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Volume I, Issue 1 Car Collector Chronicles November 2008


• Car collecting today

• Classic rides
This publication represents a and sundry subjects.
• Reports from the field new venture for GDYNets.
GDYNets is nothing more than The obvious question is what
a moniker I have coined to refer makes me an authority? The
• Oldsmobile
simple and honest answer to
to all of my WWW activities. that question is nothing! I am
My name is Dave, and I have just one of many individuals who
had a presence on the web for has a love for old rides, and
many years, covering diverse does not mind sharing his ex-
subjects. However, this is my periences. It is hoped those
first effort concentrating on a experiences will be of interest
single topic, car collecting. and help to others.
Future newsletters will pre- You will come to learn that I
sent info on collecting classic am an Oldsmobile fanatic, and GET BEHIND THE WHEEL
cars. That information will be why. Consequently, much of
culled from personal experi- what I shall write shall be about
ences, and hopefully, contribu- the beloved Oldsmobile.
IN THIS ISSUE: • 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza
tions from you, the readers. Here are the classic cars with Convertible (1 of a Gazillion)
This inaugural edition features which I have experience:
a somewhat autobiographical
Inaugural Edition 1 article on The Making and Educa- • 1962 Oldsmobile Currently, the Olds and Corvair
Dynamic 88 Convertible
tion of a Car Collector. occupy stalls in my garage.
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Future articles are projected
discussing the tools of the car • 1985 Buick
GDYNets 1 collecting hobby, addressing the Riviera Convertible - What do you say we take a ride! -
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lector storage space and various
The Making and 2
Education of a Car
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Car Collector Chronicles - Oldsmobile, and the tragic story CHRONICLES; you are read- of the murder of Gary, Indiana
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The Making and Education of a Car Collector

The Car Collector

By G. David Yaros

Who/What is a car collector? I suspect there are many different an-

swers to this question. Truth be known, there are probably as many
answers as there are collectors!

Let me start off by defining the term "car collector." When I use that
term, I am not referring to the person who owns a stable of vehicles
that is constantly changing; autos that are seldom, if ever, driven.
Rather, a car collector to me is an individual who started out as a
shade tree mechanic and who, over the years, developed a level of
respect for what it takes to manufacture and maintain a vehicle long
“The car term. He or she recognizes both performance and engineering. They
may also possess a certain affinity for a particular make, model of
collector drives car, or feature.
his classics.
A classic car collector has owned may automobiles. However, their
They are not car collection is most likely limited to ownership of one or two classic
the least cars at any moment in time. The exception to this rule is Jay Leno.
With his bucks, he can own whatever he wants, and as many as he
worried over wants, whenever he wants. Would that the rest of us aficionados
getting their would be so lucky.

hands dirty.” The car collector drives his classics. They want their ride(s) to be
seen. They enjoy talking about their car(s) to all who will lend an ear.
S/He is willing to share whatever automotive expertise they have been
fortunate enough to acquire over the years, with whomever has a
need. They are not the least worried over getting their hands dirty
while working on their car(s). At the same time, they abhor the
thought of anyone else getting their car(s) dirty!

Now, that we have an understanding of who, what is a car collector;

let's examine this beast.

Becoming a car collector entails a process. It does not happen over-

night. It begins at a very early age, well before ever acquiring that first
car. Telltale signs are enjoyment in playing with legos, tinkertoys or
erector sets (Remember them?). Another obvious sign is taking some
sort of step to make their first form of real transportation, a bicycle, dif-
ferent or unique in some sort of way. Additionally, they actually main-
tain that bicycle; both mechanically and in terms of appear-
Car Collector Chronicles Page 3

The Car Collector – Continued from p. 2

ance. A budding car collector is also a kid who actually wants to go to
auto shows, be they of either the commercial or custom variety. An-
other sure sign one may in the future be afflicted with car collectoritis
is their reading of car magazines.

Instead of speaking in mere generalities, let me detail my own experi-

ences relating to the above referenced processes. You may find a bit
of yourself in them.

