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SPECIAL REPORT: The End game in Syria Coming Soon
FRIDAY, 08 FEBRUARY 2013 16:50

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Should Pakistan Negotiate With TTP? – Analysis Pentagon Eyes ‘Quick Strike’ Forces Across the Planet French try to root out would-be jihadists at home Military Chief Says Pentagon Backed Arming Syrian Rebels Tunisian opposition leader shot dead Brennan nomination exposes criticism on targeted killings and secret Saudi base CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support' Mursi’s lavish spending criticized as Egypt’s poverty worsens Mecca's creeping capitalism Saudi Youth Question Traditional Approach to

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SPECIAL REPORT: The End game in Syria Coming Soon Kashmir needs liberation not solidarity Israeli Airstrike on Syria America's rendition program exposes the hypocrisy of the global community The military of the future Khilafah Europe’s new Scramble for Africa Obama’s Inauguration and the future of America PRESS RELEASE: On the 2nd Anniversary of the Egyptian Uprising Speech by the Ameer of Hizb ut-Tahrir to the people of Al-Shaam and the Sincere Revolutionaries PART 3: The alternative to the Jizyah

March 2013 marks two years since the uprising in Syria began, in order to topple Basher al-Assad. The world continues to watch in horror as the al-Assad regime slaughters its own people. The west continues to deny the rebel fighters weapons that would end the conflict and continues to push them to negotiate with the murderer’s regime. will be publishing a special report on the second anniversary of the uprising “The end game in Syria.” The special reports author, Adnan Khan, will be taking questions from readers and providing answers to them in a video interview. Readers can sub mit their questions b elow


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PART 2: How will the Islamic state organize Hajj? PART 1: Reflections from Hajj "They were punished for crimes against Islam and the Ummah" Islam - The Road To Prosperity For Pakistan COMMENT: What next for Egypt? The EU model versus the Islamic Caliphate An open letter to the media from the wife of Naveed Butt, abducted spokesman of Hizb utTahrir in Pakistan COMMENT: The Righteous Sheikh Ali alQattan was jailed for 15 years in Egypt for saying "Fear Allah" to the tyrant Mubarak! "Partial change is no

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Undercover said:
I've heard that the rebels to buy w eapons from the minions of bashaar. Thus they receive money in its place. Is that true? vote up
February 09, 2013 Votes: +0

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Arafat said:
Where do u get all the w eapons, money etc..??? What is your source of w eapons ? ? ? Are u follow ing sunnah in this w ar?? If u follow prove it. is it according to prophet hood? if it is then prove it. vote up
February 09, 2013 Votes: +0

change at all" Saudi Arabia needs more than just a facelift

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Mohamed Ibrahim Kaleel said:
As Salam Alaykum ... varah.. Dear Brother, I w ould like to here ask one question is that What is current situation in Syria. and What about the Status of Rebel Groups Please Clearly Explain me.. Brothers In Islam, M.A.Mohammed Ibrahim Kaleel. Qatar. vote up
February 09, 2013 Votes: +2

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ekrem mese said:
If the Islamic State established in Syria how do you think the Turkey w ill act ? We see the patriots and 10000 thousands solders based in syria border, is it possible an intervantion from Turkey to syria ? vote up
February 09, 2013 Votes: +0

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Arkan said:
If the Ummah inherits a country of rubble, the Ummah is standing by the Shari'a of Allah (SWT), w hat then? Can the Hizb & the Mujahidden declare Khilafah in such a situation i.e. No Food, No Medicine, No Houses, No Arms, No Communication infrastructure? If a Marshal Plan is one possible solution, how w ould it be politically activated? Given that in the short term the entire Muslim w orld has lackey leaders, a significantly strongly asw abiyyah generation and fickle youth? vote up vote dow n report abuse

February 09, 2013 Votes: +1

Musnad Ahmed said:
There are many syrian citizens now out of border like Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan as refugee, and w e all know these states are in great possession of Imperialists and UN has great access and contribution in refugee camps so are refugees treated as captive after declaring the khilafah state in syria? And how children 2nd Khilafah state can overcome this abject situation? vote up
February 09, 2013 Votes: +1

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Abd Allah said:
As w e have seen in Egypt, after the fall of Mubarak, Mursi gained control and w e have yet to see a khilafah state established.... What serious and legitimate steps have the sincere fighters and revolutionaries taken in Syria that w ill transition the country from Darul Kufr to Darul Islam after the fall of Bashar insha Allah? vote up
February 08, 2013 Votes: +3

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Ahmed said:
What is the current status of rebel groups? Did they successfully collaborate and organize w ith different rebel fraction? What about the fractions w hich w as supported by West (Secular fractions)? vote up
February 08, 2013 Votes: +1

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Abu Az-Zahrah said:
The Syrian Mujahid groups, those w ho are not submitting still to the Western agenda, before taking control of some of butcher Assad's arms & ammunition at around Nov'12, from w here and how managed the required w eapons initially since March'11? Which are their current sources of w eapons, and how they are managing those including the fund needed, as it is quiet understandable the w eapons they seized from Assad's dogs, though insufficient are no near w hat they actually using at the field? Is their any behind curtain political agenda maneuvering by any regional or global pow er, revolving around these arms supply-dealings & funding? vote up
February 08, 2013 Votes: +3

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