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All praise and thanks to Allah who blessed us with Quran and Hadith from which w e learned the

truth about our life. Before Quran I used to think that all my tho ughts and ideas were my own. I had not known that shaitan could penetrate my min d and inject his ideas so as to take me away from Allah. We human beings might n ot recognize the fact that our success lies in connecting ourselves to Allah but shaitan knows so well that our destruction lies in being cut off from Allah ther efore he is constantly poisoning our hearts with his ideas which we so blindly f ollow . Simply because we never doubt for a moment that this thought or idea migh t be the plot of our biggest enemy the Devil.

If we want to save ourselves from his attacks, we must know how he acts so we ca n counter his moves- but even before that we have to first UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT and BELIEVE in his enmity, his jealousy and his life long mission to destroy us . Because how can you hope to win a war in which you don t believe? How can you pu sh hard against something if you don t even believe it to be harmful or destructiv e?

Allah put the sentiment of hatred in us so that we might use its force against t his enemy; but Shaitan s biggest plot is that he makes our own loved ones look so bad in our eyes that all our hatred is being used against them. So he gets two v ictories on one hand he gets spared from our hatred we don t hate him so we dont tak e any steps to push him away and secondly we hate our near and dear ones and so t he energy we might get from loving and being loved is lost to us making us a weak target for him to further trample us beneath his feet. Have you every enjoyed p raying after having a row with your children or spouse? Thus our relationship wi th Allah also gets weakened as the shaitan keeps whispering in your heart that i f your religion was so good then why aren t your prayers being answered? Why isn t A llah helping you with your problems? Why aren t your family members being a loving and kind support as they should be? And so on and so forth Self pity is shaitan s favourite medicine because it blurs our vision and thus with tears in our eyes, a nd a wounded heart, we further intensify our bad feelings and the war with peopl e makes us forget our actual war which should have been against the SHAITAN

So what is going to save us? It is our faith and knowledge increase both! Find the verses in the Quran in which Allah has informed us about why devil hate s us and what has he planned to do? Find out all his tactics. Secondly list down all the weaknesses of your personality the extreme behaviors extreme desires etc and try to bring them into a level of moderation. Because fighting with the enem y is futile if the traitors run around freely to destroy you from within Daily re mind yourself that Shaitan is my enemy and my weakness is the traitor. If your w eakness is a lack of knowledge then make yourself knowledgeable. If your weaknes s is lack of obedience to Allah then start obeying Him. Because Allah s obedience and Allah s constant remembrance is the most powerful weapon you have against all obstacles. Keep it shining InshaAllah