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Audhu billah min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, na waytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi

ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid

Allah swt has granted us and honored us to be Muslim. And to be in love with His Prophet although we are not, we cannot consider ourselves that we are really i n love deeply, because we know that our love is weak, artificial. But we hope th at insha-Allah one day, with Allah s swt support and blessing that love to prophet will be strong. How much you are near is how much you are in love with that nearness. You cannot say to yourself, I love someone if you are not near him. You have to be very clos e, you have to be very close to the one that your love in order that you feel hi s presence. And love is not an easy word. Many people use it a lot in their normal life and in their religious life. It is easy to say, " I love you, it is easy to say it on your tongue. But it is not easy to say it through your heart. What differ us, what is the difference between when we say we love the Prophet an d when sincere people, pious people, saints of Allah swt say we love the Prophet there is a difference. When we say, "we love the Prophet we say it through our t ongues. When they say they love prophet, those saints, awliyaullah. That is why they are called awliyaullah, saints of Allah. When they say we love the Prophet , or they love the Prophet , they are feeling the presence of whom they love, beca use when the love becomes stronger and stronger you be approaching more and more the other party. If someone loves a girl or a girl loves a boy, as much as they love each other t hey come closer and closer. So what do you think about awliyaullah that their lo ve is directed not to dunya issues, to pleasurely desires, but to the desire of the one that Allah has sent as the seal of messengers to humanity. Their love wi ll take all these veils and bring them more and more nearer. And as they are nea rer they begin to know private issues that one carries. They call it inner circl e. What is inner circle. Inner circle is when you become so close to someone the y will consider you from his inner circle, especially if someone is important. L ike in elections, people run for elections. Those who are nominated for election s they have inner circles working for them. What you think the Prophet doesn t ha ve an inner circle? Of course! As much as you are in love with the Prophet as much as you are in lo ve with the inner and inner and inner circle and as you are coming inside you ca n see private issues and private matters that Allah swt has dressed him with. People today say, "O don t say too much salawat on the Prophet that is too much, it

will be shirk. Why? Because they are blind. They are not in the inner circle th ey missed their chance. Allah saying don t miss that chance. Ya ayyuhalladheena aamanoo salloo `alayh who believe, pray on him. O believers keep praising him, keep sending salutations on him. Salloo it is an order. Why is it an order? Because it is a key to opening doors; to opening lock s. From one door to another door, from one lock to anther from one inner circle to another to another inner circle until you reach to know the truth that of wha t is happening and why it is happening and what is coming with it. That is why awliyaullah when they speak about the Prophet that depends on their level. Where that wali reached he can and what he is allowed to say is a drop o f what he is seeing or what he is learning. And the other wali who is more advanced, also will be seeing more and not been g iven permission to give more than one drop of what he is seeing. That means in reality no one knows the real reality of Sayyidina Muhammad . it d epends on the level of the wali. And every thinks he reached the maximum but the re is no maximum. Allahu Akbar. Al-`adhamatu lillahi greatness is for Allah. The re is no definition of the greatness of Allah where it stands. It is always grea ter. Whatever you can understand of greatness it is greater than that. Whatever the Prophet knows of greatness of Allah swt is still limited he cannot know the greatness. It is still a drop of an ocean. It is the drop of more than an ocean , it is the drop of [many] oceans. That is why when awliyaullah speak it is not too much, too a higher level. What they gave you is drop of what they know and what they know is a drop of the real ity of what they are seeing. It depends what Allah swt will open for you a door. So don t say, " how he knows, that wali he is in the inner circle. Why y0ou don t want to be a wali. anyone is in vited to be a wali. By taqwa. Have taqwa and Allah will teach you. so anyone is invited to take from that , no come. It is not a closed door. We are closing the door with out hands and saying why the other one has a key. You don t want the ke y. Allah swt is saying, Take the key. You want My precious knowledge. Come and take the key. But the key has a way to be given. Not everyone can take the key easily. Ahmad al-Badawi, what happened to him when he was asking for the key? When he was asking for the key, what happened? He wants the key and he said, "Ya Rabbee I want the key. And he was progressing and progressing and asking and ask ing and he reached form inner circle to inner circle until he was able to hear t O ye

he praise of angels to Allah swt. He said, Ya Rabbee send me the key. He sent him a key? Not a physical key. He sent him a wali more near the center. He said, "Y a Ahmad you want the key. I have the key for you. he said, "No. Ahmad al-Badawi wh o in his time can move mountains from their place sin his place Cairo in Tanta. He can move mountains; he can move amirs from his place. He was not interested i n all these dunya issues. He wants the key. Allah sent him someone, I have the k ey you want it. Even you become a wali still you have ego. Don t think that a wali doesn t have ego, it varies tatafaawut. Like us we have too much big egos. Awliya ullah they have, but less and less until you reach Sultan al-Awliya, and he has the least ego. But still awliya have tests. Don t think Allah will not send a test . So he sent him a person from the more inner circle. on t take it from you, I take it from my Lord. I have the key take it. No, I d

