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Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani Au'dhu billahi mina-sh-shaitani-r-rajim. Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. La haulaw a la quwwata illa billahi-l-'aliyyi-l-'azim.

(Few sentences in Turkish) It is an association. But at the beginning, something coming, that I should address you in Turkish language. And we are, preparing, I am preparing, or really they are preparing me.... (couple more sentences in Tur kish) This, this is something, at the beginning of our association, to prepare p eople, attenders, to accept, or to be able to accept what is coming from heavens , heavenly instructions to our humble meeting. It is a small meeting but its pow er as atom - it is a small being but its power, you can't control it. This is a humble meeting. Through east and west, we are going up to Yemen, Japan, or up to Spain, or from north to south, or 3 continents or 5 continents, you can find di fficulties, difficulties because no real prepared people for accepting such a re al heavenly addressing and knowledge. Knowledge coming with power; if not coming with power, it is not knowledge; it is an imitation, like printed paper as a po und or as a dollar or as a euro - no value; because when you are giving, they ar e not giving to you anything. They are saying, " This is not a real pound." They are saying, "No what is this?" "But this is your dollar and this is also just t he same - why you are not accepting?" "This was printed and its value just put d own but you printed this one on an offset machine.They may be similar to each ot her but one is real, one a forgery." Real knowledge is full with power. It may control your ego, it may take your ego under its control. - That is knowledge. Countless doctors, particularly among r eligious people, you can find hundreds of doctors but no power even on their (ow n) egos or on people. No no value..They are imitation ones, no power with them. They are only like cassettes, registering but no power. No. Therefore knowledge that may control, may put a control on your ego, may ride on it and then may sen d it as he likes; if not, it is only - no meaning. Therefore the Prophet was say ing, when last days approaching (Quotes Hadith), the Seal of Prophets, through h is heavenly knowledge, that reaching ourselves, as our traditional knowledge, he was saying and informing, that when the last days are approaching, you can't fi nd from Islam, only its name. And as for practising, all Muslims, going to pract ise Islam, they are only doing as an outward form. They are doing something, the y are claiming that they are praying, but nothing in it, no life. No life. They are going to pray but their prayer is only imitation, it is not real praying, no . It is only a show, making the movements of praying and nothing else, inside th ere is nothing. That is the Prophet's indications about what would be the positi on of Islam when the last days approaching. Now, subhanallah there are perhaps one and a half billion Muslims, but you can't (any) among them who are praying, real prayer.All of them (just) making movemen ts. If you are calling them to real Islam, to real worshipping, they are saying, " Hey, it is enough, what we are doing." In real worshipping there is a taste; our souls tasting from heavenly tastes, bu t official prayers they are only like plastic fruits, plastic flowers. (It is li ke)giving our spiritual being and saying, "Use it, eat." Our doctors can only gi ve people or show them plastic flowers, or plastic fruits. And first people run to them and ask to smell, but then saying "Oh - no smell." - asking to taste but then saying. "Oh it is not a real banana or real orange or real apricot." Then when we are saying, " Are you praying? " they are saying, "No, I am not praying. ." "Why?" "I am praying only sometimes. I am praying only on Friday." If they ar e tasting, what pleasure and peace and satisfaction, it is bringing to you, to y our soul . They would[1] run before the adhan, before the call to worship , they would leave everything and run to there; but our imams, our doctors can't bring them anything. Therefore they are saying, "No."- because they are never tasting

anything. Finished. And the Prophet was saying 1500 years ago that this time wo uld come, when last days approaching, Yaumuiyyamat. -and we are in it. Therefore I am saying, knowledge must be with power. A bullet if you are putting only gun powder in it, though you are shooting, you may hear only the sound of gunpowder, but the spark that touches the heart, no. It is only a sound you may hear, noth ing else. And in our days this is the position of Islam, and people are running away. And Christianity and the Jewish religion, they are out of time; they are finishe d. They are finished and do not even have gunpowder. We have some gunpowder, but they have nothing not even gunpowder, nothing. Nothing in their bullets. They a re out of time but they are insisting that they are enjoying; and they are lying . No. If they are enjoying it is (only) because they are using some means that t hey have not been ordered to do. Bringing so many things, not for their souls' e njoyment, but for their physical beings' enjoyment. Therefore, some people are a ttending ceremonies in cathedrals, in churches, in synagogues, it is only for th eir physical beings enjoyment. No more really, no.No, because, when they are com ing out from synagogues, or from cathedrals they are running unto dunya. Dunya is a carcass. The ceremonies that they are doing in their cathedrals and s ynagogues, there is nothing in it to carry them to the Divine Presence of the Lo rd Of Heavens. And the proof is, that they are running away from synagogues to t he carcass of this lowest life; and also people coming out from cathedrals and r unning to pubs, running to their businesses, running to their enjoyments. They a re not running to their Lord's Divine Presence, not running to reach a welcome f rom The Divine Presence. Finish. And I am sorry to say that Muslims also, throug h those doctors that they are imitated knowing people, even their knowledge, kno wing nothing that has any effect on their personalities, they are making people on the same road, on the same level as Christians and Jewish nation.And Islam no w just becoming as a name (only) and its practice a routine of movements, (inste ad of ) real worshipping. There is no soul in it. It is not a living practice. J ust like when we are looking at TV, and it says Live. Then they are taking much more care, because it is happening now . Taking much care. Other times it is not 'Live.' And angels are looking at what people are doing, and they are saying, " They are doing something, but it is not alive, no." Therefore there are people who are making a big advertising against Islam; but t hey are no mind people because they are not coming to the sources of Islam, and they are not asking those who are practising Islam 100%, or 90% or even 50%. Now our people they are not practising Islam even 1%. No. And they are giving their final decision on Islam, that Islam is not a good religion . They are forgettin g their positions, - but I am asking, "If you are refusing Islam, saying that it is not an acceptable faith , - what about yourselves o Christian world? What ar e you doing? All chaos coming from your world, every troublemaker coming through you. -- You are exporting it and the foolish muslim world also the heedless Mus lim world is importing them. Why are you accusing the Islamic world? You are the first trouble makers against religions, against everything from the Holy Comman ds of the Lord Of Heavens. Yet you are not looking to yourselves, you are accusi ng Muslims that Islam is not what about yourselves? And Jewish faith also accusi ng Muslims." We are not claiming, - as I have already said, - we are not keeping the real Islam; because the real Islam never accepting what is happening, in th e name of Islam, through some people. We are not accepting it, and Islam never accepting it, but people, they are foll owing satanic teachings that they have learned from imports from the Christian w orld. That is the reason that Allah is going punish the Christian world and Jewi sh people, and then, the heedless Muslim world also will be punished. Only good ones should (would) remain, those who are asking good for mankind. Harmful peopl e must not live. All of them must be taken away. May Allah forgive me and blesse s you, for the honour of the most honoured one in creation, Sayyidina Muhammad,

(Salallahu'alayhi wasalim) Fatihah