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Here we shall describe briefly Nine out of the truly numerous fruits and benefit s of the Sufi path.

The First is the unfolding and clarification, by means of Sufi paths which are o n the straight way, of the truths of belief, which are the keys, sources, and sp rings of the eternal treasuries in everlasting happiness; it is their manifestat ion at the degree of 'the vision of certainty.' The Second: Through the Sufi path being a means of working the heart, the mainsp ring of the human machine, and causing the heart to stir into motion the other s ubtle faculties, it is to drive them to fulfil the purposes of their creation, a nd thus to making man into a true human being. The Third: On the journey to the Intermediate Realm and the hereafter, it is to join one of the chains of the Sufi paths, and to be a companion in such a lumino us caravan on the road to eternity, and to be saved from the desolation of lonel iness, and to find familiarity with them in this world and in the Intermediate R ealm; and relying on their consensus and accord in the face of the attacks of do ubts and fears, and seeing each of their masters as a powerful support and proof , it is to repulse through them those doubts and instances of misguidance. The Fourth is to understand by means of the pure Sufi way the knowledge of God t o be found in belief in God, and the pleasure of love of God within the knowledg e of God, and by so understanding, to be saved from the absolute desolation of t his world and man's absolute exile in the universe. We have proved in many of th e Words that the happiness of both worlds, and pain-free pleasure, and familiari ty without loneliness, and true pleasure, and untroubled happiness are all to be found in the reality of belief and Islam. As explained in the Second Word, beli ef bears the seed of a Tuba-tree of Paradise. It is through the training and nur turing of the Sufi path that the seed grows and develops. The Fifth is to perceive through an awakening of the heart resulting from the Su fi path and remembrance of God, the subtle truths contained in the obligations o f the Shari'a, and to appreciate them. Then one obeys and performs his worship, not under compulsion, but with longing. The Sixth is to rise to the station of reliance on God and rank of submission to Him and to gain His pleasure, which are the means to true pleasure, real solace , painfree pleasure, and familiarity without loneliness. The Seventh is, through sincerity, the most important condition for travelling t he Sufi way and its most important result, to be delivered from base qualities l ike the hidden associating of partners with God, hypocrisy, and artificiality. A nd it is to be saved by means of the purification of the soul, which is like the surgical operation of the Sufi path, from the dangers of the evil-commanding so ul and the perils of egotism. The Eighth : By means of the regard, sense of the Divine presence, and powerful intentions which are gained through the remembrance of God with the heart and re flective thought of the mind on the Sufi path, it is to transform customary acti ons into worship and make mundane dealings into actions for the hereafter. And t hrough utilizing the capital of life, it is to make all its minutes into seeds w hich will produce the shoots of eternal happiness. The Ninth is to work to be a perfect human being through journeying with the hea rt and striving with the spirit and spiritual progress; that is to say, to be a true believer and total Muslim; that is, to gain not superficial belief, but the reality of belief and the reality of Islam; that is, to be directly the slave o f the Glorious Creator of the Universe, in the universe and in one respect as th e universe's representative, and to be His addressee, and His friend, and His be

loved, and to be a mirror to Him; and through showing man to be on the best of p atterns, it is to prove man's superiority over the angels. It is to fly through the lofty stations with the wings of belief and actions of the Shari'a, and to l ook on eternal happiness in this world, and even to enter that happiness. Glory be unto You! We have no knowledge save that which You have taught us; inde ed, You are All-Knowing, All-Wise!(3) O God! Grant blessings and peace to the Supreme Help in every age and the Sublim e Spiritual Pole at all times, our master Muhammad, the magnificence of whose sa inthood was manifested in his Ascension, as was the station of his being the bel oved of God, and under the shadow of whose Ascension are included all sainthoods , and to all his Family and Companions. Amen. And all praise be to God, the Sust ainer of All the Worlds.