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Section 17.

This section provides the requirements in order for the Certificate of Registration/ Professional License and professional identification card to be issued to applicants. The following are the requirements for the Certificate of Registration/ Professional License: a. An examination must be taken and passed by applicant b. Fees must be paid c. It must contain full name of registrant, serial number, signature of the chairperson of the PRC and member of the Professional Board of Nursing, and official seal of PRC A professional Identification card requires the following before issuing to registrant: a. b. c. d. e. It is duly signed by Chairperson of the PRC Bears date of registration License number Date of issuance and expiration Payment of fees

Section 18. It is required for applicants for licensure exam to pay fees set by PRC. Section 19. Nurses are automatically registered as nurse if their names appear at the roster of nurses. Section 20. Registration by Reciprocity means that a certificate or license may be issued to registered nurses of another country even if they did not take examination in the Philippines, as long as the requirements for registration in said country are the same as those prescribed under this act (RA 9173). And that the laws of such country grant the same privileges to registered nurses of the Philippines the same with those citizens of their own country. Example: A certificate can be issued to a nurse who is a foreigner even if he did not take examination in the Philippines. Likewise, a certificate can be issued to a Filipino nurse in another country even if that Filipino nurse did not take examination in that foreign country. Privileges of Filipino nurses must be the same with that of citizens of another country. Note: the laws of that foreign country regarding requirements in issuing certificate or license must be substantially the same with RA 9173. Section 21. Section 21 provides that a Special/ temporary permit may be issued to the following persons: a. Licensed nurses from foreign countries if they are internationally well-known specialist or outstanding experts in any branch of specialty of nursing- whether they receive a fee or their services is for free b. Licensed nurses from foreign countries on medical mission whose services are free in a certain hospital, center of clinic

c. Licensed nurses from foreign countries employed by schools or college of nursing as exchange professors in a branch or specialty of nursing the special or temporary permit is effective only for the duration of the project, medical mission or employment of contract Example: if the contract is only for a period of 1 year, then the permit is effective only for 1 year Section 22. Registration, issuance of certificates of registration/professional license or special/temporary permit is NOT ALLOWED in the following: 1. Persons who are convicted by final judgement of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude (dishonesty) Ex. Falsification, forgery (dapat may final judgement) 2. Person guilty of immoral or dishonourable conduct (disgraceful) Ex. Adultery, concubinage (siguro- hehehe) 3. Those declared by the court to be of unsound mind there must be a final judgement Ex. Insane (bagtit) Section 23. Grounds for revocation (withdraw or babawiin) and suspension of certificate of registration, license and cancellation of permit: a) Persons who are convicted by final judgement of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude, Person guilty of immoral or dishonourable conduct, Those declared by the court to be of unsound mind b) For unprofessional or unethical conduct- actions that are not respectful (basta against sa code of ethics ng mga nurses) c) For gross incompetence or serious ignorance the nurse is not capable of discharging of his/her services as a nurse; he/she lacks knowledge about essential matters concerning nursing practice d) For malpractice (misuse/abuses the profession) or negligence (carelessness) in the practice of nursing ex. using practice of nursing in committing a crime e) For the use of fraud, deceit, or false statements in obtaining a certificate of registration, license, or permit (panloloko) f) Violation of this act, rules and regulations of code of ethics for nurses and technical standards for nursing practice, policies of the board and the commission, or the conditions and limitations for the issuance of permit. Ex. g) For practicing his/her profession during his/her suspension from such practice suspension shall not exceed 4 years Ex. A, while suspended cannot exercise her profession as a nurse, but A can already exercise her profession if the suspension went beyond 4 years. BUT, if within 4 years or within the suspension period, A exercised his profession, her certificate can be revoked or matanggal (dependi sigoru kung gaano kagrave ung ginawa nia) Section 24. Re-issuance of revoked certificates and replacements of replacements The revoked certificates can be issued again after the expiration of 4 years from the date of revocation of a certificate. The certificate can also be issued again if the reason for revocation has disappeared or cured and corrected.

But the nurse must apply for the re issuance of certificate and must pay the required fees. After payment, the Board will now issue another copy of the certificate of registration/license. If a certificate is lost, destroyed or mutilated, a new certificate or license may be issued.

Article V Nursing Education Sec. 25. The Nursing Education Program is designed to provide sound general and professional foundation for the practice of nursing. The learning experiences shall adhere strictly to specific requirements embodied in the prescribed curriculum as promulgated by the CHEDs policies and standards of nursing education. Sec. 26. Nurses who are not active in the practice of nursing profession for 5 consecutive years are required to undergo 1 month of didactic training and 3 months practicum. Regulatory Board of Nursing is the one tasks to conduct he accreditation of hospitals to conduct said training programs. Sec. 27. This section provides for the qualifications of the faculty in the college of nursing. Qualifications are: 1. 2. 3. 4. Registered nurse in the Phil Have at least 1 year of clinical practice in a field of specialization Be a member of good standing in the accredited professional organization of nurses Holder of a master degree in nursing, education, or other allied medical and health sciences in conferred by a college or university duly recognized by the Govt of the Phil

Dean of a college must have a masters degree in nursing and must have atleast 5 years experience in nursing.

Article VI - nursing practice Section 28.