Sayyidina Muhammad was not able to take revelation directly from his Lord if Sa yyidina Musa was able, was Sayyidina Musa not Kaleemullah speaking directly wi th his Lord? Cannot the Seal of messengers Sayyidina Muhammad speak directly? B ut Allah wants him to show humbleness by sending him an intermediary Sayyidina J ibreel . He didn t say no, is Musa better than me? No he doesn t have ego. Nothing on him. He is the only prophet that said, and declared, I killed my shaytaan and I controlled my Shaytan. That means the rest cannot. Don t say, "I can control my Shaytan. All of us under the control of Shaytan. When we leave the control of Shaytan then we reach these inner circles and they see w hat others cannot see. Of course people today cannot see, so they reject it. If you were open-eyes you cannot reject it. You go to England now. To take it easy the government made something called iris . Those who visit continuous who have work or business there, instead of standin g in line and going through immigration and they as you this and this, instead t o make it easy you go to a machine and the machine reads your eyes and it opens the door you go in. they give you a small receipt and no questions, nothing. Why? Because you have to open up your eyes very well. I was trying it, it reject ed me. Although I applied for It and they gave it to me. I went, first time they rejected me. Then I asked why did it reject me? They said, "It might be you did n t open your eyes well. Because you have to go to an office they check your eyes v ery well on a machine. So the next time I went, they said, go back a little, go r ight a bit, go left a bit. They want you to have the right position to read your eyes. How awliyaullah have to have a correct position. You have to have right position in order to see. So they put you in correct position the machine says move righ t, move left, move here. So the first time I didn t open my eyes well; the second time I opened more, then they said, "move forward. So everything has a wisdom. It means, O human beings, a machine can read you. You are dumb, you cannot read like a machine. Open your eyes and you can read.

Allah said in holy hadith to the Prophet , If you open your eyes, open your ears, you love, Me, I will love you. You love Me, I love you. If you don t love Me, I d on t love you. So if you really love Me, I will be your ears that you can hear with. I will be y our eyes that you can see with. If a machine can see your eyes, and read you, as I explained with that machine, but you have to open your eyes to the machine in order to read. Awliyaullah when they open their eyes on what is around them and they say, "O Al lah we are not interested in what You have created we are interested in You. We are not interested in this pleasurely life. We are interested in you. We are not in love with this dunya, we are in love with You. Then Allah revealed to the Pro phet and the Prophet revealed to us, when they love Me they have to approach Me with voluntary worship. I didn t obligate them to do it, to show Me their love th ey show Me their servanthoood. We are showing our servanthood to Allah or we are showing our servanthood to dun ya? Why we have to hide behind our fingers? If we are showing servanthood to Allah the ears he can hear with, the eyes he eak with, I will be his hand he can act h. We are showing our servanthood to dunya. then the hadith applies to us. He will be can see with I will be his tongue he can sp with, I will be his legs he can move wit

Sayyidina `Ali (r), explained that hadith. You hear - you learn, you see you conf irm, then you can speak. [it means] Don t speak without hearing and seeing, then yo u are dumb. Who is the crazy? Who is the crazy? That awliyaullah they say this one is crazy, for example it is not the one who has no mind. It is the one who is crazy in sa inthood or Sufism in tasawwuf is the one who speaks about dunya and doesn t speak about akhira. That is majnoon. That one is wasting time to speak about dunya and forgetting what he has to do for akhira that majnoon keeps you company with all kinds of pleasurely life. He doesn t keep your company for all kinds of heavenly life All he carries is dunya. Today what people care about? Dunya. Allah didn t say don t have dunya. You can but rabbana atina fee d-dunya O our Lord gi ve us the best of this life and the best of the afterlife and protect us from th e Fire. Balance between both sides. I am speaking an introduction, an introduction that I am going to continue in these notes, that I come to later might not be today, might be tomorrow. So awliyaullah Allah gave them according to how much they are listening and they