I do remember the Erector Set. Mine was a hand-me-down from my

older brothers. I spent hours fabricating who knows what. I do recall
one project being a ferris wheel. Innumerable hours were spent sort-
ing parts, designing a machine of some/any kind, and bolting it all to-
gether. When things did not go as planned, one diagnosed the prob- “In the month
lem and made adjustments or changes. Gee, it sounds an awful lot
like what I do today in working on my classic cars?
Just like the erector set, my bicycle was a hand-me-down. There was
certainly nothing about my bike that made anyone in my crowd drool
with envy. Come on, the bike came from a Western Tire-Auto store! new cars
Yes, I know Western Auto has long departed the scene.
What that bike did have, however, was a racing sprocket. That gave it their
an edge over other plain vanilla bicycles of the day. It also sported a
pair of struts. Struts were nothing more than an after market add-on
accessory. They were chromed bars running from the front axle up to
just behind each handle grip. Each strut incorporated small reflectors
into the design. Bottom line is that the bike looked and performed dif-
ferent from the run-of-the-mill 2-wheeler. Do you see the seeds of car
collecting here?

That bicycle and I were together for a long time. I identified with it, I
am sure. I also maintained it. I remember giving her a paint job. I
also recall having my father help me adjust the cones and tighten the
spokes. Adjust the cones you say? Think of it as doing a wheel bear-
ing job. Tightening the spokes is akin to balancing the tires on a car.
The idea behind both these tasks was to eliminate any wobble in the

In my day, the month of September was always pregnant with excite-

ment. This was because that is when the new cars made their debut
at the dealerships. The dealers had a significant role in adding to the
Car Collector Chronicles Page 4;;

The Car Collector – Continued from p. 3

hype of the event. The showroom windows were papered over to prohibit any early
peeks by the car consuming public. The annual September model year rollout was fol-
lowed by the auto show, in January. In my case, we are talking the Chicago Auto Show.
One could go there and, in one place, compare all the offerings of the Big 3 and inde-
pendents, lay hands on the cars, pick up literature and speak to people who knew about
the vehicle features. It was a veritable dream for a car junky.

Custom car shows were also a vital part of the maturation process for a yet to be car col-
lector. They served to educate, and planted ideas which would see fruition in later
years. The custom car shows introduced terms like shaved, nosed, decked, frenched,
lowered, louvered, tuck & roll, etc. into one's growing vocabulary. One learned not only
what lake plugs were, but also how/why they improved engine performance. Having
said that, it is fact that far more time was spent at the consumer car shows, vs. the cus-
tom variety.

The youth of a budding car collector, including me, also witnessed hours spent perusing
the pages of magazines like, Car Craft, Custom Car, Rod & Custom, etc. Not only were
these pubs devoured, they were actually discussed among one's circle of friends. I also
anxiously awaited the arrival in the mail of items like my Warshawsky (J.C. Whitney) and
Honest Charley Speed Shop catalogs.

A defining car collecting moment for me took place during my sophomore year in high
school. This moment, I acknowledge and hope, was atypical. For reasons that I need
not elaborate on here, I was removed from a required class. To occupy my time, I was
placed in a second study hall period. Having completed all my homework in the first
study hall period, how and the h... could I occupy my time in the second? I spent the
entire semester reading the thousands of pages bound between the covers of Glenn's
Auto Repair Manual! In doing so, I developed a more than basic understanding of things
like carburetion, automotive electronics, cooling systems, clutches, differentials; you
name it. It is knowledge I still call on today.

So there you have it, the making and educating of a car collector. It begins early. It
never ends. One aspect not discussed, though equally critical, is the requisite financial
wherewithal necessary to feed car collectoritis. Financial means provides more than just
dollars to feed the disease. Perhaps more importantly, it also provides a modicum of lei-
sure time to devote to the treatment of car collectoritis.

Ok, I have had my say. Now it is your turn! I invite and encourage submission of your
comments, opinions and contributions. Everything sent shall indeed be reviewed by me.
Submissions should be sent to:
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