October 2010 Live like a flower in a Garden Auzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem Assalamualaikum wrh wbkt Maulana began by reminding us about a simple and known fact that is always forgot ten we must obey our Creator, Allah Almighty. If we dont, we will face a series o f never-ending problems, that will grow in severity, in this world and in the he reafter. Life will be filled with burdens, and every new problem will be like a spear piercing us without warning, adding to our difficulties. We must bring tha t same message to everyone we meet call Mankind to become obedient servants of A llah! If you cannot please Allah, then your life in this world and the next, will be mi serable and filled with suffering, you will never attain peace, pleasure or feli city. Disobedient ones will fall into the Valley of Trouble and Despair in this life, just as they will fall into the Valley of Fire in the hereafter. Dont you want to enjoy the sweet life in both worlds? Allah did not create you, ex cept for that. Taste the sweetness of being created, the happiness, love and ple asure culminating in an eternal existence in Paradise. Why are you rejecting thi s, and choosing a meaningless, tasteless, numb existence saddled with disappoint ment and despair? Man today is drunk throughout the twenty-four hours of each da y, he is seeking to find pleasure and meaning in this life, and he is so despera te to taste that pleasure, but he cant taste anything. He eatsbut it is tasteless. He drinks.but it is tasteless. He socializes.but it is tasteless. He sleeps.even h is sleep is tasteless! Maulana says, todays aimless humans cant even sleep natural ly anymore, so many people need sleeping pills and other drugs, just to fall asl eep! Oh humans, what has become of you, that you cannot even fall asleep in peac e? How troubled their Souls must be, that they cannot find any taste in living! One whose heart is at peace, can eat dry bread with salt, and he will find it a f ulfilling and tasteful meal. And he can sleep in the open with a rock as his pil low, and he will be a picture of tranquility and contentment. One whose heart is aimless and restless, even if he is sleeping on a thick and comfortable mattres s, still needs medicine to induce sleep. Those sleeping with the help of drugs, are sleeping the sleep of death, like a dead one. Sleep contains a form of Spiritual rest, that is a grant from Paradise, and as be lievers fall asleep, their Souls are taken by Angels. The sleep of Believers and Lovers of Allah and His Prophet (saw), is a sweet one, and their waking moments are equally sweet. To the rest of Mankind, everything is tasteless. Taste comes from Spirituality, not from the material/physical world, but so many do not und erstand, and they are looking for lifes sweetness, in all the wrong places. Maulana spoke on the deception posed by technology. On the surface, it seems like a wonderful thing, as it makes life so much easier everything is fast, easy and automated. Communication, travelling, farming, medicine have all been transform ed drastically by technology. In the old days, Maulana said, workers worked slow ly, doing Zikrullah, while the Angels joined them in the remembrance. There was pleasure in the air, unlike today, when the air is polluted with poisonous fumes

and noxious discharges. But what has happened to Man with this technology? He has become a creature who h as faith only in the material world, and he has forsaken his Spirituality. That has dire consequences, as peace, happiness and all other pleasurable experiences , reside in our Spiritualities, not in our physical bodies, and it is attained b y Spiritual practices, not by physical stimulation. The end result? Todays Man, i s devoid of Spirituality and Faith, and is desperately unhappy (but doesnt know w hy), he is yearning for rest (but cant find it) and he is drowning himself in thi s worldly life, hoping to become numb and detached from his hopelessness and emp tiness. What a bleak picture. Technology is killing your Spirituality! Return to nature! Lead a natural way of life, go back to natural surroundings and the good old ways things used to be do ne. Leave technologia and come back to nature! The key to a sweet life in dunia and Praradise in the hereafter, lies there. Why? The Kingdom of shaitan is built on technology, we must join hands (unite) to destroy that kingdom, for shaitan is our common enemy. All men are brothers. As such, we must behave as brothers to one another. Every t ribe/nationality is created unique, with special good characteristics. When we u nite, we complement each other. Each tribe/nationality is like a different flowe r. When united, they forms a resplendent garden with a staggering array of stunn ing flowers of unique shapes, colours, fragrances and sizes like a rainbow of ma ny colours. O mankind! Lo! We have created you from male and female, and have made you natio ns and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware. (Surah Al-Hujuraa t 49:13) Maulana asks, have you ever seen flowers fighting? Obviously not, so humans shoul d not be in conflict, they should be in cohesion! Why is Man fighting and killin g? There is no honour in that. How is it that Man claims he has reached the peak of humanity and human rights in these times? What a blatant lie! Todays missiles and weapons of mass destruction , are not only designed to kill, but also to kill in the most painful and inhuma ne way (eg phosphorus bombs, biological warfare etc) and they not only kill and maim humans, they have no regard or concern for the plants or animals either! Is this a civilised people that burns each other to death as cruelly as possible? Ma ulana warns, Allah will send a Divine cleansing to the earth soon, to weed out tho se hell-bent on cruel violence and destruction. Every diabolical one will be cru shed, and this earth will then become a Garden where the weeds will be killed, b ut the flowers will remain! Fatihah

Commentary It is a simple and logical fact; Allah created us, and we are His creation. We mu st know our place as servants, acknowledge Him as our Lord, and obey without the slightest defiance. Strangely, in this end of times, such advice is unwelcome a nd thought of as irrelevant, even as illogical, by some. Look at how many people find life meaningless! They resort to drugs, crime, depra vity, gambling, travelling, playing sports, online games, chatting in social for ums, pubbing and clubbing, promiscuity.Man is trying everything to find a certain sense of peace in his heart and Soul, but he cant. In desperation, he resorts to psychological counseling, psychiatric treatment, potent medicine he wants to di scover the root of his restlessness, depression and emptiness. So many end up gi ving up on life or just committing suicide. Yet the solution is in the Mother of All Books:

Who have believed and whose hearts have rest in the remembrance of Allah. Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest! (Surah Ar-Ra d 13:28) In this single Ayat, Allah shows all of humanity the futility of their efforts. They can never find peace in sin! They can only find peace in obedience and reme mbrance. There is no other way. Not one human being from the billions who have d ied and who are still living, has ever found success, victory or safety, without believing in Allah, and serving him as a true and humble servant. Not one. Be like flowers in a Garden (of Paradise)! Flowers smell good so put on your best behaviour towards your brothers. Flowers dont fight - so be a true Muslim, like what is said in a hadees, A Muslim is one from whom you are safe from his tongue (words) and hands (actions). By that definition, so few of us are real Muslims! F lowers complement each other so work hand in hand and help one another. But help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty. Help not one another unto sin and transgression, but keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is severe in punishment. (Surah Al-Ma idah 5:2) Repent and change your ways, for you must know that the Divine cleansing is not a r andom event. Just as the birds of Ababil carried rocks from Jahannam to kill the elephants of Abrahah (when he was marching with his elephant army to destroy th e Kaaba), and every rock the birds carried had the name of its intended target, t he Divine chastisement coming, is a precise and deadly event. If your name is wr itten on one of the rocks of Jahannam that is coming, it will seek you out, even i f you hide in the deepest bunkers behind the thickest walls! If a text message s ent to your mobile phone, can find you anywhere on earth, surely Allahs Angels will bring the Divine Retribution, right to your face, no matter where you hide. Rea lise that safety lies not in building more weapons or hiding in more remote plac es. It lies in repenting, changing your ways, and being obedient to Him. Time is running out. Say: Even if you had remained in your homes, those for whom death was decreed wou ld certainly have gone forth to the place of their death. (Surah Ali-Imran 3:154)