are hearing and they are watching observing and how much they open their eyes. As much as you open your eyes as much you can see. Close your eyes, can you see anything? No. sometimes they open their eyes like t hat [squint] the can see a little. You go to the eye doctor and you look at a chart. They have pictures and they ha ve the same picture but hey give you different ways the eye can see. The picture changes. If small building become tall building. If light becomes dark and vice versa. And all kinds of defect pictures because of defective eyes. Finally they say you need an operation. Why we go to an eye doctor to do an operation but we didn t go to heavenly doctor to do Heaney operation. Why we do everything for our physical body but we never think that our soul needs an operation. Our presence here is an operation because we are speaking about love of the Prop het and how to come to inner circle. So awliyaullah Allah gave them that ability to progress in worship that not ever yone can do that. But it is open forum for everyone. So when Sayyidina Ahmad al-Badawi when he was asking to enter that inner circle Allah sent him someone with the key, but he did not want it from him. He was a b ig saint. He was famous in his time before he got the key. He was able to do all kinds of miraculous power. But he knows he needs to open that huge veil that pu ts him in the inner circle. You go to rest. And you can smell food. But you go in the kitchen you see food a nd smell it more. But when you eat it you know the taste how it is nice. Althoug h the smell gives you sense and similar to taste but it doesn t give you taste. So there are awliyaullah that smell but they are on circumference and they are n ot inside. If they go inside then they can taste and they get you the taste to t heir followers. Then they get in to realities. They don t get information they get realities. Unfortunately today people are blind. They say such things don t exist . What Muhyideen ibn Arabi said and other saints said, " are realities but because people are so selfish and big egos. They don t want others to know they say it do esn t exist. You are inheritor of Satan you ego preventing you to see you are blin d. Satan said, "ana khayrun minh. Kahlaqtanee min nar wa kalaqtanee min teen ated him from mud. You are stupid you don t know mud puts fire down? you cre

If you have fire how you put it down? Mud is water. Fire will be extinguished by water.

So awliyaullah they know that hikmah, that wisdom that the fire of Shaytan that is in them can be extinguished by mud by water that fount of youth that Sayyidin a Iskandar and Sayyidina Khidr went to find it, that is in hand of wali now and they use it to put the fire of Shaytan down that house then it will be gigantic and great full of all kinds of furnitures. When you put the fire down then you c an build a huge house and can fill it with all kinds of furniture and it is insu red by heavenly insurance. You can put all kinds of decoration in it that is ins ured and Shaytaan cannot take it away. That is why hearts of awliyaullah ar full of decorations and medallions and . we are dead. and we asked, where is that smell coming from? It is coming from your d ead body. When someone dies, why he smells? He smells not because his body is dirty. His b ody is pure. Allah crated that body. But we destroyed it with our backbitings we destroyed it with our ghiba and nameema and bad rumors about each other. Grandshaykh said, "all these bad characteristics make the body to smell. It is n ot the body it is the will characters that come out of the body. That will chara cters comes out of the body in akhira Whey wali doesn t smell. I saw three at least. You open the grave they are as fres h as they been buried today. Why? Because they have no more wild char and behavi ors. So there is no more smell. Grandshaykh said that if Allah will release one of these bad smells where there are infinite number of smells that come from these bodies, not the body but he w ild characters that become molded with the body. He said if you release one of t hem all human being will faint from one smell. That is why cleansing process in the grave, Allah cleans them in the grave by se nding that bad smell in and Allah can release it out. That is why the Prophet w hen he saw a grave he put a small stick, a green one, to get mercy in and to kee p that bad smell to come out. So awliyaullah Allah gave them innocence as much a s they are approaching Him Allah gives them innocence from all we were describin g. And gives them power to build these realities and build their homes with meda llions and decorations and that is why their hearts are decorated with all these kinds of poetry like Muhammad al-Busayri with his poetry al-Burda. So awliyaullah have that power and one of these realities that have been opened. To one of his awliyaullah to Mawlana Shaykh and Grandshaykh and grand Grandshay kh is that the Prophet s creation was before any creation or before any element o r anything that you can imagine as a human being, the Prophet creation was befo re all that when there was no creation he was created from what? He was created from what? People they say today that the Prophet was prophet when Adam between clay and w ater. Or we say Allah took handful of his light and said, " be Muhammad . where h adith of the Prophet that awwala ma khalaqa Allah nur nabiyyik ya Jaabir - the

first thing that Allah created was the light of your Prophet, O Jaabir. We say the light we cannot go deeper than that as we don t know. Awliyaullah they give you a bit of these heavenly realities that they know too m uch about I but they are not allowed to bring out except drops. So drops of that is saying that what was the first, prophet was first to be created but of what. What is that light that is mentioned. And we leave it for tomorrow evening insh a-Allah to see what was the light. That is introduction to say, "No one can say to a wali, I am rejecting what you are seeing. You reject first your ego, destroy i t , put I t under your feet then come and speak with a wali. Before you reach th at level you have no right. Because you are blind you don t need to make everyone blind. there are some people go to surgeon to make operation on their eyes and these aw liyaullah are heavenly doctors that make us to see what cannot be seen. We conti nue this tomorrow insha-Allah. Wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi-hurmati 'l-Fatiha. SubhanAllah what he came up with that reality. How that atom of Prophet was crea ted from what. You will be amazed. We leave it for tomorrow.

Imam Jazuli was one of them. He was buried in Fez but 100 years later they moved his grave to Marrakech. When they opened his grave his body was just like he di ed the day before.